Danger Room: 1, X-Men: 0

January 04, 2017:

Nate Grey, Jean Grey, Rogue, Illyana and X-23 have an impromptu training session with mixed results.


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The Danger Room.

Aptly named, especially for today's work-out. Nate, Rogue, Illyana, Jean and X-23 are all suited up (or suited in work-out clothes) for an impromptu session. Instead of a specific scenario selected, the Danger Room was allowed to choose a random program that would challenge all of the power-sets within.

And that is why we find the group of would-be heroes within, struggling within a seemingly blank metal-walled room. Within the room is a multitude of mechanical spiders, ranging in size. Some are the actual size of a spider, while others are dog-sized. They emit both lasers and toxic venom, and their two front legs sport incredibly sharp pincers. Along with the threat of mechanical spiders is the fact that the room is locked up tight and the only way for it to escape is for Jean Grey to use her telekinetic powers to release the locking mechanism. The only thing? That locking mechanism has at least ten tumblers and who knows how many combinations -

- and already one failed combination was tried, which triggered the onslaught of spiders.

For X-23, she's currently cornered by a half a dozen spiderlings. Her claws are making short work of the nearest ones, even as a glob of venom sizzles against her skin.

A sealed metal box, an army of mechanical spiders, and the thought uppermost in Illyana's mind? She really needs to come up with a better costume. For want of anything better, she's wearing the X-Men's traditional blue and gold, and it's just not HER any more. The polished, segmented silver armour that encases her left arm and shoulder is more to her liking, and her Soulsword is ready in her hand - mostly for effect, because a couple of hopeful swipes have shown her that the mechanical spider army isn't remotely demonic.

She's currently backing up Jean while the redhead works, trying to keep any of the arachnid automatons from breaking Jean's concentration. And since she's not allowed to win the game by teleporting them out of the Danger Room, she's coming up with interesting alternative uses for her stepping discs. As a wave of the little critters surges toward Jean, they're swallowed up by a circle of light and, a moment later, dropped from the roof of the danger room. At a much higher speed than they left. Hopefully no-one's underneath!

"I'm betting it'll be rats next, if you get the combination wrong again." Illyana remarks to Jean, in a just /slightly/ accusing tone.

Nate didn't expect to get dragged into a training session including Jean before he had a chance to talk with her. Awkward due to the whole X-Black/X-Factor business. They never quite mended things between them. But smashing robot spiders might help, right?

Because telekinetic smashing is something he can do much better than telekinetic pick-locking. "If that doesn't work, we can tear through the wall?" He asks, sending a blast through his left eye towards the arachnid crowd. "Or is that against the scenario rules? I had never seen this one before."

Back so soon and already she's doing a danger room training. To say Jean's rusty is an understatement, her face contorts as the first combination attempt not only failed - but failed in such a spectacular manner. The red-head's face contorts at the sudden influx of spiders, a shiver running down her spine. Unable to help herself, she repeats an old saying, utilized many times in many different films. "Spiders. Why'd it have to be -spiders-."

One of the spider-lings on X-23 is suddenly plucked upwards and slammed back down in a powerful crush of telekinetic power as Jean removes at least one threat from the girl. Situated next to Illyana - Jean's bubble of telekinesis keeps most threats away from her, as well as venomous spitting.

Still, her job isn't to remove the spiders, it's to get the combination lock correct, thus Jean's attention returns to the mechanism. A fiery aura soon surrounds the red-head as she begins to work the lock, once again. "I'm working on the lock, once more."

Rogue had put on a some what standard X-Men uniform, a bodysuit of blue/gold, but it was dark blue and dark gold, plus it had a hood that she could pull up over her head. The Danger Room was often cold and she hated the cold.

Of course, she hadn't quite expected THIS level of a work out and now found herself (and her team mates) battling a horde of angry robot spiderthings…

Due to having a 'Seventh Sense' for danger coming toward herself, and the ability to fly… as well as being quite Durable, Rogue's goal was usually to try to 'tank' for the group. She was flying around the danger room and punching spiders as hard as she could to try to get their attention on her, using her Seventh Sense to dodge incoming beam attacks, or flying spiders trying to jump at her!

"The only good bug is a dead bug." Rogue grunted out after smashing two of them together and ducking under a laser beam! "Whew… this is kinda crazy, ya'll. Why don't we just use this room to recreate a tropical beach anyhow?"

Another combination is attempted by Jean and there's the momentary sound of click-click-click -

- It's almost encouraging, all that clicking, until the sudden sound of CLANK echoes throughout the room.

That's the same sound they heard when they tried the first combination and it's what brought out the spiderlings. The spiders themselves even pause, as that particularly heavy sound eminent through the wall.

