Briefing WAND about Barnes

December 17, 2016:

Captain America goes to the Triskelion to brief one of SHIELD's senior agents about Sargeant Barnes.

Triskelion, NYC


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Despite SHIELD being one of the first places that Captain America found himself in the 21st century, it is still a place that he is not entirely familiar with. With all the checkpoints, various places to go, and ways to get there, Rogers still finds that sometimes he needs a little help to get where he needs to go.

"Hey, could you point me to where the Report Room C is? I'm supposed to give someone a briefing."

This is said a few times over the course of his walk, the American icon dressed in his 'business attire', his shield still slung over his back and his head gear currently in his duffle bag that is also slung over his back. He continues on to the location slowly, though he is not exactly excited about going here. After all, the topic he's asked to speak on is not a pleasant one: the idea that Bucky Barnes may still be alive and if so, that he is not your usual traitor.

Finally, Rogers gets to the location that he was asked to meet with. He smiles faintly while checking his phone, seeing that he got here about ten minutes early. That achievement under his belt, he moves into the room with pride, finding himself surrounded by darkness as he does. A red gloved hand moves toward the light switch, showing it to be a rather lackluster room, with only a table and two chairs. Despite the fact that it seems like a police interrogation room, Cap takes his seat, settles his duffle down, and waits for which ever agent is suppose to talk to him

Rogers has about thirty seconds to wait before someone else arrives, and on first glance she might seem completely ill-suited to the reason for the meeting. She's a relatively tiny Asian woman, easily approaching an entire foot shorter than Steve, and she appears to be in that age range where most Asians seem ageless, older than a student, but not yet elderly.

Then, Agent May looks at the man seated in the Report Room and her eyes are raptor-sharp, studying the younger-looking man and evaluating him with just the one glance. After closing the door she steps forward with the economical movement of someone truly combat-trained and puts her hands on the back of the other chair in the room instead of sitting down.

"Captain Rogers. I'm Agent May, division head of WAND. What intel do you have for me?" Yup, no pleasantries or fangirling going on here. All business.

As the woman enters, Captain America stands, a kneejerk reaction from his time as a military man. "Agent May, a pleasure to meet you," Captain America offers as the mysterious woman introduces herself, extending his hand to give a professional handshake if given the chance. "I hear you do a lot of good work here." He offers a warm smile as he speaks, sincerity shining in those blue eyes of his. Regardless if the hand is taken or not, he soon settles back into his chair.

As the woman in front of him seems to go into nothing but business, Steve coughs slightly before begins. "Well, I'm not sure how to say this," he begins with his eyes cast downward. A second's pause is all he needs before he finds the words to say. "But I believe that one of the Howling Commandos and my old friend, James Barnes, might still be alive. If it wasn't for the fact that I and Agent Carter both found our ways to survive into the modern era, I wouldn't have believed it when I was first told. However, there is a twist."

At this, Rogers rubs the back of his neck. He doesn't want to share this information, but he knows he needs to. After all, what happens if they don't get told and lives are lost as a result? "From what I've gathered from Agent Carter and other sources, it seems that Buc-err, Sgt. Barnes is currently being controlled against his will. I am not sure how or why, but he seems to be a hit man… Though I don't know for whom or why." As if anticipating some sort of negative response, Cap continues on with an impassioned tone, though his volume remains the same if not gets slightly lower. "I can promise you, I'll be doing everything I can with the aid of others to bring him in safely. I'm sure whatever made him change can be undone. I just need the chance. He deserves at least that much."

This is far from a standard intel report, but Steve is not exactly a field agent and this is far from SHIELD's standard info dump. Or maybe it is, Cap is not exactly an espionage sorta guy, after all.

