A visit to the Witch

November 12, 2016:

Nathaniel visits X-Red HQ looking for Quicksilver, and meets his sister.

X-Red HQ

Located in what was previously, the TWA Flight Center at the John F. Kennedy International airport, the building combines the ephemeral and the ageless along with the enduring beauty of inspired modern design. The building was designed by mid-20th century Finnish-American architect, Eero Saarinen and was first opened in 1962.

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Fade In…

Looks like there is an armored man at the building lobby talking at the reception desk and drawing some attention. Silver and red armor with pools of golden light. The clerk on duty is used to the strange, so she calls Wanda to inform her about this visitor. Apparently he is looking for her, the Scarlet Witch. Good thing too, as she seems the only X-Red member on the building.

Wanda has, of late, been the only X-Red member in the building at all. When she is contacted by the receptionist, the witch has a brief look at the visitor through the security system before allowing him up. Should she get dressed properly? Armor probably means something important. Wanda thinks on the conundrum but then decides against it - overlong t-shirt and leg warmers it is. At least they're scarlet. Wanda does manage a quick brush of her hair before welcoming Iron Man into the kitchen area. It /is/ Iron Man, right? "Hello. You wished to see me?" Her voice still thick with a Transian accent.

The armored man seems to study Wanda for a few seconds before agreeing to follow her. “Thank you for receiving me,” replies Nathaniel with a distorted voice. Then he removes the helmet. Not Tony Stark, so maybe not Iron Man. “I am Iron Guard, I am with the Avengers. I came looking for you for… a few reasons. Maybe the most pressing one is to talk about your brother. Quicksilver.”

"Iron Guard? Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Maybe you should try a different color armor?" Wanda suggests playfully before a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "What has he done now? He has annoyed the Avengers?" A shake of her head before she flops down on the couch, lifting her legs up under her body. "I am not my brother's keeper" she adds apologetically. "If he has done something bad then you might be better talking to his girlfriend. She has more influence with him now."

“I already have a different color armor,” replies the young man with a small smile. “But the armor was patterned after Iron Man’s, yes. As for Quicksilver, hmm,” he hesitates, “you are aware he was enhanced and brainwashed through extremely advanced alien technology, right? Well, he attacked the Watervilet Arsenal, killing a number of American soldiers. The Avengers attempted to stop him, which is how I met him. But I recognized him from my databanks and I want to talk with him.”

"This is the Apocalypse thing?" Wanda asks, hoping against hope that it hasn't happened again. "Don't tell me that he has been 'possessed' again? Apocalypse was an alien? I thought he was just an angry mutant." She's looking worried now. "As far as I know he is at a boarding school. We did not get much of an education in Transia so he has decided to try and learn." A pause. "He has a lot to learn."

“Yes, the Apocalypse ‘thing’.” Nathaniel shakes his head. “It was not possession. No, Apocalypse is not an alien, but he is enhanced by alien technology.” The rest of Wanda’s explanation is filed for future references. The data he has mined from Internet and other sources about X-Red is rather confused. “I hope he is well, he should be fully recovered by now. At least physically. Are you not in contact with him?”

"He has a girlfriend, remember? Why would he be talking to his sister when he has a girl to snuggle?" Wanda smirks, thankful that there hasn't been another incident with her brother. "He should be recovered, da, but he was very close to death. And with all that happened, I am not sure if everything still works as it does." A casual shrug. "He cannot remember me when I am not around so I do not expect him to call." Wanda is unaware that has been resolved.

“Er… no, I did not know about any girlfriend,” states the young man. How could he know? Maybe it is in a memo somewhere he missed. The memory problems are also unexpected. But he figures those things happen in the world of super-heroes. “Ah well, it would be helpful if I could have located him right away. Would you tell him I am looking for him next time you see him, please? I am easy to contact with through the Avenger public channels.”

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me why you want to speak with him? He is still my brother and you have got me worried now" Wanda replies, studying the armored man carefully. "I will tell him if you tell me why. But you said that was only one thing you wanted to talk to me about." A pause. "Oh…would you like a drink? There is so much here and now only me to drink it."

“I just want to ask him to join the Avengers,” replies Nathaniel, smiling again. “What do you mean you are the only here? The X-Men is a very large group, if I remember correctly.” No drinks for him, thank you. He shakes his head.

"Join the Avengers? Wow. He is really going up in the world" Wanda smirks though she can't help but be proud for her brother. "Yes, there are a lot of X-Men but I am all that is left of X-Red. The people who are…were…in that team have all gone away as far as I know. So I just sit around here by myself and help when I can. Usually by answering the fan mail. Though I think that will drop off. I have a horrible feeling that I will have to replace Mana on the calendar too."

Well, the Avengers are a new team still struggling to gain the good graces of the law-enforcement agencies and the public. But after the surprising fall of the Justice League Alliance they have become very active in the battlefront and in the media.
“I am not sure if it is an upgrade for a mutant,” admits Nathaniel. “We are very public, very transparent to the population. And mutants face much prejudice from racist groups right now. But as I said I have your brother in my databanks. And you too, actually. I am from the future, you see.”

"We are in a lot of databanks" Wanda sighs before the rest of his comment causes her to arch an eyebrow. "Future?" She nods sagely at that information. "Hmmm…and you are not the first to tell me this. The last person who said they knew my future tried to kill me. In fact…the last /two/ people who said they knew my future tried to kill me. I do not think I want to know my future." A little laugh at that before she nods. "Yes, we mutants are very much hated. But this is not new. Transians are hated. Travelers are hated. When you are all three what more can you expect?"

