Asleep No More

November 18, 2016:

Black Bolt is revealed to be alive as Earth's forces scavenge what remains of Attilan. Tony Stark and Hyperion are present to put down A.I.M. infiltrators.

The Moon


NPCs: A.I.M., Agent Ring of SHIELD, many others



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Fade In…

The Blue Side of the Moon

It has been almost two weeks since the artificial biosphere that once housed the Inhuman city of Attilan was laid siege to by Apocalypse and his Dark Riders. It took less than six hours after the incident for the government agencies from all over the world and SHIELD to stake jurisdiction. It is as most things in the recent years while the world scrambles to deal with the unknown a mess.

D.E.O. itself though focused upon the United States has obvious interest in the location, Cadmus Labs in particular is being protected by the American agency while they conduct monitoring of where Attilan once stood.

"We found something!" A voice calls out, the band on the man's arm says he is Canadian and a member of SHIELD. "It looks like another corpse."

"SHIELD has claimed 5 damned bodies now, we need at least one, I am about to flip my shit if they carry on like this. Just who do they think they are?" A mousy brown haired woman with spectacles curses, the suit she wears is that of a Cadmus Science Tech. "It's okay, LexCorp secured two. I am sure we can pull some strings and get our hands on one of those if we don't find anymore. At least we're 0 for 0 with STAR Labs." Another of the technicians near the woman is overheard teasing.
Hyperions presence was requested for security reasons. It is not expected he is doing much else than watching the humans at work in their mad gathering of Inhuman wreckage and ruin. A fallen society.

A few yards away near one of the moon rovers the ground bubbles upwards with the shifting of terrain, the artificial gravity and oxygen allow for sound to carry, the noise itself causes those nearest it to stop and stare. "Anyone else hear that?"

Hyperion could actually help with the body-searching but has not, unsurprisingly, volunteered to do it. He is 'security'. On the moon. If he had a sense of humor he would be amused.

Instead, he keeps an eye in the other 'exploring' (lets not call the grave-robbing) teams and does some exploring on his own. The last half an hour he has been rebuilding a complex abstract mural in what used to be the side of a palace, or maybe a temple. It seemed to carry an important message to him. Art sometimes does that to his alien brain.

Yes, of course he heard that. "Yes," he replies, floating up. "I'll check it out," he adds, heading the way.

The entire zone inside the Blue section is crawling with technicians, scientists and all manner of SHIELD personnel, those near Hyperion are gawking at what could be moving while those beyond the immediate area remain unaware. Going about their work collecting up Attilan debris, possibly even Celestial technology and whatever else may be left behind that the Lunar War had not destroyed. If they look hard enough and if it survived they may even find evidence of the Skrull invasion the Inhumans alone stopped ten years ago.

A LexCorp man in a power suit drifts closer nearer to Hyperion and what is rumbling near the rover, pushing it aside now. "Life sign readings, we got a live one!" It is almost as if the locals want to call dibs the way they begin to gather.

"SHIELD holds priority here people! Make a hole! Back off!" Agent Ring shouts, his arms an extension of his will as they flap out around him as if somehow that gesture alone will push people away.

An arm extends from the moon floor, a hand writhes about at the artificial balanced air then slaps down dragging the rest of a man half clad in a black costume free of the Lunar surface. He is covered in caked and dried blood, old bruises and only the portion of a suit. No sound escapes him. No words.
The Inhuman King of Attilan lives.

"Clear the area!" Agent Ring yells again.
Hyperion does not exactly clear the area, instead he comes down a few yards in front of Black Bolt, glancing at the injured man briefly and deciding it is unlikely he is in the condition of attacking them. "Hrmph, weren't you looking for survivors, King?" As opposed to scavenging technology? "Well, here is one. Bring a medical team or let the D.E.O. one in." He moves forward to help the injured man to stand, if Black Bolt allows him.

