The God, The Sorceress & The Bar

December 11, 2016:

Loki and Sofia meet in Oblivion and end the evening on a high note.

Oblivion Bar

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar's here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket dimension.

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this super secret clubhouse.


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Mentions: Doctor Strange


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Fade In…

Oblivion Bar was well known to those who had even a fair amount of magical knowledge. They gathered, no matter what side of the spectrum they fell on, and seemed to get along well enough. Even intermingled. It was interesting to watch.
Sofia had stumbled on it by accident a while ago. Her first encounter with people there wasn't one she wanted to repeat and so she had avoided it. Eventually, however, she had to face the truth that she wasn't going to learn anything without someone who knew far more than her teaching her and she didn't happen to know anyone like that. Well… Not that she was willing to deal with.
So, tonight was kind of a recon thing. Making her way in, she weaves between the crowd and up to the bar. The bar tender turns to get the new order and pauses. "He ain't here tonight, kiddo."
That makes Sofi glare. "I'm hoping it stays that way. My name is Sofia, by the way, not kiddo." She's in a poor mood.

Even in a magical place like this, the heavy hitters still draw a fair bit of attention when they walk in. This is no exception. A tall man, with brilliant laughing green eyes matching his flowing regal robes strides through the door and a smile tugs at the edge of his mouth as the silence falls over the bar for a moment. Loki strides in like he owns the place, and people move to clear his path as he strides up to the bar. Seems hes here for a drink, and not for any trouble, and the noise picks back up as he takes a seat near Sofia.
"Mead. Asgardian mead. Not that pathetic midgardian swill." Loki snaps at the bartender, settling into his stool before glancing around.
The sudden hush that falls over the room makes Sofia turn to see what caused it. A brow arches at the reason even has he takes a seat. "Neat trick," is said as she nods back towards the crowd before sipping at her soda. Because the stupid bartender refuses to serve her alcohol. Irritating.
It takes her a moment to think back on everything she's read and place where she knows the name 'Asgard' from. "So, which one are you?" Yes, she should know… She wasn't permitted much in the way of television or anything growing up though so…

"Reputation works both ways." Loki snidely comments back to the 'neat trick' statement. He takes his mead from the bartender and takes a healthy gulp before turning to study the girl who is trying to talk to him. Actually trying to talk to the God of Mischief, Trickery and Evil? This girl must be incredibly stupid or extremely naive. Or both. Can't rule that out when dealing with mortals.
Loki stares perhaps a minute too long, trying to get a feel of Sofia, and then finally answers the split second before a normal person might have assumed he wasn't going too. "Which one am I? Which one of what?" he asks, a hint of amusement entering his voice. Might as well toy with the girl.

Sofia's eyes rolls. She's not stupid, certainly. Ignorant yes. Which is why her answer is, "Mm. I've heard of that epic arrogance. You must be Thor." She peers around him, a brow arching. "Wasn't there supposed to be a hammer or some shit, though?" A shrug is given and she turns back to her drink.
She's got to be screwing with him, right? From the look the bartender is giving, she's not. Which is likely why he offers, "Do I need to contact you fath—" … "Do NOT call him that," Sofia hisses. "And you need to mind your own business."

Loki blinks a few times, and then looks to the bartender with that 'is she serious?' look before turning to face Sofia on the barstool. The Trickster turns his head slightly, and then starts to laugh. Its a long, heavy laugh that makes it sound like Sofia just uttered the most hilarious joke. The man finally calms a bit, and takes another huge drink from mead and sets the empty glass down in front of the barkeep.
"Fill it, and then do what the girl said. Mind your own business." Loki comments with a curt dismissal. He giggles a little, taking his now refilled mug. "You must be Thor *giggle*" he repeats to himself before wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand.

Elbow goes to the bar, cheek goes to her palm and Sofia blinks at the God and lifts both brows. "Glad to have amused. You have both eyes so you can't be Odin… You're pretty but not pretty enough to be one of the Goddesses… Or y'all have really ugly and flat chested women… I should've paid more attention to the books."
Her soda is finished and the glass set aside before she leans forward to peer closer at Loki. "That must make you… Loki."

The Trickster claps softly, almost mockingly. "At last the child applies a little logic." he comments dryly, returning insult with insult. "That makes you smarter than most of your species." he adds, with the impression that his statement wasn't much of a compliment.
"Does it have a name, or shall I make one up?" Loki says, giving the girl one of his classic sinister smiles.

