Girls are from Las Vegas (and not from Mars)

November 15, 2016:

Nathaniel and Kory visit Megan's cafe

Cafe by West Side, NY


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Where is lunch? Poor Kori, she was convinced to buy presents (are they even Christmas presents this early?) by someone. Probably Lian. Fortunately a friend was in the area. And Nathaniel brought the Tamaranean warrior princess to Megan’s coffee shop without any hidden reason at all, of course not. Or maybe he has a strange sense of humor.

Anyway, they probably have something to eat here along with the coffee, right? He smiles when he spots Megan. “So, I was here the other day after visiting the Triskelion, looked like a good place to take a break.”

Crimmas Shopping. Or Happy Ho-Ho, as she calls it with Lian. But right now she is Lian-free, K'tten and Orn on tyke duty while Roy is out of town and Star gets the necessary spoilings earned. Black Friday is not a thing for her, it ends badly and burnt gifts aren't well received she has found.

When Nathaniel meets up with her, the store is exited and bags gathered up, a string of them laden along both arms as she steps to the sidewalk and towards nourishment.

Boots of a gray and purple click across the floor of the cafe in her path, reaching to mid thigh in their zipper and lace hold, high waisted shorts are held by a similar lacework up both sides over hips to cover abdomen until laces splay in tension. A glimpse of tawny flesh and the bra like top carries on to tie in criss crosses across her back shoulder spanse. But it is all nicely hidden beneath the drop of an ankle length coat, lined in small tufts of /fur/ at the edges.

It's getting chill afterall.

Sunglasses are tucked up and sweep the long mane of red from her face, revealing the pupilless emerald eyes as they now take a moment to scan the menu.

"So…. What's good here?" Inquired as a step to the side is taken and the mass of bags are dumped into a booth.

Something felt weird. Something just a little off. Megan couldn't put her finger on it, as she bustled about behind the counter. She's a freckled redhead, more cute than anything else, with an earnest girlishness in her looks. She wears a tank top and skirt under her apron, and some boots that can only be glimpsed - nothing as striking as Starfire's outfit.

Which is part of why Megan is staring. "I…hello!" she declares. "Welcome! What can I get you?" she asks, and points upwards to the chalkboard on thew all. It's coffee, teas, and a selection of light fare, sandwiches and salads.

“Hello, Megan,” greets Nathaniel with a faint grin. “Kory, this is Megan, she is not from planet New York, which likely is a good thing. Megan, this is Kory, also from very much not from New York, you know how that goes. She lives in Metropolis, though. I will have a latte and, hmm…” he studies the possibilities for a few seconds. “One of those slices of chocolate cake that cannot possibly be healthy at all but are awesome.” He glances at Starfire to see what she wants.

The stare from Megan is something she is used to. Hiding her alien lineage was something Kori tried, real hard, but her agent as well as those she is tied to looked upon it with disdain. Being who she is not only sells, but is the truth. No more hiding.

Kori is Starfire, and Starfire is an alien. The introductions from Nathaniel confirm it all and the glass case lining the counter between customer and server is breached, Kori leaning on it and peering into the glass, a single finger pointing to each thing. A turkey and feta with spinach focaccia, a cranberry and walnut salad, a slice of seasonal croissant dessert nd then a 'ventee' espresso, heavy cream.

Don't look at her like that. She's hungry!.

But when she is done ordering her emerald eyes reflect the position of Megan like a morror with a smile that flashes teeth behind the framing of deep purple tinted lips. "When you get a break, come sit with us."

Not everyone is okay with aliens, metas, mutants, or time slips and Kori knows it - especially with her debates and battles in Metropolis against Godfrey: a radical speciest that just won office in Metropolis. And for that, she remains discreet for Megan's sake, or well… her employment. Kori? She has learned not to care.

"How'd you find her?" Whispered lowly to Nathaniel as she steps away from the case and intentionally ignores onlookers.

Megan just blinks a few times at that, and then she gives a vigorous nod. "Yes! Great!" she says, as if she just restarted her interior monologue. "Would you like that hot or cold?" she offers, as she turns about to start up on the esperessor machine. She moves her hands rapidly, opening and closing various levers and toggers to make the highly concentrated drink.

“I did not find her,” replies Nathaniel, quietly, “she just works here and there is no Starbucks in several city blocks around,” surprising that! “I found Megan a much nicer waitress than in any other place in the city, though.” He glances at the young woman and checks his sleeve where for a few seconds a string of strange symbols has appeared. He hmms.

