November 24, 2016:

Ozymandias hunts down Starfire to extend an offer.

Queensland Park Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort
Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like
'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to
newcomers to Metropolis.

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in
other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these
diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of
Queensland Park prove it untrue.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


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Fade In…

After awakening up at the Justice League from being impaled, Ozymandias spent the next 24 hours going over video footage of past battles of the various super heroes that have fought with the Justice League. He uncovers a few possible candidates that would like to join the Justice League on a more permanent basis, or at the very least provide some more assets. Ozymandias makes his way to QueensPark where Starfire's ship is hovering.

He pulls out a communication device and begins to broadcast on variety of different frequencies in attempt to contact Starfire. It just a simple request for a meeting.

The call comes in, a blip, a small beacon, and with it being in Queensland Park K'tten sits upright and relays the info to Starfire….

Kori has exhausted herself against MODOK - that she should have used the HMSS she used herself, and then went out to speak peaceably against G. Gordon Godfrey and his win in Metropolis.

Xenophobia is galore now, the Superman statue painted with 'False God' in spray-paint, despite the sacrifices made down to body and soul for the people. A shadow is cast…. Not unlike what is over part of Queensland Park already after the Apokolips Invasion. Star and Skaar had helped rebuild and move part, but some things just cannot be undone when the people of Metropolis look at you with terror that is nightmare-inducing.

… But Morien's call is a resonance that has the Crew paying attention, and above him a beam sparks across the sky to leave Starfire hovering with the perse glow resonating from fists and those pupiless emerald eyes narrowed upon the locale of the herald.

I only came here seeking peace…

"You called?" The voice of the Tamaranean is one of caution, despite the flare of comet-huen hair that flames out behind the figure silhouetted by lighting and only coveted by straps of purple armor.

Even one has seen countless wonders of this world, the concept of aliens living on other words is still one that spends a lot of time meditating on, and the arrival of Starfire does bring some of those thoughts to the surface. He knows this is not the time, and he has a lot of time to continue to ponder about alien life. Ozymandias peers up at Starfire and chuckles a bit, "I thought that aliens only said that in the movies. Ozymandias offers a friendly wave, "My name is Ozymandias. I am member of the Justice League. I was hoping to speak to you."

I only come here…
Seeking peace.

Only in movies, but in reality, it still has as much bearing. Starfire and her crew have taken this place as home, and the land beneath the orbit of the ship especially - the people…

Among the wash of flames that engulf the ends of her hair, her head tilts and she lowers, slowly to come before Ozymandias and his 'white flag' of sorts in naming the Justice League.

"What has occurred?" And in that moment those emerald eyes dart along the landscape and the people watching from their doors, windows, and small frontal lawns as well as reformed market stands since the former place had been lain to waste and is being rebuilt.

"I have not seen you before…" And in a light float forward, Starfire nearly is nose to nose with the man, the heat emanating off her unable to be ignored.

"I try not to attract a lot fanfare when I do my protecting. Honestly, it really saves on me having to buy pens for autographs, and keeps a lot villains seeking me out wanting to make a name for themselves. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask as he looks at the ship, "I am thinking that a ship that cross space must have some sort of media search. Do a combine search for Ozymandias and Justice League? I can wait while you search to see if I speak the truth."

Ozymandias studies the flames that are the end of her hair. "How are you causing the flame to appear at the end of your hair, or is that something that happens with your hair in our atmosphere? I don't mean to be rude, but I have really never seen anything like that. "

"K'tten, you heard him…" The close proximity allows his voice and request to go through to the crew-mate and fellow Tamaranean.

Within moments a small projection comes from a near invisible lens that folds down before Starfire's eyes, showing feeds and clips of Ozy, as well as the Justice League, though that group is renown despite its silence as of late. While it rolls…

"I have no doubt, you know too much for me to cast it aside, and unless you are a minion of the Skull-Faced Man then you should not know…" A pause as his inquiry makes her head tilt and a small smile appear upon deep purple stained lips. Feet clad in purple armor touch down upon the ground and the comet-trail subsides, but the hue remains within the long descent of hair down her back to nearly her ankles.

"Atmospheric transference, the oxygen level required here versus my physiology in order to have flight. Like a comet falling? Not rude, aside from not telling us why you seek us."

Plural, in a warning or in emphasis? Unknown, but there is no threat as she inspects him with a nearly feline curiosity.

"Interesting, if you had a come here in my youth, you would have probably been worshiped as Goddess." Ozymandias tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he looks her over for a moment, before bowing his head. "You have helped the Justice League, and I was hoping to persuade that you would like to become a member."

Ozymandias lets out a slight cough, before he begins to speak in a calm and gentle manner, "It might not seem as prestigious of an offer as it once was in the past, but believe me with the right people joining our ranks it can become something far greater than it ever was. I thinking us being knocked from out WatchTower will force us to deal with the injustice of this world on a more personal not as some benevolent beings, but as fellow citizens of this world.

