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December 28, 2016:

Darcy has a night off from work and boyfriend. Peter Quill is looking for information on Thor. The two run into each other at a bar. What could go wrong? Nothing until drunk texts, trees, and raccoons get involved.

Coyote Ugly


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Coyote Ugly. 10PM.

Darcy had the night off. BF doing Avengery Xmeny things, meant that Darcy went to a bout, cheered too loud, wore a skirt perfectly short enough for playing derby, and ended up at Coyote Ugly for the after party. Which meant shots and beer and pool. As Darcy sinks her 11-ball in this game of cut-throat, she puts her arms up like a in' rock star.

"Suck it, *es!" she calls out as the other girls cheer and mock groan.

"in' Sass, man! You're a god pool shark," grouses one of the players, her sharpied skater number smeared by sweat on her upper arm. Sweat still darkens her hair and sticks it to her temples and neck.

"Nah. I've just had the perfectly right amount of beer," Darcy replies as she starts racking up the balls.

Darcy and her friends are not the only ones that seem to have had the perfctly right amound of beer. In a corner of the bar, at a little table is a young, scruffy looking nerfherder that seems to have brought /books/ to a bar. Who the hell brings /books/ to a bar?!

Peter Quill would never have thought it was gonna be him.

But there he is, mostly because this was the most expediant way to go about things. Because after everything that happened? He really needed several drinks. So many more than several.

He's also missing his coat, but the rest of the outfit looks like it would be more at home on the set of some futuristic movie than NYC. His boots are teched out, he's wearing what obviously are some kind of toy because real guns don't look like that at his side. Really he might be an actor. Or just really into cosplay.

Who knows.

What is obvious though is that he is totally intrested in three thing. Booze. Whatever is in the books. And watching the hot chicks play pool, because that last bit calms his nerves.

Its not space pool, so not quite as awesome. But it'll work.

His attention flickers back to the book and…

"Goats? Where the hell am I supposed to be getting goats in Gotham?! Why can't the Norse need something /normal/! Like…dark matter batteries or blaster induction coils. But no. Has to be freeking /goats/."

It's the quiet as songs change out that lets Darcy hear Peter's words from the booth not far away. She'd noticed the nerfherder, and his terrible Solo Cosplay. And the pistols which were either props or real laser tech. Darcy was fine not saying anything as long as he played it normal, but when he's overheard talking about the Norse… well… It changes things. She hands her stick over, and collects her beer. Moving to the booth, Darcy plops her rear on the table and looks down at the books.

"Because asking for a shubbery has already been done. Plus, there's something stupid about using them to pull chariots? I don't know. But at least it wasn't monkeys that fling poop and thus require tazering," she says with complete seriousness.

And just like that he has company.

Not just any company, female and pretty cute company.

The change is fairly dramatic. His eyes widen just slightly before he starts to tug at a jacket that isn't there. Then a smirk aimed at himself as he streightens up in his chair.

"Urgh, yeah. Alright. It /could/ be worse. I can agree with that. I've had enough things flung at me this week, from Princess Science to demon spider things. Don't want to add poop to the list." A long pause. "And its so dumb to use them on chariots, why can't they just do horses like everyone else."

A pause.

"If they didn't make the best beer in the galaxy I'd never even give them a second thought." He adds after a moments intospection. "Anyway, I don't suppose you happen to know anything about god Asgardians do you?" A longer pause. "Name's Peter, but everyone calls me Star-lord."

Because they do. In his mind.

"Ugh. Princess Science, huh? Please tell me she didn't start spouting physics equations at you," Darcy quips, sliding into the booth across from Peter, on her knees, because Darcy's not all that tall, and she needs to lean over hte table on her elbows in orde to see the book's contents.

"I dunno. I should ask. Oh! You've had their BEER?! Jelly, so jelly. I'm Grape Smuckers right now, I swear to Jesus," Darcy says before smiling broadly.

