Mutant League Frisbee

November 08, 2016:

Storm, Quicksilver, Gambit and SHIELD Agent Lewis play a game of 2v2 Frisbee. Cameo by X-Man.


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If many mutants gathered in one place is what you want, there are just a few options around.

Mutant town, some teenage punk/rock band, or, of course, Xavier's Institute.

The bastion of tomorrow, a place where the difference is what bind us, and where every mutant, no matter how powerful, ugly, or really, seriously, ugly, is… can feel at home.

Beside the medical area, where Pietro Maximoff had rest and treatment for the past days, there is a green area used by many teachers and students to play field sports, sit down and read, or just execute some socializing. The sun is going down, stealing scarlet and magenta tones from the sky. A few children can be seen running on the background, and then there is Quicksilver, playing frisbee with himself.

Darcy stayed that first night, but left early. She had work. And then she was absent. The hours were too long for her to get out this far. But today she's arrived. It's Saturday. While she could still be called in, she wasn't technically scheduled. So, in jeans and a shirt and a sweater and her beanie, Darcy arrives at the mansion and asks for Pietro's whereabouts to visit him again.
Food had, devoured quicker by some than others and Remy is walking with the last bits of his sandwich towards the greenery, geared up now it almost looks like he plans on going somewhere. Magenta, purple, black and silver chest armor underneath that trench and body suit. His grin only adding to the glint of those red-on-black eyes. It makes him look the devil he can be at times, "You mus' be real bored. So this thing you said earlier, bout Apocalypse, that not true, right? 'cause if he talking and telling you to kill things we got people here who help with dat sorta ting. They help you work through inner voices."

Darce at this point is becoming a known face to the office, if one ones to call it that. Her name written down and a direction pointed at, it is harmless to roam the school grounds for most, its the more hidden spots that not even the kids know about here that is less harmless.

Storm had spent time with Quicksilver and Gambit, eating and socializing. Business set aside before she made her way to change into the attire of this home after refreshing.

A walk among the green brings Storm back to the two she knew, and despite not needing it she is more dressed for the chill climate New York is seasonally changing to. The black body suit bears gold lined accents, dropping off to leave shoulders bare and then fall into those drops of fabric connected from a loop around middle fingers to her back. Boots stretch to cover to mid thigh, their melding with the suit accented by the tops lined in gold as well, matching that 'X' upon belt that loops around her waist.

Long white hair hangs down over one shoulder, revealing the shaven side, but tendrils remain damp still from her recent shower, hanging longer then the rest.

Nothing is said quite yet as Remy brings back up the Apocalypse voices, redirecting those eyes towards them, having not yet seen Darcy's arrival.

The frisbee is caught by Pietro, who threw it just instants before. He is not as fast as he used to be when… a few days ago… So there are no residual images left here and there. Just one mutant, passing the time and using it as an excuse to get some exercise. To Remy, he smiles friendly and then he laughs a bit at his words. "No, no voices. Thankfully. Death is long gone, but I thought joking around that was the least thing I could do." He shrugs, always speaking with that Transian accent. "It makes everything flow smoother. Because, if I think too seriously about it, then…"

The frisbee falls to the ground, uncaught.

Pietro smirks faintly.

"Wanna join? We still have a few spots free in both teams." The grin regains its usual bright. "And you, of course." He spotted Storm as she walked in, naturally. Not because his mutant senses. It's more because his thief experience, he is always aware of his surroundings. And, speaking of which.

"One sec." Which for him is an eternity, but he blurs out for an instant. "Good afternoon, most beautiful lady." And yes, Darcy is greeted, hugged and kissed as he had not seen her in ages! "Do you want to play some frisbee?"

Given directions, Darcy makes her way out to the grounds. She watches Pietro playing frisbee, smiling at the sight of him up and moving and zipping about here and there. She moves to find a patio chair to sit in, unwilling to bother his play. It's so good to see him up and about. She's just staring to reach for it when Pietro's there, hugging her and kissing her and as bright and happy as her ever was. More so, it seems. Darcy chuckles into the kiss, hands going to his shoulders to steady herself.

"Sure. But I warn you, I suck at it. So, put me on your team so you can catch all my horrible throws," Darcy quips, smiling herself because it's impossible not to smile in the face of all this joy.
"I can for a few throws. Night is one to go out and cause some mischief," Remy pauses, "Alone but I can linger long enough to warm up." A grin seeing Storm and Darce, "You becoming a regular around here, maybe start having you teach a class, bet Charles love that." Saying 'Charles' for Gambit always comes out sounding like Sharles. Never ending fun for X-Men around him. "SHIELD not spyin' on us, here? Bad enough we chasin' DEO offa your boyfriend but worryin' bout you guys, it starting to make me feel less den comfortable." A thief. It is his nature to be a tad cautious.

