Golden Afternoon

November 22, 2016:

Poison Ivy comes across a sleeping blonde on a golden afternoon. Unfortunately for Nerina, she fell asleep in Ivy's garden.

Aparo Park


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Fade In…

After another front of light rain, Gotham's weather has pulled itself back to a balmy Fall warmth that's cast in dazzling brightness by clear blue skies. It's a good climate to be outdoors; to run, to play, to walk and enjoy nature… or in the case of one young woman, to sleep.

Propped up against a tree, a young blonde is fast asleep in Aparo Park. Her legs are sprawled out before her and the fine strands of her long hair have been blown across her lap by playful wind, creating something of a golden tangle. A hard-backed book lies across her face, open to the last page she was reading before the Sand Man took hold. Its cover is a light baby blue with little figures of storks and babies on it that announces itself in bold, clear letters as 'The Best Baby Name Book: In The Whole Wide World'.

Beneath the weight of thirteen thousand (and one) names, a soft, steady snoring persists despite the regular foot traffic passing by.

The good thing about a park as crappy as Aparo? The police keep their distance until they really have to otherwise. The gangs linger, but they're usually small-time enough to avoid 'Bat-baiting'. Of course, they'd be intrusive and occasionally violent…but there were always solutions for that.

Nerina probably never even noticed the lack of pushers and criminals when she first arrived, tired as she is. As she slept, she'd probably even have missed the crawling green that had sweeped into the plantlife, breathing a new brightness and vitality into foliage that had moments before been choked out and brown. Along the edges of the park, the weeds and thorns began to grow, forming a barrier of protection and obscuring the outside world's direct view in. At the center of all this sudden surge of nature? A lone redheaded figure walks through the park, wrapped in a simple pink sundress and a smile on her lips. She needed a place to hide out, but there still had to be some 'redecorating' for her to be comfortable.

A pause however, comes into her movements as her gaze falls on the woman snoozing with the book in the midst of her work.

With her shoes fanned out on the rejuvinated lawn and the blue book covering her face, the blonde youth is quite removed from the world around her, somewhere down the rabbit hole of dreamland - spiced with over a hundred names starting with 'A', 'B', or 'C'. Her long winter coat flutters in a breeze from the nearby water but otherwise she doesn't move.

A hideout is only as good as it is hidden, so a random squatter in her temporary home? That will have to be addressed soon enough. Green eyes taking a moment to look the blonde over she clears her throat, crossing her arms. For the moment she appeared perfectly normal, the green pigment hidden during such a minor use of her powers, especially after it was complete. Now, only that pleasent alluring scent hanging around her might give any hint as to who the redhead was. "Are you lost?" she asks calmly, clearing her throat.

It's enough to rouse the sleeping blonde if only just. Her snoring hitches and one hand reaches up to lift the book from her head as young woman moans groggily. "Nnn…say wha-?"
"No, I just fell asleep reading," she replies, looking up at the redhead with eyes the color of clear, Caribbean waters. Her face is soft and still holding onto the vibrance of youth, but a little haggard around the edges. Both eyes are framed by little dark bags underneath.

"Falling asleep in the middle of a public park in Gotham?" Pamela muses, tilting her head to the side. "Not the brightest idea. This city isn't the safest and you never know what sort of freak or criminal could come waltzing right up to you while you're snoozing away."

A pause again, Ivy's eyes look down at the baby book before she looks back up at the other womn and raises an eyebrow. Was she expecting? That would make her 'nap' all the more foolish.

"A bunch of joker-looking teppista tried to rob me, then abduct me for games and chopping up last night," Nerina replies casually as her natural Italian bleeds into her speech. "I think I have met my quota for crime," she jokes.
Not making any attempt to hide her book except to close it in her lap, the blonde sits up more fully and sweeps her eyes up and down the red-head.
"You look safe enough."

"I am," Pamela says with a shrug of her shoulders, not really sharing why she believes as such. Casually moving to lean against a nearby tree of her own that likely looks far healthier then it did the night prior, the redhead tilts her head to the side. "Joker-wannabes hmm? Seems to me like you're still in one piece, so you must have been able to run fast…or did Gotham's 'Dark Knight' come running to the rescue?" A soft chuckle graces her lips. There's no quote on crime in Gotham.

Nerina pantomimes claws with her hands. "Big pale man with huge claws.. and wandering eyes," she adds with a grumble.

"This town does tend to bring out the crazy ones," Ivy chuckles, shrugging those shoulders of hers and then finally pointing to the book with the obvious question. "If you're 'expecting' a little one soon, you really think it's a good idea to be wondering around here alone? More to look out for then yourself after all." An odd little bit of sympathy from the woman who tends to rate humans below plantlife, but then she tended to have a soft spot for infants.

"All the rain," Nerina guesses off-handedly. She seems pretty comfortable sprawled against the tree, though she does make an effort to brush her hair to one side of her head.
"Hrm?" The blonde looks down at her book in confusion before realization dawns on her and she snickers, thumping her stomach with a free hand. "Oh no, this is for a friend. His name is horrible so I'm giving him a new one, si?"
Finally pushing herself up from the ground, Nerina stretches her hands-plus-book over her head with a long groan. Standing straight, she's a good deal smaller than the red-headed plant-speaker.

"I see." Most would probably find that strange, but then most people probably haven't been locked up with Harley Quin in their life, it moves your 'goal posts' for strange. Looking the woman up and down once more, she tilts her head to the side. "Perhaps you should stay with your friend rather then wandering the city alone, stumbling into dangerous places. You wouldn't want to get hurt." Turning away from the woman, Ivy finally starts to walk, rolling her shoulders as she heads for the center of the space while calmly kicking her shoes off.

