Test the mettle of Earth's Gods

November 27, 2016:

Faora-Ul decides to pick a fight with Thor after some robots annoy her.

Midtown Manhattan


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Winter is most definitely around the corner. It's a sharply brisk day, though the sun in out. A cold wind gusts through now and again. Against the chill, Darcy is bundled as she heads over to wherever the Asgardians told her they were staying. It's her day off, sure, but checking up on the godlike aliens is just one of those things. Plus, Thor's a hoot and Sif's awesome, and Darcy's curious to know what happened to giant squirrel.

Thor is standing on top of the rubble of what once was a small building. There is temporary security fencing and a couple of bulldozers, so it doesn't seem like he knocked it down himself, but the large man is pacing around the building, and occasionally holding up his hands and framing parts of the rubble and seems to be talking to himself. "A feast hall here, with a long table, and over there…perhaps a garden." There is a for sale sign on the lot, and it seems the Thunderer might have plans for this place.

Thor himself, isn't dressed for the elements. He's in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Mjolnir sits on top of a hunk of concrete nearby doing its best to look like the sword in the stone of legend. Except its a hammer. It's a poor impersonation. But hey, draw it and you get to be king all the same.

“Agent Lewis,” greets Nathaniel, having seen the woman a block away and waited for her to come closer. “Good to see you again, you are some distance from the Triskelion, have you come to see the… hmm,” he glances at Thor, “interesting fellow there?”

He was actually verifying radiation levels were back to normal, since just 24 hours ago a crazy Inhuman called Atomico had been storing dirty nuclear bombs a few yards under this very street.

"Oh! Hi. Yeah. Good to see you. I'm actually on my way to meet…a…frien-Ohmygod. Please tell me he didn't level a -building-," Darcy goes from bubbly to exasperated in a few heartbeats. Clearly, she knows the blondie, and she hurries her steps toward him.

"Thor! Hi! … Whacha doing?" she calls out, eyes spotting the forsale sign so it's not immediate freak out mode. Hammer's not even glanced at. She knows what the relic is. "aren't you cold?"

Thor turns at hearing his name and beams a smile at Darcy. "Little DARCY! Come, see the future embassy of Asgard on earth!" he half shouts, the excitement evident in his voice. He hops down the rubble towards the gate, accidently kicking a length of rebar and snapping it in twain, all without breaking stride.

"Cold? No? Should I be?" Thor responds through the chain link fence.

“Seems so,” comments Nathaniel, apparently amused. “Why, do you know him?” Oh, obviously she does. So maybe not official SHIELD business here. He listens from some distance and chuckles. Looks like Darcy is going to need to talk with her alien friend.

When the sky cracks in the God of Thunder's presence, he's sure to know if it's due to the weather, which seems far and away as clear as it's been all week.

Save for the lancing blasts of blue energy that trail black and gray to the street. Only feet from where the gathering takes place, Faora-Ul makes groundfall, her sudden drop and stop cratering asphalt and sending a shockwave through the block that shatters windows and sends cars skittering sidelong. Mere moments later, her reasons are clear: Six skeletal, robotic figures land, each training their energy rifles on the Kryptonian.

A single blast fires, but before it has crossed the space where Faora /was/, she is where it originated from, blinking through the field of battle so as to look like a stop-motion progression of metal shattering punches that race across the battlefield. She leaves their destruction in her wake, whirling on her enemies to survey the field of battle - and then slowly she looks up, the fire of conflict in her eyes, and fixes her gaze on Darcy, Nathaniel, and Thor.

"I don't know. It's cold for me, but then.. I'm not you so… " Darcy eyes teh lock on the gate, then looks back at Thor. "You flew over the gate, didn't you?" she deadpans at him, head tilting to one side. "You're gonna buy this building then? I'll.. you know, I'll see if I can't get Diana over here to talk to you about what she did to get her embassy in new York? She's a greek- Holy FUCK!" Darcy cringes away fro the sound of robotic explosive DEATH, shoulder against the chainlink fence, hands up to protect her face. Because THAT'S going to stop space robots of doom. She peers through fingers toward the source of the explosions and crashing and gulps at the kryptonion's glare. Meep.

Thor isn't, perhaps thankfully, as fast as a Kryptonion zipping around, but his eyes do track the motion. At Darcy's yell he leaps the fence easily, holding his hand out towards Mjolnir as he does so. The large man lands between Darcy and the battle, hammer meets hand, and lighting flashes from the sky to strike the outstretched hammer, all in an instant. The t-shirt and jeans fade as the lighting courses down the man's body and heavy armor takes its place. The electricity comes to rest in the sparkling blue eyes of the Tunder God, as he stands ready for action.