One minute there and the next gone. Storm steps up beside Remy and her stance is not one of wariness, but her indigo eyes are watchful of the woman Pietro sweeps up and brings back their way. "I caught the humor in his words, Lebeau, how could you of all people, not?"

Her concern is not blatantly evident, but it is there to those who could read it, especially when he mentions a night out alone.

But as Darcy and Pietro near, Ororo gives the other woman a light nod in greeting with a smile of welcome, her words not belying it. "Ah, Gambit. It is love. I fear if SHIELD demanded her to bring him in her job would be in jeopardy before consideration is had." A light brush to his shoulder with a tap of fingers. "You're losing your touch?" The smile is knowing in regards to his caution, but none the less ribbing.

"Storm." A greeting to darcy then and she starts to take a few steps back. "Who is on my team then?"

"Oh, /that/." Pietro snaps his fingers, shaking his head in sadness. "Well, yes… they sort of… want to… capture me." It's hard for him to say so, given all the story he has on that matter. A whole life running from captivity, and when he thinks it's over… it happens again. "At this rate, I'll have to be more time between the Institute and your place," he tells Darcy, "Because, suddenly, my apartment doesn't look like somewhere safe enough."

The frisbee flies upwards, and then it caught by him. Now at normal speed.

Storm's words about what would happen if SHIELD wanted him make him wonder… perhaps too much… perhaps enough for him to not ask about it.

At Peitro's side, Darcy makes her way to Remy and Storm. Her green eyes land on the Cajun. Her head tilts. A brow quirks.

"Spying isn't part of my job description, but if it'd put your mind at ease: If you're afraid of me being here, say so. Say it clearly and I'll walk, right now. I don't know much about what happens here, and I'm okay with that. But you have medical facilities and children. Both things mean you're doing good works to people the rest of society tries to think are beneath them, apart from them, less worthy than them. Both things mean I'm not willing to jeopardize your safety for my personal wants.

"As for DEO…." she turns her gaze to Pietro, face set in the same sort of angry protective edge she had the moment she stepped foot on that inverted pyramid. "Say the word, Senor Gonzalez. Meanwhile, I'll see what I need to do on my end to run interference. I shot a wanna-be deity for you. Another government agency doesn't even worry me."

After Darcy's little commentary, does Pietro still need to wonder? What about the way Darcy turns a grateful and agreeing smirk on the other woman. A nod, as if to say 'damn straight', and she turns to Pietro.

"You know the price for shacking up at my place: Dinner, dishes, and West Wing. The romcoms are fun, but give me political dramas anyday," she quips with a wink.

"Maybe, 'Ro, maybe. But you weren't there, you didn't see what he was like when he was Death or Rogue, you remember Warren? It bad juju. So maybe a lil concerned… " Remy replies to Ororo, offering a small reassuring smile that he is fine. Just playing the safety route.
His hands both rise up and wave at Darce, "Non, you fine, belle femme, you not the first snoop we have at our doorstep and I figure your reasons much more wholesome… " A grin grows and he looks both her and Pietro over, "For de most part."

"West Wing? Any good?"
The Cajun slides off his jacket tossing it over one of the patio chairs ringing the grass, "Okay, frisbee."

"I remember Angel." Those three words all that was necessary, the tone shift her voice undertook gave it all away, even why Storm was being the way she was with Quicksilver. Where it scars, you need someone to overlook it sometimes. Know it's there, but make it another birthmark and keep believing. Hoping it heals to the deep.

Remy gets the same smile as she snaps out of it and winks to Darcy, catching her look. "Let's teach these kids a thing or two, Old Man." Yes, Storm caught that.

No, he doesn't need to wonder. And, to be fair, he missed this beyond anything else. For a long while, even longer for a speedster, he stares in amusement, lost in Darcy's eyes. He smiles and his azure eyes narrow a bit, brighter than ever. Yes, she shot a god. What else could he wish for? In between a pair of blurs, he has kissed her again and returned to his original position.

"Dinner, dishes and West Wing." He agrees, throwing the frisbee even higher up in the air. It will take a while for it to come back. "And if we win, because, seriously, we will, then I'll reward you with that chicken from /that one/ time." He winks playfully. "Storm and Gambit, ready to face the wrath of Darcy and Pietro? No, you're not ready even if you think you are! But still, beware!"

After a few instants, and just a few before the circle returns to a catching distance, he adds, "Loser team buys the beer!"

"Totally," Darcy replies to Remy, moving right past the accusation of being a snoop. She's not. She knows it. His problem if he wants to think she is. Well, hers if he get physical about it. But. There's frisbee and being kissed at super speed which means she barely has time to register it happened. She drives an elbow into Pietro's ribs GENTLY, before she's grinning again.

"Oh, we're going to win, because you are making that chicken. So much, you are making that chicken," Darcy's says to Pietro, body tense and ready. Normal human versus XMen. She's totally got this guys!