That pause is only momentary, however, as Jean, Nate, Rogue and X-23 continue to pulp the spiders around them which brings the mech's attention back to the battle at hand. As for Illyana and those portals of hers, that seems to earn a particular hatred from the spiders, as four of them scurry towards the blonde demoness their pincers raised.

And even as the group continues to fight, that heavy sound from within the walls finally manifests itself as a failed combination - all around the group the sudden sound of electricity ramping up can be heard, as the four walls (and ceilings, though not the floor) hums with a buzz like angry bees.

For X-23, she's actually still quite close to the wall and even though she isn't touch it an arc of blue-electrical energy will suddenly strike out with a zap of a sound. While the feral woman felt the static electricity rise behind her, the spiderlings had her cornered just enough that all she can do is turn just in time to be hit with that jolt.

The lock waits once more, taunting, in a silent almost mocking way to try again.

"Seconded!" Illyana calls out in answer to Rogue's suggestion, but there's a playful note in her tone that might mean she's having more fun than she's letting on.

And then… CLANK. Illyana takes her eyes off the spiders for a moment to shoot a not-entirely-mock aggrieved look Jean's way. "If /I/ was in charge of that job, how many demerits would I have just earned?" She asks, almost innocently, clearly a believer in positive reinforcement, but she does add a quick grin at the end.

The blonde demoness doesn't have time for any more words of 'encouragement' because there are spiders. Four spiders. Four BIG spiders. "This is what I get for picking on the little guys, huh?" Two portals, quick succession, and two of the spiders find themselves falling all over one another. Illyana vanishes into a third, to appear behind the other two, and whistles to get their attention. She has to keep them off Jean, after all.

She catches the zap out of the corner of her eye and winces. But it gives her an idea. A quick portal, and one of 'her' spiders is speeding toward the wall that just zapped Laura.

"The tropical beach programs involve giant octopi or pirates," yes Nate has run a few the 'tropical beach' scenarios. Don't ask. "Pirates are cool," he adds helpfully, kicking a spiderling against a wall.

Then the wall electrifies and he jumps back, wincing. "How is that lock?" He asks, glancing at the mechanism. "Too many tumblers, there must be some kind of trick there," comments the young man while reaching to grab Laura telekinetically and get her away from the wall and closer to Jean.

While Jean would be quite happy to agree with Rogue's idea on a more tropical setting, perhaps complete with a Mai Tai and exquisite scenery - at the current moment, Jean's concentration is on the intricate locking mechanism. "I think I've got …" She begins, only to pause as the combination once again fails, miserably. This time - even worse than the last.

The red-head's eyes narrow to slits, annoyance and anger rising up from her. The electrical current causes her to step to one side, away from the wall - even though she isn't quite as close as it seems. Jean's annoyance gets focused upon the spiders surging towards her 'protector', though she doesn't need to worry, Illyana has them all take care of, leaving Jean to offer a wry. "I'll make sure to give myself plenty of demerits, and a very poor report card."

As for the locking mechanism, Jean's attention turns towards Nate. "Nate." She begins. "I think your idea is correct. Would you be so kind as to assist me in removing this wall, there appears to be a slight gap here, between this electrical current, and that one. A weak spot, perhaps? Hot wiring the locking mechanism is proving to be - more dangerous than attempting to break through."

As she speaks, Jean's attention turns towards that very spot, as the fiery aura surrounds her then streaks outwards, slamming into the wall.

Rogue was thankfully not anywhere near one of the walls, she was actually hovering in the near-center of the room when the electrical security measure went off. She had a spider on her back that was wrassling with her and she twirled her body in a sommersault in mid-air and threw the spider across the room into the wall so IT got electrocuted instead!

"I wanna fight pirates!" Rogue shouted then, having heard both Illy and Nate's replies. "I wanna wear a big poofy dress that has an obscenely low-cut'n collar, n'have a fancy pirate sword that I can wave around n'THRUST at them dirty sea monkey swashbuck— AH!" Rogue's words are cut off as she's shot with a laser in the back and it makes her fall out of the air and slide across the floor.

She groans and tries to get back up. "Oh god, oh darn… that hurts worse than you think."

Rogue is then pulled out of her own groaning pain when she witnesses Jean's fire-display. "Ooh! Pretty!" She comments, rising back to her feet again.

"You sure?" Asks Nate. Because almost every time he tries to use brute force in a DR scenario something goes wrong. He blames Kitty. And he never felt that was very realistic, seriously. He has always been of the opinion that if the current super-villain is not beaten with a hammer it is because you need a larger hammer.

