December 30, 2016:

Kitty, Peter and Jessica find out more about each other and try to figure out why the Asgardians gave the gem holding Kitty to Peter Quill. Peter and Kitty do not get along.

Shadowcrest Manor


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Fade In…

It was a big night at the mansion of Shadowcrest. The massive ediface had seen its fair share of mystical things over the years. Demons. Black Gates. Horrifing attacks by things best not named. Its a stately old mansion. A thing of great power and antiquity, a home that gave off the imeadeate feeling of sately honor.

…at least it was before Peter Quill got there…

The first thing Quill had done when he got back to the mansion is hold up a Lockheed and ask who lost a parakeet.

The second thing in short order he had done was pass out.

Hangover+dimention hopping = Bad Things.

It took him several hours to regain his awareness. He swum back to the realm of the wakefullness wondering idily if it had all been a dream, at least before the new sets of bruises made him aware that no. No it was not.

On the couch in the living room…at least they had cleaned up a little bit…he groaned a bit as he sat up, pulling himself up with one hand. He looked a mess. Hair just this side of ruffled, covered in soot and dust from the various explosions. His shirt mostly torn. His jacket given to a cold Princess of Science days ago and not in evidence.

"Did someone get the number of that freighter that hit me…"

The lost 'parakeet' flits over to Kitty once offered up, chittering at Peter Quill in a way that can only mean he is annoyed at the spaceman. A little bit of smoke drifts upward from his nostrils as she lands on Kitty's shoulder, shaking a scaled fist at the man. Of course, it doesn't matter as moments later, the man passed out on the couch.

Kitty looks to Lockheed, Lockheed looks at Kitty and shrugs. Hesitantly, she moves over to prod the man with the toe of her boot in the chest region and then in the face region. There were reunions elsewhere and she had questions that needed answers. With a sigh, she debates a large bucket of ice water, but instead decides to just let him sleep it all off.

When Peter wakes up, Kitty is still there. Or, more likely, she left and then came back. Comfortably lounging on one of the chairs, Lockheed snoozing on one of the arm rests, the mutant merely looks up as the hungover Star-Lord sits up. There's a book open in her lap, it looks like she was waiting for quite awhile.

"Funny, I was hoping you might have the answer to that question." The woman nearby does not exactly look pleased, or even sympathetic to his plight. "Who are you?"

Jessica Jones had hugged Zee a long time. She had frowned in concern at taking in the younger woman's appearance. But the truth is, she was too exhausted to really catch up herself. She had told Zee she would want to, but in the morning. She had once again given her thanks to all three of her rescuers, but had been too out of it to ask Kitty's name even. She'd gone upstairs, presumably to pass out herself.

Now she's looking better, and her recent fit of the shakes has passed. She has gotten dressed in clean clothes; jeans, tank top, black and blue checked flannel shirt. Her hair is brushed out and she even touched up what little touches of make-up she ever bothers with. Hearing both questions she says, "Pretty sure the freighter's name is Muller, Quill, but I'm afraid for all the trouble it caused I didn't get much more than 'Muller, evil sorcerer, old enough to have taken a selfie with Hitler back in the day, has not aged a bit."

The P.I.'s mouth draws down into a sour line as she remembers just how /little/ she'd been able to take away from her search of the man's room. But she says to Kitty, "Holy crap, the dragon came out with you. I'm Jessica Jones. He's Peter Quill."

Quill peers over towards the person talking. His eyes narrow. His left eye squints just slightly harder than his right as he concentrates on the form that is Kitty Pryde. "…huh." He finally says. "So you /wern't/ some kinda wierd magical construct ment to distract me by being smokin' hot." So deciding that she was flesh and blood and not some magical thing off to eat his soul one hand raises to try to pat his hair back into place before he takes a deep breath.

His most roguish, cocksure grin. "I'm Star-lo—"

…and Jessica cuts in with introductions.

"Really Jessie? Really. I pull your butt out of some mystical nazi death maze and you just steel my thunder?" He grouses before peering back towards Kitty. "And who are you and your scaled parrot anyway?" Yes. The bird type will change on a whim. "I mean we went in to get Jessie out and got you as a bonus." A pause. "Not that I'm complaining at all, but you know. Just curious how that happened."

A slash of his gaze back towards Jessica before he hads. "Man Jessie, don't you know that you never should get mixed up with nazis. Its always bad news. Thats why they used them as badguys so much in all the good movies."

