Constructing A Dossier

October 07, 2016:

Natasha meets with Nathaniel to discuss handing his dossier over to Batman.

Treskillion - Agent Romanoff's Office


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The Black Widow is sitting in her office at the Triskellion, she had previously scheduled a meeting with Nathaniel Richards on private channels, and is waiting for him, while going over her emails, sitting rather leisurely with her legs set over her desk.

Sure enough, Nathaniel shows up right in time, wearing a two piece suit and with a visitor badge. He even knocks at the door, although Natasha got a notification from security he was coming minutes ago. "Good afternoon," he greets, "Agent Romanova, or do you prefer Black Widow?" Sadly he has not seen her much since the Avengers refounding, not enough to be in first name basis, he figures.

"Come in…" Natasha calls from within, "close the door behind you," she mutters, and as he asks about manner of address she grins, "around this building I'm most often addressed as Agent Romanoff," she straightens up and looks a bit impressed at Nathaniel's suggestion, "but Romanova would be the correct Russian way to address me. Fewer people around here are aware of my handle as Black Widow, but I've earned it, I will take no offense if you call me by that name. What's important is why I invited you over." Reclining a bit in her seat, she gestures at the seat infront of her desk, "please sit down…and tell me, have you been around Gotham lately?"

Nathaniel nods and takes the offered seat. "I was there last time the 17th last month. And I plan to be there for a while if Bluebird calls me over. For… hmm, some training." Almost true. It was a dare. "By the way, the 17th I met another of Gotham vigilantes. A woman called Spoiler. I have very little intel about her, but she might be a new member of Batman's group."

"Training? Are you sure that was it?" Widow asks, looking attentively at Nathaniel's visage, "I had a visit from a certain Batman, who thinks you're a borderline terrorist. Why would he think that?"

"Considering it involves surviving in the Narrows for a week without my armor, training is a fair definition," replies Nathaniel with a smirk. "Convincing Bluebird to join the team would be a nice bonus." Tasha's mention of Batman's visit makes him blink, though. "I have no idea why he would he think that. That makes no sense at all."

"Well he seems pretty adamant that you're up to no good, and he means to take you out if you come to his city again…" Black Widow explains slowly, as if to drill in the gravity of the matter, "so…to alleviate things, I have offered to get him a dossier about you, to appease him and settle him down about your intentions." She levels her blue eyes with Nathaniel, "I want you to provide that dossier, seeing about our Avengers connections, I am not intending to treat you as a potential national threat and do a full on investigation about you behind your back. That's no good for team moral, right? So, what would you like to give the Bat?"

"I will talk with him in person, this must be some kind of absurd misunderstanding," replies Nathaniel with a frown. "Now you mention it, I talked with Spoiler in the Hall of Justice and she mentioned Batman not wanting anyone with super-human abilities in Gotham. Apparently he believes they would draw super-criminals. I told her the only person I knew that thought like that was the Daily Bugle editor John Jonah Jameson." Pause, "maybe he is secretly Batman," he snarks.

"I suggest we go the route if you give me a proper dossier to submit to him, this will get SHIELD some pull in Gotham, which will in turn help the Avengers in the long run," Black Widow says when Nathaniel already comes up with alternatives. "Trust me, this Batman is a class A egotistical asshole, there's no point in you trying to talk to him until he's seen your dossier, which I intend to give him. He is plagued by serious psychological issues of delusions of grandeur. That, by the way is quite the asset, should he ever become a real threat. For now he's just an unbalanced vigilante."

Natasha doesn't seem to respond well at all to the JJ Jameson joke, merely stating in a droll tone, "he doesn't meet the profile for Batman, unless it's the most elaborate disguise in the history of mankind, and that honor belongs to me." She speaks that last part with eerie yet sincere certainty.

