No More Running

November 08, 2016:

Ororo returns, meets Pietro and catches up with Remy.


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Fade In…

Beautiful halls, surrounding forests, a lake of it's own, the mansion is anything if not gorgeous and during the fall it all changes colors, leaves pile up and the interior garden is no exception, broken up by rows of flora of all kinds it only grows more magnificent the further in one goes towards the Chinese style section of it. That is Charles favorite place to reside, currently he is not here today though, he is in Scotland with Moira and Rogue.

Remy on the other hand can be found within, a child being chucked like a football at a tall pile of oranges, yellows, browns and tans. The laughter is audible even muffled with the kid hits, springs up and runs off, "Cant catch me Mr.LeBeau! You're OLD AND SLOW!"
"Hey now, don't insult my speed… I still quick enough to… " A pause, a chill wind and he looks up. A frown on his features. Banter with Rogue, he will miss it…
Glancing around once to make sure no one is around he pulls out a pack of smokes and taps it on his wrist.

Remy looked away too soon.

Once that chill wind passes it stills, just enough for him to try and light his cigarette. Maybe three times? Either way repeat attempts are foiled by timing of chill breezes and then finally that voice, thickly accented with the Swahili lilt of her homeland - still fresh on her departure, Storm speaks up, stepping from behind the twisted branches of a gorgeous cherry blossom tree that is almost bare of its petals and a few more fall to be captured in the palm of Storms hand, the white and grey extension of attire unfolding from place looped around fingertip to where it resides along the back of a capes fall. The more tribal form of her attire that even bears the wooden beadwork and much lighter strips of fabric accented in gold with a circular clasp at midsection to keep it all together and aloft. Not fit for the colder climates, but that does not bother the woman.

Cerulean gaze lingers on Remy, and a smile grows, although tinted with concern. "How are you, my friend?"

A drop of the cigarette and Remy looks up, half-leaping to springing so he can wrap his arms around Storm's waist and tug her in to a friendly hug. "Ma chere, 'Ro! I heard you were coming back this way but not so soon…" A wide grin is across the Cajun's features, "You here for the good or the bad?" Instead of slamming her right away with more questions he kneels down to pick up that cigarette he dropped, reluctant to release that quick hold only because it has been long enough since he has seen her.
"Me? Always good, you know… always good, I'm Remy LeBeau." A lie. He is good at putting on the mask but not good enough when it comes to his close friends.

Before he has even moved she is already welcoming the embrace, those petals falling to the ground where hands instead embrace the Cajun with a small laugh at the happiness it brought Gambit.

Releasing him, she allows him to retrieve his cigarette, and looks around the grounds, her eyes closing briefly as her head tilts heavenward and the smile grows ever so slightly, but there is a wariness to it where the answer to his question lingers.

"So soon because, to answer your question. Both, good and bad." A pause as he proclaims his well being, but she knows better.

"I am sorry, Remy."
"It be okay, they good at this, Moira, Charles and Blaquesmith all went with." A wary look given over his shoulder, "I'm not sick, not showing any signs. I worry about our new kid, Pietro Maximoff, hes fast, like the very fast and he did some bad things. You know how this goes, he was one of the Horsemen like Rogue and Warren. He's inside still and we have no idea where Beast is, if he alive, still a Horseman or what.. hes just gone. No trace." The cigarette is placed back in to the pack and tucked away, Storm is exceptionally sensitive in that area. "You're back though, that is great. We'll have to celebrate, I can show you most of what has changed."

"Yeah, but we all love that Quicksilver kid." Pietro offers teasing and friendly from beside Remy. His messy, silver hair still bouncing thanks to the inertia of his exit from supersonic speed. A smile dances on his lips, matching bright azure eyes, even if his skin is still paler than usual.

The speedster wears a simple black shirt under a silver (of course) jacket and some equally simple jeans.

"Oh gods, are you… Storm?!" The Transian, with a heavy Transian accent, asks Ororo, eyes wide and full of surprise. One would think he would even ask for an autograph—"Just in case you are just visiting, would you give me an autograph?" Yes, he is just like that. A fanboy. "It's nice to meet you, an honor! My name is… Well, I'm /that/ Pietro Maximoff." A gentle nod is given.