Kitty has been through quite a few horrible scrapes on her end, she knows a tearful reunion when she sees one. It's why she gladly faded - almost literally - into the background while waiting for the human disaster known as Star-Lord to wake up. Out of all of them, he was the most familiar.

As Jessica returns, she gives a bit of a lopsided grin at the P.I. "Yes, the dragon came along. His name is Lockheed." Hearing his name, the sleepy dragon lifts his head from the arm of the chair and nods at Jessica. Then, his ears flatten as Peter starts to talk. It looks like those two may not be friends any time soon.

Rolling her eyes, she takes one of the throw pillows from the chair behind her and just tosses it at Star-Lord. "Keep it about why you were in that gemstone, perv." Then, realizing that she hasn't actually introduced herself, she adds, "I'm Kitty Pryde. Nice nice to meet—" she looks to Jessica, "You, at least."

Something strange happens when Peter starts his grousing. An unbidden expression of actual guilt passes over her face for a few seconds, melting to a pained expression of pride that isn't just stinging, but had the crap kicked out of it backwards and forwards and sideways all too recently. It's all there for anyone to see before she clears it away to something much blanker. Her gaze is pulled, almost magnetically, to the liquor cabinet.

She gazes at her most favorite breakfast with a gaze that is clearly longing.

Then she firms her mouth into a thin, determined line before stomping over to the coffee pot instead, saying only, "I think you want to save the collection of the debt I owe you on something more serious than messing up your fancy space introduction," in a somewhat flat fashion.

She starts making the coffee with a series of efficient, controlled movements. "As for the Nazi, he's after Zatanna, so. Choices on that front. Zero."

"Nice to meet you too. Um. Gemstone?" Here, she looks blank. She decides some wires have gotten crossed somewhere here, so she explains, "I don't know anything about a gemstone. I was in there because a sorcerer got the drop on me. He sent me to some sort of alternate dimension where just about every shitty memory I've ever had came out to play. All I know is Zatanna sent Quill and Thor in to pull me out of there, and for whatever reason they agreed." She glances to Peter, silently asking if he knows what Kitty is talking about.

Peter's expression goes though a few twists and turns as he slowly comes more awake and aware. Its almost like the Reaver in him is arguing in his head with the Jimminy Cricket that is his human concience. You can almost see the struggle on his face. That or he's trying to hold back whatever he ate last, its hard to tell with Peter Quill.

"You don't owe me anything unless you wanna, I don't keep debts. Besides, I couldn't just let you stay in there. We are friends and drinking buddies. And Groot likes you, and he would have given me the puppytree eyes if I didn't at least try to help. I don't know how a damn tree can look like that, but man. That sparkle. Its just irristible."

Yeah, really hard to say which one of those opposing personalities won. Maybe they both won, or neighter one, or they just got drunk together and let Peter's natural jerkishness work itself out. Who knows.

He rubs his face a moment. "Urgh. After Zee? I'll add one more to the list then. Rocket has been itching to blow something up anyway."

He would say more but right then the mention of a gemstone snaps his attention around. "Wait wait wait, /you/ were in the gemstone? And the Asgardian's never told me?" A pause. "Well I would have tried harder to get you out if I knew you were in there. Now I know why it was so hot." Again that rogue's grin, that has its edge taken off of it. "Hey now, I'm no perv. I'm a pilot, and a Reaver. Well. I was a Reaver, most of them want to kill me now."

A glance towards Jessica. "Oh yeah. The gem Rocket and I were using to make cocoa. And as a bedwarmer. It was a nice nightlight too…turns out it was a magical soul gem or something, and Zee used it to zap us in there to get you out."

There's a strange look that Kitty gives first Peter and then Jessica Jones. "Nazis? Uh, wait, that wasn't some weird time-traveling or plane-striding gemstone, right? This is still 2016? Earth? Where I'm from, most of the Nazis got their asses handed to them in 1945. This isn't some Man in the High Castle stuff, is it? The Nazis haven't taken over half of the US?" For a moment, that certainly looks like a worry of Kitty's.

A hand raises toward her forehead as she attempts to get all of this sorted out. "Okay, wait, you weren't in the gemstone?" she looks to Jessica. "Instead, someone used magic to send you and the lightning beefcake through it? Hm. That might explain some of what happened. Ugh, why is magic so complicated?"

