Solving the Sphinx

December 17, 2016:

Apep, God of Chaos is about to reward the Sphinx with the KA stone. Will the heroes be in time to stop him from receiving the KA stone, and defeating the rest of Lord Apep's forces on Earth. My goal is to keep this scene under 3 hours.

Sphinx Compound and the WatchTower.

Sphinx's compound is in upper state New York. For most observers, it is just a collection of building and structures of various sizes. For most people, it is just a pretentious set of house and structures, but to those with a knowledge of ancient Egypt this is Sphinx's own little Valley of the Kings. Each of the buildings and structures represents a building there It takes ten hours in the past too.


NPCs: The Sphinx, Apep, minions, and various guards


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Sphinx's compound is in upper state New York. For most observers, it is just a collection of building and structures of various sizes. For most people, it is just a pretentious set of house and structures, but to those with a knowledge of ancient Egypt this is Sphinx's own little Valley of the Kings. Each of the buildings and structures represents a building there.

When several security vans drive into the compound, Sphinx is there to meet them. The men and women that come out of the van proceed to carry a huge ark toward Sphinx.

Upon reaching Sphinx, the leader of the ark carries dip her heard, "Lord Apep has been please with your efforts. His is your reward the KA Stone.

Sphinx goes to reach to open the ark, when one of Ozymandias arrows lands in the ark

10 hours ago at The WatchTower
Ozymandias is standing in front of hologram of Sphinx's compound. "Sphinx is an enemy of mine. Well, I am more like a thorn in his side, but he has allied himself with the Ancient Egypt God of Chaos who wants to possess my body. Long story short, I would like to stop that from happening, because it would very bad for me, and even worse for this realm.

Ozymandias says, "I am match for him without his KA Stone, but if he gets possession of the Ka Stone, I will need someone to bring him down. He will be aided by his own acolytes as well as Lord Apep's minions here in this realm. They will have various powers, so watch out. Some of their powers might are like the stuff from nightmares. If we are able to stop them fast enough, I will need Doctor Strange to open up a portal to a pocket dimension. Lord Apep should appear in that dimension, and so will his eternal nemesis Lady Ma'at, the goddess of order.

Ozymandias turns around to face the rest of the Justice Leaguers, "It basically we need to hit them fast, hard, and you guys needs to leave with your lives and sanity intact. Any questions?

Ozymandias peers at Captain Marvel as he brings up another hologram featuring cameras, laser trip wire, and turrets. "This is all the information I have gathered on his security systems. I think that EM pulse trick you did last time would bring all of his automated defenses down."

Caitlin listens to the briefing, nodding along. "I can take the ground units," she says, with a confidence she wouldn't have had a year ago. "But anything that flies, I'm going to have a disadvantage. So—" she looks to Carol, absently tying her hair back in a ponytail so it's out of her way. "You want to take fliers and stragglers, I'll run interference and punch a hole in the ground?" she invites her mentor. A maneuver they've done more than once, between the two of them.

Captain Marvel frowns at Ozymandias. "Don't get me wrong. If I supercharge, I can pull off an EMP. But what I did was just static, trying to create enough signal scatter to prevent detonation signals from getting through. If we really need an EMP … I'm going to need a way to supercharge, absorb massive amounts of energy ahead of time." She looks around the assembled group, and it doesn't look like she's holding out much hope of anyone here being able to help with that. "My best solution to a scenario like this is HALO insertion. They won't be able to see or hear is coming much at all, and it puts us inside their perimeter. But, of course, outside myself and maybe one other here, I'm guessing no one else has experience with that sort of thing."

Dr. Strange knows a bit about Sphinx and the Ka stone, but not enough. They are not truly mystical threats, despite mythological appearances, so his library has little on them. But Sphinx does become his personal problem the moment he involves in Apep plots. Meddling Lords of Chaos are very much his business.

"Is it wise to attack him in his home ground, Ozymandias?" Asks Strange, "if he would come for you, perhaps laid down a trap for him would have been wiser." But then he shakes his head. "And yet, time is an issue too. And surely this gathering of heroes will bring even Sphinx down. So lead us, my friend."

