Ordering Off the Menu

November 11, 2016:

Spoiler's "milk run" night patrol turns into a proverbial hopeless search looking on a cloudy night in a dark room with no flashlight for a ninja who might not even be there. Surprisingly she almost catches one.

The Red Maple, Gotham

The Red Maple has a distinct autumn color scheme to it with hues of red,
orange and yellow blended together throughout the entire restaurant. The
various tables are set up in such a way to provide an open feel and view
throughout the upscale establishment but the lighting scheme allows for the
sensation of privacy and intimacy. Grandiose art has given way to a
selection of mirrors decorated with vine styled etchings while branches used
to add depth to the room.

Each of the tables are of a polished oak surface decorated with a lone
candle and place settings. The support pillars throughout the room reach up
to the ceiling and are illuminated with backlit vine designed surfaces.

At the bar, a large mirror rests behind the bartenders upon which brilliant
showcases of light displays are projected.


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Fade In…

It's a cool night in Gotham and in the Diamond District unusually peaceful. A light misting rain clouds the pre-dawn air, not heavy enough to disturb the quiet with the noise of raindrops but enough to darken pavement, slick railings, and make the wind a little chillier. It also makes the city's many shadows thicker…

Slipping down the brick wall of a building, a black silhouette passes briefly through the headlights of a passing car before vanishing in the dark alleyway below. Her padded sandals creep soundlessly towards the back door of an unlit restaurant and a pair of picks slip out the sleeve of her jacket.

The Red Maple proudly announces its identity overhead to the sleeping city. Scarcely a minute later, a silent alarm is triggered.

It's Spoiler's night in this area. Just move about, report in, and keep working on stealth. It was a 'milk run'. At least, until her comlink alerted her of the silent alarm at the Red Maple. Fortunate! She's right next to the place. Looking down into the alley in teh back. She thought she'd seen something, so she had stopped. Triggering the 'I'm on it', reply, Spoiler drops herself down into the alley. It's a not-complete-ninja-silent landing. But, it's quiet enough for most vigilante work. Sort of!

"Didja forget to clock out earlier? I'm pretty sure Boss won't mind if you write it in tomorrow," Spoiler says as she straightens from her landing. #MyNewCapeIsAwesomeSauce

Spoiler's answer is the flutter of a black cape as the ninja disappears before her into the doorway and the door shuts behind her.

Wait… she's the only one with a nice cape tonight. Greeting her is only a black blur and the closing door.

Inside, the restaurant is pitch black; whichever room the door opens to has no windows, nor a night light. BYOIllumination it seems.

"….Way to go, Christine."

That's like, a movie quote or something, right? Spoiler lingers a half heartbeat on it before she moves forward to shoulder open the door and get low, just in case. In that brief moment Stephanie had to glimpse the room through the open doorway told her one thing: Batman's Blindfighting throw tennisballs around the cave and make a huge mess becuase you are a Pusheen Cat training montage moment is TOTALLY supposed to come in handy.

Spoiler's hopefully, anyway!

The brief glimpse proves important too, as a silvery metal table isn't far in front of the door. From the moment's look at a sink, countertops, and cookware, it appears to be a kitchen area. Missing from the glimpse is the black hooded figure that went in first.

When the door closes again, the night gets even quieter - completely silent in the deserted building. Closed for hours now, the staff have gone home, HVAC fans are off, and even the scent of the room is still; obsessively sterile and blank.

*drip*… *drip*… … *drip*… … …


Your eyes can lie to you, Spoiler! Focus!

That she can so clearly hear the Batvoice in her skull even when he's NOT in her earpiece is ….pretty damn AWESOME! Stephanie will fangirl about that later. Right now, she stays crouched and slides to one side in as complete silence as possible, listening, straining to hear anything past the drips and her heartbeat.

Cold metal cabinets offer a wall of sorts in the dark room, and the quiet, irregular sound of dripping water doesn't offer an easy signature to track. Spoiler's own clothes might be wet enough to drip too.