With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose. "The Asgardians had the gemstone? How did they—okay, you know what? It doesn't matter that much any more. But, we have to make sure it's safe. I got trapped in there while I was trying to make sure half the galaxy didn't get blown up. I tried to short circuit a weapon, but magic does weird things to my abilities. Lockheed and I got trapped in that gemstone instead."

There's a sigh and then a pause. "Wait, I'm sorry, did you just say you used it to make cocoa?! Gods from Asgard give you a mystical stone and you don't research anything about it? You just use it to make heated drinks? What—what kind of idiot are you?" She looks, helplessly at Jessica. She seems to be his friend. Certainly she has some explanation.

Jessica subtely relaxes to what Quill says, giving him a silent nod of acknowledgement. She pulls down three coffee mugs and waves them in the general direction of Quill, Kitty, and Lockheed, arching her eyebrow in a silent question.

Yes. She just offered coffee to the dragon, too.

She'll tackle the easy questions first. "It's 2016, but he doesn't seem to age. He also didn't like being called a Nazi, but the photo was right there, and it wasn't photo shopped. Ugh. He also smashed my phone. Gotta get a new one."

"If anyone can keep it safe Zatanna can," is what she says to making sure it's not going to blow up. "She's probably got it locked down six ways to Sunday already."

As for Kitty's helpless look, she almost smiles. It's that half thing, not quite a smirk, not quite a total smile, that still manages to convey amusement and even some affection. "He lives in the now," is her explanation for that one, as if everything that makes up the package of Quill and his band of roving space friends can sort of be summed up in this one very Zen statement.

Well, for that matter…maybe it can.

"Just how long were you stuck in there, Kitty?"

"How the heck was I supposed to research it? I'm stuck on earth right now and they don't really have a 'research mystical space objects' page on that Google thing everyone is so keen on." He fires right back at Kitty. Now granted he could have shown Zee /earlier/ than yesterday evening, but he was busy!! Doing…important things…

"It was just the right tempture for cocoa and it gets cold at night when you sleep in the buff! Drafty house." A pause and he glances up towards the ceiling. "No offence."

The house seems to weigh Quill's words for a moment before deciding that he makes Zee smile and is therefor worth putting up with on occasion. Which is likely how Peter survives most things.

He blows out a sigh before shrugging slightly. "Didn't ask how they got it, they just told me to keep it safe so I /have/ thankyouvermuch." A pause. "Besides, if someone wanted it going around asking about it would be the quickest way to draw attention to it." He adds as he fluffs a couch pillow and sets it behind his head to lie back down.

At the offer of coffee, Kitty nods, as does Lockheed. Neither of them seem to think it's a strange thing. "Not too much for Lockheed. He gets caffeine highs and then attempts to make his own s'mores. He almost set the library on fire when Piotr gave him a mug of espresso."

Taking the information that Jessica gives her, she nods and digests. "Zatanna? The stage magician?" There's a bit of a tilted head at that, she certainly knows the name - it's a unique one, after all. "So, she actually knows magic?" Huh, the things you learn after being rescued from a magic crystal. "I'm…not sure. What month is it now? It's hard to tell time in space, but last time I checked it was July. Or maybe June."

The serious expression is immediately replaced by disgust at hearing that Peter sleeps in the buff. And is proud of it. "Blech, offense taken, Quill." With a sigh, she stands to help Jessica with the coffees. Four mugs is more than one person can take in one trip. "Why in the world would the Asgardians give the crystal to you of all people?"

There's that slight smile again, this thing that creeps so unwillingly and in such an unfamiliar fashion over Jessica's face. She pours half a coffee for Lockheed and a full one for Kitty; as well as a full one for herself. She seems to appreciate the help, taking the opportunity to pull out cream and sugar in case they want it. She ignores that stuff though. She takes hers black or boozed up; today she's opting for black.

Once everyone is duly fueled with caffinated goodness, she breaks that news: "It's December now, almost New Years. But, from the sounds of it at least you're still in the same year. As for Zatanna…Yes, she's the real thing. You're standing in a magical manor, currently occupied by one actual wizard and her retainers, three space people—Quinn included, and a P.I. in a pear tree. And at least one God, apparently, if he opted to stay."

Though Kitty's question is a great one. Why /did/ they give Quinn the magic space nuke—and why did they opt not to include the manual?

