November 25, 2016:

A few people gather in Central Park for some coffee. What they get are six feet tall, angry squirrels.

Central Park


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Solidly into a four day weekend. Darcy had a Sif in tow, because girl talk needed to happen in hopes that Sif will get human currency and can keep Thor from tipping baristas with hundreds. The day was cool and crisp, as it's want to be in New York during Thanksgiving.

As she had been leaving her apartment to pick up the Goddess of War, Darcy had gotten a text from Eli: -Nothing weird. Just want to pay ou back for coffee.

Drcy grinned and tapped a reply: -Central Park. 15mins.- The brunnette taptapped her chin. If she's going to have Sif with her, and Ex-Traffic Dude Eli the Weird Magnet, might as well make it a party. So, a text went out to a few others: -Hey! Grabbing coffee at Central Park. Come chill. It's like 50 degrees out!-

Darcy cackles to herself. She cracks herself up. Collecting her things, Darcy went out to pick up Sif, and then to the park and the sidewalk street vendor… a picture of which she sends to Peggy and Caitlin and Eli along with a Google Maps link showing her location. -I'm gonna lure the place. You got 5mins!- because it's a fun game.

"Thanks for coming out and getting hot drinks with me, Sif," Darcy says to the tall goddess at her side, hands wrapped round her steaming cup of cocoa. Look, she may have SAID coffee, but this is totally hot chocolate weather.

And Sif's choice of dress for the weather? Her typical red leathers, silver armor and the white trimmed red cape the falls down her back. She's been in colder… and worn less to do it.

"It is my pleasure, Darcy." She smirks. "And there was a problem concerning Thor which needed discussed?" When is there not a problem with Thor?

Where Darcy may have a hot drink, Sif has recently discovered iced lattes and seems quite enamored with them. Caramel-vanilla especially. And Reddi Whip…

Aside from being a bit tall and very in shape, Eli doesn't really stand out much in a crowd. Men living in Brooklyn with plaid flannel, Uniqlo jackets, dark blonde man-buns, and pretty blue-eyed faces are exactly what the foundations of various local stereotypes are built upon. He responds to Darcy's text of the map point: 'I'm actually pretty close. See you in a few.' He walks up from somewhere to the left of Darcy and Sif, lifting his hand in a wave as he approaches.

Peggy Carter is not generally one to 'come chill.' In fact, she's generally thought of the opposite: a SHIELD working machine who rarely takes time off for herself and usually lives for the job. However, as Howard and Mr. Jarvis have been pointedly telling her for the past few weeks, she does need some personal time. Otherwise, she will simply run herself ragged. It was by mere lucky coincidence that she had just gotten off the phone with Howard when Darcy's message came through. She liked the quirky SHIELD agent and if she was to take some time off, coffee and a few minutes of chatting would do the trick. It would also keep the nagging nellies off her case.

A fall coat drapes her shoulders, unbuttoned to reveal a warm sweater, a pencil skirt, tights and a matching pair of heels. Her hair was curly, though slightly windswept by the weather, the sides pulled up into low key victory rolls. Seeing the others, she makes her way toward them, studying first Sif and then Eli - strangers - before smiling a greeting at Darcy.

Caitlin, as it happens, is only a few blocks away, hoofing it across town. New Yorkers don't mind walking, but Caitlin's long legs get her shifting as fast as some people can run, let alone jog.

It helps to be 6'4" and heavy enough to do serious damage to light furniture— people get out of her way pretty quickly.

She frowns at her phone for about .02 seconds before snapping her fingers. "That's Bill's deli cart! And this is Friday, so… he's at Central Park!" Why does Caitlin have the routes and faces of New York's mobile food service memorized? Good question.

