Rogue Nancy and Cellos

January 04, 2017:

Nancy arrives at the X School and meets Rogue outside, they chat while carrying her stuff to her new room.

Xavier School

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The drive up to Wincester is beautiful. The weather is cold, but the skies are clear. Nancy almost wishes she had a top she could take down, but that would be damn cold. She hasn't been to the mansion for a month, and even then it was only to drop off Bobby's stuff. She pulls into the driveway, her Charger growling as she slows down to a stop. The raven-haired goth takes the keys out of the ignition and just sits there in her car to look at the mansion. She knows she agreed to this, but is she really ready? All these people. Depending on *her*? Just the thought is enough to make Nance close her eyes and sigh heavily. After some time of reflection, Nancy gets out of her car and starts to unpack, taking boxes out and putting them on the ground near her.


Rogue had been a teacher for half a school year now. She'd gotten through her first half with nothing but fun and fond memories. She was having a blast with it all. The second half had just started today, but the day had come to an end already and now the young Anna-Marie was outside with some of the teenage students on the driveway between the two buildings that rested far apart from each other.

It had been some time since Marie had gotten to Skateboard, so since the driveway was fully snow-swept and the weather was nice out, she was outside with the teens and they were all skating around and chatting, laughing and having a good time.

When Nancy's fancy car pulled in, Rogue stopped though and she lifted her right hand up to adjust her black wool-knit beanie ontop of her head, her white bangs blowing gently in the breezes as her green eyes watched Nancy.

She started to walk toward her then, carrying her skateboard against her hip. "Heya." She said at the woman. "Need some help with something?" Her accent was a thick southern drawl, her voice was husky and sweet at the same time.


Nancy looks up at the small crowd of teens, even recognizing a couple faces. Sure, it's been years, but some people are here for life while others come and go like her. She looks to the woman that approaches, between pulling out two different cello cases from the back seat of her car and leaning them against the black and absynthe green of her car. Her colour of choice today is a deep blue, satin worn under lace as well as strands of it in her long black hair.

"Hey. Guess Ororo didn't get the memo out to everyone. I'm Nancy. I'll be teaching music on the weekends. Just wanted to get my room set up with some things so I don't have to worry about packing every Friday night." She heads over to the trunk of the car and opens it up. "Want to help me get some boxes over to the suites?"


Rogue heard Nancy's response and grinned at her. "Sweet." She said. "I used t'play the piano when I was a kid, and I'm tryin' t'get bette'ah with the guitar… I don't wanna sound like one'a those weird camp counselors that plays guitar at the kids and its somewhere between good'n awful at it." She flashed Nancy a grin and then tossed her skateboard to one of the kids who was nearby who caught it and sat down to use it as a bellyboard.

Rogue walked over to Nancy and extended her gloved right hand. "I'm Marie. Though most call me Rogue. Eithe'ahs good though, whatever floats your boat, right?" She flashed a grin showing off her pretty pearly whites behind her lips which were painted a dark purple at the present.

Rogue would then go to pick up the cases and anything else offered to her. "I can carry a lot, just pile it all on. I'm deceptively strong, ya see."


Nancy looks to the hand that is offered and eyes it suspiciously. "Before I shake that," she says, pointing at the offered hand. "Would turning off your x-factor kill you or harm you in any way?" Nancy never wants to relive that time in M-Town ever again, so just waits for the go ahead before touching the other woman. "I'm Nancy, or Deadzone."

Nancy picks up the two cello cases, one seeming heavier then the other. The rest are a large suitcase and a large cardboard box. "Ah, strength, huh? Cool. Yeah, that stuff there won't be much of a challenge for ya, but it's nice to know I'm not gonna break you just the same."


Rogue's grin turned into a full blown smile and she shifted her green eyes right to left and then re-centered then upon Nancy. "I don't think so…" She said back at the other. "I mean, if you mean my mutation, but…" She tilted her head then and narrowed said eyes. "Can you do that? I mean, thats… your 'thing'?" She asked, quite curious now. "Thats a pretty slick gift if ya got it, Missy."

