The Directors Offer

November 21, 2016:

The Avengers' good deeds have not gone unappreciated and Nick Fury brings an offer from the UN

The SHIELD Junkyard/Depot

On scene


NPCs: SHIELD agents Latcham and Mercer

Mentions: Iron Man, Falcon, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The black SHIELD MDX (Acura crossover SUV) pulls to a stop and Director Nick Fury steps out of the passenger seat flanked by two others, a tall man, dark brown "high and tight" hair and shades, the woman is likewise wearing shades tan skinned with deep red hair worn curly but ends at the shoulders.

Fury squinting his one good eye gives the Depot a once over, "Place is shaping up." He says loud enough it carries. Fury is in his usual attire, a dark trench and casual yet functional button shirt and black fatigues underneath.

Place is kind of shaping up. Not from the outside, but past the fence some rows of old vehicles, some of them rusting there since the 60s, are gone. Instead the semi-invisible Avenger One floats three feet over the ground, humming quietly. Pea sized drones (they fake being flies pretty well) buzz around Fury and his agents, scanning them, sending the information to the Avenger computers, and then to Lyla.

Lyla offers to greet Fury. Nathaniel briefly considers it, just to see what Fury does with a sassy A.I. that looks like Marilyn Monroe.

No, it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Instead the blast door that replaced the door of the old hangar opens with a hiss. Stark money is getting there and they are upgrading. But the hangar still looks pretty basic. Computers at one side. Workshops/Labs at the other. A couple shiny, new Skycycles near the gate. “Director Fury, good afternoon,” greets Nathaniel, coming from the workshop area in full armor.

Standing patiently as the hangar doors open the trio of SHIELD operatives wait.
"Mr. Richards." Fury offers, no introduction for the two agents behind him, from the lamenated badges Nathaniel can see who they are, the man is Latcham and the woman is Mercer.

"Been hearing rumor you've roped in more members, Tony Stark even? It shows a little." A practiced 'eye' the old soldier can see plenty of the alterations whether openly visible or obscured.

"I have some things that will require your John Hancock." Latcham steps forward offering over a tablet, contents of the screen is a UN charter treatise.

"I figure it is time we have a bit more of a talk about the Avengers and our relations."

“Stark, yes,” replies Iron Guard, pulling off the helmet and inviting the trio to the ‘living room area’ which is rather Spartan. “But we lost Falcon,” or rather, SHIELD probably sent him somewhere else. Tsk. “We are still building the team, Director, I have rather long list of candidates. What would you like to talk about? Should I call in the other Avengers?”

"Doesn't matter who is here." Fury replies before walking over and helping himself to one of the lab's chairs, spinning it around to settle down in to it. "Falcon is easily reassigned if need be. We can make do with what you have, you got a list? Feel free to share it. I'll give you my two cents. It's obvious what we're talking about here… " A motion towards the tablet that Latcham is still holding out. "That there. Take it."
Agent Latcham manages a glare behind those glossy shades as Nathaniel and Fury talk around him. "Ahem."

Nathaniel picks the tablet with a thank you to Latcham, and speed-reads the treatise while replying to Fury. “Hmm, the whole list would take too long. But I talked with the Scarlet Witch recently, she is there. I want her, and Quicksilver too. And I heard Thor is back to Earth.” He looks up and smiles guardedly. “I like this charter; it is just what we needed. I need to present it to the team and submit it to a vote, but I do not foresee any problem.”

"I would hope your team is wise enough to vote yes. You're running low on options, Mr. Richards." Fury informs Nathaniel, "If SHIELD isn't backing your asses then it is likely the DEO will find a way to muscle in and take over or flat out shut you down. I doubt you want any part of their STARS program." That earlier 'Justice, like Lightning' video is played as if on queue across the tablet's screen. "Cheesy propaganda, I have it under authority they haven't even signed this Green Arrow card."

"Not important though, that there is, it will make your team recognized authorities that can operate under UN mandate in our 190 some odd member states. I think that gives you some pretty good leway for operable grounds. Which, you're going to need."

