Atomico Attacks!

November 26, 2016:

When the city of New York is threatened by a demanding NuHuman, the Justice League and their allies swing into action.

Midtown Manhattan -- East Side

Sutton Place, Turtle Bay, Tudor City… all of these recognizableneighborhoods help define the eastern side of Midtown Manhattan. From 6thAvenue to the East River, from 40th St. to 59th St., the East Side containssuch notable landmarks as Sotheby's headquarters, the UN building, and theunmistakable Chrysler Building. It is home to some of the city's brightestluminaries, since it's far enough away from the bustling city center toafford some privacy, but close enough to the action to make it one of themore in-demand areas outside of the Upper East Side.


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Midtown Manhattan. 11:35am.

Five minutes ago, a man calling himself Atomico issued an ultimatum. The government of NYC has 90 minutes to transfer him $2-billion dollars to an off-shore account, or he will detonate bombs that have been hidden underneath the city. To prove his sincerity, and the legitimacy of his threat, he has promised to destroy a prominent NYC landmark at 12 noon.

So, the clock is now ticking.

Less than five minutes ago, Diana of Themyscira contacted the Justice League building and told the paper-pushers there to get off their bureaucratic asses and get hold of any hero who can help. Ok. So, she was a lot more polite than that, but the point was made, nonetheless. She also got on the old JLA horn and tried to scramble as many of the League as it once was as she could. Not everyone could be reached, and some are hampered by distance. But, it can't be said she hasn't tried.

Now, she hovers over midtown, wishing Kal and his x-ray vision weren't out of reach. Because, they're going to have the do the search for the bombs without that advantage. That, and she's still got to figure out which prominent landmark Atomico intends to hit. As a result, she's sending whatever heroes she can contact to various landmarks across the city. Priorities include the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Grand Central Station — not to mention other prominent places like One World Trade Center, the Guggenheim, the bridges, the museums… It's New York. There's no shortage of targets.

Of course, New York's finest are out there, sweeping landmarks, too. So, the heroes aren't alone.

But that clock is still ticking…


Though adjusting once more to a recruit status (or possibly not even that yet) Hal Jordan the Green Lantern assigned to Sector 2814 catches the Princess of the Amazon's transmission.

Currently hovering above the Brooklyn Bridge which was closest he holds up his ring and filters through until he finds the Justice League channel, "I'm here. Sitting pretty and seeing nothing, if this is a prank call or a some kinda silly haze thing you people do… I'll get you back. That is one war you don't wanna start with this guy."

-Scan initiated seeking anomalies-

A green laser beam lances out from the ring on his finger then spreads wide, sweeping over the length of the bridge itself. A very sci-fi looking scan despite it coming out of a floating green man's jewelry.


Nathaniel, a.k.a. Iron Guard, has not visited the Hall of Justice since his chat with Power Girl, but Atomico's ultimatum was not subtle, so he flew from Metropolis at top speed with the idea of looking for sources of radiation in the urban area of the city. Neutrino, alpha particles… radioactive substances are 'loud' unless very well insulated. There are a bunch of signals from known labs or college campus, those are expected and discarded. There is also… an active scan from a spectrum ring-wielder, which is cool. He changes course to try to find the Green Lantern, hoping to coordinate with him.


Morien was about to head out for a business meeting, when he gets a warning to Justice League. Morien coughs a few times and shakes his head as he feints sickness, and goes back to the elevator of Umoja Tower. Morien looks at his assistant, "Contant Arielle, and tell her that I will not be able to make the meeting. I trust her judgment."

Morien arrives in the penthouse of his tower and brings up control room station in the middle of the penthouse. Morien is putting on his costume, while he is asking the computer to recalibrate Umoja satellites to look for radiation signatures. Ozymandias smiles "Cancel out already known radiation signal sources and feed that information once completed back to me."

The skylight of Umoja Tower opens up, and Ozymandias swings out into the night.


Given the sensitive nature of the scans being issued for the various bombs Atomico has planted, it doesn't take long before pings start showing up on scanners.

"I can assure you," Diana says to Hal over the coms, "this is no 'hazing' ritual. This is deadly serious." She turns in the air and adjusts course, running a sweep over the city and keeping half an ear on police chatter as well. "We must find those bombs. And Atomico."