The Southern Belle would then skip her way around the car to the trunk to pick up just about everything that she thought was needed and hold it up high like it was all made out of styrofoam. "I really should just open up'a business as'a pro movin' gal. I mean, -oh ya bought a sofa? I'll fly it right ove'ah-." She grinned over the stuff at Nancy then.


Nancy actually breaks out into a smile when Marie compliments her ability and nods. "Yep. Doesn't work on magick, but x genes just don't work around me. That's why I ask. Before I could control the size of it, I … well, someone needed his to be able to breath." The goth's smile fades and she shrugs her shoulders. It wasn't her fault, but something like that has a way of sticking with you. "It's funny. People either love my gift or hate it. Not really an inbetween thing. People like it a lot more now that I can control it."

Starting to walk with the two cello cases towards the mansion, Nancy has to stop to look at Marie in amazement. First, there is the carrying everything in her trunk. Then there is what she said. "You fly too? Sweet! You got x-ray vision and frost breath too? Xavier's got himself his own damn Superman here. You just need the cape."


Rogue listened to all of this and it made her grin big and happily. She shook her head, her long dark hair waving about gently behind her head. "None'a those things… Fly yes, strength yes… durability, yes… but… no heat vision." She glanced over at the other and grinned mischievously at her. "Less ya find me someone with heat vision, then all I gotta do is brush some'a my skin up against some'a theirs and… well, then I got it." Her grin faded as they walked.

"Thats why I like what ya were gifted, cause -I- … was 'gifted' with the curse'a neve'ah touchin' anyhone. Less I'm covered up like with gloves or whateve'ah. Its like god installed a chastity belt on me like cops install those big metal boots on illegaly parked cars."


Nancy listens, heading straight over to the womens dorm wing. She certainly knows the place well enough. As Marie describes what else she can do, Nancy lets out a soft sigh. "Can't turn yours off either? Sorry. I know how it can suck. Power absorption too? Sweet mother of pearl! Did you just win the lottery? You know what? We ever go on a mission, I'm hiding behind you. Cause I'm still squishy as hell and I'm pretty sure that Scott will get upset if I bring my guns."

The goth heads straight to one room that is out of the way of the others, but frowns when she gets there. "Dammit! My room got assigned to someone else!" She turns to face the southern belle and shrugs. "That's what I get for being gone for so long, right? So, is the room next to yours free? I can help ya deal with that chastity problem," she says with a wink.


Rogue laughed softly at her lottery comment. "Soemthin' like that." She said quietly in response to that. "I mean, I 'get' the bonuses' of it. But it comes with a healthy amount'a negatives too." She glanced over at the other. "Whomeve'ah I touch, falls down inta a deep sleep, sometimes permanently dependin' on how long the touch lasts. N'in the process, I end up with a lotta their memories'n some'a their personality too." She drew in a light breath as the walked along through the halls.

"I don't like gettin' all those weird memories outta othe'ah people, ya know?" She then nodded toward the hall she lived in. "I think the place next t'mine is open, yeah." She flashed a grin at Nancy's last comment. "That sounds like an open invitation for trouble, if I eve'ah heard one."


When Nancy hears about the other side of Marie's powers, the goth nods her head slowly. "Ah. So, like me, just as much a curse as it is a blessing." Nancy's pale eyes crinkle in the corners, a look of worry and sorrow. She's pretty sure this other young woman has a story similar to her own M-Town accident, but she doesn't ask. While curious, if and when Rogue is ready to tell her story, she will.

Nancy lets the other woman lead the way, since she has no clue where Marie's room might be, "After you then." She adjusts the cellos in her hands, switching them over so the heavy one is weighing down the other arm for a while. "Is that so? Got someone you have your eye on already?" She then adds with a playful wink. "Or are ya flirting with me?"