"His girlfriend kicked him out, so he might be staying." Quill says about Thor as he sits back up. Only for the coffee though. "And I wasn't apologizing to you, I was apologising to the house!" This back towards Kitty. "Its kinda alive or something. Right Kasim?"

From the next room over there is a slightly muffled by the door. "Yes, Mister Quill." Quill jerks his thumb in that direction. "Thats, Kasim. He's cool. The Gryffon head is pretty cool too, he can't get drunk though. Darcy and I tried."

He pauses a moment before adding. "And I'm not /from/ space. I'm from the midwest. Somewhere. I just grew up in space."

With a group called the Reavers apparently, and if Kitty knows anything about the Galaxy, the Reavers could only be /cheritably/ be called a mercenary fleet.

A frown then as he watches the both of them turn to him at that question. "I have no idea! They told me to guard it, and I guess since I just /saved a planet/ from a /madman/ I had some street cred! Also it's community service." He mutters the last into his cup of coffee.

A pause. "Rocket and Groot? Totally aliens though. If you see a talking raccoon around don't piss him off."

Kitty puts quite a bit of milk into Lockheed's coffee and only a splash and some sugar into hers. Taking them back to her chair, she perches one mug on her knee for Lockheed to drink out of and keeps the other in her hands. The purple dragon crawls onto her lap, wraps around the mug of coffee and starts to lap it up almost like a cat. Content, he gives a little happy sigh. Absently, Kitty pats his head, pushing off the meaning of Jessica's words till just then.

The mutant leans back into the armchair roughly, head resting against the plush cushions. "December. Almost January. That's—-a long time." Kitty was not in space for all that long, but she does know the name the Reavers. "Oh, great, so the Asgardians trusted a space pirate on parole with a magical crystal that somehow trapped me inside it. Were they drunk? Does that Thor guy have any idea? He's from Asgard, right? I've heard of him."

Jessica finally flops down as well, coffee and all, getting comfortable in a single armchair and curling herself up there. Here, she doesn't have much information to add, simply chuffing a bit at it all. It's absurd, but it's also colorful, and so very characteristic of the life she's led since Zatanna walked into it. It doesn't seem to bother her though. She hadn't even really kept up with the news enough to really recognize all the implications of Thor.

Peter sips his coffee. "It was /Asgard/ of course they were drunk. I was drunk. Everyone was drunk! That was the whole point of me going to Asgard in the first place! Because they have the best booze in the Nine Realms." A pause. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to /get/ to the Nine Realms." He sips at his coffee as he speaks, waiting for it to get to the exact right tempeture.

"I don't know what they were thinking, but I've done a pretty damn good job of it so far! I mean its in this magic house with a magic sorceress thats magic. Thats pretty well protected!"

…the real reason? Most of the Asgardians thought no one would actually /look/ for the thing in Peter Quill's pocket…

"And yes, he's from Asgard. He's a big deal there. Apparently he is really /Thor/. Like…the norse god Thor. Freeking Asgardians."

He shakes his head slightly.

"Anyway. Its /fine/. I'm sure its fine. No one has been asking about it or anything. Those bounty hunters didn't even mention it!"

Kitty's eyes track Jessica idly as she moves to the chair. It's not suspicion so much as a natural way someone likes to know where people are. Perhaps it's also a distraction from Peter's words as everything he is saying is just making Kitty's stomach fall further and further. If she had no control over her mutation, she might just literally start sinking into the chair itself.

"If it is so hard to get to the Nine Realms, wouldn't the gem be safer there? Instead of with an irresponsible pirate who uses it to—hang on, did you say you also used it as a bed warmer and you sleep naked?!" Oh god, is that where some of those disturbing visions came from? Kitty quickly downs half the mug of coffee in one go.

Then, "Bounty Hunters?"

Looking about the room for something, she just says, "I need this to be stronger. Much, much stronger."

"You know, Quill," Jessica interjects dryly. "I don't think I've ever heard the words 'this will be biting us all in the ass by St. Patrick's Day expressed in quite that way before."

Though something in her own words gives her pause. After a moment, she realizes what it is. It's this 'us' stuff, which has gone against a years-long no-entanglements policy. She drinks a long sip of her coffee to fortify herself against the realization that she is now firmly entangled, and she doesn't feel like doing the work of dis-entangling.

