Judges and Allies

November 22, 2016:

Lady Ma'at servants capture Ozymandias, and are prepared to execute him until the intervention by the rest of the Justice League.

Metropolis, near Queensland Park


NPCs: Ma'at and her Judges.


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Ozymandias is swinging around Metropolis close to Queenspark and running across the rooftops to clean his mind in preparation for him asking Doctor Strange in help to open a portal for him, and perhaps he can enlist the aid of his fellow Justice Leaguers too. He has been so preoccupied as of late he lost track of the red-haired magician in the trench coat that was supposed to help him with this task. He is also so lost in his own thoughts that he has completely become unaware that sky above has turn a bright violet and begins to crackle with mystical energy as a portal opens above him. Women dressed in golden Egyptian armor begin to descend from the portal. As Ozymandias continues to run across rooftop and he fires off his grappling hook to swing, expecting to swing across to the next set of rooftops, but instead he is tackled in mid-air by a woman dressed as an Egyptian soldier. The parts of her outfit are made of a gold metallic substance. Ozymandias manages to monkey flip the woman off of him, when they hit the roof.

When he stands to face her, six other golden clad warrior woman have joined her. Ozymandias quickly send out a distress call, to all the heroes in the area, but before he can do anything else, the first woman impales him with a spear.

She states calmly, "Ma'at would have words with you, Ozymandias." Another warrior woman appears on the other side of the impaled Ozymandias, and raises her hands in the air causing the trio to be surrounded by a mystical force field. By the time Ozymandias is impaled the mystical portal can be scene from mile, and as well as the effects of mystical energy.

Doctor Strange was renewing the wards at the Hall of Justice while waiting for Ozymandias when he receives the call in the old JLA communicator. A device he wasn't sure was working anymore, and that he has on him only due to his visit to the Hall.
"Interesting coincidence," he mutters, not believing much in coincidences. And it is not far, so he heads out, dropping the illusion that hides the Cloak of Levitation. The second he is outside he spots, and feel the portal. He frowns and chants for a detection spell, flying towards Queenspark at high speed.

Purple, crackling skies tend to attract attention — even beyond the portal opening in the midst of it. Thus, Wonder Woman can't help but notice it, emerging as she is from the Hall of Justice in Metropolis. It takes her no time at all to lift off into the air, going to investigate, alongside Dr. Strange. Thus, as the warrior impales the magician, and Ozymandias lifted up off the roof, the Amazon arrives just in time to hear the warrior's pronouncement. "Ma'at," Diana announces her presence with the name, reaching for sword and shield, "may find it far easier to speak with him when he's not impaled by a spear." She gives her first warning: "Put him down and, if he lives, we will talk."
Otherwise, it will go badly. For them.

-Code Six Eight Unknown Energy Anomaly Detected-
"Just… hold on a sec." Hal mumbles under his breath, "Look, Ross, I have five bucks to my name I promise you I can pay you the other… "
You owe me 1500 dollars, Hal. It's a no."
"I just got back in town and didn't even think about… "
"Bills, Hal, bills. You're a grown ass man, who doesn't think about their bills?" The door to his apartment is slammed in his face and he sighs turning on his heel to stride quickly outside, "Clear?"
-CLEAR- The ring responds then transforms Hal Jordan in to the Green Lantern and they lift off the ground.
-Power at 91.6-r
Heoaring high the Emerald Gladiator closes in on the detected signature, it appears to be emanating from a massive fissure of unknown origin above Queensland park, magic, such a wildcard.
"What is happening here?"
-Query Failed to Prompt Appropriate Response. Specify Question. Multiple persons of interest detected.-
"Start with the prettiest, ring."
"Yeah, I thought as much." Soon he will be in range to figure out what is happening himself. At the current speeds Green Lantern will arrive after the others.

