The Chemicals Between Us

December 26, 2016:

Batgirl and a new vigilante (of many faces) meet in Gotham to reveal a new (il)logical approach to the demise.

East Park Side - Gotham

This area is a combination of both what was once the Cathedral Square or
Gallows (named such due to the fact criminals were once hung here from stout
oaks that spot the area), the City Hall District and the GCPD headquarters.
In time it's bled together from what it once was, those gnarled skeleton
trees of once proud oaks are a pockmarked growth that curl around the bases
of the CIty Hall district, it's once proud Gotham Style architecture still
stands to this day and only adds to the forever Halloween feel of Downtown

This entire area is primarily inhabited by the middle class though poor and
wealthy both host residential areas here. Hovels and projects can be found
separated by walls or fences and roads from that divide middle class and
upperclass communities while the central section of East Park Side is
dominated by GCPD HQ, the Clocktower, Gotham Cathedral, City Hall and
various other opulent buildings


NPCs: Robyn Hood Amygdala



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Escapees of Arkham have been finally captured and returned to GCPD, brought in through the front door in cuffs that strap and link all the way up the arms to shoulders, unloaded from a van - one that drops with the weight on the edge and then groans and creaks as their captor steps off the back.

A hulk of a man that barely seems to fit the grey/beige jump suit covering his massive form as he is lead up the stairs towards the doors. The capture of one known: Amygdala has been radio'd in and when he is unloaded the tac force that awaits him looks ready for a one-man riot.

But from one as the massive hulk passes and grunts in a heaved exhale to reach the top of the stairs, steps back and his taser rifle seems hair-triggered to the point it sparks a sudden arc of light, connects and charges into the 'inmate' while he falls back onto his ass and skids across the cement platform atop the GCPD stairs.

"Sorry! Sorr—-" Yelled from beneath the tinted helmet, cut off by the sudden outburst that has Amygdala roaring into the streets and link-by-link those cuffs come undone and he charges the officer, trampling him as the others turn…

The steps of GCPD have suddenly turned into shocks of light and the sound of bullets, back-dropping the load and angered roar of their now-escaped prisoner!!

Oh, yeah. The Commissioner's gonna love that…

As it happens, on account of the (revolving-door) breakout from Arkham, Babs is actually on hand for this prisoner transfer. Or, rather, Batgirl is — albeit not out in the open. She sits crouched above one of the many gargoyles that decorate various buildings in Gotham, this one on the police building. With all the lights focused below, the shadows that surround her are long and dark. Perfect for a Bat, really.

As Amygdala roars and charges, Babs blesses the chip that gives her mobility and deploys a grappling line. She swings down in a wide arc, over the heads of the officers, aiming her feet for Amygdala's back. With luck, both she and he will avoid the bullets, and the speed and weight of her impact will at least stun him long enough to give the boys in blue a fighting chance. After all, she's roughly 120 lbs moving between 25 and 35 mph. That's gotta count for something.

At the very least, she'll use that momentum to carry herself out of the brute's immediate reach.

"Do not touch….ME!!!" Amygdala roars his final word above the already bellowing vocals as he tramples the first offending officer and the others that charge him with the tazer rounds only meet more ire.

Veins pulse over the massive musculature and his eyes even seem to bug out in emphasis as one of those perching gargoyles before the station are gripped and the foundation cracks!

… That is when Batgirl's impact strikes and the bullets aimed for the man skim by, only seeking to burn over the Arkham jumpsuit and irritate him, just as much as her impact that sent him reeling and down upon all fours. She basically saved him, but 'save' is relative right now…

The Bat-girl figure manages to be out of his reach, but for how long? A massive backhands slaps outward and knocks another Gotham officer backwards just before he charges. "You hurt ME!! I…" Massive hands reach for Batgirl and seek to clamp down…

"Will CRUSH!"

An arrow ricochet's off the ground between the two, sparking cement and rising high and off into the street. "Shit."

"Sunglasses, Girly!" And just after a blinding flash goes off between and a woman descends, her own zip-line carrying her down from the head of a gargoyle to land behind Amygdala, where Batgirl is in front as he paws massive hands over his face and reels backward, already limping from the Bats blow to the side of his knee.

"Practice makes perfect." The bow wiggled and the green-cloaked figure draws and knocks another arrow as the local PD is lining up, a spotlight down on the stairs, lighting up the fight just before Amygdala near-blindly blinks off the effects and goes by last direction to charge at Batgirl.

Babs catches the warning milliseconds before the lights go off — just long enough for her to throw her cape up to block the flashing light from her own eyes. She spins away, aware that keeping on the move to avoid the brute's embrace is a very, very important thing. She's not all that interested in being stuck in that wheelchair again anytime soon, after all. She throws herself to one side, counting on the moving mountain's momentum to carry him past, and her roll to keep her below any passing swing. "Gas mask," she suggests in return to the unexpected assist, tossing out a handful of sleep pellets at Amygdala while he's out of immediate range of the cops.

Gas mask? Well… That warning is taken and heeded, but, sans mask. The green cloaked figure leaps upward, the line jerking her back to higher ground and a ledge where a spotlight has not yet found completely, only in an after-glow and silver lining.

Amygdala had already charged, and the 350+ pound man is not one who has brakes applied easily whn Batgirl dodges, fingers seeking to at least capture by cape, hair, or anything left last as she passes to the side in a fast shift of stance that leaves him empty handed again and pivoting to slam fists into the concrete for anchor to spin!

Spotlights focus, lighting up Amygdala, guns cock, safties unclick, and it is a resounding echo that does not only focus on Amygdala, but Batgirl and The Woman in Green as she tilts her head in a slight manner that almost kisses high cheek bone to knuckle while she draws back in poise with her arrow on the ready.

Everyone seems to be pausing but the former-captor and he is nearly grunting with every exhale before the clicking weapons are seen as more of a threat.



"No more hurting!" And with the justified call Amygdala seeks to charge the wall of officers.

One step back in tandem, the resounding echo like a militia lining up…

The haze of shadow through the smoke-screen suddenly drops and skids across the sidewalk, leaving cement-burn across his cheek in the slide that leaves him dazed at the booted feet due to the gas from the sleep pellets.

Slowly, the female on the ledge lowers her bow but does not un-knock her arrow, watching with the flash of a single eye towards Batgirl…

… Then there is laughter…

The sound of the laughter is… disconcerting? For rather personal reasons, there are certain kinds of laughter that tend to freak her out. She springs, acting on instinct, firing off a batline and seeking higher ground. A batarang sits loosely in her grip as she settles, the cops below working on hefting and moving the colossal lump on their front porch.

"You got a problem?"

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