Speed and Magic

December 04, 2016:

Wanda and Pietro are invited into the Avengers

X-Red HQ


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It has been a few weeks, but today Nathaniel is back to the old TWA terminal again, this time for a long delayed meeting with the Maximoff siblings. Airports are funny places, those internal combustion flying things are so noisy. And the building is funny too, trying so hard to look like a 21st Century building having been built 50 years ago.

He came fully armored, but his armor seems to have melted into a charcoal gray suit and he looks like a well off college student again. Totally harmless, really. “Good evening,” he greets, “I got a report from SHIELD about Apocalypse, I hope you are fully recovered.”

"I was always fine" Wanda shrugs before poking the man sitting next to her. "You will have to ask him if he is feeling better after being dead." That man would be her twin, Pietro. Though 'man' may be pushing it. Still, she rests her head on his shoulder. "Would you like a drink? Something to eat?"

Wrapping an arm around Wanda, and resting his head, in turn, on hers, Pietro Maximoff just manages a feint smile.

Yes, Quicksilver, the /man/ who would always laugh and joke and jest, can't do any better when this particular subject is touched. Still, his words are always warm and his eyes carry that light that was taken from him, but not anymore.

"I feel definitely better, thank you. I've been receiving medical treatment at the mansion, and I would say I'm at the top of my abilities again. To be honest, every memory is still there, but," he sighs and stares longly at Nathaniel, "But everything is better now, and the world will be a better place."

There's a look of curiosity all over him, but for the time being, he wants to listen more than to talk.

Nathaniel nods, but… he hesitates. “Well. I know Apocalypse used alien technology on you, Quicksilver. And it was Celestial technology.” He frowns, “I am not sure if current medical procedures would detect all the alterations. In fact, I am not sure if 30th Century medical tech would, but I would like to do some analysis later, Quicksilver. That is a side note, however. I am here to talk about the Avengers team. I talked to the lady here about it.”

"Briefly" Wanda notes about the Avengers conversation. "But I wanted him to talk to you as well." That was directed towards Pietro. "The X-Men have already asked me to be officially in their team. Now that I am not worried about people kidnapping the both of us then maybe it is alright for us to be together again." A pause. "And now that my lazy brother remembers who I am."

"Avengers? Hah, look," Pietro shakes his head, "If you want to capture me and take me to some weird laboratory, and then to jail, then I'm not exactly interested. The X-Men have already received letters asking them to bring me to custody, and they have protected me so far." That part is true, and his words are so honest that it's palpable. But, then, he ponders it more.

"Unless… You are not here to speak about imprisoning the former Death…"

It could be anything, so the speedster prefers to quickly (yes!) change subjects.

"Your lazy brother would be more than happy to have you with us! I will start every conversation /and/ mission, by telling everyone you are my beloved sister." He winks and casts a smile full of pride and excitement.

Nathaniel shakes his head, “it was just an offer, not a demand,” he explain to Pietro. Then turns to Wanda, “I thought you were already an X-man, or woman. “ X-Person? Whatever. “And Quicksilver too. That is fine, the Avengers allow members with allegiance to different other groups of heroes. Captain Marvel, for instance, is also a member of the Justice League. And I want you in the Avengers for a number of reasons.”

"I was in X-Red rather than the X-Men. It is a complicated story" Wanda explains as best she can. "But now they are just making one X-Men again so they asked me. I asked if it was okay to be in other groups and they were okay with that." A smile for Pietro. "Awww…you would say that?" A hug for her twin before she snuggles up a little closer. Not wanting to let him out of her sight too often these days. He does get in so much trouble.

"Oh, wait," Quicksilver chuckles softly, "… want us /in/ the Avengers?" The accent in the word is furtherly accentuated by his Transian cadence. "As in… /in/ the Avengers?" To Wanda, he nods and snugs, visibly happy. "Of course I would. Everybody needs to know. By the way," He looks to Nathaniel, grinning, "She is my beloved sister." The grin intensifies and then returns to the seriousness of before. "So, you were just speaking about reasons and wanting us /in/ the Avengers. Would you care to elaborate a bit on that?"

“Of course,” replies Nathaniel, amused at the siblings’ antics. “For one you have powersets that no one else in the Avengers has. Speed and magic open many new tactical possibilities to the team. Additionally, I know from historical records you two were key members of the Avengers. My historical files are not always reliable because I am in an alternate timeline already, but for what I have seen so far, I believe you two would be great Avengers. Finally, I am concerned most hero teams out there have no mutants among their members. It looks as if there is a… racial split even among the super-powered heroes. It makes no sense, and it carries the wrong message to those that look up at us for exemplar behavior.”

"We are used to discrimination" Wanda sighs before frowning at Nathaniel. "And were we good Avengers in your timeline? I have met some people who do not think I was a good person. Some even think I should be stopped here before I cause a disaster. I asked the X-Men the same question. Are you asking me to join so that you can keep an eye on me?"

Wanda rolls her eyes and elbows her brother as he has already started mocking the 'this is my sister' thing. What did she expect? "What do you think, Pietro? Another group? Another way of helping people?"

"So, you want us to /JOIN/ the Avengers?" Pietro's eyes are wide and excited, "OF COURSE WE WOULD LOVE TO—I mean. Hm." He frowns, obviously fake, and continues very slowly, "It's an offering we would gladly take into consideration, of course." He is a fanboy, after all. "Now, there's this urban myth about the Avengers parties, I heard it from a guy who met another guy, who had a girlfriend and she was sort of an Avenger's ex, or something, and he told me it was a reliable myth…" His voice becomes a murmur as he speaks, and eventually fades completely out and the topic is dismissed with a shake of his head.

"So… Yes, discrimination is definitely a thing we have faced before. And I'm glad you are not part of that problem, and want to be part of the solution." Now, looking to Wanda's eyes, he takes a moment to ponder it and then the answer is clear. "Any way to help people, is a way worth walking. If you are in, I'm in, Sis."

“Of course I will keep an eye in you,” admits Nathaniel. “And perhaps you should keep an eye on me. Arsenal and Starfire met a future version of me that… was not very nice. But future selves are just possibilities. While societal trends carry great inertia and are difficult to alter, the individual has free will. You are told you might cause a great disaster, Wanda? Well, take steps so you will not. Master yourself.”

As for Pietro. Parties? Hmm. “That rumor party might have started with Captain America old Avenger team. But now Stark is onboard, anything is possible. The man has a reputation. As for the mutant discrimination problem, that is indeed something to solve. And part of a greater problem, I fear. We should talk about it soon.”

"I am not very good with parties. That is more Pietro's thing" Wanda sighs. "But what happens if you try so hard to avoid something that you make it happen by your actions? The present is too hard without the future to worry about. I guess I will just be me and see what happens." A look to her brother before she nods to Nathaniel. "I think we are Avengers now."

“Then maybe it is good you have some friends watching for you, hmm?” Points out Nathaniel. Not much more to say, but there are modified cellphones that work also as coded communicators for both of them. They also get the passcodes of the SHIELD’s Depot so they can check in the Avengers provisional HQ and they need to do some readings on rules, procedures and so on. And yes, meetings soon. There is much to discuss regarding the future and the present.

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