#SpoilerAlert : Couldn't Resist

November 23, 2016:

Spoiler saves some drunks from each other.

Gotham, "the Cauldron"


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Hal Jordan rarely if ever visits Gotham and it is moments like this that are a solid reminder on exactly why that is. A very solid reminder. A meaty fist collides with the side of his head forcing his neck to extend painfully, that will hurt later.
"Okay, you had your fun… "
"We just started, jackass." One of the guys holding his arms responds.

Why is Hal "Highball" Jordan in this scenario? Booze and his mouth. Usually the best of reasons. It is a fuzzy wash of muddy drunken memories but he recalls an attractive blond, a few shots, a nice perfume and an overly handsy attempt at making friends. Apparently her boyfriend and brothers didn't like that.
They're Irish apparently.
"Seriously, I didn't know she was your sister, if I'd known she was your sister I would offered to pay her fir-*KRAK*" It's funny how gravity really just sometimes lets go. Hal can feel the cement of the alleyway on his cheek and something spongy, wet maybe?
He was just stabbed.
-Warning. Laceration detected near Medial. Non-fatal. Seek medical attention or engage in cellular repair-
"Cellular repair, do that one ring." Hal mumbles in to the ground.
-Power Levels at 00.9% incapable of initiating aid.-
"Well that isn't good."

"Listen to this drunk fuck, hes talking to himself! Just stab him again and lets go."

These voices carry, they're all inebriated and not thinking but they're also all violent, all three of these men. There was five but Hal didn't go down without a short fight. Unfortunately for him he was already on the side of intoxicated when the incident began.

It was just another night on patrol for Spoiler. And MAN is this cape the BEST! She was getting the hang of short glides, one rooftop to another over very narrow alleys, just in case. She's in a great mood, right up until she sees the three guys down, three guys up, and one of the three on his feet going to stab one of the fallen.

"Oh, hell no," she says to herself, re-angling herself to drop down into the midst of then.

Sometimes, landing with a quippy one-liner is the best thing to do. Usually when the perps seem easily spooked into cutting and running at the sight of anyone resembling Batman's MO. Guys who are violent, with weapons, don't get such luxuries. Plus, there's blood. About-To-Be-Stabbed-Man has likely already BEEN stabbed and needs medical attention, pronto. She's got a first aid kit in her bat-bag on her back. Just need to drop or chase off the thugs fast enough to use it.

Spoiler doesn't hestitate. She glides to a height that would be a safe fall for her, then pulls the cape closed so she free falls onto Stabby McThinkin'AboutStabbing. He'll be PERFECT to break the rest of her fall. The collapsing bo staff is already in her hand, telescoping out to its full length and ready to use.

"Sorry. Spoiling the party."

#SpoilerAlert : Couldn't resist.
*UNF* is the only response Spoiler's landing pad manages at her quip. The ground and him meet rather intimately, the knife clattering across the alley.
"Its the BAT!" The nearest man who was holding Hal's arm cries out and turns to run, fear, superstitious blind fear has his legs pumping. She sounds and looks nothing like the Batman but such is the reputation and such is the cowardice of many a crooked Gothamite.

"You pussy, its just some stupid wannabe!" The bravest of the lot of men who just went 5 on 1 squares off to face Spoiler, "The fuck are you supposed to be little girl?" A bottle in one hand, empty and not broken but he is holding it like a weapon and slowly circling Stephanie as if he is trying to figure out just exactly what or who she is and if he should be afraid or not. She does not have that fear factor many vigilantes present, not yet at least or maybe this guy is just that confident.

Or he's that drunk. Either way, Stephanie senses that Stabbed-Man hasn't the time for her to argue with Mr. Self-Confident. So, she sized him up quickly, then heads in. Bo staff brandished, she aims to smack the 'weapon' away with one swing before bringing the other end back to smash the side of his knee so he drops enough for her to snap-kick his mouth closed and send him in an unconscious sprawl on the cement.
As the Mr. Self-Confident goes down and out Hal pops up to his feet in a surprisingly spry motion. He proceeds to wavers left and right while facing a very graffiti covered wall. "Okay, just needed to catch my breath." Fists up.
He motions them threatening at what looks like a well done spray painted Jessica Rabbit. "C'mon, round two ya dick." A squint of one puffy eye and the drunken Space Cop leans close, "Shit, that isn't a person is it?" His foot then hits one of the recently K.O.'d thugs. "I warned you guys, don't screw with me." No idea Spoiler is behind him with staff in hand.

Spoiler takes a heartbeat to breathe before she turns on Drunken Sailor. She triggers the staff to shrink and tucks it away as she approaches.