Latcham pushes his finger on to the tablet, another screen shows up, a woman in Qurac wrapped in a green cocoon, it burbles, moves and suddenly she is bursting free of it. Within seconds she grows in size, expanding, swelling, then begins to pop outwards, geysers of molten fire spilling forth from her over a small township. "She killed 43 people not including herself."

The redhead steps over now, offering Nathaniel a small device, a doctors scan treatment. "This is what we're working with in SHIELD, it's a T-Gen Scanner. It tests if someone or someones is a possible carrier for alien modified DNA, a specific DNA. How familiar are you with Inhumans?"

“I thought Hyperion was taller,” comments Nathaniel about the video. Then shakes his head. “No, the DEO has not made any move on us. Arsenal is an agent, so I am quite sure they know exactly what we are doing.” With a couple small details omitted, Roy is a friend, after all.

Then next part of the video erases the smile of his face, though. “Inhuman. Homo Sapiens Supremus. They are a branch of homo sapiens with a stable metagen. Genetically engineered. 77%% compatible genetically with mainstream humankind. Apocalypse released an airborne mutagen to trigger the transformations, yes. It is interesting, but I think they will be vastly outnumbered by mutants in less than a two generations. Have you contacted with their royals? If you have not, I really advise you to do so. They could make fine allies, or very bad enemies.”

"Right, I'll take your word for it on both accounts. All I see is another threat and more weapons being unleashed in a world already chaotic from the unknown. One, I am tasked with being prepared for." Fury responds, "I had almost forgotten one of their agents works for you… I suggest you keep an eye on him, better yet I'll have Widow do that."

A look towards Latcham and the make takes back the tablet from Nathaniel's fingers tucking it away. It appears they are done with the video show and tell session of the vision.

"Signing that charter with your team will place you within SHIELD's purview more tightly, it will allow us to aid you in more than just giving you our junk." A motion around him at the Depot. "I won't ask for identities, odds are we already know them, no requirements other than signing that agreement and a willingness to work inside the law. You fuck up, I'll make sure you're out. No ands ifs or buts, it is a clear cut very drawn line. Your people are under your authority and you can do as you damn well please I'll make sure you know if you're pissing on my fence or not. One way or another. You will hold no special authority over SHIELD nor will you be using any of our resources but we'll have a nice co-operative relationship." Standing up he stretches and uses one boot to push the wheely chair back towards the labs, "Sound peachy?"

“Sounds fair,” admits Nathaniel. “Although thanks to Stark backing we do not need much in the technology or finance department. In fact I will keep providing you blueprints of advanced technology as I figure out how to build them with current industrial assets. It should be easier now if I can get feedback from Iron Man. The most important thing we need now that we have the charter is access to SHIELD’s information network.”

"Present it to your people we can work on details after that. Any questions you contact Agent Latcham or Mercer, their numbers will be added to your contact info. Consider this us now working togther officially if your group says 'yes'."

A lift of his chin and the other two head out of the hangar back towards the SUV, "Just going to hand us advanced tech no catch, huh? Makes me wonder about you, Mr.Richards. Hopefully my guts not wrong in this but we'll see won't we?" Hands thrust in to his jacket and Fury pulls out a cigar, not lighting it just sticking it in to his teeth. Talking around it he carries on, "We'll be in touch. Keep your nose clean, Scarlet Centurion or whatever it is you're going by."

Nathaniel shrugs, “I am quite sure SHIELD needs to be better armed than AIM.” Ah, he can wonder all he wants. Scarlet Centurion indeed. That means Fury has worried enough to really dig deep and in places Nathaniel had no idea he could dig. Wow. He is good.

But since the Black Widow has not put a bullet through his skull yet, he figures Fury is giving him a chance. Nothing has changed. “Farewell, director,” he adds, staying just at the hangar gate.

At a corner of the room a set of holoscreens lights up, displaying the UN charter. He is going to read it slowly with a cynical, lawyer-ish mindset. And send an email through secure channels to the Avengers’ members.

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