The most prominent pings center around places like Grand Central, One World Trade Center, Madison Square Gardens, Times Square, and… the UN. That one is 10% larger than any of the others.


"That is too bad. I swing a mean paddle." Hal's reply to Diana. Imagine the bristle an Amazonian Honor Guard would have right now! "If it's not here then I'll check the next place… I can hit multiple frequencies… " He is leaving the Bridge now only to drift past Iron Guard, "Who? Yeah, nevermind. We're on a bomb hunt, if you get in my way I will hurt you but if you're here to help, by all means, assist!"

A green streamer behind him and the cocky Lantern is off.

He honestly has no clue if Nathaniel is friend or foe.

"Hold that! I got incoming… Times Square, Madison Square Gardens, One World Trade, Grand Central and the UN. Everyone catch that?"


Grand Central? World Trade Center? The UN?! This Atomico person just got some serious respect from Nathaniel for having the skills to sneak nukes in places with so much security. Or maybe he had the right superpowers.

Nathaniel does follow Green Lantern, "I am Iron Guard, I am an Avenger," he explains. "I have a strong radioactive signal from the UN building." Holographic projection jumps ahead of Hal. "Also Grand Central, One World Trade Center, Madison Square Gardens and Times Square. All places that should not have radioactive materials in appreciable amounts."


Ozymandias doen'ts hear the Prophetess over Justice League communications, so this situation probably has got just a bit trickier. Ozymandias lets out a frustrated sigh and tries to come with a plan. Ozymandias on his communication, "This is Ozymandias, All possible bomb sites need to be relay to all Justie League and emergency personnel. I need someone to block all incoming communication signals in all possible hot spots to stop any attempt from remote denotation. This is also means we should go try to stay off the communication units until all the bombs are exposed. Try to find alternative means to signify you put out a bomb.

Ozymandias heads to one nearest to Umoja Tower, the one located at the One World Trade Center.


Diana actually resists an eye roll at Lantern's reply. She's met too many cocky fellows like him since coming to Patriarch's World to deign a response. The information he conveys, however, is key. "Copy that," the Amazon replies. "We've got five sites." And four heroes on scene, that she knows of. "Copy, Ozymandias. One World Trade Center is all yours. I'll take the UN." Because, really, she knows that place very, very well. "Green Lantern, where are you headed? Iron Guard? Welcome, Avenger. I appreciate the help."

Times Square, Madison Square, and Grand Central are up for grabs.

And the clock is still ticking…


"Cool, Iron Guard, got it. Avenger, huh? I'm an Aquarius-Pisces cusp according to my ex." Hal doesn't add anything in response to Nathaniel as he gives off the same response of cordinates that he himself did.

"Good good, I'll hit Grand Central." A reply to both Diana and the Time Traveler.

Nothing else added to that and Hal is quickly closing in towards his target destination. Time is of the essence after all.


"Times Square," decides the armored man, splitting out from Hal. Seems the place where a dirty nuke would cause more victims. Also easier to hide a nuke, unfortunately. He also seeks the JL channel, which is not hard since he worked in the League computers. "Iron Guard here, do you have anything on this Atomico person?"


It seems that noone has the ability to block incoming communication signals to the areas of the bombs, Ozymandias furrows his brow and pulls out a datapad. "This is going to take a lot of public relations maneuvering to explain this…" Ozymandias pulls out his datapad and uses the "backdoor" to his satellites to temporarily jam all incoming frequencies to the areas with the bombs. He knows it is only a temporary fix, because his technicians not secretly aligned with the Justice League are ready working to take control back of the satellites.

Ozymandias heads down to Wall Street and he pulls out some of his radioactive detection equipment along with his infrared goggles.


So, the UN, Grand Central, Times Square, and One World Trade Center are covered. That leaves Madison Square Gardens. That plays on Diana's mind, but one thing at a time. "Nothing concrete," she tells Iron Guard. "He seems to like radiation, though, so be careful. The last thing we need is a radiological disaster in New York."

Like anyone needs to be told?