"Cold, please!" Starfire responds to Megan, though now it seems the glances are more lingering, lasting, and assessing. So many questions that she is keeping quelled, obvious by the way she bites on lower lip and then looks away to turn and not make things awkward, leaning against the case with her back pressed upon it.

Nathaniel's response gets an arch of brow from Kori, and then a squint as the symbols appear. "Well, etiquette is not a thing in New York, I have found, but when not from here… It's still existant." Though as she speaks and looks from the sleeve to him and then Megan with a light smile. "So… what is your codex telling you?" Inquired as she wiggles her fingers over the scrawl on his sleeve as if 'magic!'.

Megan finishes up the espresso and turns around, putting it on the counter for Kori. She ducks to the side, fetches a plate, then extracts the sandwich in question and gives it a quick cut on the cutting board before plating it. That gets set on the counter as well, and then she goes about getting Nate's lattee and cake - which is indeed loaded with for-real butter. She's got a tingling in the back of her mind, something off. Something besides having an alien princess standing there. She finally gets everything settled, peels off her gloves and says, "Alright, together or separate?"

“Nothing,” Nathaniel looks a bit miffed, “density, spectrum, k-aura, even tau molecular readings are perfectly normal, but…” but Megan gets back and Nathaniel invites her to sit down. “Yes, Kory is from Vega. Told you I had some interesting friends,” he winks an eye to the young redhead. “And I met you almost four thousand years ago, right?” He asks the taller woman.

Taking her food and drink with a genuine smile offered to Megan she uses a hip (hands full) to scooch all her bags over and make a smidge of space for her to take a seat and lay out her meal, fingers working in an excited manner over the little buffet she ordered as if debating happily which to pick from first!

Dessert it is, the glazed and chocolate chipped croissant is shoveled in, the sandwich next but then she pauses at Nathaniel's words.

"Interesting?" Stopping herself from wiping off on her coat she lifts her hand and grabs a napkin. "Now… that story is interesting." A nod from Nate to Megan and she slides further into the booth for the other woman, a mechanical squeaky voice sounding off from one of the squished toys in a bag.

"Can I come into the out now??"

Heh. Smile.

Megan blinks a few times at that. "That all seems….very hard to believe. Humans aren't that long-lived," she says. "We! If only!" and a light laugh. She ducks out from behind the counter, meandering over to the table and lingering, not yet sitting despite the space made. "You're from…Vegas?" she asks Kori.

“I am not old,” protests Nathaniel, “in fact, I am not born yet. So I have minus nine hundred and some years. Time travel is fun that way.” He leans forward to pull some bags out of the way and at his side of the boot. “Lian is going to… yes, she will like this too,” he comments. “Best babysitter ever,” he explains to Megan.

"You're old. Going backwards doesn't count. Nor does using data and timestreams to benefit your own aging process. Though I hear Q10 is amazng for wrinkles and firming up the skin."

Another bite of her sandwich and Kori is looking at Megan as space is alloted for her among all the things she has managed to find. And she has only just begun. Roy, Nathaniel needs something, as well as his older and bigger twin (?), Bridge, her crew, the Spider dude is owed a parfait…

"Vegas? No, only one. Vega. Many other planets are part of it as well. But now I am here. This is my home. So, if not from New York. Hampshire maybe?" Kori inquires, although the look on her face is a smirk now, Nathaniel only made it a bit obvious for them, so coy it is, briefly.

Megan makes a face..more of consernation than actual confusion. "Vega, the brightest star in Lyra," she says with a nod, as if she went there on vacation. "You're a…time traveller?" she asks Nathaniel. That does answer a whole lot of things. Her eyes dart back to Kori, in her big, orange-skinned obviousness, and she swallows. "Me? From…From Vegas!" she says with a laugh, if a bit forced. "I like the desert. So calm and clean…"

Nathaniel nods to the waitress from not-New York, “I told you the other day, Megan. 30th Century, remember?” Which is not really true, but works most of the time. “He considers Megan again. “No way you are from Las Vegas. Maybe from Utah,” no, he is not being serious, don’t kick him under the table. “And Kory could be from LA. I could say I am from Metropolis, I like Metro.”

Miss Martian shakes her head. "I don't think they let Mormons have red hair," she says, perhaps deadpan. Her eyes narrow at Nathaniel, then glances sidelong at Kori. She grits her teeth in decision and then says, "We should talk some other time."

Nathaniel nods, more seriously. “Maybe we should. Drop by Metropolis one day and call this phone number,” he gives Megan a card. “Maybe we can have lunch together and visit Kory’s place, which is ah… highest place in the city. It will be fun,” or at least amusing!

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