"Old school, old man… " Remy chuckles, maybe old school in belief that anything that holds the title 'agent' is a snoop or tied to the government, it comes with the territory and hes a thief. It's like cops and robbers there is just a certain shade that gets colored before it begins.
"Will keep that one in mind, still got to catch up on some Westworld… " Sci-Fi buff all the way for Mr. LeBeau. Squaring off opposite of Darcy and Pietro he puts his hands on his knees. This is going to be a bit of cheating for him, that whole enhanced agility quirk makes sports a cinch, then again, Quicksilver is a speedster and Darcy is feisty. "We got this, 'Ro. An' a bottle, not just beer. End of the world got averted, remember? No one properly celebrated yet."

The door of the mansion opens and Nate walks out, a mug of steaming coffee in his hands. It is the first time he gets out since he was brought back unconscious to the mansion. As usual he overloaded his powers, spent two says sleeping, and is still showing all the sings of extreme exhaustion, being drained by Famine/Rogue and the weeks of captivity. He lost thirty pounds and although he eats like a starved wolf (always has) it is going to take a while to fully recover.

"What the hell?" He mutters, seeing all those older, supposedly responsible people playing. "Oh, okay. But I got the coffee. Hey, folks!"

Storm gives Remy a wary look. No cheating!. But that only stands as long as Quicky McGee over there keeps himself in check as well. For some reason Storm is beginning to think this is going to be more then a warm up.

Storm remains feet to Earth for the moment, her eyes settling on Pietro and Darcy, a smile spreading across those tanned features that shows the pure joy in the moment, the freedom. For now, it seems, they all deserve it and she is not going to stop it, she will join it as she did with the children of her Tribe after dispelling the Mists from near her Village.

"Beer would be a waste."

Nate's arrival is not unnoticed, his physical appearance noted, but his demeanor at least overrode. "I think those guys may need your help." A gesture to Quick and Darcy in taunt and then her head is back in the game at hand.

Quicksilver extends an arm to the side, ending in a fist, just in Darcy's direction. Yes, a fistbump before starting!

"Losers pay for everything, and we will party really hard. End of the world, huh?" He winks and he blurs into place, his image becoming impossible to trace, even when he is just moving a few inches to each side and returning. He just wants to scare them off. Yeah, they are X-Men, and they have seen worse. But still.

"Nate, hi! Come and play! You can win and get free drinks, or you can join Remy and Ororo and pay for them." He grins with that challenge burning in his eyes.


The frisbee returns to the Transian's hand, and in a swift, semicircular and graceful motion, everything now at normal human speed, it is passed to Darcy. He runs forward, in the opposite direction from his girlfriend but, mostly, teammate.

Always fistbump before a game. Darcy bumps fists. She's smiling broadly, letting the past be in the past and living for this moment alone. Even if she wishes she had her skates right now. She feels like she's so much faster on wheels! Taking the frisbee, she backs up a few steps to give herself room to throw.

"What are hte rules again?" Is this Calvin Ball? That would be epic.

"Eh? Two on two, you are even," and Nate is not feeling as full of energy as usual. In fact even his powers are rather scrambled at the moment. "Good to see you have recovered quickly, Pietro. I need a healing factor or something."
"Hah, I pay for nothin', like ever." Remy taunts but it is not entirely untrue. "They do. Pietro just out of his deathbed and Darce, well, she just plain out of her league." A tease and some competitive smack talk thrown out for fun and Remy leaps to snare at the frisbee, spinning in a half circle to toss it towards 'Ro who can deliver it right on back. He doesn't say much to Nate, not at the moment at least. He may still be harboring something of a grudge but it is loosening up with time. The best healer of all or so they say.
"What everyone drink of choice anyway? Maybe need to start a list for de losing team." Gumbo's thumb jabbing towards the couple.

Storm moves with ease, when Gambit delivers she takes, and for now as long as Quicksilver remains not-s-quick she will keep herself paced, but it is a matter of time on how long this will last.

With a spin it is tossed towards an opening between Quicksilver and Darcy.

Drink of choice? Since it is not a thing she does regularly, in fact it is saved for only certain special moments, she does not know and likely what they do partake in in Africa, is not a thing easily found here. Perhaps…

"Sharing is caring." All she has to say on it.

"Have you seen the doctor, Nate?"

"I don't know, I've never played this with other people!" He loudly answers to Darcy, loud enough for her to hear, since he is advancing fiercely, searching for open spots between the opposing team.

"Hah, Nate, they don't stand a chance if you don't join them. Or you can join us and we all get drunk for free." To Remy, he answers as well, "Free drinks are my favorite, of course."
"Doctors? Seen all of them," replies Nate, handwaving the questions. He knows what is wrong, anyway. Lets see… technovirus went crazy, life-drained, starved, went to fight anyway, then overextended his powers trying to move a flying pyramid. There is only so much he can push his body and his brain, and he still won't accept it. "I am okay. Just tired."

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