"The liquor cabinet is self-refreshing, Kitty." Jessica says, gesturing to it. "It has a fine couple of things that go in a coffee. I don't think there's anything it doesn't have, really." She won't offer to go get it, though her hand tightens perceptibly around the cup. Her own control keeps that from shattering, but only because she catches herself at the last minute.

"I sure did, I hope it gave you some damn fine dreams." The pilot replies with that rakish grin as he gives Kitty a wink. "I mean if you want to confirm I can just strip right here…" Apparently he has no shame what so ever. Of course Jessica already knew this, but poor Kitty…well…

She can handle it.

A shrug of his shoulders as Jess explains the booze of the house. "Eh if it doesn't I'll deal with it. Its fine."

Thats pretty much how he deals with this stuff.

'Its fiiiiiine.'

"And I'm /not/ a pirate, Star-lord does not pirate. He…finds things that people have left places because they don't want them anymore." Treasure Hunter. Tomb Robber. The best of professions.

Draining his coffee he peers at Kitty. "Yes Bounty Hunters, don't they have those where you come from? Collect people for money. As hard as it may be to believe, my sparkling personality doesn't always make everyone my friend. They didn't mention the gem. I didn't ask about it."

From her chair Kitty gives Jessica a very grateful look. "Magic houses, how did we live without them?" Holding up Lockheed's mug, she puts it back on the chair and lets Lockheed go back to lapping at it. Moving to the gestured at cabinet, she pulls out a bottle of something amber, looking at it in an attempt to figure out what it might be. "I'll have to ask to stay for a bit, though I need to make a few calls." Xavier's certainly does not have a self-filling booze cabinet.

Uncorking the bottle, she starts to pour a little into her mug, but as Peter starts talking and then keeps talking, the pour becomes more and more liberal until it is almost over flowing. Then, she brings it back with her to the armchair and sets it down on the floor nearby. "I think I'm going to need more of this. And if you try and show me something I don't want to see, I will cut it off." There's a katana right by the chair on the other side to show that she means business.

"Yes, I know what bounty hunters are. I was more surprised that they might be after the gem."

"If Zatanna minded, I think Kasim might have expelled you already," Jessica opines thoughtfully. "We're both guests too though, so we can't confirm."

She had again looked amused at Kitty's quick response to Peter's offer. She adds, "You probably missed this while in space, but most of us outgrow the need for public nakey time around the age of two, Quill." She drains her coffee and stands. "Alright. The blasted auction is tomorrow, and I've got shit to do, starting with the replacement of my phone and ending with me catching up on everything I missed." On one hand, given they're getting along like a house on fire, it seems slightly wrong to leave them alone. On the other, both are perfectly capable of handling themselves. And since she /does/ have stuff to do…well, it will have to be enough.

Quill does love to hear the sound of his voice doesn't he? He also just assumes everyone else does too.

"Yeah well," His lazy reply towards Jessica comes with a grin. "Most people don't look this good." That confidence, that feeling that he will always come out on top of things, thats just a part of Peter Quill's personality. Take it or leave it, its who and what he is.

For better or worse.

"Yeah, I'm sure Zee doesn't mind. She's got a raccoon, a tree, a god, a Jessica, and me all staying here. Whats one dragon and a—-" He stutters to a stop as she threatens his junk.

"Hey now! No need to get all violent! I think you just need to calm down and relax." A pause. "Besides, you might like it." He settles back again, empty coffee mug dangling from one finger as he raises a hand to wave. "Later Jessica," Comes the drawl before he flicks his gaze back towards Kitty. "Well they /wern't/ after the gem." Pause. "Probobly." Longer pause. "Eh I'm sure they wern't…I mean look, babe. Your shiny little apartment isn't the only reason I'd be hunted. I took down some very bad dudes, and they arn't happy with me you know."

"Auction?" Kitty's been in a gem for too long. As Jessica stands to leave, she gives the woman a surprised glance. She was their buffer! But, she's not about to make her stay. She can handle Peter Quill on her own. Or, she can have Lockheed burn his face off. Either one works for her. "I hope to see you soon. It was nice to meet you, Miss Jones."

Settling back down on her chair, she gives Peter a look. "You look like you were attacked by a hundred ten year olds carrying bats." What that looks like may be hard to figure out, but she will hope he has a proper imagination. "I won't get violent as long as your clothes remain on."

