Binary Stars?

December 17, 2016:

Karen Starr arrives at Stark Industries with paperwork at the same time that Starlord shows up wanting someone to repair one of his rocket boot engines.

Stark Industries


NPCs: JARVIS, Nakamura (head of Stark Industries R&D)

Mentions: Tony Stark


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Fade In…

It's the week before Christmas, and all through Stark Tower, EVERYONE is stirring, trying to get that last week of work done before the holidays. Next week is a partial week and will consist mostly of celebratory events, then SI gives ALL of their employees paid time off until the first of the new year. So, truly final crunch time.

Even with all of the chaos and bustle, the Tower's lobby is nearly as festively decorated as FAO Schwartz was back in the day. There's a group of carolers instead of piped in music, tables set up with edible treats, and even a positively HUGE trees with gifts around its base and a man dressed as Santa Claus handing out said gifts to people as they pass through the lobby.

Peter Quill was new around here.

…and by around here he means this planet…

Rocket was mad at him(something about unlicensed trackers and spilling coffee on his tail), Groot was more interested in looking at the pretty lights than helping him, and he had no idea where the rest had gotten off too.

On top of that. One of his boots was acting up.

So he had asked around. Trying to figure out who was good with that…techy kinda stuff…and he had come up with the name 'Stark'. So when there is a giant tower with that name on it, it would be the natural place to look for someone who can fix his boot.

However, as he walks in the main lobby with a backpack over one shoulder and in his favored red leathers he realizes something very quickly.

"…I'm pretty sure this place doesn't have a mechanic…"

Karen finally has all her paperwork for the arrangement between Starrware and Stark Industries put through legal. I's have been dotted, t's have been crossed, and everything's been signed. Technically, she could have just had a courier bring it by, but she prefers the human touch. The tall blonde makes her way into the lobby of Stark Industries, not too far behind Peter, and super-hearing easily picks up the quiet mutter. "I think it's a little more high-end than "mechanic", she says, smiling. "Nice coat, by the way."

Pepper had been notified that a representative from Starrware would be by to drop off the documents, so she went down to the lobby to meet them. She's pleasantly surprised that Karen has again opted to handle this herself, and she smiles as she approaches the woman, and by that token the man who entered just ahead of her.

"Welcome, hello." She didn't hear the mechanic comment, so can't react to it. "Please, come in. Good to see you again, Karen. I see you brought a friend along?" She's mistakenly presuming that Karen and Peter arrived together. It's an honest mistake!

Quill turns slightly at the sound of a voice aimed in his direction. The roguish grin that finds its way onto his features seems a natural fit for the man as he replies. "Nice…everything, by the way." He returns towards Karen as that flashing smile continues.

"And…yeah…yeah I'm thinking they don't have much of a repair shop here. Of if it does its out of my price range." That devil-may-care smile remains firmly in place as he notes someone else coming into the conversation.

"The newest of friends," He says with a grin as he steps aside to let the ladies talk. "In fact we just met." He seems more amused than anything about the case of mistaken identities. "I'm Star—" He pauses a moment then sighs slightly. Terran. Never would have heard of his /totally sweet name/. More the shame.

"Peter Quill." He introduces himself, looking every part the rogue with a winning smile.

Karen hears Pepper, and she smiles. "Friend? Oh! We just happened to come in at the same time." She reaches down and offers the folder with the signed paperwork over to Pepper. "Merry Christmas, Pepper."

As for the aforementioned friend, she looks amused at Peter's comment. It's not necessarily any more clever than the plethora of hitting-on attempts she gets…but Peter is more charming, so there's that. "What is it you'd bring to Stark Industries for a repair? I mean, it's not exactly your local Geek Squad. And "Star", huh?" THAT gets an amused look, and the reason is obvious when she introduces herself. She taps herself lightly on the lapel. "Starr. Karen Starr."

Pepper ohs as her mistake is corrected. "Thank you, Karen, and happy holidays." She accepts the folder of paperwork from Karen, then tucks it under one arm to offer a handshake to Peter. "Hello, and welcome. You were looking for repairs? I might be able to ask one of the engineers to take a look, if you want."

She doesn't presume to say that Tony could repair just about anything the man has in mind, considering that he's not 'home' at the moment.

"Geek Squad? They have squads now? Huh…" The momentary distraction fades as he glances back towards Karen first. "Ha! Well isn't that a nice coincidence. I'd say something about heavenly bodies, but I don't want security to throw me right back out on my fine athletic ass." He drawls out before glancing between the pair of them.

…who should be realizing about this time that the man has little to no shame.

…which means this is business and normal for Pepper right?

"Well…its a bit out there, tech wise. I just came here cause I was told it was one of the top shops around for that. But I'm not sure anyone could figure out Xandarian rocket tech."

He entirely takes the handshake as well. When on Terra and all, might as well do as they do.

He's totally blending in isn't he.