"Find shelter little ones," Thor says to the two mortals in the sidewalk. "And cover me." he adds to Darcy, knowing that she is more likely to run into a fight than away from one.

*Proximity ale…* no time! Nathaniel crouches when the woman and the robots land, shattering windows and displacing vehicles. His outfit shifts and chances, forming into silver and red armor around his body. Then he stands and pulls Darcy close, raising a forcefield around both of them. “Call the Triskelion,” he suggests, “that woman is Kryptonian.”

Watches with the kind of wide eyes a predator gets when something untoward happens in it's midst, and as lightning strikes and clothing changes before her eyes into armor, she curls her metal-clad fingers into fists. Still, she was not certain the robots were really herding her, at least not until she hears the human word for her people.

With laser precision her gaze shifts to Nathaniel and she takes a menacing step forward, her cape shifting behind her with her stalking gait. "So the time has come. The champions of this world would seek to test me. First with toys. They were a meager distraction. Whatever your game, Earthers, know you have doomed yourselves for daring cross the House of Ul." As her still-accented words spill forth, her gaze lightens and seems to burn, glowing red as her anger swells.


Seems like she's 'figured' out who's responsible for these robots. The astute will note a certain skull and tentacle design on their shoulders, however.

Darcy is NOT a damsel in distress…. Darcy is totally a damsel in distress when put next to the likes of Iron Man LITE, Super Crazy Robot Smashing Girl, and Thor. There's a faint squeak as Darcy is collected by Nathaneil and protected by the force field.

"Cover you with what?! It's my day o— oh hell," Darcy's train of throught gets derailed by those brightly glowing red eyes turned in her general direction. "Kryptonian? She looks pissed to me. Did you stand her up?" quips the very normal Darcy even as she pushes herself a step away from him. Because Darcy is NOT a Disney Princess. That's Sif. ….and Leia. Both are bad asses.
Listening to Faora's monologue, Darcy takes a moment o glance at the toys she talked about, and spots the symbol. Oh, damn. "Yeah. Calling this in…" Darcy reaches for her phone, which is in her right butt pocket. It could read like she's going for a weapon. The Thunderer DID tell her to cover him, after all.

"I am no Midgardian." Thor starts, striding forward confidently towards Faora, hammer held low to the side, but ready to be raised. One doesn't use weapons on an unarmed opponent unless at need, honor demands. "I am Thor, God of Thunder, wielder of Mjolnir, and the Prince of Asgard. Stand down…" he commands, in a voice used to being obeyed, but excitied by the possibility of a worthy opponent.

Thor stops on the edge of the street, positioning himself so that most 'normal' attackers would have to go through him first, before reaching the mortals on the sidewalk behind him. "…Or be put down. Ladies choice."

“I have not seen her before,” replies Nathaniel calmly, his voice becoming mechanic. Faora is definitely not Power Girl, the other Kryptonian that wasn’t very nice to him, either. “I do not advise you to try to use a regular handgun, agent. Depending on how long she has been under our yellow sun you would need… well, I am not sure there are ballistic weapons powerful enough on Earth. But I might be able to reconfigure a synthetic red sun light projector form one of my wrist lasers. I need a few minutes.” Indeed, the armguard of his right forearm is shifting and reconfiguring like a thousand miniclockwork machines. “Have you seen those robots? Sloppy engineering. Looks like Hydra to me.”

Faora-Ul chooses violence.

There's the half-tilt of her head as the titles come and go, as the ultimatum is laid bare, and then her condescension shows through in a little smile. "Let us see the mettle of Earth's Gods." The retort leaves her mouth and then the Kryptonian is upon him in a blur of Horo-Kanu nerve strikes that, thankfully, are tailored more to a Kryptonian's nerves than an Asgardian's. Shoulder, side, sternum, her fingers dive like daggers for each point in a blinding blur, until she ends her sentence, written in the language of violence, with a punch that arcs sidelong for Thor's perfect, beautiful jawline, her feet planting to the ground with enough force that cracks form from the power of her swing.

She does not fight like others of her kind, and is no mere brawler, unconcerned with the damage she might do or the line she might cross, she is a Kryptonian's fury manifest on a very fragile battleground.

As for Darcy's call to arms for allies, and Nathaniel's plan of action, were she more versed in her own weaknesses she might take exception - but for now she does not.

"Definitely HYDRA," Darcy confirms to Nathaneil, phone out. She pauses in hitting send as Faora blurs into action, and Darcy's lower jaw just sort of drops at the display. "Holy shit. She's fast," Darcy notes. Granted, she's seen faster, but STILL. It's mighty impressive. Let's finish this phone call now!