"Enough to know you can, in fact, dye the Goddess of War's hair to look like the Rainbow Bridge," Darcy says with such self-pride. She lifts her beer as if toasting her achievement before tossing back a swig. "* hasn't called me to say how he reacted. Because, really, why ELSE dye your hair rainbow?" Pasue. "Oh. Darcy, but everyone calls me Darce… Or Sass-Mastah… or You with the …"

There is a wicked smile from the spaceman. "That last one is defintally descriptive." He replies as he relaxes back on the chair, reaching for the bottle of beer on the table. The books? He doesn't hide them. They seem to be full of old lore on Thor. Blessings. Practices. Summoning circles and ways to give messages to the Asgardian Gods.

"I think I got a keg I stashed before they pinched me back at my place." He adds thoughtuflly. "I should crack that open for new years. Hell I should have cracked that open today if I had known what this week was gonna be like."

However some of her words are starting to sink though his plesently buzzed brain and he blinks. "Wait wait wait. Hold on. You've met the Goddess of War? Sid or Sick or something like that? You actually…." A pause again. "…your telling me I just happened to be in the bar with someone who actually knows what I'm talking about?"

A glance towards the ceiling. "Now you are just scewing with me arn't ya?"

Then back to Darcy, he squints just slightly. "You arn't gonna slap me, or call the cops, or try to have me comitted like Princess Science…er…Jane did are you?"

Darcy grins wickedly right back, taking another swig of her beer as she skims the books. Wow. Are these a load! Thor is totally a blonde, not a red-head. Stupid Norse. She's only half listening, her buzz keeping her warm and loose asns he reaches out the turn a page.

"Met, exchanged gifts right before Christmas, watched her stabbystabby Giant Death Space Robot with a sword… AND take on a giant squirrel in Central Park." Darcy looks up, laughing. "Her name's Sif, by the way. She actually took it back to Asgard to have it tanned. The squirrel Canyabelieveit?" Darcy can only laugh and take another swig… which she nearly spits out into Peter's face as the person her was calling Princess Science was exactly the same person she was thinking about as Princess Science. Because only Jane would be both a Princess AND For Science! In her effort NOT to spray Star-Lord, Darcy clamps a hand over her mouth and nose… up which she gets some beer and ends up coughing. Darcy throws herself back into the booth, holding a finger up to say she's fine and just needs a minute.

Minute passes.

" me! You know Jane?! * hasn't called me. ! We could have gone out for horrible Mexican food! I could have shown her my swank office space! We would have had coffee! I'm never letting her live this down. She got shinied with Science, didn't she? The *. No. I'm not slapping you. You are by far the most normal thing I've seen in a while. And if she's trying to commit you, I'd end up your across the hall neighbor. . I'm calling hte *, for reals." Pause. "After we float your keg. Princess ing Can't Call Her Friend for Science can't hold her liquor and is a party pooper anyway."

"Take your time," Peter drawls."And don't die. Your the only sane conversation I've had sence coming to New York!"

He takes a long pull of his own drink before continuing right on. "And yeah, I can totally believe it. You wouldn't believe what they have hanging as trophies from that meadhall I was at."

She pops back up though and he can't help my grin and then laugh as she goes on her tirade. "Oh god. I needed to hear that. I don't think /know/ her though. I met her. Got held at gunpoint by her totally-not-boyfriend." Eyeroll. "And then after I saved her from a six story fall she /slapped/ me. Twice!"

A pause.

"I did tell her to sleep with the totally-not-boyfriend. But man they both really need to get laid!" He was /helping/.

Just like now.


"Yeah, not expecting her to be at the party. She doesn't seem like a party person." A longer pause. "And Vader is totally a buzzkill."

[OOC] Darcy Lewis says, "Okay. So the drunk texting of Jane… Not to be confused with The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin… will commence iv apages. I demand mass pages so we can all die laughing."

"…..She has a boyfriend?…." Darcy.exe has stopped working.

