The Lesson Continues

March 20, 2014:

The lesson on heroism continues: Thor and Amora help a woman and get an assist by Spider-Man.

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WARNING: This scene has potentially triggering subject mater within the log. Read at own risk.

A few days have passed since the last Amora spoke with Thor. The time was spent thinking about their talk of heroics and all that entails but for some reason she still could not truly understand what being a hero means. It became clear to her what she would need for it all to sink in.

She would need to be shown.

A request was made to Thor to accompany her to the city one night although she was very mysterious as to why, probably enough so to cause the poor Thunder God to wonder just what she was up to. All she told him was to dress like one of the mortals and meet her at a section known to be fairly dangerous by a certain time.

As the time approaches she stands at a corner, dressed rather down for her in a black pants suit and flat-soled boots, waiting for her date to arrive. So far nothing's going down yet but give it time. Something will undoubtedly happen soon.

There's a distant crash of thunder- the Bifrost opening- and a man who looks suspiciously like Thor walks around the corner, holding a walking cane in his left hand. He wears a pale white suite with a blue shirt, his beard neatly trimmed, and smiles affectionately Amora as he spots the woman, striding towards her with those long, confident steps he takes everywhere. "Hello, m'Lady," he says cheerily, stopping near Amora. "You look lovely tonight," he offers.

Not far away, Spider-Man is webbing around the city, doing his normal rounds. He prances along, window to gargoyle, taking all the normal glee out of his night job. So far 2 muggers and a carjacker. It's been a good night for justice.

"There you are, darling," is how Thor's greeted, Amora concealing her Asgardian 'accent' with a little magic. He is approached and her arms are all but thrown around him, the blonde sorceress then pulling him to her in an attempt to draw him into a kiss. And not the chaste brushing of lips against his that he's used to, if it happens. No, this one is going to be quite a lot more romantic. "I thought you forgot about me."

The Spider is not yet noticed by Amora but what she does notice is a scream from somewhere down the block, its source hidden, perhaps coming from an alley or inside one of the vacant buildings that are common place here. That gets her to frown as it sounds like it might be coming from a woman. "Well… damn."

Thor seems surprised by the kiss, but reciprocates after a moment of hesitation. "Why, that was… unexpected," he says, looking a bit flushed and thoroughly confused.

At the scream, though, his head snaps up, and he grips his cane tightly. "That did not sound good. Come," he tells Amora, tilting his head. "We should look into it. This does not strike me as a place the mortal authorities come to regularly."

Amora's distracted from the sound when Thor responds to the show of affection from her, her expression playful. Pleased. "Did you like it," she whispers quickly, brushing the back of her fingers along one of his cheeks. "I can do it again later, if you did." Teasing will have to wait, now, as they're needed, it would seem and, with her hand sliding into his, they head towards the sounds of fear

What they find once they arrive at the mouth of the narrow street that cuts between two buildings just might be out of one of those police shows that have been popular forever but there are no cameras, no directors or actors, no fake weapons or blood. Everything that's happening is very, horrifically real.

Five men have a single woman pushed against a dumpster, every single one of whom are well over 6' tall and one of them even has a build to rival that of the Thunder God himself. They have her surrounded in a half-circle and continue to torment her, the woman about to pass out from fear, it looks like. "No, no, girlie," one hisses at her while reaching out to grab her by the back of the neck. "None of that, huh? You know you want to show me and my friends a good time." The woman shakes her head, mouth opening to scream again but nothing comes out, her throat too clenched to do more than whimper.

"What IS THIS?!" Thor roars with a mighty bellow, walking forward with quick, determined paces. Reading the situation quickly, he grabs one of the men by the nape of his shirt and uses him to simply bowl the others over, like a human bowling ball.

"Release this woman at once!" he orders, pointing the cane at the ones left standing, his expression and posture all menace and promise of violence. "And run, before I smite thee where you stand, for justice sake," he declares, his voice as cold as a northern rainstorm.