All that said… hiding a bomb out in plain sight in this city isn't really easy, no matter how weird some neighborhoods get. Beyond that… yes. As has been observed, security is pretty tight at most of these places. But, beneath New York are layers upon layers of tunnels, from old subway routes to other, less widely known or easily found passages. Which means, closer scans of the affected areas will suggest that the bombs are deeper than street level.

Without the advantage of a lot of of fancy equipment, the Amazonian Princess lands lightly at the UN, recognized immediately by everyone. She strides forward, pausing to gaze at a flock of birds. After a moment or two, they rise up and circle around her. She speaks softly and, heartbeats later, they are winging across the UN grounds, circling low to the ground and streaking across the grass.


Grand Central station it is for Hal and within several minutes he is there performing an aerial scan again focused largely on radiation levels as priority, the large building itself being enveloped in a green sweep like the bridge was just minutes ago.

"Come on, come on, where you at… "

-Power Levels at 95%-

Enough comm chatter for Hal he may have missed Ozy's request but he is rather focused right this moment.


"THis may be my last transmission to get through." comes the call from Captain Marvel, as she descends into New York City airspace from … beyond. Don't worry about where she's been, just worry about where she is now. "I'm going to initiating jamming over the center of those targets."

How? Well, Captain Marvel knows how to cheat. And though most forget it, there's a white hole connection inside her. Electromagnetic Radiation is rather her thing. Which is why after that warning transmission and a lag of perhaps thirty seconds, every cellphone in Midtown goes down. Then all satellite links. And the area of that deadzone is spreading outwards, as Captain Marvel assumes station over the city, blanketing the area with a field of 'static' all across the EM spectrum. It's not quite as bad as a full-on airburst nuke's EM surge, but it's definitely dead air.


"Signal goes underground," remarks Iron Guard. "It could be in the sewers. Immediate damage would be lesser, but then very long lasting." And… interferences. "Stop… we need… coordinate… zzzkt."

And if the bombs have a timer it better be all of the ones hunting them are experts at disarming bombs!

Fortunately Nathaniel does have some considerable engineering skills. But it is not so easy to reach a server with the city underground layout when someone is jamming all communications, though! He has to rely into seismic scans and triangulate, heading down to the nearest subways station and… of course it is full of people. Saturday afternoon in New York.

He is able to detect a signal coming from beneath, and his memory of New York City that dates back to 1880s allows him to find one of the old opening of the tunnels of the city. Ozymandias furrows his brow behind his mask when he realizes the area is now sealed with several feet of concrete. "Hhmmm, I guess I could try the plasma blasts, but that means I will be cutting in on time. I need a more sustained controlled way of getting through this area.


K'tten is relaying the feed from Ozy to Starfire, and then Nathaniel comes in as well, but both of them go radio silent….

"Something is wrong, I am trying to triangualte and re-acquire the transmissions with frequencies to bring them to you and togeth—"

"Where was the last emergency beacon of necessity?" Starfire responds to K'tten as she steps upon the platform, the scant purple straps of armor sudden pixellating into a covering of white meshing together to cover tawny orange-huen skin, peerking from beneath gauntelts of purplem sliding along her arms to meet what ascends from thigh high boots, abdomen and torso. Covering her completely with accents of red gems at apex where the amethyst armor had melded away and into a full suit of reinforcement.

"Underground? Here." K'ttens coordinates blink to Madison Square in New York, a solitary signal among crew mates alone until she can link it all back together, the HMSS relieveing itself of the cloaking barrier to become its own connecting beacon.

"Send me in, give me wiggle room." Starfire states and in a beacon of blue light she is off the deck and with the same flash the sky above Madison Square erupts with electronic static akin to lightning, leaving the comet-trail of burning light heading dead and center for Madison Square….


With the EM field suppressing communications, it looks like the heroes are largely on their own — short of some magic or high technology. The people in each location are oblivious to the threat below their feet, but the heroes aren't. So, care must be taken, nonetheless.

And, of course, the big surprise is that each chamber belowground is guarded by half a dozen robot guards — most of them more mech-like than humanoid. They appear to have some sort of nuclear fuel cells to power them.

Diana waits for the birds to relay to her the likeliest spot where the bomb is buried. Then, with that spot in mind, she begins running, dodging the unsuspecting, and making her way through the lower levels of the UN until she can find some sort of access point that will lead her toward her goal.