Dingdingding. "Alien rocket tech?" Karen asks. Normally, she might call Peter out on the heavenly bodies line, but…rocket tech! The blonde looks over to Pepper, and offers "Not that I'm trying to be pushy, but if your guys are too busy, I'd certainly be willing to have my guys take a look at it." Hmm. Alien rocket tech. Peter looks human, but…Karen will give him a quick once-over with the X-Ray Vision. First, to check and see if his organs and such look human. Second, to look for other advanced tech. (Possible third reason for checking out hunky charming guys goes unconfirmed.)

Understanding tech is not Pepper's job, but she knows a few people who are about as close as one could find this side of the Milky Way. "If you'll both follow me, please?" She leads the pair to a ground floor conference room, speaking seemingly to the room itself and asking to have Ms. Nakamura join them. She also asks for someone from Legal to come get the paperwork from Karen.

"Requests have been sent, Miss Potts," a genteel-sounding male British voice offers from … the ceiling.

There is a touch of a surprised look from Quill. "Huh, so I /don't/ have to try to hide that from you two? That makes things so much easier." Quill smirks towards the pair of them as he hitches up his backpack on his shoulder. He smirks just a little bit, quirking one eyebrow towards Karen. "That all you wanna take a look at?" He drawls before he is interrupted by a voice from above.

A glance up but nothing is there and he quirks an eyebrow. "Huh. Not a bad setup…" A longer pause. "…wait really? You'll take a look at it? Just what am I gonna owe ya?"

Though as Pepper walks, he'll amble along behind. Bright eyes taking in the sights the building holds.

Karen nods to Pepper, and falls in behind the other woman, heading off towards the conference room. She looks over at Peter, and smirks a little. "I'll give you this, you've got enough confidence for five guys. We should talk." Of course, she means about alien technology. But hey.

Pepper Potts hands off the folder to someone who appears briefly, then gestures for Peter and Karen to sit and relax while she does the same. Now they're waiting for Nakamura to arrive. "Payment for our services, Mr. Quill. Hm. I think… honesty. That's what I'd like in exchange." She settles into a chair and looks at the man squarely.

"What sort of tech are you wanting help with that you thought Stark Industries would be a suitable repair depot?"

"Darlin," That roguish smile returns. "You don't know the half of it. But sure, I'm never against a talk or two. Dinner maybe?" Yup. More confidence than most men. But it takes a lot of confidence, and a lot of stupid, to grab an infinity stone with your bare hands.

As they sit, Peter stretches his legs out under the table and smiles slightly. A quirk of his eyebrow comes at Pepper's request before he flashes a grin. "Honesty? That's a pretty hefty price to pay. But I'll see what I can do."

He thumps the pack down and pulls out what looks to be some kind of small rocket engine. Very compact, one that could easily be attached to one of his boots it seems.

"Well there aren't many places on Terra that could manage to repair a shorted out custom worked maneuver jet that works in atmosphere and space. Especially one this small. Like I said I asked around and heard the name dropped." He gestures to the building. "Y'all are a bit hard to miss." A pause. "I heard the guy that built the place has an ego problem." He adds in a stage whisper.

Karen can't help but look impressed at Pepper some. "/Nothing/ ruffles you, does it? I mean, you hear stories about Mr. Stark…but…wow." She settles into a chair, crossing her legs. "Terra. Not exactly terminology from around here. But…you're human, aren't you?" He LOOKS human, anyway. "And sure. Dinner sounds good."

After working for Tony for over a decade, it would take a LOT to unsettle Pepper. She offers Karen a smile, but then Peter makes a dig at Tony, and her expression, while technically still a smile, goes frigid. "At least his ego has a basis in reality." She leans forward a bit to look at the small engine, but honestly wouldn't be able to differentiate it from a bluetooth speaker. She's spared any further posturing by an admin assistant arriving with a fresh tea service and snacks, and then a moment later by a tiny, dour-faced Japanese lady entering and marching right up to scoop the rocket engine out of Peter's hand.

"Mm," the tiny woman manages to make a single syllable sound disgruntled. "Impact damage. Typical carelessness. I'll need fifteen minutes." And she turns to leave with the device still in hand.

"Well I might have kicked someone in the face with it, in my defense he was shooting at me at the time. Or threatening to shoot me. Its kind of a blur." Peter replies easily. "Yup though, human as they come. Born in the good ol' U.S. of A. Abducted by a group of space mercenaries at a tender young age and forced to grow up in the unforgiving arms of the Galaxy. Tragic story."

He doesn't look too broken up about it though.

He goes stifle a touch of a grin at Pepper's slight change of mood. "I'm sure it is." His voice a breezy agreement that could mean half a dozen things. "But you did ask for honesty."

Karen gives a sympathetic expression to Peter as he gets a Pepper burn. Looks like they're the cold kind. "What's got you here on Earth then? Got loose and came back home?" She can't help but have a small smile at his rebuttal about honesty, and hides it quickly.

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