"…not letting her live this down ever. and Yes. You were totally helping. Jane's got a science stick shoved so far up her ass it puked out a PhD. And Vader's totally a little *. Leia's where it's at. Come on, Star-fed. Your place. Beer. And we'll figure out this Asgard mess. If SOMEONE HEARS US and I don't know PASSES ON THE MESSAGE!!" Darcy shouts this at the ceiling, like it's perfectly normal, as she's getting out of the booth. "They'll make less mess opening the Bye-Frosted Flakes wherever you're at than here. Here, I have to call in a containment crew, keep people from freaking the out, punch in… which isn't bad except they killed OT and gave me PTO instead. Don't get me wrong, not minding haveing a random Wendesday off from Office Supply Logistics HELL, but still. Time and a half if the bomb when you're drowing in student loans," Darcy is rambling as she's collecting the books from the table.

"And we're totally texting Jane a ing selfie…. There might be JELLO shots depending on what's in your pantry."


"…. For Science.*

Peter bangs once on the table. "That is the best idea. We are gonna figure this out if it kill us. Preferibily using booze." He adds as he starts streightening up his stacks of books. "Shouting at the sky doesn't work well, but if it doesn't make me feel better." A pause again as he smirks. "And I have no idea what half you just said, but yeah to most of it." A longer pause. "Do you know some group called…uh…sish—something. I dunno but they are are pain my my ass. I mean hell you seem to know everyone else."

The grin only widens as he notes her plan. "Oh hell yes we are, I don't know whats there but I'm sure we can find something." A longer pause. "Er…your not allergic to raccoons or green…plant things are you?"

He pauses before shrugging. "Naw, it'll be fine. I'm sure. It'll be fiiiiiiine. Rocket will like ya, and Groot likes everyone!"

"Shouting at the sky is hte bombdiggity when they like to fall from it," Darcy revises. Her head tilts. "A groud called whta now? And …umm.. no. Not allergic to raccoons or trees… unless they are trying to eat me. I have tazers, handguns, and Molotov cocktails," she adds before smiling and shrugging right along with him. "Alright. Star-butt. Take me drunk, I'm home."
To (Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis), Peter Quill pages: And then Jane's phone binged. 'Hey. Hey Princess Scienceeee. Why can't you be cool like Sass-meister. I thought you were cool.' Then a little bet later there happens to be a photo of Darcy and Quill. Making faces at the camra. There might be a moving tree and a raccoon in the background but its hard to tell.
You paged (Jane Foster, Peter Quill) with ‘And from Darcy's number: 'I'm the cool one. but i stil llove yiu eveni fyiu dont acll me' *crying face emoji, broken heart emoji* jk callme. coffee! *coffee emoji. smiling emoji. kissie face emoji*’
To (Peter Quill, Darcy Lewis), Jane Foster pages: The little 'someone is typing' iphone ellipsis kicks up. STOPS. KICKS UP. KEEPS GOING. KEEPS GOING. SOMEONE IS TYPING A STORM. 'DARCY????????!!!!!!!!' 'PETTER' 'PETER' 'DARCY ARE YOU DRUNK'
You paged (Jane Foster, Peter Quill) with ‘… Darcy: No yes maybe. We r gunna flato thsi keg. Yiu totally shoudl bone yourfb. Do you needsa flwo chart?’

The room is a mess. There's Peter's shirt and a tangle of torn fishnets. His gun is tangled up in a bright blue lacey bra that is far more supportive than it looks. Has to be. Black army surplus combat boots, far too small to be Peter's are on the bar where a book on Norse mythology is open with a lone Solo Cup, the solo Solo, laying on it. The dregs of a beer have managing NOT to wet the paper. Peter's passed out on the sofa, one foot up on the back of the sofa, arm over his eyes, the other limp on the floor.

Curled up on the arm chair is a curvy brunette. She's got Pete's jacket tossed over her shoulder like a blanket, legs tucked up under herself. Red framed glasses sit skewed on her face as she hugs a quarter full Solo Cup to her like a teddy bear. The jacket fails to cover the fact that Darcy's wearing a very short skirt with grey spanx shorts on underneath. Ont he butt, where a My Little Pony cutie makr might be is a candy skull with a heart. It is sparkly.

Voices might eventually be heard coming from outside as a certain pair heads up the walkway to the front doors. …or not, considering the current state of the two just inside.