Thor has no idea what Nathaniel just said. It sounded interesting though, and he'll probably have many inane and curious questions later, but the plan seems simple enough. He can make a weapon that will work, just distract the Kryptonian for a few minutes. Should be simple enough, she's just a mortal after——holy sweet Odin's beard! The shoulder strike lands faster than the Thunder God can react, but thankfully the Thunderer's armor is built to withstand such forces. The following strikes are only half dodged/parried and taken to the armor as Thor does his best to ramp up to his foe and handle her amazing speed. The jaw punch lands and sends the god sailing backwards into the rubble of the building.

There is a moment where the remains of the building think about standing, and then give up and collapse inwards, sending a shower of dust outwards. A pause, and then…laughing? Is Thor laughing? Yes.

The thunder god pushes a hunk of concrete off himself that would have crushed a normal human, and wipes the back of his hand across his split lip. "Impressive!" he calls out, and then leaps into the air, and throws Mjolnir with tremendous force at the Kryptonian, using the hammer throw as a baiting manuever to hopefulyl lead her into his charge, and the heavy hamfisted haymaker he launches with it.

“Those martial arts are not designed for super-speed or strength,” comments Nathaniel with a smirk. “Which is fortunate. Thor must be used to fight with super-strong foe, but the woman probably is not.” The armor sensors are trying to figure out how much energy is carrying Faora, but there is a serious lack of information on Kryptonian physiology. After all they went extinct long before the armor was designed.

Thor goes flying and the armored young man grunts. Fist close and the pools of light of his right arm go from gold to dull red. “Sub-optimal, but I do not think we have time to make it perfect. Take cover, agent, forcefield is down.” He raises his arm and the whole street lighting shifts from the grey-yellow of a winter day to warm red. Like a summer sunset.

When the laughter rings out, Faora knows this will not be like her other battles on this world. This creature, this /God/, is a true opponent, and for the first time since she arrived at this place she feels the thrill of a new challenge.

The hammer comes, and dodging it would be easy, but she like many think to turn the weapon against it's user, reaching out to curl fingers around it as that smirk forms once more.
And just as quickly disappears.

Mjolnir, or Meuh-Meuh, as Darcy calls it, takes her fore a ride.

The Kryptonian's eyes go wide as she is pulled along, but she reacts faster than most, releasing the weapon just before it would plow her into a building across the street, and with her feet slamming to brick she launches herself off of the structure to meet Thor's charge head on.

The shockwave is visible as the hammy haymaker connects, and the ground cracks beneath her from the shock of a blow that rattles her to her core. How long has it been since she's felt such opposition? To long, and she returns it in kind, drawing on her speed - an advantage she identifies only moments into this altercation - to drop low and plow a driving, launching punch at Thor's gut.

Successful or not, it will not drive him as far as she likes, for the world shifts and she feels a weight in her gut, as if suddenly rising the crest on a too-steep hill. A moment more, and she might find the weight of this battle to much for her under those debilitating rays. If only Nathaniel had had one or two more minutes to experiment he may have felled her in a single 'blow'.

Instead she sees the source of the beam, lifts a hand for a brief moment as if to shield herself, even as she staggers. Then it is her red dawn that rises in retaliation.

Beams of raw, anguished energy pour forth in Nathaniel's direction, without the control she's learned since she's arrived and certainly without any restraint, criss-crossing a small swath of deadly red solar-generating real estate she seeks to obliterate from this world.

"Central. This is Lewis. I've got a situa- Fuck. MOVE!" Darcy has to drop her phone so she can try to shove Nathaneil out of the way. Okay. Shove's not the right word. Shove implies hands. Darcy doesn't use her HANDS to make her attempted 'rescue'. She uses her shoulder and her hip. It's a derby move to be sure. Body coils low then releases under where Darcy thinks Nathaneil's center of gravity is, seeking to unbalance him and topple him to the floor.

And successful or not, Darcy's next action is to use the rebounding force of her shoulder check to fling herself to the floor as well.

Mjolnir slams into the building across the street, leaving a rather large spot for an all new bay window before falling to the floor. You're welcome new neighbors! The gut punch from Faora slips past Thor's guard, but suprisingly only sends him stepping back a few feet rather than sailing across the street once again. Even the earth shattering kaboom of earlier punches is missing. What just happaned? Did the sunset cause this? Wait, its not sunset yet. WHATS GOING ON HERE! Confused Thor is confused.

The moment of confusion is enough for the thunder god to not react to the energy explosions directed towards Nathaniel, but a quick glance and an 'oh shit' moment later, Thor steps forward to engage once again, trying to grapple the Kryptonian and direct that beam downwards and away, as well as get into a fighting position that negates her speed.