*Ting!… clatter-clatter* A sudden, sharp and metallic jolt rings from somewhere on the other side of the door frame. Quieter and further in, easily missed in its wake, the soft sound of dragging fabric creeps towards the opposite side of the room.

Spoiler's head kerls a quarter inch toward the sound. But tht's been done too. A distraction. Don't fall too easily for the loud, the shiny, the obvious. So Spoiler breaths slow and silent until…

AHA! Softer sound that's not kitchen stuff! Spoiler wants to bumrush it BUT… training. She creeps as well, hoping she's quieter than the sound.

"Upornyy…" A voice mutters from somewhere in the dark, a distance away to the left. It's light and soft.

Spoiler turns her head to that sound, not able to see clear enough in this utter darkness. But the voice… Eppoinie? The chick from Les Mis? The purple clad Spoiler starts that way, moving slow and low and careful.

Quickly, that path will bump Spoiler back into another cabinet - likely the table she saw on the way in. The floor beside it is a little slick, dampened by water.

The quiet drips don't return. Instead, there's a sound of trickling water. Once again, soft fabric sounds - getting more distant - head away from the room.

ufff. Spoiler presses her lips together as she bumps into a cabinet. No drips, trickling water? and the fabric the other way. Focus! Spoiler straightens up so she can lengthen her stride, heading toward the fabric sounds now with purpose. And a bit more noise. Patience gettign frazzled!

There's a weighted thump of cloth being pressed into the floor as the sudden change in pace surprises the figure sharing Spoiler's dark room and something metallic ricochets across the tile to her side a moment before a thick rope gets in the way of her shins.

Batman isn't the only one to carry a grappling hook.

And Spiler faceplants over the rope. She catches herself with her hands in a yoga-like push up. And all of it made way too much noise. Spoiler did too, cause she may have squeaked… a little bit… mostly loud… but not really. She had heard the metallic sound, but had thought it was another distraction. #SpoilerAlert: I was WRONG!

Soon after Spoiler lands, two loud steps precede a weight landing broadly atop her as her quarry dives blindly in an attempt to pin the caped vigilante. It's an awkward and unbalanced landing at first before two arms scramble to gain a proper hold around her waist and then pull her arms out from under her. She wasn't the only one maneuvering blind.

Two steps. And they are going… away?.. Crap! Nope! Right toward-! Spoiler has just enough time to roll herself to her back, as if trying to push out of the way just enough to avoid collision, before she's landed on.

Alright. So just enough time was totally NOT what was meant. SPoiler had time to think about the cool roll to back, kick up to knock bad guy away, then use same momentum to flip to feet. What she really had time for was to be half way throug the roll.

Spoiler grunts aloud.

Arms scramble to get a hold, Spoiler's arms scramble to get clear of the hold… and keep her facemack on. Becasue let's be real here: It's plastic… and from HobbyLobby… and held on with a sturdy tie but… yeah. Cowl it is NOT. #WhenAmIGettingMyARLensedMaskBatDad!?

Spoiler's grunt is matched by one in kind as her fugitives lands as much across her on top before squirming and struggling to form some semblance of a dominant grapple. Her cape is tugged, her utility bet is seized, and a cloth-covered arm bumps against her own as the would-be thief tries to get a hold on her. It's amateurish and not aided by her assailant's surprisingly small figure, but in the dark the chaotic movements might have a chance.

A damp canvas jacket is smushed atop Spoiler's hood and provides a sturdy hand-hold, but it's also suffocatingly wet. In the struggle, the blonde might notice her attacker is female as well - and not very big.

What the hell?! This is a kid?! She should be in a Brownies Troope not burglering a… where are we again? Spoiler sputters at the wet jacket to the face. Another grunt and Spoiler fights to get a good handhold and twist for the uppoer hand. Must! Not! Lose! To! Brownie!