Sofia rolls her eyes. "Wow. Sound like the psycho from Silence of the Lambs much? 'It rubs the lotion on its skin'… Hella creepy."
She shrugs. "'Its' name is Sofia Strange." She seems completely unphased by that sinister smile. "You start talking about fava beans and a nice Chianti, I'm out, dude." Sassy little thing isn't she?
Her eyes go back to the crowd and then back to Loki. "Still a neat trick."

"Sofia Strange." Loki repeats, smirking to himself. "And judging from the kid gloves that you are treated with, you must be related. Interesting." he muses, taking a smaller sip of his mead and setting an elbow on the bar as well.
"So in all the gin joints, in all the world, what brings you to Oblivion, Sofia Strange?" Loki asks, the amused tone reentering his voice. "Obviously not the fine selection of liquor."

Sofia's eyes narrow. "Wonderful. Another one assuming he's my father." She turns back to the bar tender and nods at her glass. “I'll tell you the same thing I keep telling this guy, he's not my father." Not as far as she's concerned anyhow. This, of course, makes the bartender frown.
"Watching. I like people watching." Bullshit. "Best way to learn." A brow arches over at him. "You're too pretty for lines like that, by the way." Her nose wrinkles. "Those movies are too old to suit you." Wait… what?

Loki laughs softly at being called pretty. "You shouldn't lie to the God of Lies, little one." he says, smirking. "And besides, Casablanca is a classic. Not to mention that I'm older than the entire movie industry, and the country that birthed it. Vikings roamed the earth when I was last considered 'young'."
Loki rises from the stool, and sets the now empty mug back on the table top. He smooths his robes, before giving Sofia a smile and then turning for the door. He's three strides away before he stops and glances over his shoulder. "What you seek is not here, Sofia Strange. Are you coming?"

Sofi laughs. "Here I thought you were the God of Trickery and Pranks… Sounds much more fun!" And then she arches a brow. "You really don't look it. I'd ask what the secret is but I vaguely remember there being something about golden apples… Sounds painful for the teeth."
He stands to leave and Sofia smirks as that hush falls again. Her head is nodded in farewell and she starts to turn back to her drink only for him to speak to her again. A look is given over her shoulder. "Only if you quit using my last name too. It's weird sounding." Her soda is downed and she stands, walking over to join him.
"Where are we going?" Probably should have asked that before joining him but…. ehh… No fun if you don't take a risk.

Ah, the bust and bluster of New York in the winter. Its a cold and dark night, but in the city that never sleeps, people still move about the city seeking food, friends, and their own homes after a long day. A construction site, surrounded by a chain link fence and several large trash bins, along with a parked bulldozer, some port-a-potties, and a small trailer/office, sits in what was not long ago a battle zone between Thor and a kryptonian. Repairs have been made quickly, and the future home of the Asgardian embassy has had most of the wreckage cleared away.
One of the doors of the port-a-potties opens and out steps Loki, dressed in formal green robes over black leather. The room behind him doesn't look like a rental bathroom at all, but a bustling bar, with many strange creatures straight out of the Mos Eisley cantina. Loki steps aside, allowing Sofia to step out as well, and then closes the bathroom door, and all seems normal again. Well….normalish.
"Do you prefer Sofia, or Strange?" the Trickster asks, holding out his hand to Sofia, palm up. In his outstretched hand is a small marble, a dark red in color. "Here." he offers.

"Sofia," is answered without hesitation before she looks over her shoulder at where they came from and breaks into a grin. "Oh my G… A porta-potty?" The grins turns into a laugh. "You've got a wicked, twisted sense of humor, dude."
Her eyes drop to his hand and the marble. "Oh cool." She reaches out to take it. "What is…Oh!" There's a sigh that comes from her she almost immediate stops the shivering that had started. "Thank you." Hey look! Manners! She has them after all.
"That must come in handy. Coats are bulky and hard to move in and a pain in the ass."

"A simple trick, for the initiated, all but impossible for everyone else." Loki comments, moving to the center of the empty lot. He waves his hand, and a pair of comfortable sitting chairs on either side of a cheery fire appear, just in time to catch Loki as he starts to sit over empty air. He settles his robes more comfortably before continuing. "Sofia then. Now tell me. What were you really seeking in Oblivion?"

A brow arches as he starts to sit midair…. And then a grin appears as the chairs appear along with a fire. "Alright… Complete disclosure? I really was hoping to learn something. The truth is… I've never been taught… trained… whatever it is and the New Age books are pretty much bullshit. I'm getting really tired of feeling so damn exhausted every time I do any little thing…"

Loki motions to the other chair and grins. "And the infamous sorcerer supreme isn't willing to teach you? Are you truly his child, or just use the name for the reaction it gets?" he asks, no malice in his voice. "You've some strength, from what I can sense. Almost wasteful to leave you untrained."