Ozymandias smiles behind his mask, "We need a diverse group of heroes. We need heroes that fight in the darkness where there are not going to gain any accolades from the press. We need heroes that by very nature represent the best of us. We need heroes that willing to sacrifice her ship, and risk any goodwill she has gain by that act by speaking about Xenophobia."

Given time you'll understand,
what possesses me to right what you have suffered…

"What is /your youth/, Ozymandias?" Her curiosity is evident, the tilt of her head, the way she nearly floats to his side and inspects him in a manner that would pop almost any personal bubble.

"Prestigious offer? The Justice League and the people you work with are legend, Ozymandia… Do not think we do not know.. If not for you and yours, as well as me and mine many more would have died here." The sorrow is evident in the way her brows dip at the edges and her lips tilt downward at corners, but despite it, Starfire returns to smiling and without warning hugs Ozymandias!

"I have been asked to be an Avenger and aided them, now with you? I wish nothing more than to have a home and have it be safe for all." Releasing him she steps back. "This is my home, these are my people," Meaning the whole of Earth despite the slight span of her arms in comparison as she spins and remains smiling pragmatically. "My goodwill is of no consequence."

It seems I came to live.

When Starfire hugs him, Ozymandias eye instantly widen and his body tenses a bit. He lets out a nervous laugh as he is not really a hugger, "You are full of joy. I was not expecting that is that normal among your people." Ozymandias asks completely ignoring the fact that their people on Earth that hug people too, but the hug did take him by surprise. Ozymandias watches her spin and shakes his head, "A very long time ago was my youth. There was know buildings to block the sky, and we could see so many celestial bodies in the sky that they were our entertainment. There are countless stories told about the comets you speak of in those days.

"I was ask about by an Avenger to join the Avengers, then the Avengers joined the Justice League, then they left the Justice League, and I was never part of SHIELD, so I stayed with the Justice League." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "I am not trying to bad mouth an another group, but I would like for Justice League to arise from our state free of the entanglements that a lot of other superhero groups seem to be bound by.

Starfire watches his reaction, even listens after she embraced him and left her path in a trail of heat and flame that leaves a tracer of fire, one that settles along her spine, whisping along tawny exposed skin. A figure of Amazonian proportions and yet not showing a bashfulness in regards with the mobility and 'nary bearing of armor.

"Ozy-man-/dia/. Do you mean the Pyramids of Dashur and Giza? I was there…" And not too long ago, but that was due to a slip by the one known as Kang, but in the past and not the present… A long story that even dares to glaze her eyes over.

A shake of her head and she wiggles her fingers.

"The cubs of Sekhmet, and the War in the Valley… Unkind, but far more refined then what this era requires.

The mention of SHIELD has Starfire hesitating, the smile lightly fading, but not completely as she takes a deep breath and recalls Bridge. "Not all are bad or wrong, but I do not know their desires in the end when it comes to the SHIELD. I just desire to keep Lian safe and happy, as well as the people of my home (my Earth - Lots of people!)."

A shake of her head and Ozy's nervous laugh is met with a smile that could be heartening.

"From your time to this time, Ozymandias, never feel bound, as it is only in your head unless the chains keep you on knees. None here have, nor can they." A splay of fingers and they wiggle while they come up and out in a span of width.

"Do not tell Sekhmet's youth they cannot have the ibis, nor tell the Ibis not to write in honor of…" Pause… "Thoth?"

"X'Hal! The sun will rise…"

Have hope…

"I remain with my people, but I will join you as well."

"I was actually speaking of Jebel Barkel, before the conquering of Nubia." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "I think I would have remember you, but there was a period of time that I was buried in a sand. It is a very long story which oddly enough has seem to have effected the now." Ozymandias waves his left hand in a dismissive manner as he waves the thought away. "I do not know this Kang. It is Ozymandias, and I have never been a King. I got drunk once and told a story to English woman in a bar….

Ozymandias coughs, "I digress. Those of all wise words, but I am afraid that I am bound to this world, or worse this realm for all time. I made a mistake once, and that mistake has imprisoned me forever. A look of deep regret appears on his face behind his mask as his shift his glance towards the ground. "But enough about me. Even if you do not wished to join our group. We would love to have you as an asset to the team. I can see when someone with your powers and your ship could come in hand.

"There is a lot of long stories and little time. I choose not to waste it." A small smile afforded to Ozymandias when he mentions eternity, but it seems solemn, and sad to go along with his own look towards the ground that she follows. Hard to tell with the mirrors reflective gaze of emerald.

"I will offer my aid, but my ship and those calling it home… That is up to them. As I told the SHIELD, I risk no ones life by my own." A small lift and her tall stature rises more with a light flicker of orange hue from the faded yellow tips of tress that tendril out around calves.

"You know how to reach me, and now I, you. I would like to meet your people." A small drift towards him, but hesitation comes with Starfire pushing away to not hug again, respecting the prior reaction.

"This realm is not so bad… You are seeing to it." With that said she lifts into the air, in a streak of light against the dark blanket of night-sky she is gone.

Ozymandias watches the female comet fire off into the night, causing the sky to brighten as she flies, "She would have been worshiped as a Goddess."

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