In the meantime, however, a faint roaring sound rises up from the roof of the Empire State building, growing larger as a black and red glowing streak rises from the city, heading straight for Captain Marvel — the brightest light in the sky other than the sun… inching its way closer and closer toward noon.


The 6'2" man in black and green spandex floating through Grand Central station gets more than a handful of gawkers. Hal doesn't say a word until he gets to the security guards, "This is official Justice League business, I need to get below. Stand aside." A little more pomp in that than is necessary but seriously, he is in a hurry.

Impatient Hal is impatient. "Right, anyways." Both security guys are neatly scooped aside by giant green spoons and the Lantern picks up the pace, flying through the access and maintenance, plus a wall to get to the robots and the explosive. Reckless is part of his nature after all. "I'm in and it looks like I have a bunch of company." Who am I talking to now?"

-No one is within standard human hearing ranges.- His power ring responds.

"Yeah, okay. Time to play rock'em sock'em robots… " And green constructs that look like that very game's robots, a Monopoly top hat and some Hungry Hungry Hippos do indeed appear so begins a skirmish beneath the Grand Central station. Family game pieces vs Humanoid robots.


Captain Marvel holds position, a golden glowing form of roughly human dimensions hovering over a quarter mile above the city's skyscrapers, blanketing the area with electromagnetic radiation, cutting off all communication. Even the wired internet and phones are largely down at this point, save for those that have been specifically shielded against such interference. Even they have degraded a bit.

Carol can feel that beam approaching, a surge of nuclear energy. But she does not move. She holds position and continues blanketing the area. It's going to hurt. She has no illusions about that. But she holds still, and lets the blast, full of terrible powre and energy, slam into and through her. She'll lose her place, thrown high and away despite any attempt to hold position. She's going end over end, savaged by the power of the blast.

And Captain Marvel is stronger for it. It hurts. There's no denying it. But Carol can and does push through the pain of the injuries, even as her powers heal her body, using the huge influx of energy to fuel the effort as even her costume regenerates. (The Comics Code Authority appreciates your support in this matter.) And then Marvel fies right back into place, glowing even more brightly … and sending out an even broader, more powerful blanket of EM radiation.


Radio is down, but Nathaniel could still communicate by other, more advanced, means. Only no one to talk to. Except the spaceship Starfire. He can always use subspace waves to contact them, and that is how he finds out Starfire is going to Madison Square Garden. Good. Wait, can she defuse an A-bomb?

No time to ponder that right now, as he flies down a subway tunnel, and turns right a couple seconds before ramming an incoming train. Side maintenance tunnel here and… "robots? Atomico must have plenty resources," he comments, although only one listening is K'tten. Then he shoots a repulsor blast to the first robot to move towards him.


Ozymandias decides to use his plasma pistols to cut through the concrete and makes his way into the old parts of New York City. "All right, the device should just around this cor.." Ozymandias turns the corner and comes face to face with a half a dozen robot guards. "I hate robots." Ozymandias quickly fires his grappling hooking to the other side of the room and he pulls out his sicklesword. He retracts his grappling hook to quickly carrying him, sliding on his knees through the robot guards. He swings at the legs of the robots with his sicklesword as he passes by them on his way towards the bomb.


Starfire is plummeting towards Madison Square at the speed of a crashin comet once atmosphere is breached in such a lightshow.

"Heat signatures, casualties!"

"10 in proximity we ca—- *static as Nathaniel tries to break through the blocked RT*"


Sudden beams strike down and one moment the groundskeeper is laying a new line across the sod and he is in bushes. One security guard is in a tree limb texting, looking up only to flail! Another just beneath ending up giving a piggy back ride to his partner in that section….

"Path cleared!"

"Clear the - TRANSMISSION!"

A squint of those pupiless eyes and Starfire impacts the grounds of Madison Square, leaving a small crater to burrow beneath towards where the bomb is located, all the while the HMSS starts lighting back up comm systems starting with those familiar and bleeding out. Ozy and Nathaniel… then onwards.

Routed through the Vega Starship's satellite to the teams.