Black Bolt has no recognition of Hyperion, a complete stranger. The offer for aid is ignored as the Inhuman looks around him at the blasted zone, where once a city stood now is nothing but waste and Earthlings picking over it's bones like scavenger birds. A curl of his lips in anger, his brow scrunches together and he resists the urge to yell - there is a lot of rage and sorrow in there right now, instead Blackagar drops to the ground upon his knees and slumps, arms falling to his sides and the dust near his knees is sifted through with cracked fingers. As far as Black Bolt is aware, most of his subjects are lost.

Weapons are lifted and trained, LexCorp security, SHIELD, the few DEO and all those gathered. "Confirm, hostile or not?"
"Looks like not, but lets not take any chances." Agent King says loudly while staring at Hyperion, "The DEO will stand aside and take the role an observatory role only. That includes you."

The vast emptiness of space. Theoretically a great place to just get away from it all, to just float with ones thoughts. The white and gold Gemini suit drifts through the void as inside Tony just kicks back with the gravity off. There was no feeling quite like it.

Of course right as he's on the edge of falling asleep so that Auto-Pilot can take over and he can finally catch some shuteye that chipper British voice chimes in. "Sir." Tony keeps his eyes closed, just floating with his hands behind his head as the thrusters do all the work of keeping him balanced. Again. "Uh Sir." Taking in a breath of those recycled o2 reserves Tony just talks back to the voice in his head. "Jarvis, I'm trying to take a five minute break here, if it's not broken or bleeding I don't want to hear it right now." The gravity of the moon pulling him slightly towards it. "But sir, I'm detecting movement on the moons surface."

A low sigh, quiet muttering as the armored avenger stretches out his limbs a quick pop of the joints. He flips round so that he's level with the moons surface, before starting to float his way down to where the SHIELD agents are working.

That descent is slow and elegant as he touches down onto the moons surface, the suit itself kicks on its gravity generators holding him hard to the moons surface as he walks. "Hey p-" A slight pause, as Tony starts to speak, before stopping right in his confident stride. "Right, moon, no air." A slight pause. "And no people."

He pauses for a long moment hands placing down onto his legs. "Need to remember, look first comment later." firing back up off the ground Tony makes his way into the blue area, following the helpful map provided by JARVIS and his satellites.

Hyperion gives a thoughtful glance at Agent King, but decides not to make an issue out of the SHIELD's man arrogance and takes a step back. That barely qualifies as standing aside, but the DEO has no real jurisdiction in the Moon.

Of course he is the first one to spot Iron Man, but he says nothing. If they allowed Lexcorp why wouldn't Stark Industries be here too?

"Round him up, treat him as unconfirmed hostility." Which that means weapons trained, those SHIELD agents move forward past Hyperion and begin to surround the Inhuman.

Iron Man's arrival gets several curious looks but really, right now this place is covered in various high tech advanced science elite, some of them in their own power armor suits. Even several Stark pioneered mandroids. Nothing is advanced as what he wears but they are all impressive enough by modern standards.

Black Bolt appears to be putting up no fight or resistance as they surround him, he recognizes the logos, they are not complete savages up here and did monitor the Earth and it's media from a safe distance.

It's as a man gets up behind the battered Royal Inhuman that something nearby catches everyone off guard, one sentence, yelled in chorus…

Several of the units begin to drop holographic projections, shred uniforms to reveal yellow and blacks and suits camo-colorations toggle from those peacefully presented to the very recognizable AIM types.
"Destroy them all! Seize everything!"
"DEATH BY SCIENCE!" The man speaking pounds his fists together, his STAR Labs technician outfit rips from his body and much like a raging pink skinned hulk his body spasms and grows to monstrous proportions, electricity crackling along it during its transformation.