She makes great time, cutting across 5th and heading towards the park. She's dressed relatively lightly for the weather— leggings, boots, and a short decorative skirt, with a thin turtleneck on. It's relatively fashion-forward for the tall ginger's tastes, and utterly useless for warding off the biting Atlantic Coast chill in the air, at least for most people. She makes a beeline for Darcy, flashing a wide-mouted grin of surprise at Sif being there. "Ohmigod! OhmygodDESS," Caitlin corrects, beaming at Sif. She steps up and offers the Asgardian a bone-crushing hug. "It's great to see you! Darcy!~! Hi!" She offers Darcy a vastly more gentle embrace. "Did you think you'd fool me with /this/?" she asks Darcy, waggling the photo on her phone at her.

The vendor waves at Caitlin. "Hi, Caitlin!"

"Oh. Yeah. Money. You saw me pay for the drinks? Thor, yeah, he way over paid for things. Like, he doesn't get how much money is worth?" Darcy is commenting to Sif, green eyes scanning about. When she sees Eli and Caitlin and Peggy, Darcy stands up on her toes, waving hugely. "Oh, I invited some friends. Do you mind?" She asks of Sif, even as she's happy to see the others. The hug is returned, one foot having to pop up behind her in an effort to make herself a LITTLE taller.

"Of course not! Duh! It was a summon, the lure of wonderfully hot steamy perfectly made… It totally worked too! Look! Friends. Caitlin: Eli, Peggy, Sif. Eli: Caitlin, Peggy, Sif. Peggy: Sif, Caitlin, Eli. Sif: You heard." Darcy is a happy Darcy. People! she sips her hot chocolate again just as the very few people in the walking trails through the trees come RUNNING out in what might be a panic.

Wrapped in a sudden hug, Sif laughs and claps Caitlin on the back as she would any fellow Asgardian. "Hello, Caitlin. Good to see you again." She gives a polite nod to the rest of those gathering around Darcy before dropping her eyes to the girl with a smirk. "If they annoy me, I can teleport away easily enough. Or ask Heimdall to send Voltagg down…"

"I have been with him a few times while he has paid… He truly wasn't giving them any more than what it was worth." By their standards anyhow.

Does the panicked running draw Sif's attention? Yes. Does she immediately move? No. She has seen mortals get worked into a tizzy of things like small snakes or random animals…

Eli grins at Darcy and listens to the introductions. He offers handshakes in turn when introduced to the various others, which include Caucasian She-Hulk, a woman talking about teleporting, and Carmen Sandiego's good step-sister. He asides to Darcy, good-naturedly: "Work friends?" His joke is given no time to land, however. He notices the people running as well. "Uh…"

Peggy glances amongst those gathered here and quickly takes in the names and faces. Years of spy craft had sharply honed her memory so she could remember and repeat back facts about a person after a short meeting with them. Politely, she shakes hands where hands are offered and pulls her jacket a bit more tightly about herself. "Pleasure," she says warmly enough to the others, eyes resting on Sif for a few moments longer than the others merely because of the armor. That's not something you see much of these days.

The people running from the forest catch her eyes and she turns to watch with interest, letting Caitlin hug Sif and Darcy catch up while she observes the periphery with interest.

"Hi, Eli. Hi, Peggy." Caitlin beams enthusiastically at both of them, waving a short hello, her posture an odd confluence between superpowered confidence and an innate sort of shyness. Still, she's got a great smile and she's not afraid to share it. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Caitlin, or Cait, makes no nevermind to me." She shakes Eli's hand when offers, and mercifully doesn't try to break any bones. Peggy offers a handshake, so Cait shakes her hand, too, very carefully— the big ginger has a grip like a marble statue.

She hugs Darcy /very/ carefully, stooping way over to press cheeks together, and at least doesn't lift her off the ground!

"Hey, is there a marathon going?" Caitlin asks, flicking her gaze towards the runners. While everyone's looking that direction, she edges towards the vendor and orders the largest hot beverage he makes in the biggest cup he can find— and a few scones, too.