"Ok, I take the left side," he decides, "cover me," he adds to no one in particularly. Well, Rogue is closer. Then he reaches with his psychic powers, the left side of the wall glows with golden light, and pushes, with steel-crunching force.

The spider that Illyana flung towards the electrified wall crunches quite nicely into it. Along with the crunch is the bzzrrrrtttt sound of the bug being electrocuted. When it falls onto the ground (narrowly missing Laura) it twitches once, twice, thrice, before the glowing red eyes slowly fade to blackness. Perhaps they can use the madness of the walls to help them now?

As for X-23, she is stunned, but only for a few seconds. It's still long enough for Nate to catch her limp form and pull her closer to the group. Once near Rogue, the slim assassin will suddenly twitch awake as she lifts her head. The briefest flashes of confusion might be seen within her eyes, before it all comes back and when memory returns, the clone offers a curled lip growl towards the insectoids.

Once she's back upon her feet, she'll help cover Nate and Jean. It's only as Rogue rises upward with that groan of pain, that X-23 will turn her gaze to the auburn-white haired woman; making sure she's okay, which she seems to be.

The bugs continue to battle and the walls continue to try to zap, but a new, more sinister sound can be heard now. It's the creak of the walls, as two of the more powerful telekinetic users focus upon the wall and pull with all their might. The wall resists that force until finally the seam where the two walls connect starts to slowly curl away from each other. Once the seam starts to split there may be a split second for the group at large to realize the mistake that's made, but the breach within the wall soon takes on a life of its own.

Stars and the vastness of space can be seen now, as the walls are pulled sharply away from each other. The vacuum of space now eagerly reaches inward and starts to suck all the air, the bugs and the people within outward.

Illyana watches with great interest as her spider slams into the wall and is quite satisfyingly electrocuted. "Hey, guys…!" She begins, but Jean and Nate have already come up with a plan of their own.

"The telekinetic lock pick didn't work so you're upgrading to the battering ram?" She asks, glancing back toward Jean with disbelief in her voice and on her face… and then she gets nailed by the fourth spider. A jet of acid splashes across her armoured left side, the majority dripping off her arm without even scoring the metal, but enough droplets start burning through her uniform to get her attention. The curse she utters isn't in any language spoken in this dimension, and with an angry wave of her arm a portal to Limbo opens, and a mass of tentacles emerge, grabbing the spider and dragging it back through the portal in seconds.

The Danger Room isn't getting THAT construct back!

Spinning around, Illyana takes a moment to make sure nothing else is about to attack her, and then sees the results of Jean and Nate's concerted attack. It's enough to make her eyes go wide. "Oh, GOOD CHOICE!" She just manages to say before she's yanked off her feet and dragged toward the vacuum. "Anyone who wants to breathe, jump in!" She yells, with what little air she's able to draw in. A portal opens in front of the breach and Illyana vanishes into it, appearing a moment later in the Danger Room's control booth.

Danger Room 1, Magik 0.

The portal remains open for anyone else who wants to cheat their way out!

So completely focused on the wall, Jean doesn't take into consideration that maybe she and Nate really shouldn't be doing this. As the final piece crumbles away, Jean's expression moves from triumph, to tragedy. "Sh.." She doesn't get the rest of that word out, instead every ounce of power surges outwards, attempting to not only keep herself from blowing outwards, but trying her best to close up the gap and keep as much oxygen as she can in, rather than letting the last of it escape out.

And somewhere, deep within her psyche, Jean's realizing that not only have they failed, because she got impatient - but if this had been 'real', that would mean lives were at sake versus just a danger room failure.

Scott's going to have a field day with her, Jean just knows it. The moment Illyana opens that portal, Jean is making sure that everyone else is inside it, before she - herself, also takes that plunge. It's just what she does. And if that means cheating 'death', well, so be it.

The moment that Jean is through the portal, and hopefully everyone else with her? The red-head will ruefully shake her head and offer with the utmost sincerity and take it all on her shoulders attitude. "Well, I totally mucked that up, in a royal manner." No balls about it, Jean's fault, and she'll take it as such. She keeps her good humor at least, offering a shake of her head, and wry. "Why do I feel I'm going to be in here training for a good long while, now."

Rogue smashed another creepy-crawly when it came up to her. "No!" She shouted at it. "I do NOT want to buy a subscription to your magazine!" She stomped on its dying red-glowing eyes and then exhaled sharply, looked up to see Nate / Jean tearing at the walls. She pulled some of her white hair out of her eyes and then saw a metal spider leg on her shoulder and screamed in fright!

She grabbed it and THREW it as hard as she could… but it was already a severed limb from the spider she'd just killed. "Oh. Heh. Right…" She glanced over to X-23 in hopes that the stabby-killing-machine-Laura hadn't noticed that.