"I am sorry, Captain Marvel. Perhaps, one of the first order of business, when the Justice League is up in running is that we do a lot more training together, so we are familiar how each of our teammates work. Ozymandias nods to Strange and says, "I prefer subterfuge, but you were there with Lady Ma'at. I don't think she is going to wait for me to solve this problem,when she can just solve it be eliminating me.

Ozymandias taps his left foot on the ground to think for a few moments, "No one has to sacrifice themselves for me. As I stated when I joined the group, I have your back for as long as time and I exist. It does not have to work both ways. There is a twinkle in his air, when Captain Marvel talks about the HALO insertions. "Hhmm, it is not a bad idea, and it is something we should practice for other missions, and I would love to swap war stories with you at another time too. I will create a distraction. I know I can get inside the compound, and I have a way to take down their systems for a few moments.

Ozymandias closes out the hologram, "I can give us enough time for a crack pilot to get the javelin in and for you to land,and the enter the compound. I will be already on the ground. Ozymandias taps his left foot again. "I am just going to have to make sure once inside to disconnect the systems.

10 hours latter

Sphinx looks at the arrow and pulls it away from the ark as Ozymandias flips to the group from a nearby building. Sphinx speaks in ancient Egyptian as he opens the ark and pulls on the Ka Stone, "Did you really think an arrow was going to stop me from opening the ark? You have become mad in your old age?"

Ozymandias pulls back another arrow and shakes his head. "No, I realize you are too foolish to realize your all of electronic systems in your compound are down, and you that you have no idea that for last twenty minutes I have been signaling an all call for every member of the Justice League. If everything goes according to plan in a matter of seconds, you are going to realize it doesn't matter that you are wearing that tacky piece of jewelry.

HALO is for people who aren't invulnerable— or who don't have a Javelin. Caitlin hangs off a landing strut as one of the Javelins makes a first, fast pass, hair whipping wildly in the wind behind her. She waits for her earbud to vibrate— "Go!" and then leaps from the Javelin during a low pass, immediately going into a practiced freefall posture to reduce her momentum slightly. There's just enough angle that as the ground rushes up she can start pinwheeling her legs, and the first hit sends her bouncing twenty feet into the air. She flips several times, lands on her feet, and sprints like a berserk runaway train towards the nearest cluster of the Sphinx's minions, putting her shoulder ahead of her full weight in order to plow through their lines.
Crack pilot indeed. That they have, and Captain Marvel calls out to those inside, "We have the all-clear. We're going in hot along the planned vector. Check the scans and plan your egress. Fairchild, you're on a thirty-count, counting down now."

The javelin banks sharply and arrows in across the airspace previously covered by radar imaging. Carol's not flying nap of the Earth style, because she wants a little altitude. She gives Caitlin the countdown she needs, and gives her the go just before they clear the compound's electronic perimeter - still down - and allows Caitlin's imparted momentum carry her over that line just a moment before her first bounce.

Twelve seconds later, the javelin screams over a hill in what looks like a horrendous stall, and then the VTOL systems take over, catching the plane and dropping it to the ground safely, if not lightly, less than a hundred feet away from the congregation of Sphinx's minions, the landing bay already wide open.

"Go, go, go!" Carol shouts to her teammates, as she then punches open the canopy and flies out into the midst of the chaos to follow.

Here goes nothing!

[INT. Clark Kent's Apartment - Metropolis - USA]

Beef Bourguignon.

The French delicacy ordinarily takes more than two hours to prepare and cook. The steaming peasant dish before Clark Kent took less than three minutes from start to finish with the majority of its preparation tied up in his decision to take the extra forty-five seconds needed to lovingly assure that the molecular composition red wine and protein was just the right mix for his Kryptonian taste buds.

Rubbing the flats of his palms together he hefts his fork and knife to enjo-

The smart phone at the right side of his plate emits a half-second emulation of the emergency broadcast system in a frequency that is inaudible to humans - but not to Kryptonians under the influence of a yellow sun. It's his JL(A) alert. He picks the phone up..

'JL(A): Pls Help. <GPS Coordinates>'

It takes less than two seconds to clean his plate. Somehow a molecularly precise dish devoured four hundred time faster than normal just doesn't carry the same satisfaction. No matter. Maybe when this crisis is finished Clark will stop by Pierre Gagnaire and sample the actual cuisine.

