Redheads Reunite

November 26, 2016:

Caitlin Fairchild finds Wanda and the two rekindle a friendship.

X-red Headquarters


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The X-Red HQ seems deserted most of the time these days though there is still one person living here - Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch, as she is perhaps better known, is lounging around in the lounge reading a book; no end to the excitement in her life. Or should that be 'no start'. With a slap of pages she closes the book and lets out a sigh.

"Hellllooo~?" sings a vaguely familiar voice. The stride is muted, but very heavy, which is a bit incongruous with the female alto voice echoing around. "Wanda? Are you around here?"

Just as Wanda might ready herself to respond, Cait's face pokes around the doorway, and an electric grin spreads across her features. "Wanda!" the big ginger says, pushing into the room. She takes a few steps towards the witch, and puts out her arms in a fitful invitation for a hug— it's been a while, but she's clearly glad to see the other ginger.

"I was hoping I'd find you! I was in the area and— well, I thought I'd stop in and say hello!" Caitlin definitely looks a bit different than Wanda might remember— her short red hair is now grown out to her shoulderblades, worn in loose, tumbling curls with a black headband holding it back from her face. And she's dressed surprisingly stylishly, in grey leggings and a warm tunic-style turtleneck in a vivid shade of salmon. "This isn't a bad time, I hope?"

"Caitlin?" There is a look of surprise on Wanda's face at first - so classy, so poised - but then of course she's going to run into those offered arms and give the taller woman the mightiest hug she can. "So wonderful to see you!" the witch grins before giving the headband a little tug. "Interesting…" she muses before her warm smile is back along with a shake of her head. "No such thing as a bad time when you're around. Sit down. Would you like a drink? Something to eat? How have you been? Still dating your heroine?"

"Ack!" Caitlin giggles and hugs Wanda fiercely (carefully) and lifts her off the ground effortlessly. Hugging Caitlin is like hugging a tree wrapped in soft cloth, but she sure appreciates the affection, setting Wanda carefully back on her feet.

She laughs and touches her hairband, making sure it's still holding that wealth of red hair back from her face. "Yeah, once I started growing it out, my friend gave me this so it wouldn't get in my face all the time," she says, flicking at the arch of her bangs over her brow ahead of the black fabric.

"I'd love a coke or something, and if you're eating, I'll steal some leftovers," Caitlin offers.

She laughs easily at Wanda's question, shaking her head. "Oh, no. Just some unrequited puppy love," she smiles. "I think it's more fun having a little crush than making a case out of it. How about you? You look— amazing," she tells Wanda, looking over the girl. "You sound great! What's new?"

"A 'friend' gave you a hairband? Do tell" Wanda teases before nodding. "Coke it is…and cookies. They almost sound the same so they should go together." A bemused snort as she heads for the kitchen. "I do not look 'amazing'. I think you need your eyes tested. As for what is new." A long sigh. "How long do you have?"

"My brother is back" Wanda calls from the kitchen. "He has managed to convince someone to fall in love with him and I think he is better for it. Your long hair looks good." She reappears with food and drink. "I seem to have lost everyone else in my life though" Wanda frowns. "And then I think someone else is in it and…they disappear too. It is not easy being me." A little laugh at that.

Cait pinks at the compliment, adjusting the band again. "Thanks. Kara gave it to me— she's my bestie. We're renting an apartment together up in Metropolis," she explains, finding the sturdiest looking chair and settling carefully into it.

"She's the one who helped me get a new outfit together. She wanted to impress her boyfriend with some Star Wars knowledge, so I walked her through a movie marathon, and she helped me figure out a hairstyle that works."

She frowns attentively at Wanda's wistful statement, sticking her lower lip out sympathetically at Wanda. "I'm glad your brother's doing so well, but gee whiz, I'm sorry things are kinda not going great for you," she says, with sincere sympathy. "If it makes you feel better, I think that's just part of the job culture, y'know?" she remarks. "This isn't an easy life for maintaining any kind of relationship— friendships /or/ dating," she says, with wry empathy.