"Volstagg… Is he the big beard one or the Errol Flynn wanna be?" Darcy asks of Sif, grinning, before she rolls her eyes abotu Thor. "Well, for us it's almost obscene. May talked to him a bit. I hope it helped," she notes then smirks at Eli. She's about to reply when panicked runners are spotted. "No? Not in THIS weather," Darcy notes, head tilting slightly.

The source of the panic? A squirrel.

No, really. The squirrel is about as tall as a tree, and it steps from the treeline, nose twitching and fluffy tail curled behind it. Two others step out on eithe rside of the Squirrel Lord. It's so much smaller then the first one… but still they stand six feet tall.

"Well…. That explains everything."

"Voltage is the large one. He is a true lover of food," Sif says with an obvious fondness for the big Aesir man.

"I will speak with Thor on the matter if you like and see what can be done." Silvery blue eyes dance. "Perhaps I can find a way to convince him."

Anything more that's going to be said is cut off as the reason for the panic makes itself know. Sif stares at them for a moment before… she just doubles over laughing. See!? Random animal!!

Eli is actually doing the same thing Fairchild is doing during handshakes — keeping them as light as possible because if he squeezed too hard, he could crush a human hand into jello. He actually seems a little amused when he and Caitlin give each other the loosest, barely-counts-as-one handshake ever observed. But there's no time for that now, there are squirrels afoot. "Um," he says, taking a long moment to gather his thoughts. "Do you guys have, like… an animal control department…? A big animal, big control department—?"

"It's nice to meet you as well," Peggy tells Caitlin, unfortunately a little absent in her greeting as she watches the trees. It is nothing against the other woman, instead it is that self-same married to the job instincts that keep her attention elsewhere. It is rewarded - if one can call it that - when the six foot tall squirrels emerge from the trees. The British Agent's eyes widen in first confusion and then surprise. "Bloody Nora," she blurts out. For a moment, she just watches the oversized rodents, unsure of the best course of action.

Eli's question is met with a bit of a shake of her head. "I'm most certain that any pest control sent for those animals would come out of it the worse for wear. Squirrel's aren't naturally hostile, however. It's possible they're just confused? Unless they are alien squirrels." There's a brief pause and she looks over at the others a bit sheepishly. "I cannot believe I just uttered those words."

"There are /totally/ alien squirrels," Caitlin reassures Peggy. She gathers her drink in one hand, her scones in the other, and watches everyone eyeballing the squirrels, and the rodents eyeballing everyone else.

Sure, there's at least one SHIELD agent present, but Sif's not an Earth resident, and Caitlin doesn't know anyone else. So while the eyeballing goes down, Caitlin squares her shoulders and starts walking towards the squirrels, out alone in the street and helping to stop the rest of the traffic. New York, after all— even giant squirrels don't put a dent in the traffic flow.

She gets within about fifty feet of the squirrels, looking at them curiously, then takes a bite of one scone to show it's edible, and holds it out at arm's length in an offer of peaceful treaty. "Hi! Are you regular giant Earth squirrels, or squirrels from space? We're having some debate about that," she says, cheerfully. Props to Caitlin for not being fazed.

Darcy glares at Sif as she starts laughing. "Hey. Squirrels aren't usually that big!" Because that's a great defense for her fellow mortal! A glacne at Eli and Darcy snappoints at Peggy. "What she said," Darcy adds watching as Caitlin as she approaches the squirrels. She leans toward Peggy.

"If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said that I don't believe ROUS exist…"

The squirrels watch Caitlin approach, fluff-tails twitching. The larger one in the middle stretches forward, nose sniffsniffsniffing toward teh scone. And then it lashes out. What are normally tiny claws perfext for scampering up tree trunks are wicked six inch talons of squirrelly doom!

The glare from Darcy… Does nothing to dissuade Sif from laughing. What does, however, do is straighten up enough to make her way out across the field to join Caitlin. "Claws!," is called, ever so calmly, to the other girl.

