Getting in a groove

September 19, 2016:

Caitlin and Kara do some furniture shopping.


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"Yeah, it's nice, but Kara, I can't afford it," Caitlin says, wincing at the bed Kara's pointed out. The two of them are looking for furnishings to replace Caitlin's furniture— it's less 'modern' and more 'industrial warehouse slab' onto which Cait's put a queen-sized mattress. "I mean, it's sturdy enough but… I'm kinda strapped for cash," she admits. "Dr. Richards kinda… um… forgot to pay utilities last month, so we're a bit behind on payroll right now," she says, pinking on her high cheekbones.

The furniture shopping was a nice break for Kara. Something normal to be doing in between spurts as Supergirl. And Caitlin did have a need for advice on how to find and finance an apartment room on a budget. She smiles and reaches up to pat the amazon girl on the shoulder. "Well, that's why the Matress Gods created 0% financing." Kara smiles wide and pushes on the mattress to check it out. "It's not the most expensive here. And you do have a good paying job with Doctor Richards, so that counts for a lot." She smiles back at Cait. "Time for you to start building up a credit rating, m'dear."

"Ugh. Credit cards. I hate 'em," Caitlin mutters. "I guess I gotta build up some credit somehow. So, what, do I start filling this out?" she says, reaching for a brochure on their No Hassle, No Down, Zero Payments for 6 months No Hassle financing.

"I asked about the Legion flight rings, and they're all missing," Caitlin tells Kara, making a face. "And… um." She swallows, pointedly not looking at her friend. "Carol said, I uh… I probably have a sister out there," she says, as diffidently as she can manage.

The bit about the Legion flight rings doesn't exactly surprise Kara; the Legion is always touchy about contaminating the past with future tech, so probably re-acquired them somehow. But the next revelation has Kara doing a double-take. "A…a sister?" There's so much going through her mind right now, and she looks rather stunned. "How much did Carol tell you about her? Or how much is known? Is she older or younger than you?" She knows firsthand the emotions that come with discovering you have a previously unknown relative, albeit from the other side.

Caitlin shrugs, a bit pitifully. "Er… nothing," she mumbles. "We don't know. Carol said there was a hit on my genetic code sequence a while ago, something about gravimetric powers. But we don't know more about it— if she's my age, if she's a real girl or… a clone," she exhales. "Like me. If those people made her and she got away, I might not ever find her. She could be anywhere from here to LA, or furthur, and if she's not using her powers then— I don't know."

"It was kind of a shock."

Kara nods and gives Caitlin a hug. "We'll help you find her. And…deal with whatever the consequences are." Because there's so many possibilities for what could be going on, including the possibility that this sibling is abusing her powers, voluntarily or otherwise. "I'll talk with Carol and get caught up on the situation."

Caitlin hugs Kara back. "Yeah. I just…yeah." She fills out the paperwork and drops it off, and the two of them duck out into the sidewalk. It's still nice out, though summer's winding down, and Caitlin jabs her hands into her hoodie's pockets.

"It's always something, right?" she grins at her friend, brushing back her thick, orange-red hair from her face. "Monsters, apartments, lost family members… is life this weird for everyone, or are we really just special?" she asks with a laugh, merry and without any self-consciousness.

Kara laughs a bit. "Isn't there an old Chinese curse that goes, 'May you live in interesting times'?" Another smile and a shrug. "Regardless, that's why we have all these awesome friends. To help us get through the interesting times that fate or destiny or whatever decides to throw at us."

"That's true. I—" Whatever Caitlin is about to say is cut off by a roar from down the street, and the redhead rolls her eyes.

"Oh. Wait for it—" There's a crash of steel and glass, and an explosion. "Yep. There it is. Fun. Looks like it's gametime," she says, stripping off her hoodie and chucking it out of the way. She touches her belt buckle and her purple-green leotard wraps around her, leaving her head and forearms bare. She hups onto Kara's back. "Stealing a ride, kthanks!" she tells Kara. It almost looks more ridiculous, because Kara can easily handle Caitlin's weight. "Two blocks up, it looks like?" she says, squinting at a dust cloud rising.

Sure enough, Something's afoot— and it looks like a giant, mutated armored turtle.

"Is that a Blastoise?"

The noise does catch Kara's attention, and before anyone else is looking in their direction, she's taking off in flight with Caitlin carried under her, leaving a flurry of papers floating in the air from her wake. In under a second, Kar has changed into her Supergirl costume, so quickly that Caitlin doesn't even realize that Kara's let go of her to change. Once clear of the store, Supergirl flies up, up, and away…gaining altitude to get a clearer picture. "Ummm….that's Pokemon, right? I…don't actually play that."