"I'm safe enough here right…" Nerina looks around at the park as she sets her hands on her hips and trails off as she notices the verdant wall of grass and thorns obstructing her once-clear view of the street. Turning back to study the rest of the park, she finally notices the supernatural vitality that's been steadily creating a green oasis at the edge of Gotham. "…Here."
Letting one arm drop, Nerina watches Ivy walk away curiously and cocks a blonde eyebrow. "This might be the prettiest and most beneficial power I've seen. This is your green thumb, si?"

A pause, Ivy doesn't bother to try and lie when the woman has clearly guessed. It wouldn't matter anyway, if she had to Ivy tended to be able to bring most people under her sway and prevent them from revealing her location. Instead she turns, smaller flowers and a 'lushness' spreading out on the grass whee she walks. "Green thumb? Something like that. I help mother nature, give back to her while humanity seems only concerned with damaging and taking for granted everything that she offers."

"Oh please, that happens to everything. I think I've had more guns pointed at me than these trees have," Nerina giggles as she begins to follow Ivy, but giving the older woman her space. Her head tilts a little as she looks down at the flowers springing to life and sniffs as she catches the scent that's been lingering in the air.

That scent was sweet, her natural pheromones made to confuse and ensnare the mind, but Ivy wasn't putting any effort into making them stronger or more focused, instead she raises an eyebrow at the woman. "But have you been burned down, carved up, ripped in half to make way for buildings and 'progress' and then fed into a wood chipper? I imagine not." Yep, plants are a real 'button' for Poison Ivy, if one couldn't guess. "Guns are human toys, wasteful and smelly."

"Not yet," Nerina admits with a shrug. "So what are you then, some kind of alien? Or is that the mutant 'holier-than-human'?"

"Someone who has seen the world properly and is able to listen," Ivy answers, shrugging her shoulders as the need for sublty is gone and one of the growing flowers begins to change rapily, becoming larger then should be physically possible and moving like a living thing until it creates a perfect natural 'seat' for the chlorokinetic. "And you should consider watching your one. Better to be 'holier then thou' then to be rude and ignorant after all…"

"I've seen enough of the world already," Nerina mutters. Her eyes widen at the display of power and control and she smiles a tad, amused rather than scared. Reaching into the folds of her coat, she pulls out a water bottle. "Wow. How did you make that grow so fast? Even with a push I thought plants needed air and water." Tipping her bottle, the blonde wets the flowers and grass before her.

"Plants are more varied then any other living thing on the planet, I can make them more so. There are already plants that need little or no water, only sunlight or other things…I lend them strength and will to be more then they would otherwise be able to." A pause, she watches the other woman tip the water onto the grass, Ivy's own skin begining to take on a slightly green tinge as her nature revealed itself. Around them, the parks trees and other plantlife made to flower as if it were an eternal spring. "I'm mother nature's helping hand, and her muscle."

Nerina stops in her pouring and looks around, at the park's new queen, the vibrant flower beds, the blooming trees, the walls of shrubs and thorns… Surrounded on all sides by nature at the red-head's beck and call, the fishwife takes a deep breath of the new pollen odor in the air and does the first thing that comes to mind.
"Thirsty?" She asks, offering the rest of her bottle with a hesitant but hopeful smile.

A raised eyebrow is all Nerina gets in return for her little offer of water and Ivy gestures with her hand, the thorny walls of security starting to shift and part, forming a doorway large enough for a person to escape through. The redhead however, leans over and folds her legs, ever the seductress regardless of her company she beckons with a single finger for Nerina to come closer, a small smile on her lips.

Nerina turns her head as the portal forms, leading to escape, to freedom from the supernatural garden, to Gotham… and then looks back to Ivy. Whether it's the phermones, the pose, or just an unhealthy abundance of curiosity, she shrugs her shoulders slightly and walks over with a dull little saunter in her steps. Who really wants to go to *Gotham* anyway?
Stopping comfortably close to the red-head in her chair, Nerina offers her bottle. "Drink up."

The drink? Ivy doesn't take it. Instead she gently nudges it aside and leans forwards, everything from her honey-like voice to the noticable view of her cleavage a deliberate enhancement of those pheromones swarming the air. "Listen very carefully to me," she purrs, leaning closer almost like she intended to kiss the woman. "You're going to leave here, go somewhere safe and sleep there, and tell noone what you saw here, or that you know where to find me. Do you think you could do that for me?"

Curiosity and a youthful apprehension register on Nerina's face as Ivy begins to lean in and the chlorokinetic floods her senses. Her breath hitches as she sucks in a breath of pheremone-soaked air and an endearing blush rises to her cheeks. Stock-still, the fishwife receives her message and her sea-blue eyes hang locked to Ivy's gaze. Leaning so close, the girl herself smells a little salty.
The thump of a book jars Nerina from the transfixed stare and she hastily bends down to colect it. "Scusate! Yes, o-of course," she affirms quickly, now embarrassed as much as endeared to the plant-whisperer. Looking aside, the blonde bites one of her fingers nervously, then stammers a quick "Thank you" before turning and rushing with a purpose out of the park as her blushing face heats from warm to truly hot.

Watching the woman rushing away, Ivy gives a content sigh and leans back in the depths of her flowery throne. Hands raised, she gestures to the park around her as it twists and morphs, nature reclaiming ruined space and grafftied rock. She'd have to move on soon, but for now? It was her temporary eden.

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