Tony hasn't even properly landed as he switches suits upon entering an atmosphere. Whites giving ways to reds the suit of his shifting as old peaces shoot back up into the sky leaving behind the advanced suit of armor protecting the avenger. "Death by chocolate!" He calls out as he slams his hands together in front of himself a bolt of blue repulsor energy slams ahead of himself and into one of the AIM agents as he kicks back up into the sky. "Man I haven't been getting enough sleep." Muttered down under his voice as he slams his shoulder back just barely avoiding getting a shot slammed right into his arm. He turns back to face the hordes of AIM only for another shot to slam into his chest sending him flying backwards into the air several feet.

By science what? Hyperion is rarely surprised, but this is one of those. AIM technology got past SHIELD screens and his enhanced senses. Admittedly he wasn't trying very hard. Which apparently was careless on him.

Hi first impulse is going back to protect the DEO agents, as that was what he was supposed doing. But given the pink-skinned 'hulk' is here, he changes his mind and just flies up about ten yard before releasing his 'atomic vision' on the creature.

The sudden reveal of AIM infiltrators is chaos inspiring. Security forces, DEO and SHIELD are now engaged alongside one another. One cannot say friendly fire is not occurring unfortunately. That is just common place in war and when many of the AIM infiltrators are among the ranks of the various organizations involved it is obvious what is transpiring.
High technology pirates that they are they are ignored by Black Bolt, he would reveal in the rage he feels right now and slaughter everything in his path but the balance of sorrow has him incapable, he straightens himself in the most regal manner he can and begins to walk almost casually through the fighting the only break in his poise is to backhand one of those "Hulk" AIM Agents that passes by him. It is apparently not limited to just the one Hyperion is focusing upon but several, almost an entire squad of the body 'dis'morphers. In his eyes this battle pales to the one recently fought here, he has no heart in it. If he wished more blood on his hands he would simply speak but to do so would be against everything he has trained himself for his whole life. Conditioned himself to self control.
"Get the live one!" One of the Bee Hive helmeted soldiers screams. A sound ignored. The skirmish is on. Right now the fight is just breaking out, there is limited to no focus on Tony Stark and Mark Milton. Give it a few more heartbeats.

"Anyone else get the feeling these guys don't have much of a personal life?" Tony comments idly as he dives between a bullet and an unarmed scientist, repulsor beams a blazing. His own focus a bit more on defense then offense. He stands back tall and confident after knocking one of the beekeepers flat with a single repulsor bolt. "And can someone tell me what this is? Didn't get the memo on this."
More hulking critters? Definitely the good guys seem outgunned. But Hyperion will try to even the odds. He flies to the first 'pink hulk' and grabs him, tossing him away. Very away, since in the moon he weighs only one sixth of normal.

About a mile out of the breathable atmosphere area, actually. Then he goes for the next hulk, and the next, and the next… they are all thrown outside the Blue Area. Maybe the fall won't hurt them, but the void likely will.

The fighting will likely be handled by the assorted Security Experts, Tony Stark and Hyperion. Black Bolt really doesn't seem to care, once he reaches the rim of the Luthor Crater and the Blue Zone of the Moon he takes flight, lifts up and escapes lunar gravity, drifts off in to space and directs himself towards the planet. His people are his only concern and he will find them.

Slamming down onto the ground a number of ports begin to shunt open on Tony's armor. Inside each of these plates a small battery of micromissiles. He holds his fist down at ground level eyes locked to that same spot on the floor. There's a series of fwifts as they all fire off at once heading in different directions exploding on impact with the beekeepers and hulk like creatures. Finally looking up from the ground Iron Man calls out."Buzz off."

The last of the hulks is thrown several miles up and Hyperion turns on the AIM soldiers, only to see the micromissiles scattering their squads and causing total disarray among the terrorists group. With AIM surprise advantage lost, SHIELD counter-attacks swiftly, forcing the enemy into a full retreat.

Meanwhile Hyperion returns to the DEO's contingent, to make sure they don't get killed during the firefight. A brief glance is spared for Black Bolt. He must be a powerful Inhuman if he is able to fly all the way to Earth even badly injured. Chances are they will meet again.

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