The thief strains and squirms defiantly while grumbling something in Russian that's anything but child-friendly, but Spoiler's grappling skills and her natural advantage of size begin to win out and she finds herself lifted and almost rolled. Not relinquishing the grapple however, her arms change tactics as she tries to force Spoiler's head back into her jacket.

Okay. Masks with open eye and nose holes.. not good for this sort of thing. Spoiler sputters again, coughing as water from the wet jacket drips in. Time to get some space up in here! Spoiler clings with her arms while she brings a knee up sharply, hard as she can manage from the awkward angle she's got, hoping to drive her knee into the girls'… someplace. If she can score a few good hits, the girl may let go, and they can roll up to feet and Spoiler can fish a flare from her fannypack I MEAN BATFAMILY UTILITY BELT!! No, It really is just a purple fanny pack.

Spoiler's knee strikes the tense but gratifyingly soft viscera of the thief's stomach and Rusalka lets out a pained cough against the tiles. One hit, two hits, three hits and the grip on the heroine's head loosens enough to break free.

Wee! Free! Spoiler rolls up, digs out that flare, cracks it and tosses it not far off to the side. This while Spoiler snorts loudly to try to get hte water out of her NOSE!

"Okay… huff.. Cease.. cough deceased.. huff snort.. wait. Ugh. You're not goign to rob this place." Yeah! That sounded convincing!

The sudden light of the flare confirms the room as a kitchen even as its light illuminates the standing, purple and black Spoiler and the crouched, all-black thief on her hands and knees gripping her stomach. Her face is obscured by the hood of her jacket - which besides a night-black unitard seems to be her entire outfit - but an orange cat-eye glares at the blonde's shins.

"Vedma," she grumbles as she tries to push herself up to her feet. It's not a fast process and there's enough time to notice the discarded grappling hook trailing its rope from beside the thief's body.

"Look. I don't speak Geman, so if you could let me know if you speak English that would make this whole witty banter thing smoother," Spoiler says, annoyed at the water on her face that she can't wipe off yet. She coughs into her mask again (YUCK), as she studies the girl. Oh! And hte grapple hook. Spoiler kicks it out of the way.

The ninja stands up to her full, barely five-feet height, but looks up coldly and impassively the rest of the way to Spoiler. There's no color to her face, or her clothes, or her hair; what precious little isn't hidden beneath oil-black fabrics is dyed, painted, or perhaps just naturally that dark. The shadow of her hood layers atop even that and lends a startling contrast with the pure whites of her eyes and the bright orange that lines predatorily-sit pupils.

Rusalka's gaze flits down to her grappling hook before returning, somehow even colder. She likes that grappling hook.

"Whoa. Okay. Those contacts are awesome. You'll have to tell me where you got them, after you tell me what you're doing in here," Spoiler rambles then geta back on topic. Of course she also notes all the black on black with a side of black.

The thief shuts her eyes and reaches up to rub a sore spot in her shoulder. She murmurs under her breath in relief before reopening them to look around the room. The counters are mostly empty of anything but bare essential cooking supplies, with utensils and knives neatly arranged on hangers and in blocks nearby. One long hallway proceeds further into the building behind them but a side door promises something else - most likely a pantry.

The ninja turns briskly on her sandals before crouching down to retrieve her grappling hook and looking longingly at the door. Rusalka turns back, still nearly within arm's reach, and as she looks at Stephanie out the corner of her eye, her mask contorts in a knowing smile. One of the ninja's hands raises as she pinches a familiar black ball between two fingers.

Flinging it to the ground, the ball explodes in a cloud of smoke and the sound of rapid footsteps precedes a hastily opening and shutting of a door.

Spoiler watches the girl gathering her things and surveying the area. She inhales to say there really isn't a way out… and then… little black ball. Oh no. Spoiler knows what that is.

Poof. Cloud of smoke. Spoiler's left coughing and sputtering more as the black orage cateyed ninja gets away.

#ImmaBeGrounded #BatFail #NotPostingThisEVER

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