Sofi settles in the chair, legs curling up under her. Her shoulders shrug. "Dunno. The bartender seems to think so. I met him once…No recognition. I honestly have no idea who my parents are. They gave me to my nanny to raise when I was a baby. I've never met either of them to the best of my knowledge."
She looks over at him and smirks. "Everything I know came naturally and with practice to control it aside from the very few genuine spells I learned scouring hundreds of Wiccan and Pagan books."

"So in essence, you know nothing Sofia Snow." Loki jokes, chuckling a little at his own joke. He leans forward then, and studies the girl in the chair before him in such a way that suggests he isn't looking /at/ her so much as /into/ her. "And what is magic to you? I sense your hunger, but why? Why not scurry around like the other mortals, meet a nice little mortal who jingles your bells, start a family?"
Loki does seem to like to cut to the point, doesn't he. "What is it you need to prove, Sofia?"

Sofia smirks. "Already met the mortal. It was nice while it lasted. I'm not exactly the family type."
He stares and she stares right back. "Magic is … Me. It's what I've always been."
A brow arches at him, her head tilting. "That my parents, whoever they are, don't define me. That I don't need them." And she needs to prove that to herself as much as anyone else.

The Trickster leans back, hands coming together in his lap as he ponders for a moment. "Very well then." he says finally, leaning forward once more and extending his left hand. "Magic /always/ has a cost." he begins. "Time…." he starts, and then extends his right hand, "and energy."
A seed appears in his left hand, and starts to slowly grow into a tiny tree, which then shrinks back into a seed and then repeats. In his right hand, and apple appears, gold in coloring, that quickly rots away into dust, before another apple reappears and then starts to rot. Illusions, but a master like Loki makes them look absolutly real. "Each is a substitute for the other, so the more you use of one, the less you need of the other."
With that said, the Trickster closes his hands and makes both illusions disappear. "The first lesson is free. Now, Not to steal too heavily from Morpheus, but you have a choice now Sofia. You may kneel, call me Master, and I will teach you. Or return to Oblivion and see what fate may hold in store."

Sofia watches the illusions, her head tilting at how seamlessly his magic flows and how little it seems to effect him. A brow arches and she leans in to inspect it close only for them to disappear. For some reason, that makes her smirk.
The offer to teach her, however, causes her eyes to snap up to him and she blinks. "I have the distinct feeling I don't have time to weigh the pros and cons in this…"
One… two.. three heartbeats and she nods. "I'll call you a lot of things, dude. My Lord, King, Prince… Almost anything else you can think of… But Master? I ain't into anything that kinky."

"You have all the time you need, Sofia. This is not an offer, or a gift, that must be accepted in the moment or forever lost. If you have questions, ask them." Loki explains, leaning forward once more to place his hands on his knees. "The role of Master and Apprentice is one that is almost as old as time. You will learn from me, new techniques and spells and how to reach and even push your full strength. In return, you will expend a great deal of your own energy on my behalf. My time, for your energy." he says with a smirk.
"I am not the devil, and I care not for your soul. And this is far from anything kinky." Loki comments, almost laughing with the sheer absurdity of it. "Knowledge for power. That’s all."

"It sounds kinky… People are going to think I go home with you every night and let you gag me and tie me up and whip me or some shit…" She pauses a brow arches. "So, I'll be a magic whore instead of a sex whore… No whips, dude."
A deep breath and Sofia shifts, clearly growing serious. "How long did it take you to learn?" At least she's genuinely thinking about it logically, even if she does feel the need to make deflective smarts comments. "Wait… Better question first… Why? I mean, what is it you see that makes you think I'm at all worth the time you're willing to expend? Or is it… What you don't see? I'm in no way a threat… It makes it safe to teach me and get done what you need without draining yourself or worrying about me turning my training back on you…"
Which brings her back to her original question.

"If thinking of yourself as a whore is what amuses you, so be it. But I hardly need you to satisfy my carnal desires, and if I wished to take you, you couldn't stop me. banish the thought from your mind." Loki explains, shaking his head with an amused smirk on his face. "As for how long? One never stops, child. I am still learning to this day."
"Now to the real question. Why? Why you? The quintessential human question, is it not? Humans have written books upon books, and created whole religions around that very question. What is it I see?" Loki continues, that brilliant smile sliding into place on his ageless face. "Potential. You've some intelligence, you ask the right questions, you flatter me just enough to amuse and unleash your wit, which shows you are unafraid. I see potential. A potential ally. A potential weapon. A potential use to myself that requires something that I have an almost unlimited supply of. Time means almost nothing to me. So yes, you will be my magical whore, and I will use you as I see fit. Until the day comes when you are strong enough that I cannot."
"The simple truth. Enjoy it. I rarely speak so plainly." Loki finishes, still smiling.