Of course Darcy never does what Nathaniel asks her to do. Heat vision is maybe the less dangerous of Faora’s superpowers, his armor can take sun-surface temperatures. But… it is also pretty light, which means yes, Darcy tackles him down. Ouff.

“Not a good idea, agent!” He complains, flipping the woman off him so he can cover her from the crisscrossing of melted pavement and glass. A few beams hit his armored back. Owowowo. Hot! “At least she is spending energy fast,” he comments bleakly.

"You are a strange little man," Darcy tells Nathaniel as he body blocks eye lasers for her.

The Kryptonian gains only a momentary reprieve as Darcy is forced into action, the direction of those red solar rays wavering for just a moment. Her heat vision plows through buildings, and then suddenly sidelong as Thor intervenes, raking across the streak and kicking up shards of glass and molten asphalt.

Just a brief second her nearly depleated reserves are able to exert themselves at full force, in which Thor steps in behind her and takes hold of her in a lock that should wither anyone into submission in mere moments. She is dwarfed by him, and falls to one knee under the unending pressure of his grapple.

Fingers curl against fingers and armor alike, and the air around the both of them seems to swirl as bits of street and other refuse vibrate and rise into the air.

There is a sudden absence of sound, the deafening madness of silence that comes as air is forced to rush away from the area a far faster than the speed of sound. The ground cracks and craters again, and the street itself, perhaps the worst recipient of this battle, rumbles and begins to fail as Faora launches herself skyward with super sonic force. Destination? Low orbit. A place to recharge, and if Thor hangs on, a new battleground.

From her spot on teh sidewalk, shielded by Nathaneil in his silver and red armor, Darcy gasps at the sudden deafnening silence. She peeks, then looks up as Faora takes the freek off. "Whoa." is all she can really manage.

Thor does what most people do when the ground is suddenly no longer under their feet. He death grips and hangs on for dear life, carried high into the sky and way above the cloud level, doing his best to exert his strength on the smaller woman and crush her before they escape the atmosphere. When that fails, he finally relents and releases Faora, and starts to plummet back towards earth, cape disentergrating in the building heat and air pressure as he falls. He extends his hand downward, holding it out palm open.

On the street level, the new neightbors get a brand new hole for a skylight as Mjolnir leaps heavenward, spinning quickly out of sight. Those lucky neighbors are gonna be so happy. Getting a new window, new sky-light, and their street finally getting rid of all those potholes, all in a few minutes work. Make it happen SHIELD.

In the middle of the battle, a lance slams down into the already broken and lasered concrete, spider-webbing it further into hardened shrapnel, flying broken bits upward and out.

…It is like the play button was forced into slow motion as the fragments hover upward, fighting gravity, and a light flashes - blinding…

And when that occurs the stagnant bits of concrete shoot outward like bullets. No care for those in the battle but from the light a figure forms, silhouetted in ribbons that spiral from her like serpents, ascending the amazonian figure in straps of red, a heavy laden belt at waist and tattoos down her face; accented by the Valkyrie winged headdress.

"Faora Hu!! House of Ul!!" The name is spoken loudly to ring over the road, hands dropping to her back once the lance is ripped from the ground and returned. Blades of Ichor dripping into her hands and reforming.

Thor… The man in the suit, the woman, those glowing gold eyes glance sidelong to, lips peeling back into a feral grin that narrows darkly tattoo lined eyes while the backdrop of Thor's crash landing just adds to the crescendo!

“-I- am strange?” Iron Guard stands up, grumbling, and offers Darcy a hand. “You tackled a guy wearing a battle armor from the 30th Century. In my strangeness-meter your behavior was pretty weird, agent. You were in much more danger than me.” He looks up and tsks. “She had enough power, after all. But lets see those robots?”

Or not. Angela appears and Mjonir jumps up. He glances at the redhead, then up. “Yes. She went that way,” he points up with his thumb.

Taking the offered hand and offered help, Darcy regains her feet.

"Yeah.. well… Last time something with a flaming red face shot eye lasers in my direction… Yeah no. Let's just chalk it up to you being weird." Darcy follows Nathaniel's gaze then looks down at Angela's sudden entrance. She takes in the woman's look, a brow quirking.

"Huh. Sif LITE," the Agent quips to herself just before the hammer rockets skyward.

"Uh… that's either a good thing or a not so good thing. Mew-mew's gone airborne."