“Well, I do not want to kill you!” Protests Nathaniel, smiling again. “My real name is Nathaniel Richards. I am from the 30th century. I know from my databanks Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were among the most famous and important members of the Avengers of the 21th century. Now… the timeline might have changed already. And it is also possible the records have been manipulated. I have nothing of an X-Red team, although I do know the X-Men had a large number of splinter teams.”

"Famous and important Avengers?" Wanda stares for a moment before laughing softly and shaking her head. "Yes, I think the timeline has very much changed. I do not think that I will ever be famous and important. And I am X-Red, not an Avenger." Her brow furrows. "Who would manipulate records? Why? And why are you here? Is the 30th Century horrible?"

Nathaniel shakes his head, “no, it is close to a utopia. High standards of living, a unified government, free education, health and countless other services, and Earth becomes an important place in Intergalactic politics.” He pauses, “but the road there is long and painful. And this century needs many heroes if we want to follow a shorter, better road.”

"So you're here to…cheat? I mean that you see the destination but want an easier wy to get there. Isn't that dangerous? What if you change that future with what you do?" Wanda waves a dismissive hand. "Sorry, I do not know what I am talking about and you have probably thought of all these things. Reality is fluid around me anyway. It means nothing" she smiles sweetly.

“This is the world I live now,” explains Nathaniel. “So my goal is to make the best possible world. I have the advantage of knowing what could happen and some advanced science. Ah… and reality is fluid around everyone. With the right lever any human being can move the world.”

"So you want my brother to help you out to create a new world? Or will you be letting the normal people do it? We have a lot of power, Nathaniel. We could change this world into anything we want to…but should we?" Wanda unfurls her legs out from under her. "Isn't that what Apocalypse tried to do?"

“I would say everyone wants to change the world,” replies Nathaniel, “and many make the attempt, yes. Even at a small scale, but also with every political decision in democracy. A person is not at hero by personal power, but by how they use it. The Avengers fight for a better world. I think so do the X-Men. To change the world for the better. Should we do it? The question is more, how could we do anything less?”

"I understand that but who decides what is better? Did the world vote on what they wanted?" Wanda shrugs and sighs. "Our lives are not easy and they are filled with torment and discrimination but I could probably crush everyone who has said a horrible thing to me and it would make the world a better place. Get rid of some sexist racists…how could that be wrong? But should I do it?"

“Probably not, being a bigot is not a crime deserving death,” comments Nathaniel evenly. “Good judgment is not always easy, but since you have not crushed them yet, I am going to assume you have it. As for the rest, the voting of the citizens does determine the laws of the country, which the Avengers are sworn to uphold. We are not above the will of the people, no. But within the law, there is much we can do to improve the world.”

"And what if the law was that mutants should be put in concentration camps? There are many countries where that /is/ the law. The Avengers will support whatever law is put in front of them? Or do they decide what it is they want to uphold?" Wanda shrugs. "I am sorry. This is getting very deep and all you did was come to talk to my brother. Or at least find him. Pietro will not think too much on these things I promise" she smiles.

“I do think about these matters every day, nothing to be sorry about” admits Nathaniel. “Human rights are already drawn and made international, with treaties signed by America, if the US passes discriminatory laws, then the whole country is violating their own law. I do not think it would be hard for the current membership of the Avengers to decide what is right and what is wrong in this case. But if we get so far as those laws being passed, it is likely we have already failed as heroes and the very charter of the team would need to be revised.”

"Americans do not like their laws made by other countries" Wanda points out. "They will one day vote in a person who feels the same way and will repudiate all such agreements. Make this country selfish and angry once again. And if that means the Avengers disband rather than resist that…then what heroes could they be? I am an illegal alien, Nathaniel. So is Pietro. We want to do the best we can but sometimes the laws do not support that, they resist that. Once upon a time the law was that you could own slaves and women could not vote. Would the Avengers have supported that? If you went back another 900 years, are the laws they had then the ones that you would follow? Or do you actually want to change those laws and make them better…as far as you believe them to be better."

"I am an illegal alien too," comments Nathaniel, "even though I was born near New York. But the United States do not even exist in my time. We can work on fixing the legal situation, though. But we have a real extra-terrestrial alien in the team right now as well as two time-displaced people, our notions of what is right are… different than what is considered here and now. Compromises need to be made, of course. And every one of us has lines they will not cross. The question is if now, right now, you can accept the… limitations of the laws. If you can not, then the Avengers are not right for you."

"That is a question for my brother" Wanda smiles. "You did not ask me to join." Her brow furrows. "Did you? I am a law abiding person, Nathaniel, but I come from a country where the law says that people like me are scum. Not second class citizens but rather not citizens at all. That kind of law I will never support."

“I would not either, I do have my lines too,” Nathaniel arches an eyebrow to her question. “Should I offer? Would you accept if I did? Because it sounds like a good idea to me, we lack magic-users in the group and our expert in occult matters, the Black Knight, lives in England and I doubt he will remain for long.”

"I will have to talk to my brother about it" Wanda replies with a shrug. "And I am X-Red so I cannot abandon that…though I think that you can be in more than one group, da? If you want to offer then offer but I will not accept right away. Black Knight? Scarlet Witch? At least it will be colorful."

“Black Widow too,” adds Nathaniel with a grin. “Of course, talk to your brother. I want to talk with him too, so please tell him I am looking for him.” He heads out, “nice you meet you, Scarlet Witch, and farewell.”

"I will tell him" Wanda nods. "When he is not with his girlfriend" she adds with a wry smile. "Good bye, Nathaniel. Drop by anytime…I am usually free."

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