As Doctor Strange and Wonder Woman arrive on the the scene, the woman impaling Ozymandias eyes widen in surprise. "One of Athena's daughters and this realm's Sorcerer? She looks at Ozymandias with digust, "How have you come to aligned yourself with these noble creatures? She motions six of her fellow soldiers to stand in front of her as she twists the spear into Ozymandias deep, causing him to scream out.
She turns his attention to Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange, "I am not Lady Ma'at. I am her judge, and she is ready to pass judgment on his existence. If she founds his existence to be a threat to this world, me and my fellow judges will not make sure his execution will take place. I am sure there are countless other people that could be saved at this time.
As another cadre of soldiers land on the street, the head Judge twists her spear again, "Or do I have to order my judges on the street to show you that other others need to be saved while we wait for us to pass judgment?
For those that have senstivity to mystical energy can sense the faint pressent of the Goddess Ma'at trying to extend part of her presence into our world.

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" Doctor Strange allows himself a second of surprise and anger before he focuses in saving the injured hero. "Whoever you are, cease this attack at once. That man you attacked is a member of the Justice League." As he speaks, he draws mystical sigils in the air, reaching for the injured Ozymandias to try to protect him with a magical forcefield.

Oh, Diana had no doubt the Judge was not Ma'at. The message, however, is still the same. "Accuse him, if you wish. But, you will put him down, first, and withdraw your spear. He will hardly be fit to face your accusations stuck on the wrong end of a spear." She can, mainly because of her close association with her own gods, vaguely sense Ma'at presence. She does note the movement of the other judges, and she is prepared to move to protect innocents, if she must. But, her focus remains on Ozymandias and his attackers. "Ma'at is Goddess of Order and Truth. Creating chaos, simply to distract us, is beneath her. Stand down, and we will speak." The golden lasso glitters on her hip. "He has earned an alliance."
Long distance to Diana: Ozymandias hi-fives you.
-Non-interference recommended. Local law and punishment being enacted.-
"Not any local laws I remember. Seriously, have I been gone that long?"
The Green Lantern now floats in to visible range of everyone else his right hand lifting up and the green light shines brightly off of it. "Maybe I can offer some assistance… I'm the defender of Sector 2814 Green Lantern." Hal doesn't intend to sound as cocky or imperious as he comes off. "For starters, like the lady said, lets stop torturing that man!" A translucent green turtle shell appears over Ozymandias, this shell is large enough to encase his torso. It's only intended function is to stop the motion of that cruel spear. Whether successful or not is entirely on how vicious the assaulter plans on being.

This is not Ma'at realm, this is Doctor Strange's realm. When he casts his spell to protect Ozymandias for the Judge impalement, the weapon she hold dissolves into mystical particles as Ozymandias fall to the ground and mystical shield forms around him. Before she can even think to strike at him again, Green Lantern appears an adds his might to Doctor Strange's shield.

As a server of the Goddess or Order, this is probably only the few times that the Judge has been surprised in her lifetime that has stretch millenniums. These slights are too much chaos for this Judge to handle and she flies into a fit of rage, "They all trying to stop the will of Ma'at. Slay them all."
The second-in-command sharply peers at the other Judge, "Athena's daughter speaks the truth. This is not how she requested for these mission to be accomplished. We should wait for Lady Ma'at to speak with him. This is not Lady Ma'at's way. The second Judge turns to Wonder Woman, "Lady Ma'At will be able to speak to us …., before she can finished her statement she is knockdown by the Head Judge. The Judge kicks her in the stomach and points her spear at the fallen Judge. "There is only Ma'at will!"
She calls to the others, "I said attack" The Judges on the roof remain shocked in placed by what has taken place, before turning on each other.
The Head Judge looks at Doctor Strange and Wonder Woman, "See, what he has cause. You cannot allow an agent of chaos to survive. They will pit friends against friends, and delight in the conflict. She charges at Wonder Woman.
The cadre of soldiers on the ground did not see how things broke down, and they are on the side of the head Judge. The fly off the the ground and head towards Green Lantern.
While the 'judges' argue, Strange flies down to check with Ozymandias. He has some idea of his mystical abilities, but nevertheless, being run through with a spear is no minor wound. "What is going on here?" He asks the injuries man if he is not unconscious, "I sense the presence of a divine essence, these women… they are not mere costumed warriors."

As the Judge rushes at her, Diana raises her shield. She does not, however, raise her sword, sheathing it instead and reaching for her lasso. "You have o'er stepped!" the Princess says, blocking the first attack expertly. The lasso loops partially around her forearm, her hand flicking. "Combat is not the way through this!" Not that she won't engage as she must. Her goal, however, is to loop the other woman in the lasso, in an effort to control her, rather than to fight needlessly. She spins expertly, as she does, to avoid the charge.