Assuming she makes it up to Caitlin without incident, the Goddess pauses and looks over at the other girl and then over her shoulder to Darcy and then back. "Is anyone going to be upset if I kill them?" Not that such will stop her, necessarily but…

Eli looks to Sif. "Uh, it'd probably be ideal NOT to? I mean… scientists will want to study them, and stuff," he says, weakly. It sounded so much cooler than 'because killing them would be wrong' in his head. "I'll help out, though, I'm stronger than I look. I could probably arm-wrestle a squirrel. I think."

Eli takes one step forward, and then says to Darcy: "Hey, I know this is our second time getting coffee, so this will be really weird, but can you hold something for me?" With the speed of a superhero, Eli unbuttons his flannel and shrugs out of it and the Uniqlo jacket. He looks like carbs are a foreign concept to his body entirely, and like his first language was 'gym.' "Thanks," he says, handing the clothes to Darcy. "I mean, I wore a nice shirt for this, I don't want it to get wrecked. I mean. Not too nice, not like, date nice, or anything, I'm not trying to… you know, give that impression, and… I mean… Look, I'm gonna go see if I can help your friends not kill those squirrels. Be right back, hopefully." And so, courageous Eli jogs into battle.

"ROUS'?" Peggy gives Darcy a curious look, thinking that the other agent has identified what these strange breed of animals. "Is there a SHIELD file on them?" Clearly, despite Peggy's time in the present day, her popular culture knowledge still has wide gaps. "What is their general disposition?"

Most likely, Peggy cannot arm wrestle a squirrel, but as the large creature takes a swipe at Caitlin, Agent Carter lunges into action. In an attempt to pull the woman away from the creature, she grabs at her arm or shoulder, whichever one is handy and - should she find purchase - yank backward. The agent does not know Caitlin's superhuman strength, she merely sees a person in danger. To Sif and Eli, she doesn't wait to see if one or the other takes command, she calls to them, "Just—make sure they don't bolt. Darcy, put in a call. I'm sure SHIELD has the proper equipment to handle ROUS'." No, she still does not get the reference.

Caitlin yelps and recoils when those claws slash at her. She utterly, /completely/ fails to notice Peggy tugging at her arm— in fact, Peggy needs to be careful not to hang on too tightly, because Caitlin's surprisingly dense, even for her size, and the merest motion of her arms completely fails to be checked by Peggy's motion.

She mostly gets out of the way of the claws, but she's quick, not superhuman in that regard— and the squirrel is /fast/. Claws rake across her collarbone towards her bicep, rending her shirt with four sharp, paralell lines and ripping it away from her neck and shoulder.

"…Crabapples! This shirt was NEW!" Caitlin flings the scone in her hand at one squirrel's face as a juke, taking a half a second to make sure her feet are lined up properly and hauls back to deliver a blunt front kick right to the squirrel's midsection. She pulls the hit— a little— just in case the squirrel isn't well-nigh invulnerable. But the blow's enough that a grown man would find himself knocked back a solid ten yards or more, and likely with a bunch of cracked ribs.

"Thanks Sif!" Realizing Peggy's next to her, Caitlin strongarms Peggy backwards and promptly squares her shoulders with Sif so the two bruisers are partially protecting each other's backs, with Peggy safe in the 'V' between them. Cait's clearly an expert at infighting. "I feel like there's a joke in here about busting their nuts, huh? Huh?" She elbows Sif's ribs lightly a few times, never taking her eyes off the remaining squirrels. "Miss Peggy, I think you better run," she advises the SHIELD agent.

Being given clothing was NOT want she was expecting. Darcy opens her mouth to argue the point, but Eli's off. Darcy sighs and uggles the cloth into one arm so she can place that call Peggy asked of her.