Rogue lead her down the hallway of the mansion, since it was for the X-Men afterall, and she came up on her room tapped on the door with the tip of her left booted foot. "Mine here." She said and then continued on to the next door. She popped the door open and then pushed it forward and peaked inside, it looked vacant… bed was made and everything looked flawless as ever in the fancy old home of Xavier. "Yep, empty."

Rogue then looked back at Nancy and grinned at her. "I kinda flirt with everyone. Its sorta like… 'thing' a'mine. But I don't really got any particular crush at the present time bein'. I used t'have a boyfriend, but he left me cause, yeah… they always leave me once they realize the cost'a bein' with me is like the most severe case'a blue balls a guy can get." She grinned a little again then.


Following along, Nancy looks into the vacant room and nods. "I didn't even think. I guess with me being staff, I should be in the staff wing. So, if you're down here, that mean you teach too? What's your subject?" She leans the cello cases against the armoire.

Turning, she nods. "Yeah, I'm pretty much the same way. I flirt with everyone. Mind you, I don't mind if it goes beyond flirting. Dated Iceman for a while. Even talked about tying the knot. But… I kinda got cold feet and ran off. Been two years and he's no where to be found. Guess I sorta screwed up big time." As she talks about Bobby, the regret on her face is evident. There is a pause and then she takes a deep breath and shrugs off the melancholy. "Ah well. Gives me a chance to flirt with Hank again," she teases with a waggle of her brows.


Rogue carried the stuff into the room and sat it all down in the center of the nice rug drped over the floor. She then lifted her hands up and pulled her wool hat off of her head, then ran her fingers through her two-toned hair and grinned at Nancy's words. "Je suis enseignant de franais tous les jeunes." She spoke in flawless French, then smiled. "I'm taking my first year kind of easy and just doing French for the kids. Though I'm helpin' with sports'n such too." She tapped the side of her head. "Some'a the folks I've absorbed knew -way to much- about sports."

She frowned at the stuff about Bobby. "I'm sorry t'hear that. I ain't seen him in ages, yeah… I hope he's alright whereve'ah he is." She nodded her head slowly two times then. "I ain't neve'ah been with someone. So I think I'm the world's biggest tease… I mean… its odd to just 'throw that knowledge bomb out there' but… at least in my case its probably not that big'a surprise."


Something that looks like a futuristic beeper lights up on Nancy's belt and she nods her head. "French. Nice. I don't speak it myself. Well, other then voulez vous couchez avec moi c'est soir. But that doesn't really count, does it?" Nancy's smile tugs at one corner of her lips more then the other, giving it a playful quirkiness. "Only sport I know is …. actually, I don't know sports, so never mind."

When Bobby is brought up, Nancy starts focussing on unpacking. Yep. If she doesn't think about him, then she can't be upset about having really messed up the best thing she had going for her. "Well, yer gonna have to stay a tease unless I'm nearby. Lucky for you, I can get about as far as fifty feet if I focus on a target. Or ten feet when I'm sleeping. I'll make sure my bed is close to the wall, just for you. Just don't keep me up with the moaning and we're all good."


Rogue openly laughed at the French she spoke, she nodded her head. "A phrase I often wish I could reciprocate." She grinned and thought about saying more but just shook her head lightly, she didn't want to weird this 'new friend' out too much with her random and unsavory thoughts, she'd done that a lot when she was a teen with people and she was trying to be more mature… for her job's sake.

Rogue glanced to the wall between their rooms and then back to Nancy and she grinned again. "I wouldn't wanna risk it." She said to her. "I've had boys fall into comas from a kiss… last thing I want is ta'like be… beneath one and have'im just drop dead on me, or somethin'. Can't even imagine the nightmares that'd jam right inta my brain." Rogue then pointed at the thing that beeped. "Whats that thingy?" She asked quietly.