Storm nods, as Xavier had briefed her quickly on her way here. The moment news came that her home was not the only one under threat and the news was seen… There was no question, no pause. Storm reached out and Xavier picked up the call with ease. The one and only she will ever allow into her mind.

"I stopped one of those bombs near Kenya, I have seen those…cocoons blossoming up over the land as the result of this. The ones brought back after. They need a place as theirs was destroyed?"

Storm watches as Remy pockets the cigarette and her head tilts lightly, that spill of alabaster hair only falling over one shoulder in the side sweep that reveals the shaven side, covering the match on the other. A silent thank you as she listens further and her eyes waver a moment, but then return to that ever present placidity.

"Being used as a pawn and under these circumstances," Pausing as Quicksilver appears, Storm blinks and then smiles, not seeming even remotely alarmed. "Love and worry are very close friends, Pietro." Though coming from the fading Swahili accent it sounded a bit off, but close enough to correct.

"I am, and I intend to remain for a while and I will leave you an autograph if I depart. Promise."

"Let's discuss what has changed, even down to presence, as well as these Inhumans or those used and with no place to go." A glance from Remy back to Pietro with that question. "We have the room."
"Yeah… " Remy confirms, "They lost their place." Not that he is trying to look at Pietro as he says this he still is. It cannot be helped. "You will have to get used to him, I think we move like snails in his world so he is everywhere." A chuckle escapes the thief. "Charles mentioned he was leaving us all in good hands while he was away. Can't think of any better." A pause. "Not that I mean it quite the way it sounds, you get me though."
"Inhumans least of the concerns at the moment, we got D.E.O.'s Val Cooper breathing down our neck, I dodged her three times now because shes sayin' they need to take Pietro in to custody. They want him bad."

"Huh!" Pietro hits Remy lightly with his elbow and whispers softly, "I will get a Storm autograph." There is zero sarcasm over it. He is genuinely amused by the idea. After all, he spent so much time studying mutants, and having one he admires so close is a big achievement!

"And she is our new leader?!"

Quicksilver is so excited, and then…

"Yeah, their home…" It won't take much to notice he does remember everything that happened. He was a witness, watching as the beast killed its way thought Apocalypse's wishes, but still, it was his body doing it. It was himself. A morbid, corrupt part of himself. A part he can only wish disappeared entirely. And it only gets worse when custody is spoken about. "Are you… Is that…" The always present grin abandons his lips as a departing bird. "I've been running from custody all my life, Remy and Ororo… Please don't… Don't let them take me." He sighs very slowly. "I am a Speedster, but at least on that regard…" His eyes look sad and sweetly up to the other two mutants, "I'm tired of running."

"Everyone, is our concern. Human, mutant…" A glance to Quicksilver. "Or not. This was a different act of war, on a new level and it is close to home."

But as it all sank in and Pietro made his plea something in Storm's gaze hardens, and the chill breeze stops, but the temperature descends. A small plume of breath seen in a dance of fog before lips, but that is as far as it lowers before the sudden wash dissipates upon her inhale.

"Pietro Maximoff, welcome to the X-Men, welcome to your new home," A pause as she looks to Remy and smiles then back to the silver clad youth. "Your past is just that. But you belong here." A hand falls to his shoulder, and her eyes meet his. "When you were brought here, your running ended… Except for your….usual."

Her hand falls away and she looks back at Remy. "I do not care what badge they try and wave or what grounds they feel they have. I will call Ms. Cooper and we will have to agree to disagree."
"With Jean and Scott MIA, yeah, she is it." Remy falters in a grin at the hit. "Don't be too hard on yourself on this one, we all done some bad things but just got to remember, we can make up for it."
"It's okay, if the Prof can keep Interpol from taking me in we can keep the DEO off your backside. No one need to run away here. This is home, like she sayin'." Remy says trying to sound convincing, Storm's words are great for backing him up though, her declaration has him grinning wider. "Val is pretty convincing, though, real fun to look at as well. Especially when she getting frustrated but I think she mean well, shes just… dedicated maybe."

Pietro nods solemnly, managing a gentle and respectful smile to Ororo and Remy.