"ROUS. It's from Princess Bride? They're.. It's a-" And then the line connects and Darcy needs to talk like a normal SHIELD Agent: "Central, I've got three giant squirrels in Central Park. Agent Carter is requesting assistance with clean up since we've got an Asgardian, a super strong meta, and… Ex-Traffic Dude who's shirtless and thinking he's going to be able to tango next to the Goddess of War…"

Scone flung, all three squirrels fixate on the sweet. The one taking the scone to the face tries to catch it while the one closest to it tackles it in an effort to get at the scone. Well, tries to tackle since it is suddenly Cait-kicked back into the treeline. The third squirrel, smelling more scones in Caitlin's possession goes for her.

Sif smirks. "Bodies are bodies…" This about studying them.

When Peggy shows up, the Asgardian woman becomes a little more serious and finally draws her sword. The second blade is slid out and the the weapon split in two, giving the War Goddess to separate swords to play with.

Sif smirks and dashes forward, easily avoiding any strikes and aiming right at the biggest of the two. It's a move Thor would be proud of. Brute force. Silly squishy Midgardian animals. They may or may not survive the Goddess.

Eli watches Caitlin and Sif go to their various fighting methodologies, as he becomes named 'Ex-Traffic Dude' in official SHIELD paperwork. He can't hear that part, though. He's busy staring down a six-foot-tall squirrel. "You okay?!" he asks Fairchild, noting only that she was clawed, not that she took it like a champ.

"Hey, guy. Hey, squirrel. Easy. Easy, bud. C'mon, buddy." Eli spreads his hands, apparently trying to treat the six-foot-tall squirrel like someone would a big dog that they're trying to trick into taking a bath. He speaks softly. "C'mon. Just—" The squirrel lunges, and what Eli would LIKE to do is try to pull the squirrel in and put it in a chokehold. He figures he can make it pass out. He hopes he can. If he can even lock the hold in. He might look like a UFC fighter, but he's actually a high school newspaper kind of guy.

Quick to stop pulling once she realizes that Caitlin is practically an immoveable mountain, Peggy moves into the flank between Sif and Caitlin. "It's Agent," she tells her crisply, though there is no real bite to her words. She's, instead, informing her of her authority. "And I see no need to run just yet." Reaching into her purse, she pulls out an ICER. It takes her a moment to regain her balance after being yanked backward by the much stronger woman, but as soon as she does her shoulders square and a foot is slipped back just slightly as she raises the gun.

She hears Darcy call in the SHIELD back up and makes a note to ask her about what a Princess Bride is later. Her periphery tracks Sif as the warrior woman unsheathes her sword and lunges forward, then Eli as he attempts to wrestle the other squirrel into submission. Taking a decided step to the side to allow Caitlin the ability to swing wide without accidentally clobbering the decidedly regular human strength'd Peggy in the side. She doesn't want to fire until it's clear she has a shot.

"Er, sorry, Miss Agent," Caitlin says, completely missing Peggy's intention. She breaks from Sif when it becomes clear the squirrels are going after her, moving with a surprisingly nimble step and a clearly martially-trained ease. She dances backwards with a swaying, pivoting step, then plants one foot and swings an uppercut at one squirrle, then when the second lunges at an outstretched scone, she grabs the back of the squirrel's neck and twists around in a short, whipping arc and one-handedly, piledrives the giant squirrel into the asphalt with a move that'd make a luchadore envious.

"Get the civilians clear!" Caitlin barks at Sif. She has one scone left, so— she throws it in the air in front of the squirrel that Eli's trying to wrestle, then rushes fast on the scone's wake and grabs the squirrel by the muzzle to get its attention and keep it from biting Eli or clawing him. Those talons rake across her shirt and leggings, rending them, but Caitlin's skin doens't even appeared reddened by the vicious attack.

There's an acknowledgement from SHIELD on Darcy's phone, including an update that another agent in the area should arrive very soon. And, as advertised, May arrives at a run just in time to see one particularly enormous squirrel get launched and another beat up on by Sif. She presses a small metal cylinder into Darcy's hands as she passes by her, making a beeline for Carter and pulling a pistol identical to Peggy's from her jacket as she stops in a protective stance. That should free up Caitlin to turn and run away or something, and for Sif to keep on with the kicking of furry tail.