Diana accesses chambers beneath the UN and soon finds herself face to face with a handful of mechanoid creatures bent on keeping her away from the bomb they guard. They are armed to the teeth — fully capable of repelling anything New York's Finest might send at that. Perhaps not so well prepared to rebuff the Champion of the Amazons. Moving at sonic speeds, she starts dismantling the nuclear powered powerhouses — trying to be very careful to not crack those fuel cells. ('Cause that would be bad.)

Indeed, the bots all the heroes face are much the same. Their firepower could easily rebuff the police, but the heroes may find an easier time of it. Not, mind, that it's a walk through the park. Most have more than 2 legs, which makes them a little more adaptable and maneuverable than the regular humanoid sentries. Many have beam weapons, too.

Nevertheless, they topple when legs are sliced and can only withstand so much punishment before they begin nuclear self-destruct countdown sequences.

Word to the wise: Get rid of the fuel cells before they go critical.

Flying up close on the heels of the blast that sent Captain Marvel tumbling end over end is a silver, black, and red streak. Indeed, the next thing to slam into the heroic Captain is a body clad in a black and red costume with a helmet much like the Rocketeer's. His fists are clad in heavy silver power gauntlets, however, and to his back is strapped some sort of a jet pack that has a distinct nuclear signature.

Meet… Atomico


The battle of constructs vs robots leaves Team Green victorious. Little time to celebrate with the explosive device to still be dealt with, Hal at first considers dismantling the bomb, surely his ring could guide him through this process but that sounds the slow solution, Highball is never one for the slow road.

A green translucent safe encloses the entire threat and he speeds outside Grand Central and beyond towards the skies above with his bomb in tow.


Atomico hits, and Captain Marvel resists. She is even capable of turning being smashed away into a flight circuit and arrowing right back at her attacker with aerobatic ease; self-powered flight on a jet-jock is FUN! "So, you must be the @$$hat terrorist who wants to threaten innocent people with nuclear bombs for profit?" Punch. Photonic blast. "Atomic Monkey, or something? What an ass." Fun fact? Every time he hits her, she gets stronger. Nah, she's not the Hulk, but energy is Marvel's bread and butter … and cheese, and steak. Well, you get the point.


Nathaniel's armor can handle the attacks of the robots, the problem seems to be disabling them without making them explode releasing radioactive waste. The first one he destroys with repulsors tries to do that, and he is forced to disarm the power cell while the other robots try to kill him! Good thing he has a good forcefield.

So, next robot gets taken over instead of destroyed. He grabs the mechanical monster and finds an entry port to hack into the robot CPU. His armor computers handle the rest. After a few minutes, he has 5 robot minions with utterly unsafe power plants at his command.

Contrary to Hal, Nathaniel takes his time to disarm the bomb. Because that is also fun.


After cutting the legs of the robots, he pulls out his Zulu style shield and begins to smash around the rest. When the first one begins to start announcing a denotation sequence, he quickly changes his tactics. He removes the first fuel cells from the robot while shielding himself from the fire of some of the remaining robots. He quickly studies the connections of the fuel cells of the robot and uses his sicklesword like a surgeon with a scapel and cuts the remaining fuel cells from the robots. Ozymandias unaware of Captain Marvel efforts so he is thinking that he has a short time before rf communication start up again.

Ozymandias goes to look at the bomb next and moves his fingers around the wires. The combination of his high level intuition, intelligence, and knowledge allow him to disarm the bomb. He gathers the fusion cells and the dirty bomb, and depart the tunnel. When he reaches the outside, he fires off a quick flare in the air to let the others know that his area is clear.


Once Diana has dismantled her robots, she picks them up and then wraps her lasso around the bomb. Moving with the same swiftness that first brought her down, perhaps even swifter, she hauls all of the nuclear devices up onto the surface and then into the sky. Using the lasso like a spinning slingshot, she hurls the bomb and the fuel cells up into the upper atmosphere and out into space where they can drift or explode relatively harmlessly… after all, a few busted pieces of satellite are preferable to nuclear fallout on the planet. It's only once she's disposed of the pieces that she notes Ozymandias' flare and becomes more cognizant of the battle taking place over the city.

However, as the ship is able to reconnect the heroes — even Diana has 'alien' tech that can occasionally be used for emergency communication (it's called the Lansinar Crystal) — she calls for a status report on the others.