With a roll of her eyes, she takes a liberal drink of her now Irish coffee. "You? I can't imagine why anyone would be unhappy with you." The sarcasm is laid on thick.

"It was nice meeting you as well, Kitty." She almost invites Kitty to go phone shopping with her; she bets the other woman is a little short on communication devices as well. But then she decides if Kitty had wanted to do that, she'd already be on the way. A quick word to Kasim so Zatanna will know where she is if she gets anxious about it, and the P.I. is out the door to start her day.

Peter has no idea what auction this is, but…wait. "Yeah, some fancy thing. All dressed up and people spend way too much money on something that some old dead guy once fondled. At least thats what I think it was. I wasn't really paying attention. I was gonna go mostly cause I don't have anything better to do."

His eyes do narrow slightly at the look before he turns his attention not towards Kitty but towards Lockheed. "Is she /always/ like this, or did I just catch her at the wrong time of the month?" A glance back towards Kitty then back at the little dragon. "She seems really irritated."

The wicked look is back as she delivers her sarcasm. "I'm glad your finally coming to your senses!" Entirely ignoring the sarcasm of course. "My charming personality is a known the galaxy wide, trust me. It'll grow on you."

Kitty watches Jessica leave, giving the other woman a smile. It fades as her attention turns back to Peter. Lockheed, still slurping at his mostly milk coffee gives what might amount to a raised eyebrow in the Star-Lord's direction. It's unsettling how the look is perfectly conveyed despite the fact that the dragon certainly doesn't have eyebrows.

"Irritated? I can't imagine why! I risked my life to try and dismantle a weapon, only to be trapped inside of a some gemstone for months, passed off to drunken Asgardians who then pawned it off on some sort of Space-Idiot who used it as a coffee warmer! Now, tell me, how could I ever be irritated at that turn of events?!" Kitty takes a very long drink from her liquored up coffee after that outburst of emotion. "

"Trust me, I will never find you charming."

Quill just shrugs slightly, the grin never even fading. For everything else that he is, for all the annoyance that he brings. Its just…hard to get him down. Even when someone is telling him that he looks like 10 year olds brained his face in with a bat. Its one of his more endearing qualities. He needs to have a few of them or someone would have shot him already.

"I can always ask Zee to put you back," He drawls easily. "I mean really. We didn't mean to rescue you, just did it out of the goodness of our hearts." A pause. "Or something like that. Anyway, the gemstone is fine, your fine, whats there to be irritated about? You got your booze, a comfy couch, or a bed…" A raised eyebrow. "…we could share a bed. For warmth and all."

…yeah. He is really a total charmer isn't he?

The grin only widens at the last. "A few more of those coffees and you might change your tune!" He points out. "And it was cocoa, not coffee."

He pauses a moment at that thought before adding, just the last bit of whip cream on her day. "Oh, and you missed Christmas too. But you're here for a kicking new years party. So thats something."

"You didn't even know I was in there and I doubt you knew that I would leave the gemstone with you when you all left." Kitty shakes her head and leans back in her chair. Finishing the last of the coffee, she sets the mug down on her knee, placing Lockheed's half empty one on the floor. He grumpily looks at her before hopping down to finish it there.

Grabbing the bottle, she pours some more into her mug. She's got a few months to make up for, after all. "I'm irritated because I - apparently - could have been out of there months ago, but no one bothered to try and figure out what the gemstone is!" Sighing takes a swig from her drink.

"And, I'm Jewish, so Happy Hanukkah. Glad to be here for Happy New Year and be thankful that I'll be nowhere near your bed. What did you do for those few months you had the gemstone anyway?"

"Lets see, I shot a demon in the eye, summoned a god…sorta…saved Shadowcrest from a lack of holiday spirit. Killed a bunch of demonic spider things, tracked down some cursed christmas orniments. Met the locals." A wicked grin at that. "You know. The usual stuff when someone from out of the solar system comes to town."

After a moment though he does frown slightly. "And look. I was just told to keep it safe. You wanna be mad at someone be mad at the Asgardians. The hell do I know about magic soulgems! Besides they get hot when you ignore them or leave them in your pocket for too long. Good thing it didn't do that when we were smuggling it here!"


"Would never of heard the end of it. Rocket would have burned half his tounge off."

Smuggled in the mouth of a angry space raccoon.