This could make for an interesting field test of the ICER — she doesn't know if the R&D types tested it against fur-covered skin.

With the acknowledgement received, Darcy puts her phone away. "Nono! Sif keeps kicking furry ass. I'll clear the civili-" A wild MAY has appeared. She pulled RANK and gave Darcy a metal cylinder. It was affective. No idea what it does, so Darcy just holds it and starts directing people out of the way of giant squirrelly mayhem.

The kicked squirrel, the largest, has recovered and returns, charging at the SHIELD agents only to be cut off by a Sif with swords. It squeaks, which at this size is more like a high pitched roar, and leaps to the side. Brute force? Yes, Thor would be so proud! For the largest squirrel drops again under the force of Sif's charge, clawed feet flailing, taill smashing into a tree near by.

The pile drived one stays down a moment then scrambles up to charge the SHIELD agents. Mostly to just get past them. But through them is okay too!

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Eli have the third squirrel wrestled to a stand still.

Eli is grateful for Caitlin's help in subduing the third squirrel. He's not really paying attention to what's happening around him. He's thinking about his life, and how it's come to this. He's also wondering how it can possibly take so long to cut off a squirrel's air such that they pass out. He finds himself thinking about that one scene with Jim Carrey and the cow. "C'mon, guy, shhh, shhh, go to sleep, go to sleep, night night…"

Caitlin's misinterpreted correction of her title causes Peggy to give her a raised eyebrow for merely a moment. That will have to be a conversation for later. There are more important things happening at the moment. Agent May's arrival next to her doesn't cause a startle or shift. Instead, she glances toward May, nods an acknowledgement, "Agent May." Her attention is back on the squirrels. Sif is making short work of hers, Eli and Caitlin have the other, Darcy is making sure the civilians are out of the way. That just leaves the last one.

Keeping her stance, the gun follows the squirrel before she shoots at the charging animal, aiming straight for center mass. She only spends two shots, waiting to see what effect they might have before wasting more ammunition. One thing is clear, though, she doesn't seem keen to move out of the way of the charge just yet.

It's okay, Miss Agent! Caitlin's got it covered!

"Leggo my squirrel!" Caitlin orders Eli, ignoring the teeth that are cracking themselves as the squirrel tries to bite the hand that's currently wrapped around its muzzle. She spots the last squirrel dashing at Peggy and May, scrabbling in retreat, and rips the squirrel entirely from Eli's hands. With a fast step, she whips the squirrel around by the face— muzzle?— and flings it at the last squirrel to slow them both down enough for the SHIELD agents guns to do their work. She definitely doesn't fight on Sif's level, but she clearly more than makes up for it with a serious competence as a beat-down artist. And, being largely immune to injury.

Melinda May watches the various fights carefully, then following Carter's lead fires her ICER a split second after. And, she can only hope that that'll be enough to take the squirrel down.

"Clearly, I missed something here." And yes, she's expecting someone to explain. Sooner rather than later would be preferred.

The ICERs hit and the squirrel stumbles, staggers, then falls a full three feet short of May and Carter. It's fluffy tail shudders once before it goes still, stunned and unmoving just in time for Caitlin's squirrel to tumble into it. Stunned Squirrel is stunned and does not react. The largest Squirrel, Squirrel Boss, is still locked in combat with Sif though she's brute forced it very nicely.

"Check me. I'm just the knockers. Three ROUS came out of the forest and then went nuts," Darcy calls out as she gets NYPD directed into a perimeter to keep the rest of the New Yorkers out of the area.

So… To Sif's way of thinking… Two is better than none and since the two smaller ones are being handled by people who seem more than patient enough to play with the animals until they wear out or are knocked out, and Sif isn't anywhere near that patient, two of the squirrels will survive.