"No, they're not very good quality tools, but what d'ya expect with those prices? Anyway, it's not like I'll be using them for what they're /made/ for anyway!" These comforting words come from the smaller of the pair who enter then, a bag holding a few boxes of assorted power tools slung over his back. "If that car's still sittin' there abandoned down the street later, we'll clean it out tonight. Thing's been there for two weeks at le- Whoa, what th' hell happened here."

Rocket blinks, looking around the room they step into. He slowly lowers his bag, scanning the room and its two occupants before his furry brow furrows with a frown.


"I am Groot." This comes as a counterpoint to the already-one-sided conversation the talking raccoon-like creature is dishing out with a walking, talking tree. His woven and gnarled branch arms carry the other half of whatever Rocket purchased, another box or two nestled comfortably against Groot's wooden torso as more bags hang off of him. That kind of feat means someone's been doing good on Arm Days.

Still, his brow furrows. "I am Groot," he says, pausing the moment they both step into the room. He looks a little more confused than Rocket does, however, concerned about the contents and the two KO'd humans they see before them. "…I am Groot."

The sound of voices nearby have Darcy groaning faintly, brow furrowing. She's cold, because her legs are completely exposed and only her arms and chest are cozy warm. She mumbles something incoherent and tries to burrow into the armchair some more. For warmth.

"I'll say," Rocket mutters in response to his tall companion's comment. He leaves his stuff where it is, moving further into ground zero. There's no question as to what happened here, really. Giving a headshake in Quill's direction, the ring-tailed guardian goes about, picking up the cup on the bar, probably to see if there's anything left in it. He squints at the book for a moment.

As Rocket moves on, Groot shakes his head, gingerly places his boxes next to where the rest of his friend's stuff is dumped, sliding off each bag to make sure everything is accounted for. He then meanders over and past Rocket, distracted by the whirlwind of clothes and junk lying around.

Never has he seen such an assortment of clothing…and never has he seen something so shiny on the young woman who tries to curl under Quill's short jacket. So of course he wanders closer to the prone bodies. Curiosity unfortunately gets the best of the resident Plant Man as he stares intently at the spanx with the sparkly decoration on it, his tall body hunching over so that he can poke lightly at the candy skull and heart with a twiggy finger.

The book is about Thor. The story about how his trickster brother convinced him to don a wedding dress in order to trick a giant so they could get back Mjolnir. Really, it's a story that has to be true, a prank from one brother on another.

In the sad solo Solo, are dregs of beer. On the rim of the cup is red lipstick. The girl's no doubt for it's on the cup she's craddling, but not anywhere on Quill or his clothing. Either they cleaned up, got too drunk to start, or he was shut down. Any takers on which of the three happened and in what order?

Darcy likely would have slept peacefully on had it not been for the poke to her posterior.

It's reflex. Honest! SHIELD training DOES things to you.

Poked, Darcy's not even fully conscious when she kicks at where the fleshy part of a person would be, the offending person who poked her butt. Her eyes open a half heartbeat later and the world is a dizzying blur of beer goggles, glasses on wrong, and really bad eye sight.

"The , man! Don't be poking mah butt! I'll poke your butt," comes the mental vomit of a still not-quite-fully-awake Darcy Lewis, leg coming back and readying for more kick-kick if whomever that is bending over her didn't get the hint. She SQUINTS at the tall… oddly shaped… person.

The raccoon may or may not be snickering after glossing over the story. There's not much to snicker about by way of having no decent cup of alcohol left, however. After a sniff at the cup, Rocket scowls a bit. Of course they'd drink the good stuff without him!

He glances out of the corner of his eye over at where his friend is inspecting sparkle butts. "Groot…." he starts in warning. Despite knowing the big lug can take a kick, he can't help but wince a bit.

"I don't think you'd wanna poke his butt, lady. Not that he has much of one." He comes around the other side, keeping out of kicking range. "So which one're you?"

Annnd kicked. For poking butts he shouldn't be poking, he really should have known that was coming.

Groot grunts softly as he feels the thump of the kick against where it would hurt most males, glancing down to see that, yes, indeed the foot is retracting for a repeat performance. He leans back to give Darcy some space, arms and hands curling up so that he appears 'smaller' and less threatening.