The yell distracts all but one of the men, that being the guy who actually has a hand on the poor victim, the rest easily made to forget what they're doing by the thundering voice of Thor. They are befuddled up until the point when they're falling ass over tea kettle, one actually sent sliding about ten feet only to then find the wall with the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

Shouts of anger are raised by the others as they scramble to their feet, the one who is the leader tugging the woman closer. She is trembling, much to the man's delight. At first her paws her body, making sure Thor's watching, a taunting of the Asgardian perhaps, and then a nasty looking switch blade is pulled from a pocket. With the sound of the latch being engaged and the quiet *snkt* of the blade slipping from its housing, he holds it up for them to see and then the blade is pressed to the pretty lady's throat. "Try it. Try it! Do it and I will KILL her!"

All this time Amora's watching, scared for the subject of such brutality but also curious. Is this what Thor was telling her about? About helping those who need it?

Spider-Man appears out of nowhere, doing a front flip down in the space between, before flinging out a pair of webs that affix to the walls behind one of the men. From there, it's all in the wrists, baby as he flings himself feet first to kick one of the baddie's skulls, hopefully, back into the wall. It's the guy with the knife to the throat.

"You're all about you, buddy! Your momma would be 'shamed!"

"Friend, you are making a dangerous mistake," Thor warns. The very temperature around them starts to drop, rapidly freezing the moisture in the air. Condensation turns to ice on the dumpster and on the walls as he approaches, cane outstretched liked a sword-

-and then Spider-man appears, and Thor takes the moment to dash forward with superhuman speed to grab the woman from harm's way. He puts his back to the men and gestures at Amora. "Take her!" he orders. He turns back to the fray, holding the cane like a truncheon, and looks to see who is foolish enough to get back up.

"The hell… a cane? Really…. hey!" The men yell at different intervals and nothing they'd be able to kiss their mothers after saying as all of what they say are of the four-letter variety, cursing and shouting and insulting the mothers of Thor and Spidey both. The one Spidey tried to get stuck to the wall gets pushed against the webbing but only one shoulder manages to stick. Makes how the knife skitters out of his hand a good thing as he can't stab anyone but his target is freed from his grasp. The other three rush the heroes, fists and kicks thrown, the hulking fellow going after Thor while the other two attack the thinner and seemingly less-threatening web-slinger.

The frightened woman is taken into Amora's arms and whisked out of the alley, her voice held low when she speaks to her. "Shhhh… it is alright," she promises, "we will call the police once the fight is over and make sure you get taken to the hospital." Seems like that was the right thing to say as the woman starts bawling and she whimpers words of thanks to the magic user.

Spider-Man leaps upwards and hops from one side of the alleyway with one foot and then the other and the other, shimmying out of the way from underneath the men and just out of their reach.

"Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta k…" Spidey sighs. "Nevermind." He leans back with his hands and feet on the brick wall. "Awwww. Y'all is so cute when you get angwy."

Thor steps forward and simply brings the stick down. It's not a walking cane- it is Mjolnir, given disguise, and he strikes the man as gently as he can. By that, he breaks only the upraised wrist, arm, and collarbone as he smacks the man to the ground. He looks calmly at the other thugs and points the stick at them.

"Start running," he says, his voice dire and calm. "Or you'll receive the same."

The sobbing lady is set down on a curb, facing away from the continuing fight so she doesn't have that constant reminder of what almost happened to her. Amora looks over her shoulder once she crouches before her, whispering as she observes. Spider-Man is of particular interest to her as she remembers him from the fight they took part in at the parking complex but Thor's watched as well, the way she observes him admiring on several levels.

The sound of crunching bones is loud and sickening, causing Amora and her charge both to blanch in the face while the brute falls over, unable to run as the pain is too much to bear, only being able to cower on the ground and beg Thor to stop.

The two who miss the arachnid-inclined stumble and trip over each other, making for a comical sight. Too bad they're not laughing. What one does instead is pull out a small hand gun that had been tucked into the back of his jeans' waistband and shoots twice.


Spider-Man laughs as he bends neatly out of the way. "Seriously. A /gun/ A /gun/. Man, they'll just hand out licenses to anyone these days. Sheesh. Brady Bill is dead and gone."

He flings the web at the gun, attempting to pluck it away. "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

Thor turns and puts his body right in the way of the gunman, recognizing the weapon for what it is. One shot goes wide and high, *pinging* off into the night sky. The other hits him square in the chest. The God of Thunder grunts and jerks slightly, then raises the tip of his cane again.

