A Beacon of Hope

December 08, 2016:

The Watchtower lights up the night sky once more. Wonder Woman reactivates Justice League HQ, Doctor Strange and Green Lantern present. (emits by Hal)



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The Watchtower still hums with a life of it's own despite having been shut down almost 8 months ago by the D.E.O. The Justice League was founded in 2009 by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, the Watchtower itself was constructed within two years of that union, it had contingency plans should any of them ever perish, withdraw from the League or end up M.I.A., one of those plans is Will Magnus a genius and the prodigy who trained under futurist T.O. Morrow.

With Magnus aid and that of STAR Labs, not even SHIELD could jar loose the well kept secrets of the drifting orbital sentinel. The Watchtower was intended to outlast the whims of man and woman, it was meant to house Legends.

The Aquacultural section of the Watchtower is a combination of tanks, gardens and all manner of flora, some of the species not even Terrestrial in origin. It is well kept, alive and a great place to meet. A peaceful location. It also contains the most life on the Watchtower right now as only a few STAR Labs techs still maintain the tower, that leaves Doctor Magnus and his robots to oversee everything else.

Entry is given to Diana, authorization for her is immediate and a robot servant awaited hovering in place to guide her to the location it's creator now awaits. Guests with her are likewise to be escorted by the polite construct.

Diana's strides are long, but measured. Her blue eyes sweep the familiar surrounds, looking to see what its 'usurpers' may have done to it in the meantime. Nevertheless, she follows the automaton steadily enough. It takes only a few moments to enter Magnus' current demesne. "Hello, Doctor," she greets him evenly as they arrive.

Doctor Strange is quite surprised coming into the Watchtower was so simple, "I would have expected the DEO had manned the station and used it for their own super-human teams," he comments. Strange was in the Watchtower only a few times and usually in the medical bay. The aquacultural section is new. "Doctor Magnus? A pleasure," he greets.

"Hello, Wonder Woman." Magnus responds as Diana arrives behind the droid which curtsies to them all and drifts off in a Jetson sounding gravity scoot away. No greeting given to Hal Jordan or Stephen Strange, only a look and a response, "No, they tried twice and did not present the right authorization nor documents. We are protected beyond just American law. Our state of 'embargo' was a mixed blessing on several fronts."

Trailing behind Hal nods to the Doctor Magnus, his gaze politely drifting left and right as he scopes out the Watchtower, "Huh, I sailed by this hunk of tin a couple times and thought it was unoccupied. Do you know they have armed satellites situated out there aimed at this thing?" Casually Jordan adds this as he walks ove rto kneel down and examine one of the colorful alien plants that sit at the edge of one of the gardens, it glows like something out of Cameron's Avatar movie.

"I am aware, Green Lantern. They have been there for quite sometime and are really of no valid concern. The Watchtower is not without it's own defensive capabilities, so… Princess of the Amazons, is this just a visit or are you actually here to reactivate?" Cutting through the small talk. Typical of Magnus from what little Diana has learned of him.

And, in this case, Diana is fine with his directness. "I want to reactivate," she tells him. "I want this station back under active League control — the League as it's meant to be; not what it has been made into by outside pressures." She glances to her two companions. "While I do not dispute the heroics and fine efforts of many of the first responders and others Sadie and her administrative team facilitate, I believe recent events have proven it is time we resumed our fuller responsibilities for protecting this world — both from homegrown crises and those brought to its shores from beyond."

There is a suggestion in her eyes that she hope they will help… and the unmistakable determination that promises she will go it alone if she must.

"So they couldn't truly control the Watchtower," concludes Strange. "I did not contest the… eviction, it did not seem my place to do so. And no one else stepped forward beyond taking some legal measures. What has changed now, Princess? Are we going to confront the DEO?" Strange would do it if the situation warrants it, but it doesn't seem to be the case. No menace he can see requires the League having back their space station right now.

"Yeah, let me tell you, the 'shores from beyond' is a pretty big deal. " That is Hal's way of saying /they're out there/.

"Good. I was growing concerned, as much as I enjoy being a glorified janitor I like all of you, still have obligations. My Metal Men almost became the League's substitutes." Part threat, part humor perhaps? It is hard to tell with Magnus but he outright ignores Hal Jordan.

Doctor Strange of all those gathered would be the first to recognize the pill Magnus pushes in to his mouth and swallows without water. Prozac. It helps with certain things. "No one contested it Doctor, aside from those citizens you speak of, Wonder Woman, this Sadie Sinclair… as much as I'd like to applaud them they are mundane. They don't belong in 'our' world… not in the same format, our venues and what we are capable just differ to greatly, they would not be able to comprehend what it is they truly thought they were stepping up to do. THIS… " Magnus motions around them, "This is but a taste. Imagine their minds if they so much glanced upon Themyscira, or the worlds beyond ours or… dimensions." Diana, Hal and Strange each get looks on emphasis of their own areas. "Anyways, I am rambling. Come with me to the monitor womb."

