Nancy Returns

December 05, 2016:

After almost two years of absence Nancy "Deadzone" O'Neal returns to Xavier's School

Xavier's School


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Fade In…

It's been two years, or close to it, since anyone has seen Nancy. She just sort of vanished. One day she was running The Nest, the farmstead rehabilitation farm for mutants, and the next she was nowhere to be found. Literally no where. It was like she just gathered up her stuff and left. She even left Baby here, her Stradivarius cello, so people assumed she had to have been taken. But, just as suddenly as she vanished, she has returned.

The big problem with pulling a disappearing act like hers is boyfriends don't usually sit around pining away and waiting. Nancy found that a lot of his stuff was in her house, with no him to give them to. Well, one solution to that. He`s an X-Man, team Red. Take his stuff to the X-men! And so, her black and green Charger pulls up to the mansion and Nancy steps out, looking just as snarky and angry as ever. She opens the trunk and lifts out a cardboard box, walking with it to the front door.

Nate is outside, perched on the roof with a mug of coffee and a cellphone. Waiting for someone that is not Nancy. But he is bored. A bored Nate is a dangerous thing. He sees Nancy coming, and as someone opened the gates he figures she is authorized. In fact, the woman is vaguely familiar, but there have been a lot of students, teacher and random people coming and going from the school in the last couple years.

Still, bored. And curious. He jumps down, slowing down his fall with telekinesis and keeping the coffee on the mug with telekinesis too. “Afternoon,” he greets.

Here at the school, Nancy keeps her field as snug to her as possible. Frankly, unless she is touched, her field of nullification shouldn't be a problem. The fact that some mutants love her power and others despise it has become a source of amusement for her finally. She arches a brow to look at the oncoming gentleman as he gently falls from the sky. A familiar face, but not familiar enough to make Nancy want to torment him by making his decent suddenly less graceful. She nods her head when he greets her. "Hey there. Is Bobby around? I have his stuff."

“Bobby? Which one? Drake or DaCosta?” Nate peers at the box. “Drake,” he decides. “Not seen him a in over a year, he left the school with X-Red and because of some kind of weapon-smuggling thing.” He looks at Nancy again, trying to remember the name. No luck. For a telepath he is bad with names.

Nancy looks into the box as well. Science books, a tshirt that says -273.15 C is the coolest, a mug that says it belongs to the World's Coolest Boyfriend. Yep, definitely Drake. She looks up, blowing an errant bit of hair out of her face, as she listens to what has become of him. She has nothing to say on the matter. After all, she hadn't been around. Her aura of negation doesn't let the psychic in, making her seem like she isn't even there. No thoughts, no emotions. If Nancy knew, she'd be delighted.

Glancing to the house, Nancy then offers the box. "Should I give the stuff to you then? Or just throw it in the trash?" She had kind of been hoping Bobby would be here. Would have missed her. But she knows better. "Put it in storage?"

Nate shrugs. “People keep too much junk,” but that is his opinion. “But since you bothered to bring it all the way here, I guess… Xavier has plenty space,” he opens the door and invites Nancy inside. He has noticed the lack of thoughts. But maybe she is a robot. Weirder things happen here all the time. “I am Nate, by the way. I think I saw you around when I got here, couple years ago?”

Nodding in agreement about Nate's comment on junk, Nancy starts to head inside. "Yeah. Learned to travel light while I was gone. Just whata I needed." She walks about, looking around with a smile and a nod as she remembers the place. "Nancy. Though a lot of people just call me Nan. So… Illy? Is she still around or off in limbo?" She tries to catch up without being too obvious about what she wants to hear. Heading into the kitchen, the dark-haired woman puts the box on the counter. She turns and is about to say more when one of the Bampfs bursts into existance a few feet from her. "WHISKEY!!" it says joyously, as if it's her name.

“I talked to Yana a few weeks ago,” replies Nate, finishing his coffee. Good thing they are back into the kitchen. More coffee. “She was supposed to help with Apocalypse, but her concept of timing is weird. She’s around, though.” He frowns at the appearance of the imp. Those are seldom seen since Kurt went back to Europe. Or wherever. “Storm is in charge now, do you want to talk with her?”

Pulling out a bottle of high end whiskey from the box, she hands it to the imp. "You really think I would come here without?", she asks the imp. Without even a thank you, the Bampf disappears as fast as it came. A smile spreads on Nancy‘s face as she hears about Yana. "Maybe I’ll get to see her again soon. And yeah, timing in Limbo is whacked." She heads over to start pouring herself a coffee. Once an X-Man, always an X-Man, and she feels at home enough here to just help herself. "Never actually met Storm. So where is Squinty then?"

“Squinty?” Nate puts his filled up mug in the microwave over, but waits to see if Nancy wants to heat her own coffee. “Eh, plenty of changes the last year. Xavier, Storm and Gambit are around, sometimes Pietro, Doug, Emma, Yana and Wanda. But they do not live in the grounds. Neither do I, but I am staying a few days ‘cause… well, things are gonna change soon.”

Nancy doesn't even bother heating up the coffee. In the last two years, she has drank all sorts of things that aliens have claimed is coffee, so cold is hardly a problem as long as it tastes right. She holds the mug, breathing deep and then starts adding her usual amount of suger. Which is a lot. Like diabetic coma a lot. "Squinty. Scott. I figured that was the politest thing I could call him." She chuckles and winks, sipping at the coffee with a happy sigh. "Pietro? Wanda? Don't know those names. And what's this about change?"

“Eh, an important announcement, not supposed to talk about it, but you can ask the prof yourself,” replies Nate. Hot coffee for him, yes, although he certainly approves Nancy’s sugar dose. “Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?” Offers Nate. Doesn’t ring a bell? He is not sure if they are supposed to be famous or not.

Rolling her eyes at the secrecy, Nancy sighs softly. "Fine, I'll just head into his office and ask him now. I'm sure that is just what he wants, a visit from me." She leans against one of the counters and shuts her eyes as she drinks her lukewarm coffee as if it ambrosia. "Never heard of them. Mind you, anything that has happened since two years ago is pretty much nothing I know about. I`ve been off galavanting the stars.”

“Yeah, I have been around only for two years,” points out Nate, “so I guess I am the wrong guy to ask where your friends are now. I’m sure Chuck would talk with you. Or maybe you can ask Doug? He was in X-Red with Bobby and Yana. Then again, so was Wanda.”

As Doug's name is mentioned again, Nancy starts to grin with an evil gleam in her eyes. "Oh….yeah. I think I'll give him a visit. Nothing like watching him sputter and fumble as he can't talk. Especially when he's singing in the shower." She downs the rest of the coffee, once of the upsides of it not being too hot. "Okay, well, you have Bobby's stuff. So… if Bobby wants to … chat or anything. Or just hang out maybe? You know, just casual." Sheis doing her best to appear non-chalant, but it's not very convincing. "Yeah, so… See ya later?"

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