As the Kryptonian breaches clouds and atmosphere, as her power all but teeters out, she holds her arms wide as the bathing light of Earth's sun washes over her. Since coming here, she had never felt so depleted. Not on the ocean floor, or in the darkest of night - this was very different, and the sudden rejuvenation is exhilarating.

In a moment she spots Thor as he falls, and spots, too, the missile that is Mjolnir flying towards him. Her eyes flash red and she thinks to unleash the fury of a thousand suns on him from a place where she will certainly not run out of power.

But then a new combatant joins the fray. Her sense of self-superiority would never let her admit defeat, but the sound tactician in her knows that knowledge is power - and until she can understand why she felt so weakened, she would be foolish to re-engage them.

Depending on where Thor is when she darts sidelong, she might get to see the sudden blur of black and grey as it races for the other side of the globe, a contrail blurring before she joins the horizon in making her escape.

The Mighty Mjolnir Missle (see what I did there =P) comes to a stop in Thor's grip, and only then does his fall start to slow as the Thunderer turns skywards, just in time to see the streak that was the krptonian flee the fight. "Another day, another time." he comments, letting gravity resume its hold and carry the large man back to the city street, landing softly in what remains of the road.

"The woman has fled. Are either of you hurt?" Thor asks, striding over to Darcy and Nathaneil before spotting Angela. "Another? Friend or foe?" Thor challenges.

Angela's gaze is staring heavanward, though unmoving in Thor's descent until he lands and speaks, making it go from gold to white. Indiscernable as it flicks from Iron Guard, to Darcy, and then Thor again.

The Blades of Ichor had formed and rest within her hands at her sides, and like accents the ribbons snap around her silhouette. There seems to be a debate, one that holds weight and nothing

Thor's query let's her know… He does not know, and in that her jaw sets, the mandible muscles fluxing beneath the piers of red ink, her head rising while the Blades retract into sheathes and her Spear is drawn.

"That depends on you." Words spoken as the spear is pivoted and the pointed end aimed in the direction Faora had disappeared into.

Nathaniel turns to Darcy, “but I an not… no nevermind.” Ah, Thor is back and the redhead is not a Kryptonian but… “you do not know her?” He asks Thor. “No, I am fine,” he leans forward and grabs a piece of smashed robot. “But Hydra is back. They got a beating a year and a half ago, discouraging they are again able to operate in New York.”

"I'm fine, Thor. Didn't even get a …no, wait. I've got a bruise. The world is safe," Darcy says, having brushed herself off and is now hunting for her phone. She was in the middle of calling this in after all. And well, SHIELD's gonna wanna know about the Hydrabots at least.
"Hey, Red? Yeah. Flygirl's gone so… If you're a friend better say so now," Darcy's saying even as she bends to pick up her phone. "AH man! The screen cracked!"

Thor tenses, bringing his hammer up as Angela draws her weapon, and then relaxes just a micrometer as she points it skyward. "The woman has fled, she is halfway to China by now with her tail between her legs should you wish pursuit." Not a strict interpretation of the end of the battle, but it could be said to have ended that way from a certain perpective, and thats my story and I'm sticking with it.

"A hydra, you say? Not the first time I have faced the multi-headed beast. Where in New York do you think it would dwell? Someplace near the east river most likely." Thor is thinking of the mythical creature, and not the organization, naturally. "But how would it have arrived on Midgard? It is not a native creature of this realm."

Thor smirks slightly at Darcy's bruise comment, but keeps his eyes on Angela, unsure yet if she is another hero, or an ally to the kryptonian. The make of her armor has him intrigued however, as he sweeps his gaze over the woman. Yep..Thor is checking her out.

"Friend?" Angela's head tilts at the word, she has heard it a multitude of times, but never even remotely found (or felt) the meaning..

When Thor remotely moves to strike at her with Mjolnir the tense of muscle is easily seen, the Angel of Heven ready in the matter of a heartbeat, the bow that rests across her back suddenly visible, the jaw of a known beast used to string weapons and bear a razored edge for close battle. But the hand resting near, falls away while the Spear remains unmoved and wavers within grip as if a life of it own.

The lashing of ribbons ceases in that moment, serpentine in twine around exposed skin just before a glow omits like what she had entered upon. "The Hunt is what I do." The look upon Thor is unreadable, even as her head tilts to Darcy in her exclaimation about her tiny feeble device and then Iron Guard. "Known, but not." And in a flash from the spear, Angela is gone.

“It is a terrorist organization, not a monster,” explains Iron Guard. “They built the robots that attacked that Kryptonian woman.” Then he turns to Darcy. “I am going to the Avengers depot to see if I can find out anything from this piece,” he is taking a smashed robot head. “We will be in touch, have fun here,” he takes off and flies southwards.

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