"Excuse me, Mister. Are you alright?" Drunk, hurt, if he's not feeling pain there could be OTHER things in his system. Which would just SUCK.
A slow turn and a second attempt to become aware of his surroundings and Hal finds himself staring at Stephanie and the fallen, his hands unfurl from fists and he swallows, "Let me guess, I did not do this?" Serious question. That squint he was leveling on the cartoon is now on Spoiler, his eye is very puffy, it explains some of why he can't see. "Huh, Gotham for you."

"Two of them," Spoiler replies, voice muffled by the face mask. She's trying to sound consolatory. Is it working?

"Here, sit on this crate and let me look you over. At least, a compress for your eye, okay?" And so she can see if he's on anything more than alcohol. And if the stab wound is bad or worse.

"Two? I am getting sloppy." Hal manages to grin despite the obvious discomfort he is in and lowers to the crate, blood is seeping down the back of his right arm, visible from the torn beneath the torn tshirt.
"I, honestly have no idea who you are. One of Gotham's crime fighters?" The wound is a lot more flowing due to the alcohol in his system.
-Toxic purge initiated. Charge immediately Power Levels at 00.1-

"I'm Spoiler, and yes. I guess so?" Will not say I work with Batman. Nope. Nor will comment on sloppy…. "Well, you ARE drunk." Dammit.

Stephanie sets to work, grateful the stab isn't as bad as she was fearing it was. Her first aid kit is pretty standard, and so the insta-cold pack is cracked, massaged, and then pressed lightly to his swelling eye while the other hand guides the not stabbed arm so that he can hold the straight-to-skin ice pack to his own face.
"I was, yeah, I guess. I'm sobering up fast." A hiss noise at the first cool touch on his eye before Hal is placing his own hand over it, "Spoiler? You ruin movies for bad guys? Bad joke, sorry about that. It's what ended me up here I think… that and a friend of mine owed me money, took me out here and then just disappeared. Go figure. You'd think he almost did it on purpose, huh?" A grin, lopsided with a split lip but a grin. He is really taking his ass whuppin' in stride.

"Actually…." Spoiler starts, grateful that the mask hides the blush on her cheeks. Too bad it doesn't scrub it from her voice. The reason he gave is EXACTLY why she's named what she is, or chose the name she did. She leaves the admission hanging, as if hoping he won't follow up, and she moves to start cleaning up the arm. Merit Badge in First Aid AND Sewing. She CAN stitch him. She really won't. Butterfly band-aids will do until he can get to a clinic to do it right.
"Aren't you Gotham capes supposed to growl when you talk or is that just another rumor? Your voice is a little too pretty to be scary." Hal teases, "I'm joking. From the looks of these guys you're more than scary enough." The icepack is moved around and he can hear his ring run out of power. It would have been easy to just activate it, use the last .3% and mop the floor with those guys but thats not exactly how this works or maybe, just maybe he was feeling masochistic. That happens sometimes. Keeps a man humble.
"You don't need to spend too much time on that, it is pretty superficial."

Giggles aren't scary either. Spoiler must have lost the memo, since she giggles softly. Yep. Batman growls to be scary. Works most of hte time too. The rest of hte time, Stephanie finds it mostly endearing.

"Maybe, but better cleaned and safe than rushed and infected," she retorts.

"You're the pro, I'll take your word for it." Shouting inside the bar has Hal lowering the icepack,"Damn, we should probably hurry along. Sounds like they're rallying the locals." A staggering attempt to straighten up has him sitting back down. "Mother… ouch… " Any curse words that might follow are cut off.

Spoiler glances toward the bar. "Yeah." She very quickly wraps a gauze about the arm to stay the bleeding so they can move. "Come on. Let's get a bit further away, then I'll finish patching you up," she says, ready to support his weight.
Hal being Hal is usually stubborn enough to insist he can help himself but he is not in the condition to make a fuss, allowing Spoiler to support the weight of one of his arms he drapes it over her shoulder and begins to escapee hobble towards safety, "I'd say, so, this how you seen your night shaping up? But then, you are decked to the nine in tactical gear so I suppose that answers it's own question."

"Actually, I pictured my night being a very easy patrol. Quiet, calm, nothing new to report, so that I can catch a nap before my 8am test tomorrow morning," Spoiler replies truthfully, moving as quickly as she thinks Hal can handle without too much pain or discomfort. She may be slim, but she's strong and while she doesn't support his weight with careless ease, she does support it with efficiency and grace.
Safety of winding narrow backstreets makes for an easy enough escape route until they're in an enclosed portion of a warehouse storage, the gate open and the place sometime ago condemned.
Hal releases her from supporting him and moves over to ease down against a support, sitting down on the cement platform at it's base. "Test? How old are you? Wait, no, don't answer that. You're in disguise… " He is finding some serious irony and humor in all of this. Normally he is the one in Spoiler's shoes. "No but seriously, I am curious."

