Simple Anything

November 15, 2016:

The new leader of the X-Men meets Agent Lewis, SHIELD liaison and attache.


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The Metro Station of North White Plains

Back before the 1990s this was once the northern limit of electrification, over time that has of course changed. An overcast 40 degrees has it chill out but not freezing.

The Xavier's staff stands just shy of the Station itself, a small group of children being escorted in to the transit facility, Remy LeBeau volunteered to drive the bus, a long dark trench coat worn, gloves and a dark maroon scarf about his neck, flapping with the light breeze over one shoulder. A cigarette unlit hanging out of his lips.
"Bye Mr. LeBeau! See you after Thanksgiving!" A youth waves, perhaps no more than nine or ten years old, absolutely normal looking except for his wild green spiky hair. A natural color for him, thankfully now-a-days most people just assume it is hair dye and not a mutant quirk.
"Later, you little monster. You don't trample your grandmere's gardens like last time."

"I won't." A big grin and the Cajun can't help but return one of his own, "Dis what it all about, chere." His dialogue being fired at Ororo. Who is getting a hug of her own from two twins. A girl and boy named Mack and Maeve, good kids, odd kids, together their powers allow them to control the elements much like Storm's own just at a much lesser degree.

"We're here, Agent Lewis." The driver informs. His shades being pushed down his long nose to look in the rear view at her, "Fury said you have been briefed already and if you haven't in his words I quote, "Read your goddamn mail."

"I know." The two words a reply to Remy, though soft and borne upon a smile as Ororo embraces the twins with similar abilities in a manner a mother would…

Upon the bus the tall woman bearing the pale mohawk nearly drops to knees to get to their height while arms could encumber another set of them, they spread and accept the exuberant hugs. Lingering. Her other home, indeed.

Rising the flutter of fabric comes from the 'wings' of attire, strapped from hands to that of the back of her black on grey X-Man suit, accented in gold in a manner akin to the lightning the woman can bring on rolls of godly thunder. Though said god is not present.

Once the final shadow of children departs from Xavier's bus, those blue eyes seem to bear a solemnity, yet serenity, mixed with the small lingering smile while hands clasp before her.

Now, Agent Lewis becomes the object of her attention, Quicksilver's partner, and a non-mutant with mettle. Storm can respect that, even standing in the entry of a school bus as it finishes its unloading for the holiday, leaving things far more empty then they already were.

"So, Darcy, how damned is your mail?" A tilt of the African woman's head and the jest only bears a show on her small smile.

Road trips! YAY! Darcy had skimmed her email, because she was sent on this trip to help 'supervise'. In her Men-In-Black office attire, Darcy drops her car into park and slides out. It's a company 'rental' because Darcy stated that if she was going to be making road trips on company time, she was going to do it in company car because it would reduce the chances of her needing a roadside rescue from her POS car on company dime. The keys are dropped into her bag as she grins.

"I've read my damned email," she quips at the microphone of the earbud headset she has attached to her phone. She and Remy were on the phone most of the way to keep Darcy from getting too terribly lost. She hangs up the call since Remy's likely going to be joining them here in a moment, to smile at Storm.

"Considering I have a message from Fury? Damned as all hell, but I have a delete button and I'm not afraid to use it," she quips brightly at the mohawked-wonder.

A grin is delivered to Agent Lewis as she makes for her arrival, he hates texting but loves to send emoji's as they are in the number exchange status she likely discovered this about the Cajun. "O' course you know, 'Ro, you been at this longer than me. I just sayin' dis makes me enjoy it again. For a while there it lookin' pretty bleak… " A shrug and his hands thrust in to his pockets as they join Darcy near the bus, more than happy to get away from it. He'll be the one driving it back to the Mansion after all, "Charles told us we'd be more than happy with our new liaison, wait, dis be our first one right? This never a thing I remember with the X-Men an' SHIELD before. Even after all that Hydra shit."
"Dey got a coffee place, it closing lets walk an' talk. Enjoy dis nice weather." Sarcasm, Remy hates cold weather where as Storm always appears so unaffected by it. Very lucky that woman.