The raven haired young woman can't help but snort at his declaration. "I've been called worse…" She smirks. "And I'll only admit this once…. I seriously doubt I could keep up with you anyhow." She's beyond amused by this particular part of the conversation. "Which is just terrible when you consider the age difference!"
"Ah. I see. You like me cause I called you pretty." She grins before sobering again. "No. I'm not afraid of you. I'm smart enough to know that if I were to piss you off enough that you came after me, nothing I could do could stop you and maybe that'd make a lot of people afraid but…" She shrugs. "You'll either kill me, or torture me, or you won't. It's that simple. If I can't stop it, why be afraid?"
She lapses into silence, letting her eyes slide to the flames. "You're still learning… At best, I'll live one thousandth of your lifetime… If that…" At the same time… Exactly that. And it's not every day that an immortal offers to teach you. "I'd prefer not to kill or torture people if it's all the same…" Which isn't to say she won't if it's absolutely necessary. "And you're sure the Master thing is non-negotiable? What about Once and Future King? Wait… Didn't someone already take that?"

"You are still so worried about time. Remember, time /and/ energy. Learn well, and you will learn how to expend a portion of your energy to give you more time." Loki explains, shaking his head. Not a good start having to explain a lesson he just gave five minutes ago.
"What is it about calling someone Master that seems to upset you?" Loki asks, smirking once again. "And are you willing to risk a magical education on what you address me as?"

"It's a mortal thing, I suppose. Time is something that isn't nearly as fluid to us as it is to you… And energy? There's no way I could do what you did earlier and not immediately need to eat a whole cow then sleep for a day." Sofia smirks, turning her head to look at him. "I know my limitations as they are in this moment."
As for his question… She shrugs. "I guess it's a social stigma associated with the word. It's not really used in the context that you intend it to be anymore." There's a pause and then, "Well… I guess… Not to the, uhh, what?… normal?.. Mundane?.. world. Maybe still in the magical community…" And now that she pauses to think about it, it's not uncommon in a lot of martial arts training either…
A deep breath is taken as she stands, blue eyes landing on him. "I hope you're a patient God," she dips down on to one knee, bowing her head (She's seen movies!), "Master." Ignore the way her lips twitch with the want to smirk at that. It'll take her some getting used to.

Its a miracle, but Loki manages to keep a straight face as Sofia kneels and calls him Master. He reaches back and flips up the hood on his robes, and then does an almost straight from the movie Emperor Palpatine impression. "Rise, my young apprentice. Henceforth you shall be known as, Darth Sofia." Then he starts chuckling, and then outright laughing.

Sofia's shoulders jerk and a snort comes from her as she tilts her head to the side. It's /almost/ an effort to compose herself. The first chuckle escapes as she pushes up and there's tears in her eyes from the effort it's taking now to laugh.
She makes it a full two seconds after he starts laughing before her own joins in and she's shaking her head. "Oh my God… That's epic. I'm so keeping that title!"

Loki hops quickly to his feet and holds out his hand once more. This time, a simple green crystal hangs from a leather cord. "For you, apprentice. Think of it as a magical cell phone. Concentrate on my name while holding it, and we will be able to speak. It will also give you access to my home, once you learn to master it's properties. Think of it as a puzzle. The gem as three powers, beyond allowing you to call me. Figure them out, make the gem yours, and you will be ready for your next lesson."
Loki's smile is dazzling, and the gem is quite pretty. It seems to pulse with an inner light when stared at. "Now, where do you live? It's time I sent you home."

The pendant is taken with an arched brow. She can feel the magic pulsing in it and can't help but smile. "I love puzzles." The gem is turned over in her hand, a smile blooming at the light found within. "Much prettier than normal cell phones. More compact too. These could catch on…" But he's serious and she knows it so she gives him a serious nod in return. "Three powers… Alright."
"Gotham. Not far from the University." A glance is given down to her watch. "And I have four hours to sleep before class. Damn." She looks back up at him and smirks. "Totally worth it." … "Thank you."

Loki smiles once more and reaches out to touch Sofia lightly on the forehead. "Sleep well, apprentice. Speak of this to no one." Loki's magic comes so smoothly that its almost like silk enveloping your body. A gentle embrace that leaves the girl weightless for a moment, and then settled comfortable in bed, the enveloping warmth of her own sheets and soft pajamas subtly replacing the grip of the spell. Was it all a dream? The gentle green light pulsing from the gem says no.

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