First Time's Murder

November 21, 2016:

Morgana takes Darkedge to Earth for the first time.

New York


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Fade In…

It was the first time Morgana had taken Darkedge to the human world with her. Because of his aversion to light, she had enchanted his clothing and then put a glamour on him so that the clothing wasn't visible. She, herself, was 'dressed' in a purple wrap dress and a paor of black heel boots with her hair left hanging.

For now, as they walked the streets and let him get accustomed to this world, things are as quiet as New York ever is.

"Personally, what they have done to this world is despicable. If they could feel the pain they are causing…" There's such a cold hatred to that vehemet hiss.

Darkedge walks at Morgana's side, silver eyes scanning their surroundings as they go. The smell was almost intolerable.

They've lost touch, he comments coolly, sensnig the venom and attempting not to feed it further. The glow of the neon lights was nauseating, but he refrained from gushin his thanks of the enchantment just yet.

Morgana snorts faintly. To say the least. The closest thing this wretched place gets to nature is an area they call Central Park and even that… She shakes her head. They have polluted that as well… There's such a sadness there.

And they have become so much more intolerant. As if to prove this point, a man on a cell phone pushes past, turning to make a snide remark before moving on. Point made.

There's also two teens following her and Darkedge for about two blocks.

The flavor of that sadness is not one to which Darkedge is familiar. Morgana is not so in Avalon. To feel it bothers the dark elf more than he's willing to admit, and so he sends only the barest touch of wordless acknowledgement to her as they walk. The man on the cell earns the elf's narrow-eyed gaze. He's more than aware of the teens behind them, but he does not alert Morgana to them. Should they try anything, it is Darkedge's plan to see them dead before his Queen has the opportunity to realize she had been attacked.

Morgana grins faintly at the acknowledgement. Her eyes cut over to him. Thank you. She is, as of yet, completely unaware they're being followed. She isn't concerned about such things.

The teens break apart, one pushing throigh the crowd to come up behind her while the other detours to come up to them from the front thanks to an alley.

My life in Your Service, my Lady, replies the elf, masking his glance at the teen right behind her with seems a slight but formal bow. Hand to heart, Darkedge palms one of his throwing crystals. Quartz. It's common enough in Avalon, but shaped into an incredibly thin, razor sharp, lethal sliver.

'The other is missing.' his mind notes, peripherial latchng back onto his location the moment he comes up in front of them.

Morgana tilts her head faintly. You know… I trust you above all oth-

She doesn't get the chance to finish the sentence as the teen in front of them reaches out to grab Morgana by the arm while the one behind them lunges at Darkedge.

The palmed dagger is flung at the teen behind Morgana, the one lunging for him. He doesn't check that it hit its mark, for Darkedge trusts his aim: the boy's exposed throat. No sooner is the dagger thrown than Darkedge is stepping toward the teen reaching for his Queen with his left hand. It's a smooth motion, one motion, Drakedge throwing the dagger, grabbing the teen's hand, twisting the young human's wrist to snapping and bodily stepping into the youth as a dagger slides from its holder at the small of his back, and is ready to be driving deep into the teenager's lungs, right toward his heart. Only one voice can stay the elf's motions.

The boy behind them drops instantly, the spray of blood being deflected by the sorceress who, while she hadn't jumped, had snapped her head around. A brow arches as the teen bleeds out.

Piercing green eyes turn to the one Darkedge now holds 'hostage'. What shall we do with him..? There's a dangerous glint to her eyes, a dark smile curving her lips. "What you attempted was unwise, insect. I could let him kill you… But I think death is too good for humans… Your friend was lucky for my friend's instincts…"

She steps forward until she's right in front of the young man, already crafting a spell.

Morgana sends and Darkedge's knife halts. It's tip resting against the fabric of the teen's shirt, cutting in each time the human breathes. Darkedge's face is impassive, a cold mask of unfeeling precision. His thoughts are anything but.

What pleases you, my Lady.

Morgana's head tilts, a step being taken back as the human wets himself and starts blubbering. Foul little things…

The spell is unleashed, the humans body cracking and twisting painfully as he shifts from human to troll. "There… Now he can know what it's like to be hunted… And just to make sure of it…" Another spell is released, like a ticking time bomb until he goes on a rampage.

He can be released now…

The flesh shape into a troll curls Darkedge's upper lip into a sneer, but he maintains his grip until ordered. A light push and Darkedge steps back away from the now even MORE foul creature, knife sliding back into its holder. Needless to say, the people that were in the area have scattered.

I can see why this world bothers you so, my Queen. comments the dark elf softly.

These humans hunted many wonderful races to extinction… Death, and the peace it offers… is too good for them. Morgana straightens, letting her eyes sweep around the now empty area and she smirks. Let him know the pain his people caused.

She looks down at the body behind them and then back to Darkedge. We should go. While I care little for what humans think, I do not feel like dealing with their authoritative system tonight.

Darkedge bows again, moving back to Morgana's side to continue along the sidewalk. He's confident in her glammour to hide them from human sight not too long from now.

The confidence Darkedge has in Morgana makes her smile more genuinely as they start forward again. When you are ready to return to Avalon, let me know. I know you need to familiarize yourself with this world if you're going to accompany me from now on, however. Because he wouldn't be comfortable otherwise.

There is much of this world to learn, my Lady, but I have no wish for you to grow fatigued in dealing with the humans, Darkedge replies, offering Morgana the way to say it's home to go home. He'd love to leave, but there's work to do.

Morgana's eyes slide over to the Underworld elf. Her friend. She nods. I appreciate that, Darkedge. Let us return home them. I have stomached all I can for the evening. A wave, perhaps a small murmur, and a portal opens in front of them. It's about time for dinner anyhow.

A formal bow of his head, and Darkedge follows Morgana through the portal.

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