Storm's attire leaves openings for ease of movement, to flow, to carry, to move. Held together in clasps of golden loops at torso, hips, and lower back, stringing the stretches of black fabric from one to the next like a conduit.

"Not like that, Remy." She speaks to him in regards to knowing and his near-backtrack in words. "I know because it is what life is all about. The ups and downs. The joys. The family. Only way to go is up." A soft smile is offered to Remy and Darcy is once more regarded with a tilt of her head before they begin their trek side by side.

"And what exactly does you position among us entail in this relationship?"

Turning with Remy and Ororo, Darcy tugs the earbud free as she thumbs a quick text to a certain boyfriend of hers. It's a coffee mug, a cookie, and a question mark. Then a Google Map link to her phone's GPS location. She puts her phone back into a pocket, after smirking at all the emoji's from Remy. These are going to be interesting conversations.

"The general help you guys. Make sure DEO keeps their hands off, help make sure your kids stay safe from meddling government agencies and private corps that think sticking needles in people or cutting open their brains is a great way to see how they tick. If there's a situation that requires SHIELD tac-units, I'll call them, get them into position for you, help with any media clean up, and if things really go sour, knee cap anyone trying for you guys. You know? The usual." Cue the wickedly sweet grin.

"I figure dats what you meant, 'Ro." Remy assures as they near the small outside coffee booth. Behind it is a Jubilee's pizza but it looks to also be closed or closing soon. The booth is their best bet for something warm to wrap fingers around, "Cafe au lait." The thief announces to the barista, who gives Remy a long wide brace toothed smile, "Okay!" No hesitation there. The Cajun has a way with the unprepared.

"It make me uneasy, I almost want to make for de exit but X-Men, they family… an' Fury not done us wrong yet. Much safer bedfellow then the DEO if dis is the route we goin'… " A sidelong look is given Storm, "You ready for all this?" Confident at least they have Fury's backing in the form of Agent Lewis, which, shall prove itself entertaining. "This bein' the X-Men going public, the school letting the world know what it is exactly… it be a whole lot to handle."
"Oh, so like you can call in minions? That gon' be fun, bout uhm, this lil thing I have with Interpol? I'm still on their lists. Maybe you scratch me offa that?"

"Dark Kona blend, light cream, no sugar."Storm's presence does not bring the same lightheartedness as Remy's. Where he is suave, she is neutral save the gentle smile that reads as placid as those proud features of sable hue offset by the white mane of hair that flows only down in its mohawked half.

When Remy speaks of his unease, Storm's gaze movs back to him and then to Darcy, a warmth seeming to rise despite the fact that the winds coming off the coast bear a promise of a winter long abated. "No better time then now, right my friends?" The plural including their new liaison and frisbee pro, although a rematch is well due!

Lowering into a seat, Ororo closes her hands around the steaming mug, lips placed upon the rim, all the while she listens as Darcy speaks. A slow sip is taken and then she leans back, crossing legs and resting an arm along her edge of the table, nail tips tapping lightly over the worn surface. "We have many bedfellows it seems we need to bring to an ease with our stances. Many leaders and not enough followers, and those we have are in a crux," A pause and everything stills about Storm as her focus remains directly on Darcy.

"Like your Pietro, and our Gambit. You are more then welcome, your SHIELD can be in place as soon as we strike an accord. I want peace for them, for us. You see where this is going?" Hands shaken, backs patted, but in the end those back will be watched as long as they are trusted and safe. Erased.

