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January 04, 2017:

Wolverine was chasing an albino Gorilla with a ray gun through Centennial Park when Supergirl saved the day.

Centennial Park

Established in 1860, the expanse known as Centennial Park is positioned in the centre of the New Troy island, the city's largest recreation area which spans from Midtown all the way to Downtown and skirts the Suicide Slums.

Around the outskirt paths wind their way into the light mottling of trees and flower beds, where the serenity and tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of the city can be left behind and slowly blocked from eyes and ears. Open spaces allow for different activities with families as well as golfing, small vendors set up booths to sell wares, snacks and every so often a stage will go up to cater to a larger event that cuts through some of the tranquillity.

In another area there is a hedge maze, once extremely difficult, over the years it has been sized down because of complaints of people getting lost in its paths for days, if not more.

Cutting through the middle of the park is a twenty-eight million gallon reservoir populated by forty-six thousand species of fish and open to boating, while on the west side of the canal a few wooded acres are set aside to cater to more privacy from the rest, also having trails for things such as hiking and horseback riding.

Though, what tends to bring the visitors and sight seers to the brink of this large park is the large monolithic statue of Superman, who oversees the city of Metropolis as a whole and now calls it home.


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Fade In…

It was Saturday Night in Metropolis, and where most people would be sound asleep, Wolverine was on a motorcycle, riding through the snow, trying not to get himself killed, as he chased after some damned albino gorilla with a laser gun, or at least, that's what it seemed like. He had just entered Centennial Park, being careful not to head off into the lake. Fortunately, he knew a thing or two about driving in winter conditions.

Unfortunately, the homicidal gorilla seemed to know how to drive in winter too. And he had the advantage of driving some kind of supped up, modified car. It had begun as a brand new Pontiac GTO. The vehicle was so new that even Logan wasn't familiar with the design. But this one had winter tires on one side, and some kind of tank tread on the other. It was extremely fast, moving faster than any winter conversion had a right to be, and the top was down.

It wasn't clear if it had been meant to be a convertible, but this red GTO was, and the gorilla spoke with a definite English accent. "Chasing me on a motorcycle? How quaint. Well, let's see how you handle this?" And he, while driving through the park, made a few adjustments on the dials to his weapon, then fired behind him, melting some of the snow, turning it into water. But it was a kind of instant thaw. In effect, it turned it to ice, jagged, flowing, bumpy ice…

High up in the air, above the sounds of chaos and classy-speaking Gorillas there's another sound, that of a flaring sonic boom as an object breaks the sound barrier. Only it's not simply an object, but a person-shaped blur of blue and red.

She'd picked up on the noises from afar, screeching tires and laser blasts cutting through the usual, now Kara arrives in a flurry of speed that casts snow into the air in her wake, only to end in a sudden burst of air and screeching metal as she lands on the hood of the gorilla's escape vehicle.

The large albino Gorilla, which stands upright, seems to be wearing red body armour, looks up at the woman who landed on the hood of his vehicle. "This is an unexpected complication." And he immediately presses a button, which will signal the ejection system on the hood of the vehicle. He's banking on the force and surprise being enough to dislodge her.

Meanwhile, Logan is trying not to swerve on the icy patch that was created ahead of him. In fact, at one point he had to snikt, pulling out his claws, and use them on the ice to stop the motorcycle from skidding out of control. He probably tore up a lot of the grass underneath the snow in the process. All he did was grunt, retract the claws, and kick into a higher speed to try and catch up.

Ejecting the hood? It's enough to throw Kara into the air, and she -is- suprised… but she's also able to fly. Catapulted into the air the caped figure seems to twist, redirecting herself into a streamlined shape and giving chase once more. Her gaze glances towards the biking pursuit, but then she switches focus back to her target, her eyes pulsing red as a blast of heat sears through the rear axle of the gorilla's vehicle.

The vehicle won't do well with a broken rear axle, and it spins out of control, going over a bank of snow, sending it high up into the air, making it look like it was snowing, but on the other side of the bank, there was a downward slope towards the water. It spun around onto the ice. It didn't fall through immediately. But was the water cold enough to support that much weight?