The third? The biggest one that's currently flailing about and knocking down trees with its tail? Not so much. Why? Because Sif's got two swords that easily slip through throat and skull.

And when the animal quits thrashing, she simply perches on it. "I'm keeping this one!" Lots of meat… Enough fur to make a few blankets…

Eli releases his grip on the squirrel when Caitlin starts to yank it away. He doesn't want to be responsible for a squirrel getting its head torn off because someone even stronger than him tried to pull it out of his already strong grip. When it's all over, he looks around, marveling at… well, how little he actually accomplished. He slinks back over toward Darcy, hoping to reclaim his shirt. "Hey, uh, if I ever try to play superhero again, remind me that I really suck at it, please."

While Sif's squirrel is down for the count and not getting back up again, there are two more that should most likely be studied to find out what made them grow like this. Peggy straightens when she sees the creature she and May shot stumble and then fall. Flicking the safety back into it's proper position, she stows her gun away and turns to May. "What Agent Lewis said. We're not sure how the squirrels are this size, or why they attacked."
There's a bit of an amused smirk at Sif when she declares that she is keeping the large one for herself.

Caitlin gags at the sight of blood. For a big time hero, she's a bit squeamish about Sif's effective disembowling of the squirrel. "Ugh. God, that stinks," she mutters, covering her nose. She tries to use the collar of her shirt as an improvised mask against the odor coming from the dead squirrel, and the last shreds of her decency fall away with a loud tearing of stitches, leaving her in a sports bra that clearly must be derived from NASA high-tensile cloth of some sort.

"Dangit! That was a new shirt!" she complains, holding the shredded, improvised handkerchief to her face. For her folksy, earnest manner, she seems largely unbothered by being abruptly partially underdressed. Then again, anyone who follows her Instagram knows this is a semi-regular occurance for the big ginge. May gets a puzzle, speculative look, but with Peggy and May standing there looking dangerously competent and bracketing Darcy, Cait puts it together and seems to lump them all into SHIELD in her mind.

"What the heck are ya gonna do with a squirrel?" Caitlin asks Sif, unable to let that assertion stand unchallenged.

Seeing that the various squirrels are now all dealt with, May nods her thanks to Sif and Caitlin and the … shirtless young man. Why is he shirtless, again? She also tucks her ICER away and puts one hand to her ear to get an update on the arrival of the cleanup crew. It's useful having Carter give her the quick update as well.

"Which direction did the Rodents of Unusual Size come from?" That's as good a place to start as any. And yes, she just all subtle-like explained the 'ROUS' thing for Carter's benefit. Zip-ties are brandished from her jacket and offered to Darcy wordlessly. Junior agent gets the 'privelege' of hog-tying the downed and not clearly dead squirrels to hold them until the cleanup crew arrives.

"It might help to have a cape," Darcy quips at Eli, handing him back his clothing. She looks over at May, deferring to her SO, so when the zip ties are held out, Darcy moves over to collect them and start the hog-tying process.

"From the forest, that way," Darcy replies, pointing away from the street. SHIELD Dispatch reports clean up crew is enroute.

Sif turns her attention on Caitlin and arches a brow. "The head will be mounted. There's plenty of meat her that can be preserved and cooked in various ways. The pelt will make be able to provide plenty of layers of furs for the bed… Some could, perhaps, be turned into usable leathers though I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. It's thin. The bones can be used for a variety of reasons as well…" Clearly, she could go on and on. "However, seeing as the blood seems to bother you, I shall wait until later to gut and clean it." At least she's considerate?

She lets her eyes scan the rest of the group gathered while using the end of her cape to wipe the blood from her blades before reaching the weapons into a single piece, letting the second blade slip back into it's hiding place and sheathing the sword. "Everyone is unharmed?"