As his bestest pal in the whole galaxy comes around to begin a brief round of interrogation, he makes sure to smile and wave once she can see properly.

Drink gets shuffled as a new voice inserts itself. Darcy shoves herself up to sitting but keeps legs free for more kick-kick, because her purse with her TAZER is… somewhere. Over… somewhere. Still on the mostly heavily buzzed side, Darcy fumbles for her glasses.

"WHich one what? Who the hell are you guys? Starry-man's room…mates…the ?" Darcy's voice trails off as she peers first at Rocket, then up at Groot and the wave. She blinks, takes off her glasses to clean them, then shoves them back on to look again.

Raccoon. Tree.. plant.. thing.

"Suddenly his question about being allergic makes sense," Darcy quips. And when she notes there's still beer in her cup, she holds up a finger and downs it. Because this is going to need a bit more alcohol in her thinking system right now. Mostly so she can say she was too drunk when asked about this at work. Yay for having a random tomorrow off!

"Hi. I'm Darcy," she starts, trying again, and finding a pleasant smile… Probably in the same place Peter finds his middle finger. The world may never know.

Ooh, a tazer? Well, if she doesn't find it by the time she's sober, there's a good chance someone might scavenge it. Folding his arms, Rocket just watches her, wondering if all the women who come to Zee's just happen to be hardcore alcoholics.

"Name's Rocket. The walking tree's Groot, which he will repeatedly inform you of," the raccoon offers. He smirks a bit. "So Darcy, you two uh…party hardy?"

It must be a theme. A coincidental theme, but a theme nonetheless.

The sentient tree nods as she makes a correct assumption about them, answering her with an "I am Groot." Not that it will help much. Since Rocket has taken care of the introductions, he doesn't need to do much of anything else.

Except his attention span may be starting to wander again. After learning her name, he's half-listening from here on out.

"Nice tah meet ya, Rocket. Team Rocket," Darcy babbles before looking up at Treeman. "Groot. Got it." Pause, blink. Darcy looks over at Rocket.

"…we… what? No. We were… trying to figure out..something about Thor and Asgard and… there might have been beer involved. I really need to get them to just get a cell phone. Would make life SO much easier," Darcy seems to grouse, rubbing at her temple a bit. Now that the intitial HOLY is passed, she seems rather chill with the idea of talking to a raccoon and a shrubbery.

A shubbery!

And Darcy snickers as she straightens her legs off the arm chair and leans forward to set the cup down on the coffee table.

Rocket arches a brow at her, shaking his head again as he figures she's still drunk-babbling here and there. "What's to figure out? It's not like we weren't just there, some weeks ago. …how long's it been anyway? I think I lost track already." He glances at Groot, although after a moment thinks better of expecting a decent response to that.

"And I don't think there's any 'might' on that beer business," he says, chuckling dryly. "Hope yer wearing something under that jacket. I don't even know if he even washes the thing. Fat chance, considering how often he cleans the ship."

Off to the side, there's an "I am Groot" that sounds like a noncommittal response to Rocket's question about how long they've been staying on Terra. Just as Rocket expects, anyway — he tries to clear a path on the floor, pushing some things to the side with a rooted foot. "I am Groot," he adds, making a mistake of picking up the fishnets and finding that it will take some time to untangle his hand from it.

"Yeah. I have a shirt on," Darcy replies, pushing the jacket off. The shirt's been cut into and tied and so forth to look like a corset-style top. Her skin is visible in the cut holes. The logo on the front is of a pin-up girl in roller skates in red and white on the black tee. 'Gotham Girls Roller Derby' it says.

"Just.. came from.. there? Are you guys trying to get back or something? Pete seems to want to try to get a hold of them for something," she asks before noting that Groot's gotten tangled. She grins and shoves herself to her bare feet and picks her way carefully if wobbly toward him.

"Come here. Lemme see," she tells the tree. This… still mostly normal.