BUT THATS WHEN SPACE HAPPENED! Rogue was lifted up off of the ground against her own will and she screamed again as she was pulled toward the vastness of space. "Damn you Sandra Bullock!" She shouted. "Whyyyyyy!" Rogue notoriously hated space, everything about it and it was entirely due to that movie that came out a few years ago, she'd seen it… she hated it.

Thankfully, Illyana's portal gobbled the southern belle up, even though she'd resolved herself to death! Wherever she ended up after going through the portal… would be a balled-up Rogue with her arms over her head and the words. "Clooney, George Clooney. Only good part." being quietly repeated into her bunched up knees in front of her face.

X-23 noticed and much like a cat's flat-eyed stare, she judges you.

Or perhaps, that's how it might seem, as Laura's expression is actually quite blank. Her gaze turns towards the others now as she watches the wall-tearing commence. It's only when the twinkling stars can be seen that X-23 steps forward. "Stop." That's all she gets before the vacuum of space reaches inward and pulls with its grasping fingers.

Like the others she's lifted off of her feet and tossed about, it's only with a drag of her claws here and there, that she'll find herself through the portal and back in the control center; the only thing out of place is her hair, which looks a little frazzled towards the ends.

Once Nate is through, and Jean, and the portal closes, the Danger Room will flash upon the main display:

'Objective Failed.'

So truly, Danger Room 1, X-Men 0. Once the team is back in the control booth, the DR reverts to its static blank state.

Laura for her part turns towards Nate, Rogue, Jean and Illy and states in her rather dead-panned way, "We have failed."

At seeing the void Nate immediately shifts his power to reinforcing his body to prevent explosive decompression. "Jean keep the air and I'll grab the other… or I guess that works," porting out usually works, but in this case it feels a bit like cheating. The goal was not escaping, he seems to remember.

As for the defeatists comments, he smirks, "nah, if we had known we were in some kind of spaceship we could have adjusted tactics. I guess that's the 'fun' of random scenarios. Hey, we didn't even get DR-killed."

There's one advantage to being first through the Escape Hatch To Hell: You get a moment to compose yourself before everyone else arrives!

Expecting more people to bail out of the rapidly worsening simulation, Illyana gets out of the ejection path of her portal, and by the time a ball of Rogue flies through it, Illyana's leaning nonchalantly against the control console, apparently without a hair out of place, only the small burned-through patches on her uniform betraying the fact that she was actually in the same simulation with the rest of the team.

Illyana smirks at Nate when he tries to lift the mood. "If you're about to suggest trying again until we DO get killed, pass." The sorceress grins. "I'll take Rogue's tropical beach program instead. Maybe with a George Clooney sim, too." She says the last bit thoughtfully, Rogue having given her Ideas.

Jean gets another smirk. "Tell Cyclops he can't run you into the ground until we're done."

Running one hand through her hair, Jean makes certain everyone is accounted for, X-23, Rogue, Illyana and Nate. As all are present and not still left in the vacuum of space, Jean will offer an expression of appreciation at Nate's comment. It does make her feel a tad better, than the failure all being on her shoulders, after all. Nate will get - a small, personalized mental offering of, « Whatever has transpired in the past, whatever happened, that's the past. It's a new day, a new year, and I would like to simply start over. I leave it up to you. »

Afterwards, Jean's gaze flickers momentarily upon Illyana, offering her an amused, "Why thank you Illyana, I'll be sure to let him know." A quiet chortle, and Jean's moving towards the exit, "I think a nice hot shower is in order." She'll have time to berate herself there, anyway.

So Illyana was sitting there looking all prim and proper and perfectly untouched (save for a few burnmarks)…

But when Rogue heard her suggest a George Clooney Sim? The Southern Belle righted herself, realizing that they weren't dead and quickly moving beyond that… "There are Sims for for that?" She asked, and SHE looked like the bride of Frankenstein had stuck her thumb in an eletric outlet. Her hair was a mess, her face was covered in black scortch marks from the exploded spiders and her suit was all cut up and burned up, her hood hanging on the back in tattered shreds.

"I'll take one Brad Pitt and two… uh… Scott Eastwoods please." She tugged on her suit to try to 'clean herself up' a bit, and her sleeve ripped at her shoulder.

X-23 watches the others good-naturedly rib and chatter amongst themselves. For herself, she's quiet silent, as she watches the others. It's only when people begin to leave, that Laura will say, "I must leave." And with that said, that's what she does, her own basic X-Men costume looking a little worse.

As for the objective, if anyone does go back to review it, it was simply to unlock the doors and survive.

Clearly tearing through the walls wasn't considered 'unlocking'.

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