The pursuer finally catches up when the gorilla spins out of control, and he carefully follows down the path to the edge of the water. Sensing the danger, he pulls to a stop, and immediately instructs, "careful bub. That ice isn't gonna support you for long. Hey, Supergirl," he took a guess based on the fact that she looked like Superman, and was a girl. Plus, women often liked to be girls long into their adulthood. "Can you fly 'em outta there, and the whatever, he was drivin'. That ain't gonna be good fer the fishes." It was a reservoir after all.

"Can gorillas swim?" The blonde asks, not quite landing on the ice so much as hovering a foot above it. "They certainly can't breathe underwater. This would be the part where I tell you to surrender." Yep, she's actually smiling; this is still -fun- for her.

The clawed motorbike stranger? He gets a sidelong look and a brow quirk, but he's not actually wrong. Kara just simply zips over to the vehicle wreck and moves to hoist it, almost like she were intending to ignore the villain as she casually tosses it almost caber-like off the ice. A little show of power to prove her point.

The albino ape witnesses the woman's flight, strength, knew of her heat vision. He still had his laser rifle, or whatever it was, even after she threw him onto the ice while picking up and tossing the vehicle to a safer location. He landed on his clothed butt.

Sitting there on the ice, he could hear it beginning to crack. And so he calmly stood up, carefully, tossed his weapon towards Wolverine and held out his wrists, as if waiting to be handcuffed. "Under the circumstances, my dear," he sounded so elegant in that English accent, "I hereby surrender. You may take me back to prison. Preferably a cell in the 200's. They get such a lovely view of the sunrise."

Wolverine catches the rifle, looking it over for a moment, before turning his gaze back to the ape. "You made me chase ya round half the city, and now yer just giving up?" He was surprised, but he had to admit, it made sense. Whoever he was, he was in a bad situation if Supergirl wanted to play hard ball with him.

"They do that," Kara says casually, moving towards the ape with intent to grab him by the scruff and hoist him into the air. She doesn't really have handcuffs, but most prisoners don't tend to struggle with the prospect of terminal velocity below them.

Turning back to Wolverine she gives a shrug. "Wait right here? I have to come back for that rifle-thing."

With that, the blonde disappears skywards, taking the ape with her.

The albino ape does not resist or struggle. In fact, during the journey, he speaks to her very casually, pointing out some of the landmarks that they fly past. Whoever this guy is, he's a highly educated and cultured ape. Meanwhile, Wolverine seems a bit bewildered. He's seen people like Supergirl before, things like the ape before, but it was usually an either or. He dealt with things out of a James Bond film, or more like Tolkien, but rarely together. He didn't care about the rifle, or whatever it was, so while he waited, he walked back to the motorcycle, set the rifle against it, and lit a cigar. He blew out some smoke, enjoying the evening. "I'm getting too old for this stuff."

It's only a few minutes, but sure enough Kara just seems to just reappear over the fallen rifle, picking it up cautiously. "So… what in the world possessed you to go chasing a laser-gun mad max gorrilla with a motocycle?" she asks casually, staring into the weapon and its workings. She needs to see if it's booby-trapped before she risks bringing it in for study.

Logan is still smoking his cigar, a Cuban one, which were so much harder to get after the Missile Crisis that happened just over a year ago. He leaned against his motorcycle and offers the weapon to her, business end pointed more towards him, but technically off to the side. "He blew up some building. I don't know why, didn't stop to check. I see a man in a gorilla suit blowing up buildings, firing lasers, and driving modified muscle cars, and I figure, why not? Not really in the job description o' the Metropolis PD. Though I didn't expect an angel to drop from the sky and stop him in his tracks. Pretty impressive what you did back there if you ask me." He offered a hand, "name's Logan." He wasn't in costume, plus, even if he were, he didn't really hide behind a codename.

"Yeah, suit…" Kara muses, chuckling a little to herself. It seems the weapon was going to be safe enough, but that didn't stop her from collecting it from the scruffy biker and exhaling an icey blast to freeze in none the less. Just in case.

With the weapon safe she smiles, offering her hand in return and giving his a friendly shake. "Supergirl," she says lightly, grinning a little at his comment. "You're uh, not from around here, are you?"