Sighing at Groot's response, Rocket throws his friend a flat-eyed look. "Yeah, I figured you'd say that." He'll look back to Darcy then, ears perking slightly, maybe just a touch disappointed that she is indeed wearing a shirt. Eh well. He enjoyed those gams while he had the chance.

"Oh yeah? Maybe he's tryin' to cut us a break so we can get off this dirtball. Er, no offense," he ammends with a shrug.

At least Rocket gets what Groot means. Presently, he's the only one who can. Maybe one of these days he needs to learn some more words so he can converse with people normally. Maybe. (Just maybe.)

Looking a little annoyed that picking at the material with tree fingers isn't going as smoothly as he thought it would, a smile of relief breaks across his bark-laden face when Darcy goes over to help him out. "I am Groot," he says with a note of gratitude, holding out the hand wrapped in the fishnets.

"None taken. I mean… the planet IS named DIRT, so… yeah. There's that," Darcy says as she starts to work on untangling Groot's… twigs?

"You're welcome," Darcy tells the tree, because nuance while drunk, totally a thing.

"Cut you a deal, huh? Whacha do? Call Sif a sissy girl to her face or what?" she quips, smiling at the tree.

"Well yeah. Not a very creative name for a planet," Rocket agrees. "Eh…. I forget. A lot happened there. There was a big party, Quill was trying to get Asgardians to dance with him… I /think/ there might have been a toppled statue in there somewhere…."

Aw yeah, translation through tonal differences! Thank goodness for that. Groot wiggles and flexes his fingers, making sure that each one is still working. If not, then he can just…grow a new one. But it seems everything's all right.

Her fishnets freed, Darcy patpats the tree's… umm.. branch, before turning to drop back into the armchair. Fishnets get tossed onto the low table with her cup.

"Didja start a fist fight? Pete was a bit fuzzy on the details… well, things were fuzzy in general. Not as fuzzy as you, Rocket. but fuzzy. , I didn't see if there was coffee. Is there coffee? I need to sober up."

"Uuuh…." He exchanges a look with Groot before shrugging again, turning to go see to his loot on the floor. "Might've been. Maybe some explosions? I seriously can't remember," Rocket mumbles, scratching his head. He looks over his shoulder, frowning slightly.

"Coffee? Never checked. The only thing I ever raid Zee's cabinets for is the hard stuff. Although it never fails to amaze me that Terra has actual places /dedicated/ to that coffee stuff."

respond in two minutes, this offer will expire.

He likes pats, and he perks as Darcy asks about coffee. "I am Groot," he says helpfully, taking a few steps to see if there was anything coffee-like around. It's also within this span of time Groot pauses to meet Rocket's glance, wearing a similar expression before busying himself with rooting through the mess, lifting and sifting to find…nothing. "I am Groot."

"Oh, I've got the best place. Comeon. Let's leave Sleeping Beast here to drool on himself…" Darcy says moving to shove her feet into her combat boots, detangle her bra from Peter's laswer weapon, and then shove all of that into her purse. Her large over sized purse.. Through which she pauses to dig. Oh good. Tazer's still there.. and so is hte sharpie she took from work. Uncapping this, she stumbles a bit back to the sofa upon which Star-Lord is sprawled.

"Ya'll get ready to go, okay? I'm just gonna leave Quilly-bean my number." Which she's going to… by writing: For a good time call: and then numbers. Down his face.

Sharpie capped, Darcy drops it on Peter's chest and turns without grace to grab her phone. She does NOT realize that she's activating the touch screen.

"So… is Groot gonna fit in a car? Or do we need a truck? Cause there's no way I'm borrowing a company van as ed up as I am," Darcy is saying as the call connects. "IN fact, I really shouldn't be driving at all. You're sober, right Rocket? I mean.. you're short, but if you can see over the steering wheel… I bet you're better driver than I am righ tnow. I'll give you directions to Java Life."

He is totally grinning as he watches Darcy scrawl all over Quill's face. Shoving his stuff closer to the sofa, he nods at her before looking over at Groot. "Oh, we'll manage. Honestly though, the whole pedals thing is kinda lame but we'll figure something out. Or I can sit in your lap."