"Oh, is that what they do?" Kitty sighs and takes a longer drink. It doesn't sound like she's going to get any nicer as she drinks more. Instead, she's sounding more surly if anything. With a sigh, she shakes her head. "What are you doing on earth anyway, Reaver-boy? Is this part of your parol thing? Didn't you think a magical stone that could heat up coffee deserved some investigation? You're obviously friends with a magician and a P.I." People who might be able to do some research on it. "And, if it got hot when you ignored it, didn't you maybe think that it didn't want to be ignored?"

Blinking, she adds, "His tongue? You put the gem in a raccoon's mouth?"

"That P.I. has been trapped in some kind of hellscape for the past few weeks and the sorceress in question someone has been trying to /kill/ for longer than that so no. Really didn't occur to me to bother them with some kind of heating rock!" Quill shoots back, his hangover and his headache starting to get to him just a bit. "And its /ex/ Reaver-boy. They mostly want to kill me on account that I wouldn't let them have a bloody infinity stone. But no. I don't get thanks for /that/."

A pause.

"Hell now I need a drink!" And so saying he hauls himself up, grabbing a bottle of scotch and a glass as he reaches the bar. The amber liquid splashes into the glass, not too much not to little. And he knocks it back. It hits him like a truck of course, but he blinks past it as he feels the warmth traveling down into his belly.

"Better." He finally says as he starts to pour again. "And no, Rocket isn't technicly a raccoon. He's a /space/ raccoon."

There is a difference.

"I spent the last two weeks trying to get hold of someone on Asgard! Its not like they have a cellphone you can call!"

"Why do you want thanks for not giving up a piece of insane power to space thieves? That should be common decency." Kitty sighs and Lockheed pulls his mug under the chair a bit further. He doesn't want to be a part of this any more.

"What's the difference?" she asks Peter, having never seen nor met Rocket to know what the difference between a raccoon and a space raccoon is. "You said he was a raccoon, if he's a raccoon in a space or not, that doesn't make a difference."

Annoyed she stands up. "I met you with that Thor guy! He called down lightning! You said he was an actual mythical being!"

"Urgh, I'm sick of common decency! It stuck me here!" He retorts as he turns to peer at her. "Anyway, Rocket doesn't /know/ he's a raccoon. He's never seen one before. Rocket is…Rocket. And there is only one like him in this damn Galaxy. Hell," He gives a snort of a laugh. "I never saw a real raccoon before till I got here!" Which means he hasn't been back on earth…for…most of his life. "Raccoons don't usually talk, cuss, drink, and build weapons that can crack small moons."

He turns to face her, downing most of that second glass in short order.

Lockheed is likely the smartest one in the room right now.

"He /is/ Thor! Sorta. Look Asgardians are wierd! They have some /super/ advanced tech that looks like magic. So they act like its magic and mythical whatsis. Anyway I /just/ finally contacted him yesterday! So your lucky or you would have just had /me/ to get both you outta there!"

"From the sound of it, it sounds like indecency is what stuck you here," Kitty retorts with a snort. Drinking on Asgard sounds like it would get pretty intense pretty fast. "But…then…how is he a raccoon? Where did he come from? Wait, he talks?" There's a talking, gun making raccoon somewhere? It sounds like where Peter is generally the kind to take things as they are, she is the questioning sort.

"Well, I don't know, I've been trapped in a gemstone for about five months, and I am certainly glad that I had more than just you, but it wasn't just you as you didn't have any idea that I was in there at all! And if it was just you, I doubt you would have managed it." She bends over to grab the bottle of liquor and then tucks the katana against the side of the chair under her arm.

"I have no idea why the Asgardians would give the gemstone to you, but I'll go find Zatanna. Hopefully she'll give it to me for safe keeping." Whirling around, she makes for the door.

Peter watches her stalk off as he finishes off his own scotch. He headtilts just slightly as she does so. Because well…he likes it when they walk…but when she says that last bit…well…he just can't help himself.

"That means you'll be stuck with me~~~" He singsongs from his place of pleasent buzzness. "…its my job after all! You take the gem, you get the Star-lord. Congradulations!"

Kitty continues on her way forward. She pauses a bit at his singsong, a shiver going through her body. Then, she sets her shoulders and keeps moving. She's been through a lot of trials. She can survive Peter Quill. She can and she will.

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