"Mocha. Extra chocolate, more french vanilla creamer than you think it should have, skip the whipped cream," is Darcy's order. She's bright and confident and sets down the expense card. Small budget: gas and the occasional small meal for self and perhaps one or two others. Darcy makes sure the coffees are paid for before taking her own and following the others to a seat. She takes in Remy's request of clearing a file at Interpol and Storm's concerns that the bureaucracy of SHIELD will side with the 'law'. Darcy nods at Storm, face growing serious.

"I'll need full names, aliases. And I'll start digging. I can't promise anything right now, except that I'll look for the right channels, but I'm a firm believer in second-chances." A sip. "And that the best role models are usually the ones that have walked that road… There was this guy whose live dealt him wrong. He was down in a whole. A priest past by and the man called up: Father, can you help me out? The priest stopped, wrote a prayer on a paper, tossed it down, and went on his way. A doctor walked by. Again the man called up: Doctor! Can you help me? The doctor wrote a prescription, tossed it into the hole, and went on his way. The man's friend past by and in desperation, the man cried: Brother, can you help me? The friend jumped into the hole. What are you doing, cries the man? Now we're both stuck down here. His friend smiled and said, don't worry. I've been here before and I know the way out.

"…Sometimes, to know the way out, you need the help of someone who's been there before," Darcy sums up with a sip of her caffeinated hot chocolate.

"My stories that begin with Priests and Doctors always end up a lot more dirty." Remy admits as their drinks are prepared and handed out one by one, "On me." Or at least on the scamp who was foul mouthed towards one of the student's earlier. It pays to be a thief. A 20$ handed over and Remy gets comfortable near the his fellow mutant and their newest SHIELD friend, "I already know you ready to throw down, seen dat one. Dis girl here, Ro, she got up in Apocalypse business. If I coulda filmed it I would have." A light praising elbow jab is given to Darce.
A sip of the coffee, "That hit d spot. From what Sharles is saying, we already outed, DEO gonna pull protection on us for keeping Pietro safe and then they're gonna come down like a hammer. Only way to escape dat really is SHIELD, but that also means, we out. Like, folks are gonna know the school is for mutants." A sour expression crosses Remy's features briefly. "Maybe lose some students, maybe gain some, we already been attacked by terrorists, what worst that can happen, non?"

Remy paying has Darcy pausing a moment, then putting the card away. The dirty priest and doctor jokes has Darcy chuckling softly, brows waggling with promise of 'inappropriate jokes later when not on clock!'

"I'm being fed files. I'll check it all soon as I get back to the office. But close as I can figure, your best bet here is marketing, branding. School for the Gifted, no different from any other magnet school. You may have to open enrollment criteria a bit, make sure there's some accreditation and things. Which means I'm glad you mentioned your Interpol file. Are you considered faculty?"

"Inappropriate is my forte, chere."
"No, not so much. My official job title is… sanitation specialist I suppose the closest." A grin, "Not that I do much, most the landscape kept up pretty easy an' I never even mopped one floor." Another long sip of his coffee, "It works out. They already took in to consideration Interpol wanting me, Charles pulled some strings got me under de radar for a bit but they find me off school property… " Remy makes a *snerk* sound while throwing an imaginary lasso.

Ororo remained in silence as the anecdotal story came from Darcy, her gaze not set on either of her company, but off beyond the barista and towards the mountains beyond. Leave it to Remy's own retort to that to bring her back to the here and now with a flat stare towards him and one pale arched brow. Really, Lebeau? Said without words.

Nostrils flared and her exhale was one that ended with the rise of coffee back to lips.

"If the DEO wants one of ours they will get the same response any will get. No. Let them come, but they will find nothing but a greeting fitting of trespassers. But the issue there is, if they reveal our School, the haven many have taken to, those within need to be clean." A shift of glance to Remy then as the example.

"We are all here for one thing. To help. Many have reformed years ago, many come seeking reform and help. Who better to give it?" Hands unfold and are palm out towards Darcy.

"If they seek, I do not want them to find, not a sniff for the media to try and ruin what our people call home. In turn, you can even have my room in Xavier's and stay as long as you like."