Pulling his backpack out of the mess of bags, he throws it over his shoulders and then starts for the door again. "We got this."

Pepper Potts pages: What's the IC time for Darcy right now?

Fruitless searching for coffee leads to ADVENTURE. Leaving everything where it is, a deep gutteral laugh comes from the tree. He's easily amused at the sight of Quill being used as a living message board, long limbs carrying back around to follow Dary and Rocket out.

As for traveling, he just nods. "I am Groot." The reassurance in his voice doesn't really help the fact that they got this. If all else fails, he's not going to complain about being used as a vehicle again.

"Hello?" Surprisingly, Pepper isn't at work. Well, actually, not surprisingly. Stark Industries has historically (since Tony took over as CEO and left most of the duties to Pepper) given all employees the entire week between Christmas and New Years off with pay. She's at home and WAS sleeping, but many years of emergency late night calls has trained her to wake instantly at the sound of her phone and to sound entirely awake when she answers it, even if she actually isn't.

"… hello?" Weird, she hears voice and baground noises but no one responding to her. And then she hears a VERY distinctive sentence. Leaving the phone connected, she says softly, "JARVIS, could you track this phone call and tell me where it's coming from?"

"Tracking, Miss Potts. It appears that Miss Lewis' phone is in transit." The AI proceeds to give Pepper the address and which direction they're travelling in.

The heck? Pepper quickly gets up and gets dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and slouchy cardigan, leaving her hair in a messy ponytail. "Get me a car, JARVIS, and keep tracking this call. I want to make sure everything's okay."

It's been less than three minutes since Darcy unintentionally dialled Pepper, and she getting into a cab outside of her apartment building and having the driver take her in the direction of Java Life.

"I work the pedals and you steer? God, that sounds like a horrible idea," Darcy's saying, even as she's following the pair out the door. "Which sounds like something I want to try but really… maybe we shouldn't. My SO makes the cutest faces when she's mad, but it's not good for my bloodpressure. Just.. if you do sit in my lap, make sure you tell me like.. what to do with the pedals, okay?" Darcy smiles at the tree, patting him again, avoiding hugging him by sheer force of not wanting to be called a Tree Hugger.

"Yes, you are Groot. Come'on Groot! To the coffee!" Darcy points out hte door and sways a little bit.

The way they acquire a ride is so casual that hopefully it'd avoid any awkward questions. Then again, Rocket would probably play it off the way he always does. He sees nothing wrong with borrowing a car that no one's been using for a couple of weeks, after all, and getting it to run, much less getting it open? -was painfully easy compared to other things he's done.

"One's to stop and one's to go, right? I'd tell Groot to do it but I think it'd probably end up the same. And it'd get really crowded up front. So, lap. I give you a fair head's up as to which pedal to hit and we'll get there, no problem."

And if they need quick brakes, Groot can always help out with a foot through the floor or something. Oh boy. This is going to be fun! Zoom-zoom!

There are times when a Voice of Reason should come into play. A good time like now, for instance — except there are no Voices of Reason among the three. Groot is pretty much going with the flow of things and he trusts Rocket's planning. Besides, he's always great as backup if something goes terribly wrong.

Tree hands go to steady Darcy as she makes her exit, eager to see what kind of coffee shop they can get to once they acquire their mode of transportation and wing it.

"Okay!" Drunk Darcy should have all decision making previlidges revoked! Thankfully the hour doesn't have too many squad cars out and about and they arrive in one piece with only a few minor mishaps…. like a missed red light and… a sidewalk trash can to the front fender. Small things. No one will notice. Ever.

Darcy opens the door to let Rocket out first, and then gets the jolt of HEY! Forgot to put in park! Darcy jams the car into Park and then moves to clamber out, toe catching on the bottom of the door. Hands go out to catch herself, butt up in the air where sparkly candy skull with a heart is visible on her skating spanx. Really, this skrit is too short.

" me. Asphalt," she quips.