"Yeah" Wanda nods to the assessment of their lives. "Was happy to be Sorceress Supreme if it came to that since I knew I would have a pretty lonely life. Though maybe Pietro is showing me the way?" She hands over a coke. "I never thought I would think of Pietro as a good example."

"Kara? That's a pretty name. Serbian?" Wanda sips on her own drink. "I do miss them all" she sighs, "But I hope they are alright. Though when they get back I bet they will not even remember me."

"Sorceress Supreme? Did you get in a big cage fight with all the other Sorceresses or something, and come out on top?" Cait asks with a playful smile. She accepts a coke and several cookies, and starts munching away. Her appetite's still working just fine, it seems! "Naw, she's … I think she's Dutch?" she says, frowning. "I mean, I /guess/ she could be Slavic. /Crazy/ blonde, big blue eyes, skinny." She shrugs at Wanda.

"You're kinda hard to forget, Wanda," Caitlin says. Impulsively, she reaches over and pats Wanda's hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze, along with a flashing smile. "I know it sucks when people drift out of the routine. But, I like you! And I haven't forgotten about ya. Just… been really busy," she says, apologizing with a wry frown.

"Some Old Gods…or something…were testing some of us to be the next Sorcerer Supreme. Not sure they told Doctor Strange about it. Maybe that's what happened to the others? They reached the final contest which is a cage fight." Wanda shrugs. "No need to invite me then" she grins. "Dutch is good."

Wanda smiles softly at the squeeze of her hand. "Thank you…but people seem to find it easy to forget me when they need to. And I like you too, Caitlin. Busy with what?"

"Well— the heroing gig," Caitlin says, thinking aloud. "I'm full member in the League, though with the DEO disbanding the main body and taking over the Watchtower, the League's gone into mostly reserve mode. Oh! I'm working for Baxter Industries now, with Reed Richards. Cutting edge stuff, it's just the sort of work I went to grad school for," she tells Wanda. "The pay's a bit inconsistent sometimes, but when the paychecks come in, it's good money. I can afford to live somewhere other than that craptacular Gotham apartment I had. I'm saving up right now to pay off my loans and maybe get something a bit more comfortable than my old VW beetle," she says. "But between work and League stuff, I'm really not getting out as much as I used to."

"Wow…you're doing well" Wanda smiles proudly. "I met a person called Nathaniel Richards. I wonder if they're related. Though I guess you're not doing too well in the relationship side? No lady love because, no matter what you say, you like women. Well…at least one. But I am glad that you have found somewhere that you can be useful and use your skills." She smiles softly. "I never really went to school. I certainly did not learn things. Wait, Reed Richards cannot pay you every week?"

"I'm not shy about liking girls," Cait blushes, but she grins through it anyway, laughing easily. "I'm shy about liking /anyone/," she says— but at least she owns it, laughing again. "No lady love, no. I was kinda seeing a sweet girl named Cindy for a while, but she moved to California. So— that kinda sucked," she admit, wiggling one strong shoulder. "But I got over it. Had a few dates, but I keep striking out hardcore. Been terrible! I'm considering turning into a cat lady," she says with a chortle.

"Reed's brilliant at science, but bad at accounting. So we've had a couple periods where checks got, um… delayed," she says, delicately. "Sue covers us, she's /amazing/, she always squirrels away some cash so we won't get evicted or starve, but— yeah, it was kind of a long month between paychecks. Still, the money's so good, and the work is just awesome. Y'know," she says, thoughtfully. "If you ever want to do some studying, I'll happily tutor you. We can work on your GED, or even some college courses, if you want!"

"I do not think I am the college type" Wanda happily admits. "I am more a…natural…learner" she giggles. "Cindy? I am glad that you are not shy now. When we were shopping for that present you were very shy about admitting you liked girls." Her brow furrows. "Though I suppose you could be right. it could have been anyone. I am sorry she left. I know how that feels. A cat lady? You can shapeshift now?"

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