It'll likely be Fury's turn to read his goddamn email.

"His duty as faculty of any sort would stay on the older levels." A nod towards Remy a a smile to Darcy.

"They find you off school property, I'm your first call," Darcy states in a tone as serious as the one she leveled on that SHIELD Pilot heading into the fight on the flying pyramid of death. Her lips are a tense line, her green eyes leveled unwavering on Remy. "You do nothing to instigate, and make sure you get to a place with CCTV or security cameras. You make sure you repeat that you don't want trouble and that you feel threatened. If you're going to use force, you keep it minimal and collateral damage as close to nothing as possible. Let them throw the first punch. They throw it on camera, and I'll blast them to high heaven," Darcy tells the thief, turning to look at Ororo with a nod of understanding.

"I'll get on it as soon as I get to the office and have full names and any aliases on all of your staff and any potential new staff members. I know it's asking a lot, but the more I know now that more I can protect you from later and the more children you can save." Hell, this kind of school would likely feel comfortable for many transgender children too!

Ororo gets a low chuckle that Remy muffles with his cup. "Yeah, I'll go ahead and promise dat how it gonna go down, Darce, chere, but I assure you, it probably not happen quite like dat. Remy makes his own rules." It's true. It's often exercised within the X-Men as well. Storm's background with him allows an understanding anyone else, Logan, Scott, they butt heads. He's about as lone wolf as the Canadian badger is most days. The look Agent Lewis gave him? He pays no mind or is immune to it's severity. "Can say, it makes me feel a little more secure you watching our backs though. But then, you not gonna get that full on cooperation from everyone in de school or team, lotsa them folks real shy for good reason."
"She even gettin' a room? It took me a lot longer to get that, I'm calling this one."

Storm is nodding to Darcy, looking between her and Remy as the words of warning and wisdom are given one way. But… As expected Remy had his own. Ororo knows, knows well, and it causes her expression to seemingly empty as she stares at him alone now. "Please," Her hand goes towards Remy before her eyes rise to him. "Just until this is settled. Try to do as she asks, hmm?" The small smile returning enters yet another breeze of warmth, even so much as touching her eyes as she looks back towards Darcy.

"I will give you the list of those willing, only. I will force no ones hand, but I will petition them as I have you and let them know the severity and the benefits." But the families, she will have to call them too, if they are to be made public they may lose children or gain permanent residents with no ties. Orphans, as secrecy is no more.

Remy's comment has the coffee pausing mid-rise to her lips, no look even cast his way as she smiles. "Call it, then my friend."

A look back at Ororo and Darcy nods. "Understood," she says, not realizing how much like a certain SHIELD Agent that entered her life in New Mexico and started her on this crazy path she sounded. The interplay over rooms causes Darcy to quirk a brow and glance between the two. "As.. an office, I'm sure."
"Who knows, maybe Ro already wanting you to move in." Remy teases, "Real friendly like that, fo sho." Sliding off of the coffee booth bench as the windows for it are closed he shivers visibly tucking his scarf over his lower jaw. "So, guess that it for a meet an' greet, new leader of de X-Men meet our new SHIELD liaison, better you two then me. I'm just here to make us all look real good." A wallet is produced and it's contents are stuffed in to the Christmas donation box. That same billfold is then boredly tossed aside. Nobody teases his school's students. "So, bout a movie? You two seen 'Simple Jack'?"

Storm, took a moment to catch up. Slowly that mug rose to lips and she drained it. If she did not drink, this was sure going to drive her to it. Instead of playing to the tune of ribbing Remy pitched out towards her and Darcy she just remained stoic as usual.

From within her own folds a keychain with keys is produced, as well as the attached ticket to where the vehicle is parked. The box rattles with the contents dropped within. Not a smile, nor a smirk, not even a waver in those eyes as she moves to stand along side them. "We need Simple Anything, I feel."

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