It's a much longer drive for Pepper than for the REALLY odd trio, so they likely arrive at Java Life first (if only barely), even with whatever mishaps they deal with along the way. Pepper thanks the cabbie for humoring her and of course tips disgustingly well, then gets out of the cab a good half a block away. You know, just in time to see sparkly Spanx butt over there realize that asphalt is a thing. With only a faint sigh to herself, she starts walking toward the others.

All in all, their trip hadn't been that bad! It had to be a record because hey, nothing blew up. And really, what's one trash can?

Rocket had hopped out easily, leaving Groot to grab his backpack from the passenger seat. By the time he's turning to see if Darcy needs a hand she's out and on the ground. Whoops. "….need a hand there?" he asks, although at the sound of footsteps approaching, his ear twitches. Glancing over his shoulder, he blinks as he spies who's come to meet them. "Oh hey…" What was it? Seasoning… "Pepper!"

The way Groot gets out of the car is like watching a really tall clown step out from inside of a jammed-pack clown car. So it's not as extreme, but the idea is there, with him pulling up the backpack just as Darcy falls out of the other side. "—I am Groot?"

He is about to go around the car to join Rocket when he catches the figure approaching them out of the corner of his eye. Yeah, that lady looks familiar. Seasoning… "I am Groot!" Groot sort of echoes, giving Pepper a tree smile.

"I'm fine! Nothing broken but my pride," Darcy calls out, rolling herself to drop onto her spanx so she can untangle her foot from the floorboard and then push herself back up to her feet. She turns, smiling drunkingly.

"Hey! Miss Potts! Happy Festivus," Darcy calls out, leaning on the car like it's a long lost pal. Oh I love you car.

Finally Pepper ends that call, and now that she's closer she recognizes Rocket and Groot. She offers them a smile and a wave hello and then speaks up once she's within earshot. "Miss Lewis, you accidentally called me, I think." And it takes about 2 seconds of looking at the younger woman to place that she's at least 2.34 sheets to wind. "And, I would say that coffee is the right idea here." And water. Lots of water.

"Groot, will you pick out a place for us to all sit on the cafe's patio? Because she is NOT going to try to make the Ent actually enter the building. Rocket, why don't you help him? Miss Lewis and I will follow." And then she's reaching to claim Darcy's bag to make sur nothing falls out.

Well, at least the girl's a trooper about it. Shrugging, Rocket looks at Groot, grabbing his pack from the tree before he considers Pepper's suggestion. "Sure thing," he says, turning to start on towards the coffee joint. Not that he'd stop Groot from trying to go in. He's kinda curious himself to see all the hipsters in their natural habitat.

He could have made friends with the people inside of the cafe. He probably still can, considering their current situation, but he nods at Pepper's request. "I am Groot," he says cheerfully, feeling the weight of the pack slip out of his hands as he turns to walk into the patio.

Luckily for Groot, the patio isn't too crowded. He gets a few odd stares, but he doesn't mind it one bit. After scoping out the venue, he chooses a spot in the corner, pulling two more chairs around a little table so that they all had seats.

"Have I told… you lately.. that I love you," Darcy sings - badly - as Pepper takes her bag. She steps from the car and closes the door.. CAREFULLY.. then starts to follow Groot and Rocket.

"Ohmygod, Pepper. I met this guy in a bar and his roommates are a tree and a raccoon. My life is so weird," Darcy's saying, not really on the straight line page as she tries to talk to Pepper by facing Pepper while walking. "I should NOT have downed that last cup."

Pepper smiles and nods to Darcy, clearly tolerating the young woman's drunk rambles. "I've met them already." Yes, including Mr. Quill. She steers Darcy into a chair at the table Groot selected then turns to Rocket. "Thank you both for taking care of Miss Lewis. She looks like she needed someone responsible nearby."

And then Pepper goes into the cafe to order drinks for everyone.

Rocket clambers into a seat, eyeing anyone who gives him a funny look with a typical 'what, you gotta problem?' sort of expression. Watching the two women head over, he pauses a moment, blinking at Pepper as he catches himself from a quick reply. He looks at Groot and then bursts out laughing.

"I am Groot," Groot says as he hunkers down on the chair. And with that beat and a shared look, Groot also starts laughing.

What, it's funny.

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