Deadzone can't help but laugh at the thought of a man dying on top of Rogue in the middle of sex. "But what a way to go. I think if you ask them, most men would actually prefer to die that way then any other that is out there. But lets get you to the holding hands and kissing part before I have you playing the horizontal mambo with anyone." While Rogue may be trying to be more mature, Nancy makes no such effort. Unless there are kids around, she is as bold and brassy and bitchy as they come and makes no apologies for it and just the way she moves seems to give off that impression. No fucks given.

Asked about the thing at her waist, Nancy looks down at it and smiles. "It's my universal translator. After I left the Institute last time, I joined up with this alien princess, Koriandr. Really nice woman. Anyway, she didn't like how fragile I was, seeing as I was only a human. So, she kitted me up with a translator and guns and some armor. All from her ship. I should probably give it back, but she hasn't seemed to mind yet and she knows where I live, so! This thing has every language that the princess knows. So, a lot of them. Including a lot of alien ones."


Rogue grinned at the first stuff. "Yeah… I'm sure all the men down at the terminal hospital wing would just love t'have me around instead'a the altnerative. Maybe the men on Death Row would prefer me over the electric chair too." She shook her head lightly then. "Not… sure thats the kinda hot lovin' I've been dreamin' of."

She pulled her gloves off and then stuffed her hands into her black wool coat's pockets. "Thats a pretty handy toy… translator huh?" She eyed it for a moment. "Might have'ta borrow it next time I'm down at that auto-shop where all the Mexican guys works… they're always starin' at me and whisperin' stuff. I mean, its pretty obvious what they're sayin' but, ya know… It'd be nice to freak'em out a bit." She flashed another light grin. "But yeah, like you said earlier, Scooter'll freak if ya got guns around here. Best to keep'em hidden."


The laughter continues, Nan having to sit on the side of the bed. "Oh gods! Young man, you have been sentenced to death. Would you prefer the chair, lethal injection, or sex with Rogue?" Nancy can't help but laugh at this and keeps waving her hands as if trying to apologize for the fact that she keeps laughing.

When she is finally able to calm down, Nancy takes off the translator off her belt and the earpiece, which looked like a bluetooth headset, off her ear and offers them to Marie to look at. "It's also how I get in touch with Kori's ship, and can use it for teleportation if I have to. I don't like to do that too often though, cause well, if I'm not gonna fight with them, I don't really feel like I should take advantage of the tech, yanno? Not that I'm giving back the laser pistols or the spiffy armor. Sides, I look damn fine in that armor. It's all skin tight and lifts all the things that need lifting and pulls in all the the things that need pulling in."


Rogue grinned at the other as she laughed, but tried to contain it. "I don't mind. Soak it in, the sorrow that is my life. Keep just… soakin' it in." She'd say to her while the other tried to contain the laughter. Marie shook her head then. "Nah, its cool. It is funny. I mean, what can ya do… gotta deal with the cards that are dealt to ya, right?"

When the little device was handed over, Rogue stepped toward her and reached her bare hand out to take the thing. She exhaled softly, then inhaled again and turned the item over her hand, eyeballing its various contours and features. "Thats pretty far out… literally, I guess, huh?" She looked up at Nancy and grinned. "I kinda prefer stayin' right where I am on earth, keepin' my boots planted t'the ground. I hear there's a bigge'ah galaxy out there with all kinds wonde'ahs, but… I'd rather just stay right here and experience what we got here." She smiled and offered the translator back to her then.


Taking back the translator, Nancy nods as she slips it back into place. "It's pretty amazing out there. So many different people and places. But I learned that no matter how far you go, or how different the people seem to be, really they are all just the same when it boils down to it. I'm glad I went for my little adventure. I don't regret that part. Just wishing I hadn't left the people behind with no idea of where I was or if I was coming back. It was a dick move on my part."