"Oh god. I'm not a teen anymore," Spoiler retorts and the eye-roll, foot-stomp exasperation is clear in her voice. She moves behind him again, tapping his not-hurt arm so he'll put the compression back on his face before pulling out her Spoiler Phone (black and purple Lifelock case).

"Lumos." And the flashlight turns on so she can see. The phone is balanced on his shoulder.

"Don't move." Boys.

"Really?" Hal had not intended to sound relieved as he does. Maybe teenagers and kids just make him uneasy. The compression is mechanically lifted back up and placed against his cheek and eye.
"Nifty." His free hand rubs a thumb over his ring, twisting it about his finger. "Spoiler, huh, do you know the others? Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl? Who else is here… " Activitely trying to remember faces, "Oh! Catwoman?"


He's a fanboy.

"Yes. yes. Yes. Yes. Not really." Scout's code: Don't lie. WHich is really awkward with secret identities but… "You didn't have to sound so relieved. I don't care how drunk you are: I'm sober and it's not happening."
"So you know them all. You guys are a tight little unit out this way." Hal muses, learning more every day. "Wait, what is not happening?" Truly confused now. The icepack lifts off his face so he can look at her, "Hold on, do you think I'm coming on to you or something?" A light laugh comes out of the man, "I mean, you did save my bacon and peel me up off the floor and you cut a pretty nice shape in that get up but sister, we just met. I have some class." Says the guy who just got jumped outside of a dive bar. That grin is there again though.

"Uh-huh." Spoiler replies without looking up. She sounds so convinced. Especially as she catches her phone and uses the knuckles of that hand to thump Hal lightly on the side of his skull.

"Don't move." It's repeated. because she's USING his shoulde rto hold her phone so she can see what she's doing back here! Have not been given fancy see-in-the-effing-dark eyes thingies.

"Hey, careful, I may have a concussion. You could kill a guy."
"I assure you I won't." Which Hal does not. He sits there holding the compression pack once more to his face. "I know I'm the man of a hundred questions tonight but why? Seriously, you're not Superman or Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel or wait wait, are you? Do you have mutant powers or are you just some athlete in a suit?"

Will. Not. Answer.

Must. Not. Answer.

"Wouldn't that ruin the mystique?"

Spoiler and her mouth.

She once more continues her work, cleaning the wound thoroughly now that she has time, and then using butterfly bandages to hold the skin closed.

"Mystique? At our age? Pshaw. Gonna play coy I see… fair enough." That grin persists and soon Hal is setting aside the pack blinking his eye. "It is a miracle! I can see again. I should have expected this to happen tonight. Never go for a ride somewhere you don't wanna go with someone who owes you money. The instant I hear the word Gotham I usually say no thanks, but not tonight, nope, just had to have a drink. Speaking of you don't have a beer in that fanny pack of yours do you?"

Spoiler needs to upgrade from fanny belt to honest to God utility belt. The Drunk is sassing her!

"No." And doesn't that sound a touch growlly? Like a tiny kitten growlly. More adorable than fear inducing.

"There. Done. Can you get home on your own now, or am i going to have to tail you and make sure you don't start anymore drunken brawls you can't win?"
Hal lifts his arm up and flexes it a bit then rolls it slow, "Feels like new. Appreciate it." A tilt of his head and he laughs at the growl, "Daw, if that wasn't blood and possibly a tooth hanging out of the end of your stick-staff thingy I'd mock you further but no, I'm good."
A pause.
"I can make my way home but really is that your way of trying to invite yourself after me? Ease up, I'm classy remember."

In those eye holes in her plastic purple-painted can-be-bought-at-any-craft-store-but-was-likely-gotten-at-Hobby-Lobby, Spoiler's blue eyes roll.

"God you're worse than a frat boy," she quips, amusement finding its way into her voice nonetheless.

"Even frat boys learn from somebody." Pushing himself to stand up now Hal smiles down at her, "I've never been rescued by a vigilante before, do we hug now? shakehands? or do I just turn around and count to ten while you disappear in a cloud of smoke? If it is purple smoke I can't promise you I won't laugh."

Silence. A good ten seconds of it as Spoiler stares at Hal, blue eyes blinking now and again.

"I don't like you." She finally states in a tone of voice that can only mean she's blushing horribly behind her stifling mask. She turns then, heading for a different exit than the obvious one.

"Have a good night, Mr. Drunken Got My Butt Kicked Man."

"Don't worry, they all say that at first. You enjoy the rest of your night keeping Gotham safe and creepy!" Waiting several ticks to make sure she is gone a brilliant flash of green light erupts from the alley and an oath is recited.
Hal Jordan flies way.

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