-Proximity Warning. Incoming Assailants.-
"Yeah, how about we all stand down before things get violent."
-Power Levels at 77.6%-
Around Green Lantern a flock of Pterodactyls materialize, perhaps almost a dozen or so they each peel off and start to drift towards the incoming soldiers. Not attacking yet but menacing them with presence alone. This is a numbers game right now. "Lets not do this the hard way."
"As much as I would like that right now." Hal grins.

Mystical wounds take Ozymandias longer to heal, but even that is pretty quick. He is coughing up his own blood for a few minutes, before he is able to answer Doctor's Strange question. There is still a whistling sound when he speaks as his lungs continue to repair themselves, "There are warrior os Ma'at. I have found myself a piece in her chessmate with the Lord Apep. Ozymandias winces in pain as he tries to smirk. "It seems my attempt to be more than a pawn has failed miserably. Ozymandias tries to focus his mind as he almost incoherent mumbles, "Ma'at will be here soon. I need to change the game. He starts digging into his pouch and pulls out a scroll and holds out his bloody hand to place the scroll Doctor's Strange, "Tell Ma'at, I have an alternative plan to her killing me. Ozymandias whispers before he passes out, "I just need to close my eyes before I pass out.

The Judge shouts, "Do not preach me, Daughter of Athena!" The Judge first attacked is expertly blocked to the point that when she prepares to thrust for another attack she has left herself open to be lasso by Wonder Woman. The lesson learned here that there is a difference between being a warrior that serves a Goddess, and a Warrior that can bring Gods to their knees.

As the cardre approached Green Lantern, they too are surprised encountered the green Pterdacatyle. One shouts, "What sort of magic is this?" One of the members of the carre begins to do battle against the Pterodactyls, but is quickly defeated and crashes to the ground.

The others prepare to engaged the others dinosaurs, when finally a voice is heard coming from the portal. "Enough! The cadra around Green Lantern suddenly vanished and the ones on the rooftop that sided with the Head Judge vanished too.

The one held by Wonder Woman still remains, as well as the one that crashed to the ground. The others that kept to Ma'at rules begin to tend to their wounds as they remain too.

Strange stands up, still keeping Ozymandias protected, and looks at the consequences of the brief skirmish. "Enough, this conflict is unnecessary. Before Ozymandias was attacked he was preparing to confront the champion of Apep and had enlisted my aid. I will see this quest to be completed and chaos thwarted. But I request Ozymandias to be respected and spared from further harassment."

Diana slings her shield over her shoulder and tightens the lasso about the transgressor. Seeing that Dr. Strange has Ozymandias well in hand, and that the green newcomer has handled the others, she stays to guard her prisoner, turning blue eyes on the incensed Judge. "I did warn you," she says gently. But, it will be up to Ma'at to mete out discipline, not her. "He has earned our allegiance."

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-Power Levels at 67.9%-
Green Lantern lowers to the ground close to the others only to place his knuckles on his hips, "Well, I think that smoothed out quite nicely, I suppose, all things considered." A glance at Ozymandias and Doctor Strange.
"You are all very welcome." A look at Diana now, "/Especially/ you."
That small swarm of flying prehistoric raptors fade from existence.

Lady Ma'at calls from the portal. "Those who attack the beings of this realm are no longer of my host. I stripped them of my protection, but not their powers. You may punished them with your laws. Lady Ma'at listens to Doctor's Strange words and enters the mind of the unconscious Ozymandias. "If he plan works, I will be eternally grateful and my host will not trouble this realm again. If he fails, I will not allow Apep to posssess him and destroy this world. I hope you will understand if that occurs it is best that Ozymandias dies.

The portal begins to close as the rest of the soldiers disappear. Let us hope he succeeds, I would hate to enter your realm to do battle with such noble warriors. The portal dissappears and the sky returns as normal. All that remains of their presence is the sullen Judge still in Wonder Woman's lasso, and the Judge slowly regaining consciousness on the street below.

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