[EXT. Mesosphere - Upstate New York - USA]

Superman skims the mesophere moving ten-times faster than sound in the upper-atmosphere. Reality flickers in a drag of pseudo-motion as descends from 80 km above the Earth. The terrain below accelerates towards him as telescopic vision measures the conditions upon the ground. The tops of the structures then begin to peel backward to reveal the distinct lack of electrons coursing through walls to power defense emplacements.

Then to measure the density of those below..

[EXT. Sphinx Compound - Upstate New York - USA]

It may as well be a rocket propelled meteor requiring superpowered cognition to observe. Impacting the Sphinx he transfers the sheer force of his descent into the Inhuman magician the entire affair happening so quickly that Superman seems to in one moment be high above and then the next hovering four feet from the Earth watching his foe skitter across the ground like a stone across a lake creating a series of shallow craters.

He would have tried for the tacky jewelry but unfortunately he didn't catch that bit when he was still twelve miles above.

Stephen Strange just gives Ozymandias a vaguely amused glance when he mentions HALO parachuting or flying machines. Still, it is his plan. But no, he will just teleport in, carrying whoever wants to go with him. And if Sphinx has wards against that, then he will shatter the wards and then teleport in, appearing at Ozymandias' side, ready to blast with bolts of energy those of the villain minions that are not smart enough to run away. "Beware," he comments, frowning, "I suspect some of these warriors have been touched by Apep's dark magic."

The charging Caitlin takes the first wave by surprised. Ten acolytes have been knocked out by her charged before anyone is even able to lift up their weaponss to defend themselves. "Acolytes, our Master needs us." He tries calling on the radio not realizing that their telecommunications are still down. He tries to throw his radio at Caitlin in frustration. He was about to decide to lift his weapon, at her, when he sees Sphinx bounce across the ground like a stone being skipped across a lake. He decides it is best to probably flee the scene.

The only positive outcome for this acolyte is that this does signal the other acolytes in the building to enter into the compound. They quickly move into the compound.

As Doctor Strange issues his warning about the Apep. They all hissed in unison, "The Sorcerer is here! Kill him and kill the rest! The seven servants of Apep meld together into two fleshy creatures. One eye creature with its spine sticking out from the flesh, and the other a creature that has morphed into a twelve eyed muscular winged beast that fires after Captain Marvel in the air. They both begin to fire emerald mystical balls of fire from the elongated mouths at their targets.

A dark storm cloud appears over the compound symbolizes the coming of Apep. Ozymandias makes his way through the compound firing arrow as he makes his way to the location to cut down the security systems permanently.

Sphinx slowly stands up from being skipped across the building. He shakes his head to try to clear the cobwebs, "Who do you think you are! How dare you touch me?! He flies in the air and tries to punch Superman.

At first Captain Marvel busies herself firing photonic blasts at the cultists, applying enough force that most healthy humans would be knocked out, but not so much as to be lethal; she's a heroine, not a murderer. But when ginormous magical constructs are unleashed, she redirects her efforts and flies at the one firing at her.

The sucky thing about magic is that it has a tendency to do and be just a hint more than just the energy of its form. Captain Marvel absorbs the emerald fire lashing out at her, but it causes a lot more pain than energy attacks usually cause her, and her flight grows unsteady as it imparts more kinetic force than it should as well, forcing her to struggle to maintain her flight profile; she can do it, but it's not the utterly perfect flight she could manage flying into Kal's heat vision, as an example.

Keeping on profile, however, Carol Danvers launches herself into the creature's face, both sparkling fists slamming home in rapid succession with energy-augmented might. She's not quite up to Binary levels, but she's getting there.

"Indeed, evil ones, Doctor Strange is here," confirms the wizard with a faint smirk. Then he raises a force shield to stop the incoming balls of fire. "And I sense your dark master is also joining us soon. Such thing is forbidden, and will be prevented. Now begone!" He shifts to offensive, launching blasts of eldritch energy that swirl through the air in seemingly unpredictable patters, yet somehow homing at the one-eyed monster.


Superman's primary flaw in mass combat is his need to assure that no mortal combatant is collateral damage.

As Sphinx goes skipping across the scene he sweeps his gaze across the area. A powerful combination of X-Rays and telescopic vision attempting to continually re-assess the situation across fractions of seconds.

