Sunset Inquiry

November 13, 2016:

Quicksilver asks Agent May to meet with him to discuss a few concerns.



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Fade In…

The sun is going down, and the magenta tones are gently touching the grass of a little park in New York. People can be seen walking around, many going home from work or school. It is that time of the day.

A few trees are part of the background, and there is one that's notoriously bigger than the rest. Leaning relaxedly, almost lazily on it, a young man awaits.

Silver hair falls on sunglasses, even when it may be a little late to use them. Aside from that, little can be said of his attire, except for the heavy black cloak he is wearing. One would safely say he is concealing his identity, or trying to. But, for someone who has met him before, it would be eventually clear he is Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver.

He checks his phone from time to time. He has made a few calls in the past hour, and he is certainly waiting for certain SHIELD Agent, having asked her enough discretion. Just in case.

Walking along one of the sidewalks, Agent Melinda May knows exactly who she's supposed to meet, and she saw him almost the moment she entered the park. There's no point in being sneaky, though, so she doesn't even try. She just walks to the closest bench and sits, her hands staying in the pockets of her black leather-looking jacket.

If Maximoff really wants to talk, he can come sit over here to talk. She's not going to skulk around an old tree like someone trading secrets.

By the time Melinda takes seat, Pietro is already sitting beside her. For the look of it, it would appear he has been there for ages, looking at the SHIELD Agent in silence at first, until a nod is offered in salute.

"Agent May."

His voice is calmed and serene, far from the monstrous one of his recent monstrous self. But, today, he is surely just the usual mutant as always.

"How are you today?"

"Getting by. You?" May looks at the young man, visually studying him for a long moment. He seems … calm enough. She knows that sitting still like this is probably trying his patience (it certainly would Lewis, anyway), but he's the one that called her here, so he gets to start the conversation properly.


"I'm good too, recovering." Pietro won't add more on the subject, unless asked to, but he smiles at the end of the sentence all the same. "And I'm glad you're, well, getting by." A little smirk goes as well, because there is never enough smirking when speaking about Quicksilver.

The speedster doesn't seem bothered by being still. He looks more anxious about the topic he is about to touch.

"Agent May… I wanted to… talk to you about the… well…" Lack of words, something extremely unusual for him, but, here it is. "After I did what I did, I'm aware certain agencies are a bit, hm, preoccupied of my safety. And, mainly, of the safety of everyone around me, just in case I turn to be… well… what I was." It's certainly difficult for him, but there is clear confidence in Melinda as he speaks. "In other words, many people around want to cage me, experiment on me, and/or kill me. Which is something I would not be exactly, let's say, eager to attend to…" the Transian accent is always there. Always.

"I know Darcy would never hand me to one of such parties, but… It still worries me that… I don't know… if SHIELD may have some interest in me, that Darcy would be unaware of for… known reasons…"

He doesn't seem ready to dash out if the answer is affirmative. Actually, he is just leaning back and staring, perhaps awkwardly because of the anxiety, at May.

May stares right back at the silver-haired young man for a solid five seconds, just to see if he'll flinch. Though considering he's spent a not inconsiderable amount of time with Darcy, May's pretty sure he's made from sterner stuff. Finally, though…

"If SHIELD had that kind of interest in you, you'd already be in a laboratory somewhere like a rat. The fact that you're not should tell you enough."

Pietro doesn't seem upset for the answer, but not exactly happy either. "I've been enough time in a laboratory like a rat." He comments under his breath, forcing a hint of a smile. "Thank you for being so straight forward, Agent May."

It takes him a few seconds to forget about the laboratory. A few seconds that are an eternity for him, that is.

"How is the world doing after the incident? Is everything better now?"

The guilt in his words is palpable. He can remember anything he did under his Death persona.

"They're improving." That's a rather typical May non-answer, but it's reassuring enough at the same time. She's still studying him, likely watching for microexpressions and expecting them to be even quicker to disappear than on a normal-paced person. "Are you asking because you want to help, or what?"

Maximoff is keeping his human-pace as much as he can. Any person around wouldn't even think he is a speedster, which may be the whole idea behind it. Previously, he had no problem dashing in and out in front of people. But it changed. "I am always willing to help. That's why I joined the X-Men, though they are… somehow worried because of this prosecution. They have received requests to hand me to a cage, and they have denied them so far. But, it's still a constant struggle. Anyway, I think I have to help more than many. Because, a lot of that, was thanks to me."


Melinda May nods slowly.

"Willingness to help is the first step. Your best option is likely to keep in touch with Lewis. Help on her field missions when you can." May herself will contact him separately if it's deemed necessary. Hopefully it won't. He's too young to be this world-weary.

"Of course." Pietro nods, smiling softly and glancing around. The night is falling and less people walk the streets and the park. "I will keep in touch. And, if you need me, you know how to contact me." A deep breath is taken. "Also, and not that she needs it, but… Please take care of Darcy when I'm not around." His smile turns sweeter, and after a nod and enough time for May to react or respond, the mutant becomes a silver streak and disappears from his seat.

Melinda May nods. "Even from herself if I have to." She stays seated as Pietro disappears in a streak, then after a few more moments stands and goes on her own way as well.

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