"You cannot stop me!" Atomico snarls at Marvel, even though she's quickly getting a whole lot stronger than he is. He can absorb her energy blasts. It's his NuHuman gift. And, again, because he's NuHuman, he's strong. But his strength is a little more finite than hers. There will come a punch that will be too much for him… or for his technology. Without those gauntlets, he can't easily channel his power into blasts. And without that jet-pack… oh, he's about as flight capable as a rock. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"


Not just the bomb hurled by Wonder Woman is now beyond Earth orbit and atmosphere so is Green Lantern's.

-Communications on several fronts have returned. We could have found other frequences if it was so required.-

"Noted on both," Hal responds to his ring, "Anyone need an assist?" Maybe the falling bad guy, Atomico. At his distance though Hal is not the likely candidate to save him.


Noting that her opponent is absorbing her photonic blasts with little effect, Captain Marvel is only too happy to stop doing that - no helping the bad guys! - and go back to punching. Punching is SO much more therapeutic, after all. "Yes." Punch. "I." Punch. "Can!" Hey, look. This guy is made of tech. What happens when that tech gets crushed, ripped from his person?

Bad things. Whoops!

"Hey! You don't get off that easy! Prison for you, jackass!" Captain Marvel shouts, as she inverts and dives after the fallling form of Atomico. She's still blanketing the area with EM radiation, but the area she can cover will reduce as she loses altitude trying to catch the falling jerkface. Someone else might catch him first, but she's not going to assume that until he's caught.


The layers of Earth crumble around impact, as due to a comet-level impact - ut it is minimal in comparison to others, enough to stop her in a divet of Earth where Starfire stands and stares dead ahead, the triangulation of target one that has a hand lifting to blast a perse beam through the sod to enter right beside the robotic foe.

A few are blasted to the side, the rest? A streak tracers her path as she pile-drives into them and the sounds that first come through the reopened comm units sound like foil at a barbecue.

Just like Oxy's flare, thugh, the Tamaranean rockets into the sky, the bomb within one hand a robotic figure in another.

Nearly like origami she shoves it within folds and crevices and then hut-hut hikes him into the hemishphere.

"Madison. Check." Rung over the connected comm system, clearing with the effort of the HMSS as time passes.


Ozymandias responds to Hal request of anyone needing assistance. "I have unarmed dirty bomb and a fusion cell needing to be contained. I would like for them not to be destroyed, so we can do some forensics on the items. Ozymandias moves away from the area to get away from as many people as possible as he waits for help in collecting the nuclear material.


Diana streaks after the falling Atomico, but Carol is closer… and has an obviously personal stake in this matter. (Getting beat on, however unsuccessfully, is personal.) She is willing to let the other heroine catch the falling villain. Especially since the Captain has arrest authority.

"Lantern," she says over the now operational com, "can you assist Ozymandias?" He has the best technology for containment until they can get the stuff back to the Hall. It's time, she decides, that the League reunite as the League. And the Hall — or, better, the Watchtower — is the place for such analysis. "Captain Marvel and I will alert the authorities to Atomico's apprehension."


"Ozy, World Trade… got it." Hal doesn't take a beat to oversee the safe apprhension and containment of this final weapon.


Captain Marvel does catch Atomico before he lands and kills himself. Then she delivers him to Diana, whose lasso is the perfect snare to keep him contained … and get the truth out of him. "Did I hold the static long enough? I didn't see a blast. Tell me we got them?" she asks the other woman, hoping the Amazon somehow stayed in control of this situation while she herself was out of contact.


After he hands all the material to Green Lantern, Ozymandias fires off his grappling hook in one of the maze like paths he takes back to Umoja Tower. Ozymandias ponders to himself, "I might have time to make it to my meeting still. I can at least joined them for after dinner drinks."


"I believe we got them," Diana tells Carol. She looks at the villain now in her lasso. "Did we get them all?"

"Yes," he replies sullenly. "But, my minions will free me!"

Diana arches a dark brow. "Where are your minions?" she asks. The lasso pulses and glows and before Atomico knows it, he's telling them everything they need to know — including the location of several imprisoned scientists whom he kidnapped to help facilitate the development of his technology.

It won't take long to see those men freed, and Atomico's minions all wrapped up.

Just another day in paradise. (Not.)

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