"Thank you."

It's strange for him to have so few words. But times have been strange as of late. "Next time I'll try not to die in my mission again." He grins, trying to take it as lightly as he can. There's not a lot he can do otherwise. "If anything, I can always hide in the danger room. We would see if they feel like killing robotic dinosaurs to take me." He shrugs and finally, that relaxed and super casual attire of him, returns to the speedster. He heals fast, after all.

"There are several here that we keep safe and free." The pull of those cerulean eyes from Remy do coincide with his words to Pietro. The smile soft, but not solemn, not like Pietro's own words seem to be.

"You did not come here to hide. Did you?" A rise of those white brows as she inquires towards Pietro… The moment shattered by Remy's comment about Val with a brief exhale of relent, one arm folding across her chest, the other rising to prop upon it and bring fingers to her face, tips splayed to pressure points. Rub.

"Then shall you handle her, Mr. LeBeau. Because the final answer to her taking anyone we open our doors to, just like Interpol, is no. Frustration is evident." A small quirk to one corner of her lips then.

"Your sister is under the same promise, if she chooses to accept." Pause, the smile warming, heartening. "They'll have more then Danger's dinosaurs to deal with."

A step forward and those shifts of white fabric flow around her legs, bare feet encircled at the ankles by beaded and metal bracelets release a cadence all their own. "So let's see what is new in the Lounge, celebrate quietly while I dust off myself and start the preparations needed to open doors and take stances. This is not anything I have ever seen before, nor had to deal with on this level."

Meaning recoup, meditate, and get every detail in order.

"Whoah, whoah, chere. Settle down, you just got in. Let us relax a bit, I don't feel like making the rounds just yet. Did I sound like I was eager?" Remy questions himself more than them, even going so far as to pat his own chest down like he lost something. "Dat memory, hey."
"Dying not on the agenda, homme. We X-Men, right, 'Ro?" Once more all smiles, with him and Pietro around there will be no short order of them. "Firs' things firs', I'll handle Val, if I can, then we see if we can find someone to give Pietro a pass, den we up and go deal with this Inhuman issue, maybe in there try'n look for Hank too. You feeling okay, by the way, Pietro? No itching? sore throat? congestion?"

Pietro smirks softly. "Oh, no. I am very good at running. I even spent a whole year outside the Institute and never got caught. I have an apartment, by the way. You know? Stealing from high-profile criminals is pretty lucrative. You would be surprised. Transian ones, wow, they were like banks, and then—" He is totally not saying this out loud, is he? "I mean, no. I joined the X-Men because I wanted to help a greater cause. Help people. Do X-Men stuff. And have fun in the danger room. Also, mutant pizza." He grins at Remy and tilts his head. "Well, sometimes I have this urge to kill in the name of Apocalypse, but other than that, just a few headaches from time to time and that's it." The grin intensifies and then he just sighs. "I'm feeling better, thank you."

Storm flew this way at a push speed all the while Xavier relayed all he knew to her, statuses, where to find all she needed and let her know an office key for her was waiting for her in her room. It all seemed so rushed, and she is having trouble slowing down still, but with Gambit's words it brought her to the slow she needed, and then Pietro's words brought her walk towards the Institute to a complete stop.

Peering back over the bare slope of tanned shoulder she gives Remy a deadpan stare, and then Quicksilver. "A thief, huh?" A rise of finger to lip with a light purse as if to signify shh. "Yes, as an X-Man death is not on the agenda, nor is stealing. Right? Past is past."

Hearing Quicksilver's words and seeing them return that winning grin of his Storm smiles, a soft laugh sounding.

"Slow down. Got it. So then," Breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth. "Who's hungry?"

"Stealing? Who calls it that, you know better, 'Ro." Gambit grins and pats Quicksilver on the shoulder, "Borrowing, acquiring, relocating, transferring from point A to point B, never stealing." A wink is given Storm and he begins to stride off towards the kitchen, "Okay so we will go for a tour! Directly to the fridge, I know dis one is always hungry." A pause in his step and a glance at Storm, "An 'Ro… you been missed. It is good to have you back, even despite the circumstances."

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