May does indeed shake Rogers' hand, and her grip is as firm and businesslike as her voice. She also sits down when Steve reclaims his seat and doesn't comment on the compliment. She doesn't seem like the sort to preen. Listening without interrupting or commenting as Steve explains that he believes that Barnes is still alive and under unwilling enemy control. When she finally does speak, she does not sound even slightly incredulous. "Have you encountered him personally, Captain? And when you did, were there any indicators of external influence? Did his eyes glow like a cat's? Where there strange symbols on his skin or clothing, either worked into the surfaces or painted on? Were any of his mannerisms decidedly non-human?"

A short bout of silence is given before Cap admits, "I haven't met him directly." The professionalism is expected for SHIELD, but it seems to put Steve on the defensive instinctively for a second. That's why he takes yet another to think on the question, speaking with a tone that is thoughtful and respectful. His eyes are staring at the reflection of the steel table, as if hoping that his own gaze somehow has unseen knowledge that could help him.

"From what I've heard from the sources, one from SHIELD, two from outside, they believe it's him. Agent Carter fought him directly and another woman stated the person gave my name. One of his arms seems to be a metal of some sort. I haven't heard anything of glowing eyes, strange symbols, or 'unhuman' mannerisms. From what I gathered, he seemed distant and cold, but human."

A slow frown builds as he describes the man. He's not sure if he's comforted or worried that there seems to be some sort of mental checklist that Melinda runs down. His gaze lifts up so he can look Agent May directly in the eyes, his voice getting an undercurrent of resolution. "I'm sure I'll be getting more information soon as I investigate it with Agent Carter, but I just wanted to let you know what I found out. I didn't want anyone being caught off guard and do anything rash."

May nods slightly as Steve explains further. "Understood." She's honestly a little surprised that he didn't ask her WHY she was asking such odd questions, or even what WAND stands for. But at least she's now reassured that whoever is holding Barnes' leash isn't any known alien, demonic, or arcane source. That makes HER job easier. "I'll let Command know to keep eyes out for Barnes, and that he's to be tagged but not engaged unless necessary. And even then, only to apprehend him." She's basically just promised to not put a kill order out on Barnes.

Of course, SHIELD has long had a kill order out on the Winter Soldier.

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue. - Proverbs 17:28

In this day and age, sometimes it is ancient wisdom from a timeless book that Captain America is forced to rely on. In a time and place where even driving a car has a level of technology that is at times beyond him, Rogers maybe just avoiding the questions to avoid looking foolish. Or maybe the woman cut to the case so swiftly, he didn't wish to offend. Whatever the reason, Rogers nods and is seemingly relieved that Agent May is trying to help out. "Thanks, I really appreciate that," he replies, unaware of the Winter Soldier complexity. "I'm sorry I don't have any more information. I guess that's it, but I'll try and let you guys know what's going on when I get more," he offers giving a slightly awkward grin. "Is there anything else you needed to talk to me about or the like? Sorry, still getting a little used to way SHIELD is." He looks around the room, as if the metal décor was evidence of a change in times. "Seems efficient, just not quite as personal as it was back in the SSR days."

Melinda May nods in response to Rogers' thanks. "Keeping us updated is the best thing you can do for now. Also, any intel you can get about where he's spotted and when. There might be a pattern to his movements we can discern and then use to try and get a step ahead of him." She moves to stand then. "Nothing else for the moment," She pauses as he comments on how SHIELD has changed since the SSR days. "The entire world's become bigger and more impersonal, Captain. But despite that, it's still very much an 'adapt or die' existence."

Slowly, Captain America rises at the adapt or die response, standing when May appears ready to leave herself. "Might just be me speaking of an area of ignorance, but sometimes when the world seems a little colder is when we need to remain true to who we are. Either way, thanks again for listening and hope you have a great day." That said, the hero moves to get his duffle bag and sling it over his shoulder, planning to make his way out unless stopped for a question or a final word from the Division Head of WAND.

"Of course, Captain. Have a good day." She follows him out of the room and then turns off to head toward Command to get that 'track and detain' order out for Barnes. For Rogers' sake, she hopes they track the wayward Howling Commando quickly.

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