Turning Magnus begins to walk.

Whispering as Hal gets up behind Strange and Diana, "This guy for real? He talks like a doped up Vulcan." Yeah, GL knows what Star Trek is.

Diana gives Dr. Strange a tight, rueful smile. "I have come to learn, my friend, that there is always a bigger threat around the corner. Hell's Gate is evidence enough, currently. And, Magnus is right. Some threats are beyond the scope of most of this world's citizenry." Not, mind, that she wouldn't like them to step up some, too. Preferably in working out their own peace treaties, and thus making it a whole lot easier to mount a united Earth defense.

She follows Magnus, glancing to Hal as she does. "Vulcan is rarely doped up," she notes, a hint of a smile on her lips. It's possible she's at least peripherally aware of what he's talking about — even if she is referencing Hephaestus' Roman counterpart. "Dr. Magnus, however, has always been… unique."

Doctor Strange sighs. He knows what Will Magnus means, because it is always tempting to set himself above the rest of humankind, too. But it is not 'our' world, "please, remember. It is just 'the world'. We all have to live in it." Diana is right about most of the rest, of course. There will be another attack sooner or later. But he would prefer it wouldn't come from Wildcore or the Thunderbolts or whatever other colorful name take the DEO teams. "Janitor or custodian, they allowed you to stay. Perhaps they will be more reasonable now the UN has its own space station they can't really touch."

"Allowed?" William Magnus scoffs, "Had they approached me with those words, Doctor Strange… I SHUT them out, I shut them down. I defended this location and displayed to them what true freedom and will is."
Through the promenade and in to the central hub they ascend to the monitor womb, the heart of the Watchtower itself. Here, through giant specialized glass windows the Earth and space beyond can be seen, this viewpoint always faces Earth however, almost like its a reminder of their mission, of what they protect.
Approaching a kiosk surrounded by monitors, hundreds of them Magnus touches a panel, a 3D Holographic display of the Earth projects in to the center of the Monitor Womb, a giant one. Across it different alerts are being recorded, data collected, surveyed and tracked, the most recent threat being the largest in it's cloud of danger signatures, the Terrigen Clouds unleashed by Apocalypse and estimated points of fallout, fallout including NuHuman activity increases. A surge in metahuman threat levels. "You understand for the obvious reasons I need you to confirm your identity, Wonder Woman. You or one of the last seated council members. This way I can fully authorize you to take over administration from me." A step back and Magnus motions towards the panel he himself had just touched. A stern look is given Hal and Stephen Strange, "Touch nothing."

"I know but like, wait, we're talking about the same people, nevermind." Hal confused but amused responds to Diana, a rogue's grin worn, "By unique, you mean a dick, right?" Intentionally Hal bumps his hip against a console, "Oops."

Diana doesn't respond to Hal, now. Instead, she faces the holographic globe, studying it for a minute. "This," she says, perhaps sadly, "is why we need to resume our vigil here." She regards Magnus and steps up to where she knows her identity can be better confirmed. "I am Diana of Themyscira, Champion of the Amazons and Ambassador to Patriarchs' World, whom the American media call Wonder Woman." She extends her hand to surrender the requisite DNA — possibly submolecular, even — sample.

Strange gives Magnus a thoughtful look. What he could have done if provoked is certainly a concern. Still, if he has Diana's trust it must be for some good reasons. "Very well… I will support you, princess," the Terrigen mists are not appearing in the Orb of Agamotto, as they are not a mystical threat, but of course the doctor knows what is going on.

Confirmed. The only word that scrolls across one monitor's screen in Helvetica size 11. "That is it. You are who you say you are and the satellite is once again yours to do with as you please. You'll also be happy to know the Teleportation Tubes located in Canberra and Tokyo have been dismantled. I can if at a future date you need them again see them repaired but I felt it best they were not operable or even salvagable. We have some issues with the Direction de la protection et de la securite de la defense for our Paris embassy's device, however. It would appear France decided they have ownership and have already put considerable budget towards synthesizing Nnth metal. It will fail of course, not even I can replicate it but we may need to do something about this eventually… and of course by we, I mean you, the Justice League. Advanced non-Terrestrial technology is hazardous in hands belonging to small unethical minds." A glance is spared to Hal Jordan again.

"Seriously? Gonna do me like that, Willy?" Touche though, Hal did call him a dick. "Okay, welp, now that this thing is our awesome clubhouse I'm going to go look around and touch EVERYTHING." A grin and Hal lifts up, floating off towards one of the hallways.

"Welcome back, Wonder Woman, I mean this sincerely, you and your League have their work cut out for them. As usual." Magnus folds his hands in to his pockets and strides off the opposite direction of Hal, towards the technical labs. Notes and updates on the Watchtowers status these past few months, what its surveyed and what data it has collected will be sent to Wonder Woman's League ID. That is more than enough socializing for Doctor Magnus. It would appear he has gotten worse over time than Diana may remember him but that is a story for another time.

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