Logan shook her hand, and said in a curious accent. "I'm from lots o' different places." He did have the look of a well travelled man, no scars to speak of, but still, his bearing, his mannerisms, he was worldly, had to be. "Somethin' tells me you aren't from around her either, with the heat vision, the flight, the speed, and the strength. You any relation to big blue?" He then reached into the back of his bike, looking for a beer. He held two in his hands, and then offered one to her. He assumed she was old enough. The beers were Canadian. Molson's actually.

"Cousin," she answers with a smile, gesturing to the big red 'S' on her uniform and then blinking at the offer of alcohol. She'll take it, and odds are she is indeed old enough or she probably wouldn't risk it being related to the worlds most famous 'boy scout'.

Taking the drink but not quite opening it she tilts her head to the side. "So, what brings you to Metropolis logan? Aside from our 'street' entertainment?"

Logan answers her, calmly and rationally. His voice is even, and he makes strong eye contact as he does so. The thing about it is, while he speaks to her, his left wrist makes a snikt noise as one claw protrudes from his hand, and he uses the bladed portion to remove the cap. The claw retracts afterwards, and his wrist seems to heal instantly. "Cousin, huh? Nice to have family, in the business." He takes a swing of his beer, enjoying it. "Yer 'street entertainment' is top notch, better than anythin' on Broadway. But nah, sometimes I just like to go out fer a drive, see which way the wind blows. Sometimes I end up in the middle o' nowhere, sometimes I meet a pretty girl who can lift tanks over her head."

A grin, genuine and bright from the Kryptonian woman, but she blinks a little at the sudden burst of the claw. Well, that explains a little, but it is enough to have her -stare- at him for a moment, seeing past the façade of flesh and blood. It might look a little impolite, but hey, curiosity is what curiosity does!

"Your skeleton is covered in metal!" she blinks, speaking without thought.

Logan knew that, and he was surprised that she could, but he's smart enough to pick up on the fact that she must have some kind of x-ray vision. He's heard stories about her more famous cousin. The guy seems like he can do anything he wants. It was dangerous. But Supergirl, if she had all the powers, well, at least she seemed like a good kid. "Yeah, long story…" is all he says about the metal in his skeleton.

The other way to notice is that he made more of an indent in the snow than he should have. He must weigh a ton. Same with the tracks of when he was on the motorcycle. He would offer to open her beer, but he knows she could easily do it with her strength, heat vision, or who knows what other power. Taking another sip of his own, he asks, "so, what happens next? You took the bad guy back to jail, got his shiny new toy, and talking to a guy from out of town? Do you always get so friendly with the… tourists?"

She was hardly one to judge about strange biology, that after all was the reason for her entire suite of powers. Still, his question does make her blink, a little tinge of embarrassment visible on her cheeks. "I uh… usually stop and say hi to the bystanders, even if they're clawed and chase things on motorbikes, yes… I just kind of… listen, until the next thing I'm needed for; otherwise I fly around for a bit." A little shrug of her shoulders. "It's still fun for me."

Logan grinned and nodded. "It's okay. I don't bite. I… have a costume, it's yellow… mask… everything… but I hardly ever wear it. I just never saw the point. If something happens, I handle it. Or do what I can until a woman drops down from the sky." He found her to be pretty impressive. So many powers, so much talent, and all in such a petit frame. He had pretty good hearing himself, and he couldn't hear any alarms. But his hearing wasn't as good as hers. "You gonna drink any o' that?" He asked, pointing to the beer, which still hadn't been opened.

"Oh uh…" she blinks, looking down at the beer in question and laughing sheepishly. "I don't tend to drink on the 'job' if you know what I mean?" It gets offered back, lest he feel like it's wasted on being offered to her. "Maybe another time though." His comment about his mask makes her tilt her head to the side. "Do you have a 'name'? Or is it just 'Logan' with or without the mask?"

"Wolverine," he says nonchalantly, and accepts the beer, putting it back into a compartment on his motorcycle. "And… I'll have to see you off the job sometime." It sounded differently than he had intended. To him, he was just saying that he'd like to have a drink with her. But she'd probably take it as him hitting on her. At least he didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest. He said it in the same way he would ask her about the weather.

"Kara Zor-El, but Supergirl is what most of the world calls me." His offer made her shrug, one never knows what could happen. "Well, I'm not hard to find. I tend to be here, 'flyin' around!"

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