Then the Sphinx is upon him. The being's fists sound like mortar shells against the mountain as he buries his fury upon Superman driving him onto the ground in a series of blows that put his caped back to the ground. Whether or not they create lasting energy the sheer zeal of it stuns him as his brain bounces around his skull like some indestructible pinball.

There is a moment where the world goes fuzzy. Very fuzzy. Naked hands flail awkwardly upward for a moment to deflect the hits. Which are suddenly less pronounced against limbs that can withstand the splitting of an atom. This buys him a precious few moments. Superman's vision clear.

Suddenly mere deflection becomes purposes. He takes one wrist just before a fist lands on his face and wrenches it backward. Unrestricted by gravity he rises from the ground and then reaches for the other arm. Pulling them both out wide he tugs sending the Sphinx forward as he raises his head?


The impact displaces the air around them as Superman's skull impacts upon the Sphinx and then rakes downward. With the desire of not taking his foe's head off he lets go so the impact sends him flying back and to the right.

Still a bit dizzy, he starts to stand.
The eldritch energy that was directed at the one-eyed monsters find its target. The creatures scream in agony, and the skin begins to bubble. The creature curls in a ball and screams in a high pitch wine, "He hurts us, Master. He burns us, Master. Make him stop"

The creature that was fighting Captain Marvel was not prepared for someone to actually attacked them head on. The creature didn't realize it was entering into a dogfight, but the punches in the face that destroyed its jaw made the creature realize the futility of its initial strategy. The jaw being broke has cause all of its energy to feed back on itself and it falls to the ground in a fiery ball. In time, the beings will separate back to individuals, but they will be having several broken limbs and some heavy scars.
Sphinx does not stand. He will not be standing again until he finds himself back in prison, or wherever the government keeps mystical beings. Ozymandias has brought the compound systems permanently down and has collected an important scroll that will be needed for the upcoming battle. He rejoin Fairchild helping to clean out the compound. He does take to marvel how quickly and efficient his allies have finished off their attackers.

He is not the only one that has noticed how quickly the heroes have finished their attacker as the dark cloud of Apep's covers the entire compound skies. The one thing that Ancient Gods never seem to count on is the heroics of mortals. Lord Apep could have never guess when he hatch this plan several centuries ago that he would have to stand against the power of this world's Sorcerer Supreme. He could not have fathom that a being from another planet would call this planet its home, and always seek to defend it. You can accuse Apep of being a sexist, but Captain Marvel was never in his wildest imaginations

The God of Chaos has watched them defeat his allies and minions with relative ease, and they are about to still his victory from him. This is something he cannot allow to happen. The earth begins to shaken around the compound. Ozymandias shouts at Doctor Strange, "I think it is time to open up the portal to the other dimension. Ozymandias looks at the others as he sticks the scroll in his shield. "Once inside the pocket dimension. We need to hold the line into Ma'at shows up. Do not hold back! Every being in there is immortal.

Fairchild stays behind to secure the compound and make sure noone gets away.
Doctor Strange nods to Ozymandias. "Very well, then stand ready to cross over," he draws breath and concentrates, giving the rest of the League time to gather. "Under the baleful gaze of Chaos," he chants, "I summon the might of the Mystical Hosts of Hoggoth, the veil between worlds be parted, the path to our quest opened." And when he finishes a large portal opens in the air, the edges crackling with the golden light of the Vishanti. And Strange is the first to step through.

"Alright, form up. It's off on Mister Toad's Wild Ride for us!" Captain Marvel shouts, as she follows the collapsing fireball of her foe and lands near Doctor Strange and Ozymandias. She's ready to go shortly after the portal opens. "Stay frosty, Red! See you soon!" She hopes so, anyway. And then it's off into … the beyond. Other planes of existence are not her specialty and she has no idea what she's really in for, but she came to do a job, and now that job lies in there somewhere. So off she goes!
The portal opens up and the heroes step through the portal. Ozymandias is the last one as he looks back at the world, fearing that this might be the last time he might see it. He savors it for a second and dives in the portal. The moment Ozymandias enter the portals, the dark cloud disappears signifying Apep has followed the heroes into the pocket dimension.

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