The Family Nest

January 03, 2017:

Storm meets with Nancy and discusses a bit more of a solid incorporation as well as… Growth.

The Nest

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To most people that know of it, it is simply known as 'The Nest'. But for the give or take 30 people that live there it is known by it's full name, Nancy's Nest of Normalcy. Set up about 2 years ago after a grant from the Maria Stark Foundation, this 100 acre farm has a very sizable farmhouse, barn, multi-car garage and lots and lots of land. The driveway to the farm itself divides the land in two, with fruit trees filling the right half and berry bushes covering the other half of the land. On the far end, beyond the berry bushes, is the vintner, where the people who live at the Nest make fruit wines to sell to hipsters and yuppies alike. What most people do not know about the Nest is that the people that live there are mostly mutants or mutates that have been rescued from lives of slavery where they would be used for their powers, and that this is a place to rehabilitate and re-educate them to allow them to reintegrate them into society again.

Nancy O'Neal was the Nest's founder, but left it in the hands of one of the parents of the mutates that make the Nest it's home. Though it is winter here in New York, the Nest situated on the highway between the states of New York and New Jersey, there is still a lot to do. Fences need repairing, vehicles need upkeep, wine needs canting into bottles. And this would be where Nancy is, surrounded by casks of sweet smelling fruit wine.

Storm is there, has been there, her fingers trailing along the frigid vines in a manner that is adorative. In a manner that melts the frost from the coils of vines and leaves the rest to fruition, for as long as the natural climate would allow - along with her innate presence.

Two shadows of working women become one in the frost laden vineyard while a small seed of a grape is plucked and savored between teeth. A snap of ivory between ochre stained lips all the while papers of (not-so)validity had been left upon a lacquered desk. Although Storm's shadow casts the billow of 'wings', from the string of middle fingers to that of between shoulders, abridged with the suit of a shining black and silver. Bound together by loops and dropped into accord with fabric befitting the Goddess she is worshiped as.

Nevermind the mohawk and barren scalp upon one side while the cascade of white descends along opposing shoulder. "A lovely place you have maintained here."

Spoken nonchalantly as their paths cross in opposing rows, adjacent.

Standing by a large table, Nancy is dressed not in her usual black leather and lace, but rather in jeans, sneakers and a practical hoodie. Not her usual attire, but bottling wine in high heels is just silly. Bottles that are such a dark green that they appear to be black are filled, corked, labelled and then put in a crate. "I can't really take much credit for it's maintenance. Gus took over when I left and he knew all the things I wanted to do. He was more optimistic then most. He always thought I would be back." The goth smiles to the snow haired matriarch to the Xavier crew. "It's good to be back."

Nancy continues to work. It's mundane, but that is the point. It teaches those at the farm to work doing things that don't need their powers, allowing them to be normal if that is what they choose. "You okay with me coming to the school? Teaching music? Letting the young ones use my field if they need it or want it?"

Storm pays no attention to appearances or guises. They are what they are and hold meaning for the bearer - that's what matters. The poise in which she carries herself shows as much, here. A gentle touch, a fleeting draw of fingertips along leaves and vines touched by a frost dispelled only in the smallest area.

Do you realize…?

"Why would I have issue with you helping us after all this time?" A look of those pale cerulean eyes downward before they flick to Nancy's face. That you have the most beautiful face?

"Things have left our hands, but not completely. You hold something dear and close. Something that, right now, we have a dire need of. Those reborn to these cocoons…" A clutch of fist to her chest and eyes close away, her head tilting slightly as she seemingly listens

Do you realize…?

…that happiness makes you cry?

"You are more then welcome. As are yours, that you keep dear. But can you take on more?"

Grabbing one of the crates after slipping the last bottle within it, Nancy starts walking over to place the crate with the others on a trolley for delivery to storage. She takes a moment to think about the question and looks over the fields along the horizon. "I had a lot of time to think while I was gone. A lot of what I thought about is why I couldn't hack it here. I came to realize, it wasn't the work load. I'm not a leader. I'm better off as part of a team. A cello on its own is nice, but it sounds better as part of a quartet, or even a symphony. Here I was, in charge of all these people and all of them looking to me."

Nancy turns, looking at Ororo with respect and perhaps a hint of hero worship. "Do you suppose Xavier knew that I was going to end up running away from all the responsibility?" she asks, a hint of guilt in her tone.

"Run?" Storm watches Nancy, no, in fact retrospectively looks, and those eyes smile with the lift of the corners of lips while head tilts and Storm reaches for Nancy in a manner more acknowledging than she has shown since her return, yet.

"You grew." A pause as she offered embrace to 'Deadzone'/ Nancy.

"I know," Storm whispers near or far to the woman, offering a small small smile…

Do you realize..?

… That everyone you know, someday….

"Growing is all we can offer our children and people…" And from fingertips a light sparks and the vine blossoms swiftly, to bud, to flora, to nectar….

….will die.

"It is not a weakness it is strength. Your music can be learned from it. We need yu, your vision, your Nest. So many….In-humans are born daily and we need your strength."

A smile with an uplifting of chin towards Nancy.
The offered hug is accepted gladly. She lets herself be held and spoken to with soft words of encouragement, knowing the truth they hold. Knowing what her touch can do to a mutant, Nancy can't help but look at Storm to see just what will happen. Her hair? Her eyes? What is mutation and what is just Ororo being Ororo. Giving Storm one last squeeze, the dark haired woman backs away to keep her power to herself.

The words of wisdom, as well as the vine blossoming, hit home and Nancy nods. "I want to help. The children. The people. To grow, to find happiness. The Nest, me, my music. Whatever you guys need. I'll help."

Despite the chill of the Coastal Winter Air, Storm is warm when Nancy embraces her. No, this is 'off the books'. Valerie, the DEO….. The Nest stands with family, as well as the founding woman. She would give them over as easily as she would Charles….


Manilla folders and backdoor legalities can form their smoke screens, but Ororo…. The Kenyan Goddess… This is hers to fight for as much as any and with the Inhuman Terragenesis, those cocoons, the need..

"You, your Nest, your music. It will all be needed soon. Peace. That is what you offer. All I ask is help." And in the embrace, her hand seeks Nancy's, clasping tight before she begins to lift into the air and the ground around them warms with the upheaval, kicking off frost, melting like dew to leave that frigid harvest more touching.

"We just need family, Nancy. Welcome to it." Storm states, lips grazing her brow before parting and then with a small upheaval she is gone.

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