A single bolt of lightning lashes out from the tip of the cane and smashes into the thug's back, electrocuting him and sending him flying into a pile of garbage. Thor lowers his cane with a grim expression on his face, then walks back to the man on the ground.

Thor looks up at Spidey, gives him a slight nod of acknowledgment, then walks back to the big guy and casually picks him up by the broken arm.

"Run. Run away, fool," Thor says, his voice calm and icily controlled. "You survive this night by the virtues of the Fates. Do not tempt them twice. Run, and never stop running, else I am behind you." He drops the man and kicks him in the ass to give him a running start out the other direction from the women, then looks back at Spider.

"Hail, friend," he tells the Spider-man. "Your timing was most fortuitous."

Well. This will be a heck of a sight for the cops to behold, once they arrive. And is one that is rather rewarding for Amora to see as the one guy goes airborne and then fall in a heap, not moving, and the other runs off. It is probably safe to assume his buddies will rat him out come time for the cops to question them.

The trembling woman is still in shock and growing more and more so. It wasn't noticed at first but seems she was injured before their meeting in the form of a stab wound that didn't start bleeding freely until now. "My prince," she calls out, forgetting that Thor's kind of in disguise at the moment. "This woman has been hurt and is in need of a doctor. We need help, now!" Hopefully Spidey has a cell phone since pay phones are no longer easily happened upon in this day and age.

"Glad I could help, Bigguy," Spidey says as he gets to the ground. He doesn't have his cell; that's in a previously hidden backpack that carries his clothes, of course. Nevertheless! He pulls out the cell of one of the baddguys. "Yeahyeahyeah, I got a perp situation 185 down on the 185. We gotta lady down here with injuries," he says, using his best cop voice. "We need medical attention right away. Akimatapiecay. Schnoigin. 13432 Harkes Ave." He hangs up the phone, "And bring donuts."

Thor moves quickly to the woman, and removes his suit jacket. "Pressure, here," he tells Amora, putting her hands on the jacket. "Gently. Don't crush her. But keep the wound from bleeding too badly." He tries to make the girl comfortable as best they can, making soothing noises as he brushes her hair from her face. "Friend!" he hails the darkness, having lost Spider-man. "Have you knowledge of healing? She is wounded and I have not the tools to aid her!"

Amora's hands are already bloodied by the time Thor arrives and instructs her on what to do. "Why do mortals have to be so fragile," she muses a bit, more to herself than to him. The pressure applied is gentle but it still hurts and a low, pained moan is what is given for her efforts. "Thor…" Voice trembling, it is obvious that she's shaken. This is far beyond the realm of what it is she can do and the woman's fading.

Spidey didn't realize it was that serious. He turns on a dime, clearly worried, and rushes back, "No, I don't have any of that sort of training. Pressure." That's what they say on the movies. "Put pressure on it. The ambulance are on their way." Gone is the goofball from before.

"It will be all right, child of Man," Thor assures the woman, his voice sonorous and reassuring. "You will live. You will live many nights past this night. If you are strong, I swear you shall survive. Be strong," he asks her, holding her face in his wide, callused palms. She nods minutely at him, tears staining her face. "Good," Thor smiles. "I will stay until these… ambulances arrive."

The woman will be fine, once she gets the proper treatment but to those untrained in the medical arts it might seem like she is dying, her breathing growing shallow, her face pale.

There's a look from Amora that Thor is given, one of understanding. It's fleeting as they're not alone and she finds her attention diverted. "Thank you for your help," she says quietly to the younger hero. "Your assistance is invaluable."

Spidey nods absently to her, but his eye orb lens things never leave the lady. "Yeah, no sweat. S'what I do and stuff."

They sit there, in the dark, the three- the Spider, the Enchantress, and the Prince- three people of remarkable power and strength, of gifts beyond the human pale. They sit there near one another for the sake of one young woman, a stranger to them all, holding her and offering simple comforts while she waits for help to arrive- the /real/ heroes, who so often go unnoticed by Gods and Superman alike.

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