Kara is hesitant to admit this, not because she's ashamed, but because she knows the next words out of Caitlin's mouth are going to be 'What?! You have *got* to play it! There's a new game coming out in November…'

"…and you don't HAVE to start with Red or Blue, but y'know, if you want a complete Pokedex we're gonna have to find you an old Gameboy," Caitlin finishes, by the time they arrive near the giant turtle. It's a big one— five stories tall and big enough that the individual soles of its feet are the size of a car. "Holy smokes, that's a big lizard," Caitlin grunts, watching the hawkbill of the turtle tear through a railcar trestle over the street. "Uh… how you wanna play it?" she asks Kara, cautiously, watching it slowly but surely advance on them. "The belly's the soft side, right"?"

The sight of the giant turtle beast does cause Kara to fall short a bit. "Yup," she says quietly to Caitlin's assessment of the thing's size. "Maybe. But I think going for the knock-out might be the best bet." The Girl of Steel takes a firm grip on Caitlin's shoulders. "Ready?" And the instant Caitlin says yes, Kara smirks and says 'Go, Caitlin! I choose you!", that whips around at super-speed before tossing the auburn amazon at the monster's head.

"WhaauauauAAUAUAUAAGHAAATE YOU!" Caitlin screams giddly. She's laughing all the way to the bank, though, as Kara turns her into a torpedo. Caitlin tucks and rolls in midair, a screaming red cannonball, and lashes out with her strong legs, both heels first, and right into the underside of the turtle's beak. The impact sends the head recoiling back at an awkward angle and the turtle staggers, then falls to the asphalt like a landslide, scrambling for purchase and eye rolling wildly behind flickering nictating membranes.

Caitlin bounces, hits the ground, and rolls a dozen times before slowing enough to stand up a bit groggily.

"Woof. He's a big one," Caitlin grunts, grabbing a lightpost for balance. "Got one more punch in ya?" she calls over to Kara.

Kara isn't thinking punching, right now. Instead, she had her eyes on some industrial cable near the railyard. As soon at Caitlin is launched, Supergirl flies right for the massive coil. Grabbing an end, she flies up, trailing the line behind her. She lays some cable over the creature, then punches her way down underground. Tunneling under, Supergirl emerges on the other side of the giant turtle, then over and dives down again. She's a blue and red blur acting like a sewing needle, wrapping the kaiju in the cable and attaching it to the ground ala Gulliver's Travels.

Caitlin catches onto Kara's plan and helps by grabbing a steel girder broken off the trestle, and running it down past the turtle. It must weigh ten tons, but she hauls it like a javelin pole, moving fast and efficiently. She passes it between Kara's cables over and over again, until it weaves like a loom's shuttle and creates a cinch point for the cable to wrap around, increasing the tension of the cables and giving them a handy grabbing point.

"Urf! Little faster, he's getting up!" Caitlin grunts, struggling to keep the creature from getting traction to start clawing the asphalt.

It's a good plan, but Kara soon comes to the end of her rope; literally. The spool of cable has run out and the beast is restrained, but not completely secured. So, on her next pop-up frm underground, Kara flies up over the turtle and takes up position. "Hold it down or knock it out!" she shouts down to Caitlin. Then, she takes in a deep breath, and exhales a prolonged, chilling mist that she coats the reptile's body with. Because reptile + extreme cold = torpor. SCIENCE!

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Caitlin screams— but she holds it in place, even as frost hangs on her nose and ears and her bare knuckles. "Kaaaaaraaaa, I'm not weatherp-p-proof!" She hops back and forth, moving her feet— but she hangs on as the turtle roars, then wheezes, then grunts, and then starts to go to sleep. It works, quite effectively, but Caitlin's turning a bit blue from the prolonged exposure to cold.

Okay, turtle is down, so thats good. But Calamity Cait gets in the way, so that's bad. Once the giant turtle is down, Kara flies down, removes her cape, and wraps up Caitlin in it. "You know," she says with a smile," I was purposly avoiding the thing's head. YOu could have stayed there…"

Caitlin's shivering violently under the cape, but she grins haggardly at Kara. "Y-y-yeah, s-says you." It's a LOT of redhead to be shivering in one place! "N-n-need leverage for the cable, otherwise it'll s-s-snap and b-b-bind. Can t-twist it now if you n-need more tension."

At least she's starting to turn a bit more pink as she forces herself to shiver as hard she she can to heat herself up. Fortunately, superheroing produces a lot of extra heat.

Supergirl smirks at Caitlin a bit, then takes the time to call STAR Labs to let them know about a super-sized pick-up. "Admit it," she says to Caitlin. "You deliberately got in the way so you could get frozen and try to get me to fly you to Themyscira. That was the plan all along."

"Hey, c'mon, everyone knows I'm not THAT smart," Caitlin says, grinning breathlessly at Kara as frost melts off her skin. She starts to steam a little even, shaking hard enough that the asphalt's vibrating softly. "Themyscira's nice this time of year," she admits, a beat later, and pinking on her ears in a way even her frostbite can't hide. "Sunny. The little coconut drinks they make," she says, cupping her palm around an imaingary beverage.

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