Time Away

December 24, 2016:

Rose and Nate meet up and go away for Christmas.

Salem Center - New York City

Salem Center is, for the most part, a sleepy little hamlet on the east end
of the Titicus Resivoir, part of the North Salem Township. It would be a
lot sleepier if not for the nearby presence of Xavier's Institute for
Higher Learning, the students and faculty of which regularly are regular
visitors to make use of the Hamlets' three restaurants, coffee house and
general relaxed atmosphere. Because of the business and prosperity (and
general lack of trouble to date) the townies have a neutral-to-favorable
attitude on the unusual students of the school nearby and the place can
generally be considered pretty safe, even at night.


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Fade In…

Rose knew Nate had basically been back to practically residing in the School, as much is changing all across the board for everyone and everything. The holiday was here, but it meant little to her, as most festivities seemingly come to ruin - as their lives call for. Let's feign shock, but not too much, huh?

If anything it gave her a reason to shop some more, although even at this point it seems more like going through the motions of normalcy, at least in this area where Rose had first set up home on her arrival, things are a bit quieter when it comes to the hustle and bustle, but for right now she sits by the small ice skating rink with fingers wrapped around a steaming cup of coffee that barely peeks out from beneath the fur lined sleeves of leather trench coat.

Nate has little reason to stay at the X-Force headquarters when the hideout is usually empty. But to say he is living in Xavier's is not really correct. He drops by to help with X-Men business and to keep an eye on a couple friends, otherwise he stays in New York. With Rose, if she is on town.

Christmas is not Nate's favorite holiday. Everyone goes shop-crazy and tries hard being super-happy (usually failing catastrophically). It is weird and creepy for any telepath, even those that are not weirded out by what most of what normal folks consider creepy. No, Halloween is much more fun for him.

But since a certain white-haired girl is indeed in town, Nate is a happy mutant despite Christmas. Happy enough to try to put a Santa hat on Rose, to match the one he is wearing, and hope not to get stabbed. "Smile, there are parties all around, we can sneak into the best one." In consideration to the weather he is wearing a heavier jacket than usual, but that is all the consideration he is giving the winter today.

The hat plopped on her head makes her tip her chin down, the white fuzz that lines the hat matching almost perfect with her own hair if it was not for the silver lining. One hand releases the coffee to push it back into place as that mismatched gaze shifts back towards Nate and a small smile quirks one corner of lips. The large bag filled with many other smaller bags is tugged off the bench space beside her and dropped between boot laden feet.

"And which one would that be?" Normally Rose was the one on the up-and-up on things like that, but it had yet to even occur to her to look.

"Not Xavier's," notes the young man, flopping down at Rose's side. "The theatre troupe party will be far better, but perhaps a little tame for your tastes. We still have time to find out, though. What kind of mood are you today?" He glances to the bag and smirks, slipping an arm around the woman's shoulders to pull her close, "if you have been shopping I hope it is not too murderous."

"Oh I can fix tame." Rose states with a small smile. It's a challenge she'd accept, starting with spiking the punch.

"Mood? I don't know." And that is being truly honest. A flick of the ball-end of the Santa hat has where it hangs, switching sides just n time to be drawn closer to Nate. Leaning along side him she sips her coffee once more and watches the kids ice-skate, although it doesn't even seem to truly focus on them.

"I took advantage of some really neat sales." Let's not note that it was mainly at a weapon shop that was more black market then store-front.

"How are things with your X-Men?" Though as it is inquired she plucks a few bits of tissue paper on top of the bag over to cover the contents. X-Mas is tomorrow, not ruining surprises.
They are a theatre troupe, spiking their punch even more might cause explosions. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. What is Christmas Eve without good fireworks?

"Pff, boring," replies Nate. "The X-Men are reorganizing for the public reveal of the school. Which will probably bring a lot more kids next semester. And it is not very important anyway since Xavier would need to open 10 more schools all over the US just to give a good number of mutant children of North America the education he wants. At least Illy and Laura are back to the school, so that should make things more interesting."

"No use in hiding anymore anyway. People know and have known, those who didn't do now anyway. Now it is just a mad dash to fight the fire with fire." Rose states blandly, rather nonchalant as she rests there, tapping a finger idly over the lid of her coffee cup.

"Likely still not the Illy we knew, so…" A shrug and the mention of Laura brings pause, but only a hesitation that ceases with the exhale that causes a brief fog before her lips.

"I don't feel much like partying, actually. I know of a cabin, secluded in the forests along upstate. I'll reserve my energy for New Years." A small smile and she pulls twosets of keys out of her pockets, pitching one towards Nate.

Standing she walks behind the bench towards a small lot where two snow mobiles are parked. One orange and black - obviously hers. "Race ya there."

"Yeah, it is not a secret anymore for SHIELD or the DEO, just a question of time the Purifiers and the newspaper find out," agrees Nate. So going public makes sense, but he is not sure if the school being so small makes sense.

He stands up when Rose does, surprised she is not up for a party. But her next few words make him grin. "You are on, beautiful."

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