Nancy looks to Rogue and stands up to close the distance. "So, you don't get a lot of human contact, huh? Something I learned from Bobby is how much just the simple act of touch can heal a person." She starts to hold out her hand, reaching for Marie's face. "May I?" she asks first.


Rogue listened to this small story and she seemd a bit perplexed by it. "Thats sounds exactly like how I'd imagine'a space adventure t'turn out… which is why I don't want any part'a it." She showed a faint smile then and when the other stood up she heard what else she said.

With a little shrug of her shoulders inside of her wool coat she shook her head. "I mean, not if ya mean straight on skin contact. Its been a few years since I absorbed anyone, but… thats a good thing. Ya know, like them chalk boards in hazardous work sites that count off how many days since the last injury?" She grinned at Nance then and saw the hand go up, staring at it with her green eyes. "I… uh… guess. But if ya drop down inta a'coma n'I got erase the chalkboard, I'm gonna be a bit miffed at ya." She grinned yet again and then reached her bare hand up to brush her thick white bangs off of the right side of her face.


"I promise, you won't have to erase the chalkboard," offers the goth girl as she lets her hand make contact with Marie's cheek. Pale grey eyes meet green as Nancy caresses Marie's cheek and then strokes at her hair. "See? No coma for me," she offers with a soft smile.

"This is the other thing I'll be doing here at the school. Sometimes, people just want a break. Want to be normal. So, even though I'm only teaching on the weekends during the day, I'll be sleeping here on the weekends, so the kids can have this. A chance to not have to stress about controlling things all the time."


Rogue's eyes went wide as the hand came to her face, she was being goofy, but when it settled there on her cheek she felt the shared warmth and then a smile pulled up on the corners of her lips. She blinked her big green eyes and even kind of leaned her head toward the hand. Human contact felt nice, afterall, especially if you've basically lived on a lonely island for the past eleven years, like Anna-Marie had.

"Thats quite a gift you've got there." She said softly back at Nancy. "What would happen if someone like… Kurt or Hank came at ya? Would they just shift back into… well… human, form?" She pursed her lips for a moment and drew in a breath, it had shocked her a bit to feel another person's touch on her without death-damnation following it, but she was trying to hide it, poorly.


Nancy had never thought of her power as a gift when she first discovered it. It was thanks to Xavier and his people that she started to see it as such. So the goth has a soft spot for the X-Men and their founder. She smiles to Marie as the other woman leans into her touch like a cat and even gives her a scritch behind the ear before pulling away.

"Well… Hank turns into the cutest, shyest nerd you have ever met. His glasses keep slipping cause he's used to having fur on his nose. Doesn't change the fact that he's all 'I'm older and smarter then you so you have to do what I tell you' though, so he's still a pain in the ass, even without the fur.


Rogue smiled at the scritch and she took a step back then and pulled in a breath, it'd been a bit mmesmerizing for the southern bell to feel the hand on her face, more than she'd thought it'd be.

"Well." She replied, clearing her throat again. "That sounds just plain cute. I'd love t'see that some time." She crossed her arms over her stomach, rumpling her coat's fabric and the longsleeved dark green tshirt she had on under that some too. "I imagine a lotta the students will enjoy that. And hey, you seem pretty nice to, so thats good… imagine if someone had your gift who was a giant a-hole?" Rogue grinned at her. "That'd downright be the pits of pits."


Nancy goes to sit back down on her bed. "Hey there, you watch it. I call dibs on the furry, blue guy. When he talks all nerdy to me, I wanna do things to him that were too graphic to put in the Karma Sutra," she says with a wink. When Marie mentions the power in the hands of an a-hole, Nancy looks a little sheepish. "Yeah…. well, let's just say time has softened me up a little. I wasn't always this nice and friendly. And I can still be pretty bitchy when I wanna be."

The goth puts a hand on her stomach and frowns softly. "Okay, I'm getting hungry. Would you mind if I head off to get something to nosh? Cause a hangry Nancy is never fun to be around."


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