"You are wearing a disguise?" Nathaniel looks skeptical. But perhaps that is Russian humor. "Never mind. I can give you a dossier, but in truth, realistically there is very, very little to fill that dossier. I came to this timeline six years ago and I doubt more than ten people can remember to have talked with me, there was a temporal storm involved. Then I returned earlier this year. My total time living in the twenty first century is fourteen months, thus far."

Setting her hands to the keyboard on her desk, Black Widow notes, "dictate, I'll see what we put in that dossier of yours, unless you want to send me a premade one, I can gloss that over and see what I will submit to Batman." Peering at Nathaniel from the edge of her display, she quips, "the man is an elite class asshole, so trust me on playing by his rule, rather than you going to meet him to prove you're no terrorist."

"Is he going to believe a dossier coming from you?" Nathaniel seems even more skeptic at that. He would scrutinize very cautiously something like that coming from SHIELD, and he considers Fury a great hero. Trust and verify. And Batman won't be able to verify almost nothing of what he put in a dossier. "I will… think about this, and e-mail you a dossier in a few days," he concedes.

"He specifically asked me to make it, not the first time I interacted with him. I approached him for help in locating the Winter Soldier, he refused, but I believe he got the impression I was unlike any other government agent. He was right." Black Widow states, before eventually managing to grant, "for all his many, many faults, he does have extensive training and a sharp attentive mind. He could have easily been a secret agent, if he wasn't or isn't already one." She shakes her head, "no, it's not coming from SHIELD, it's coming from the Black Widow." She then tilts her head as she glowers at Nathaniel, "if you'll check, you'll find there's reason why he'll trust that name, rather than Agent Romanoff."

She does stress before he is ready to leave, "remember, I need skillset, I need evidence you are no terrorist, by citation of actions you've taken for the good guys, and anything you think is good to make your case without explicitly having a meeting with him. I will offer to arrange a meeting after he's been given the dossier."

Nathaniel sighs, "alright. But this is pretty foolish. We should be looking for Hood and his gang, and gathering information about Alchemax and Roxxon. Not feeding the ego of a vigilant from an unimportant city that will be deleted from history before 2050."

Natasha is very close to rolling her eyes, but manages shockingly, to just stare blankly at Nathaniel instead. "I don't like humoring macho infused assholes anymore than the next guy, but I recognize we live in a given reality, that may or may not be connected to a potential future that drives your actions. Until it becomes a surefire thing, I'm going to pretend I'm still living in this world, and act according to common sense. Making Batman not be a problem, doesn't seem like a waste of time to me." Black Widow explains it as she sees it. "Alternatively, you can give me a written promise that you will not set foot in Gotham, and I will give it to him instead of a dossier, if you think that city is so unimportant."

"Well, it is a large city," admits Nathaniel. "And if we prevent the corporate takeover it will likely survive. But…" he hesitates, "I will not bore you with the history of the future. Do not worry. Making Batman not a problem might be useful, but it is certainly not my priority. The problem is entirely in his mind, after all. I will give you a dossier only because you think it is important, agent."

"Thank you," is all that Black Widow says, clearly her patience for this trivial matter of appeasing Batman's ego isn't sitting well with her, but unfortunately, all objective analysis of the situation points to playing along to his whims being the best option. "Sorry to bother you with this, but we want to make the Avengers work, having Batman not start a crusade against you, seems a good investment to me."

Nathaniel nods, shrugging helplessly. "Fine, fine. As compensation, maybe you would like to come to the depot in the evening. The first sky cycle is ready for field testing and I would appreciate to have your opinion." He stands up, "I would also like to see what SHIELD can tell us about Roxxon. I have been doing some research and there are hints they formed the original Serpent Society. And that the previous CEO, a Hugh Jones, was driven insane by super-human intervention. No one seems to know exactly how or why."

"Fair enough," Black Widow concedes, besides, these sky cycle do have good application, assuming they work. She nods, and quips, "I'll run a search for Roxxon in our databases. If we find nothing, I can assign an inquiry on classified grounds."

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