Eli finally notices how shredded Caitlin's clothing is as he's buttoning up his own shirt. When Darcy goes to ziptie the squirrels, he decides to maybe do something that doesn't involve an amazon in ruined clothes. "Here, let me help you with that," he says, walking after Darcy. "I might as well do something helpful today. Even if it's just holding their arms for you."

As May talks out the acronym, things start to fall in place for Peggy. "Ah, ROUS makes quite a bit more sense now. I thought it was a SHIELD designation, but apparently it is a reference to a Princess Bride," she tells May. Her stance relaxes now that the danger has seemingly past. She pushes a bit of her curled hair back from her forehead and glances over at Caitlin, Eli and Sif. "Good work on subduing those beasts," she smiles at them. "I can certainly see that squirrel making quite a handsome trophy. My father would have stuffed it and placed it in one of the parlors." To Darcy, she grins as the woman starts to zip tie the animals. "You're quite right, coffee was quite a diverting time." And she doesn't even seem to be joking.

"I'm fine," Caitlin assures Sif. "They couldn't really hurt me, I don't think. That was a neat trick with your swords, be-te-dubs," she assures the Asgardian warrior. "I've never seen someone use two swords at once like that," she says. "I mean, outside of a bad movie or something," she amends a moment later.

"Aww, maaaan… I dropped my coffee. And my scones!" she laments. And the vendor, wisely, beat feet the minute that the fight kicked off. A resident New Yorker knows better than to lurk around a superhuman throwdown.

"The Princess Bride is the title of a movie," May explains briefly for Peggy. "Worth watching if you're curious." Even with her ICER put away she is visibly (to those that know what to watch for) still on the alert until both not-dead squirrels are trussed to her satisfaction.

"I'd appreciate statements from everyone involved," she says while looking from Caitlin to Eli to Sif. She knows better than to make it a demand, though. THat's the fastest way to ensure it /won't/ happen. And, she doesn't offer coffee in exchange for a debriefing. If Darcy's any indication, the normal coffee offered at SHIELD is not exactly up to most people's standards.

"Oh. Thanks. These things are heavy A.F." Darcy smiles at Eli, working to get the squirrels all trussed up. Sif's declaration has Darcy chuckling and shaking her head. "Ohmygod. Asgardians crack me up. Squrriel-skin rug." She looks up at Peggy, finishing up one ROUS and starting toward the other. "Glad you had a good time, Peggy." The Once May's junior Agent Always May's Junior Agent straightens up, dusting her hands off. "And I'll write the reports." Because writing reports is her life now some days.

"Asgardians? Like, the Scandinavian god people running around?" Eli is holding a squirrel's limbs in place for Darcy's zip-ties, and he looks over at Sif while doing so. "Wow," he says, shaking his head and turning back to the task at hand. "Asgardians." Eli does, however, note to Darcy as they stand up, "I don't mind giving a statement, by the way."

Sif grins at Caitlin, nodding her head. "I can teach if you if you'd like. It's really not that difficult to wield two once you learn how to properly handle one."

She looks over at May and nods, slipping from the squirrel. "Of course."

Her eyes flit from May to Peggy to the squirrel and back to Peggy. "That would be a very large Midgardian parlor, indeed but aye, he will make quite the sight. Do you wish a trophy from it?"

And then she smirks over at Eli and Darcy. "Not a bad idea, young Darcy. He would make a handsome rug as well." There's certainly enough fur to go around!

"That'd be swell! I learned spearfighting from Diana and Carol taught me CQB," Caitlin tells Sif, moving to help carry the massive squirrels towards a paddywagon for metas that roll up. "So Asgardian swordfighting, that'd be pretty legit," she tells the warrior. "I've only held a sword a few times, I never really focused on it too much."

She gives May a wary look— something about the no-nonsense SHIELD agent's demeanour clearly strikes an uncertain nerve with the big ginger, and she drifts away from the agents towards the only other metahuman on the field, stopping relatively close to Sif's position and nudging the giant squirrel with a toe. "Are you /really/ gonna skin it? What it if has… fleas?"

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