Guess who's back, back again, Pietro's back

November 07, 2016:

Pietro gets a visit, cameo by Remy

Xavier's Institute

Xavier's Institute grounds are located on 1407 Graymalkin Lane in
Westchester County between Graymalkin Lane itself and Breakstone Lake (30
miles outside of NYC itself). A large portion of this is acres upon acres of
woodland forest. To the farthest eastern portion of the Institute's grounds
there is a stretch of low foothils.
Upon entering the Institute grounds immediately past the heavy gated
entrance one finds themselves on a carefully paved road that splices in two
directions, west and east.

The west leads to the School for Higher Learning where gifted youngsters are
educated and taught to use their unique talents. Here almost year around
children and teachers are housed.

To the east miles away lies Xavier's Mansion where Professor Xavier himself
and some faculty members of the school live. These "special" individuals are
those aware of Xavier's more clandestine operations, the adminstration and
training of the X-Men.
Beyond the neatly walled mansion's yard in those foothills is an obscure
landing strip that leads to a hangar complex and a subtly hidden facility. A
facility that houses underground sublevels, a danger room, Cerebro and the
training halls of one of the most advanced mutant fighting teams in the

An underground monorail connects the School for Higher Learning with the
Charles Xavier's Mansion and the X-Men's Hidden Complex. Security is tight
in this region, by means of limited magical warding, advanced future tech
security systems and telepathic sweeps. Tread carefully.


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Fade In…

After the battle, Darcy was busy. There was a city of civilians to see to, reports to file, and the families of that SHIELD task force to notify. There wouldn't even be bodies for a burial. That was the worst part. Having been told where Pietro was taken for medical treatment, Darcy finished her work as quickly as possible so she could head out there. Meaning that it was well past regular hospital visiting hours before she arrived to the Mansion. Expecting to be turned away for being a government agent, Darcy had spent the drive over gearing herself for a fight. When all she had to do was sign a few things, she was off-kilter and off-balance. And so, quietly, Darcy pads in. Her high heels vanished in the fight alongw ith the SHIELD agents, and so she's in the soft fuzzy Snoopy slippers she keeps in her desk, just in case she's tired of being in her heels. Her arms are crossed under her chest, one cheek still smudged and hair unkept from the fight. Her skirt's torn, the split that normally hits just under midthigh now almost indecently high. The shoulder of one sleeve of her jacket is ripped, exposing a bare shoulder and the edge of the sleeveless white tank she uses as a blouse underneath the blazer. The tank is untucked, and less white than it used to be. One knee has been hastily first-aided, one of those extra-large 2x2 inch square band-aids slapped on it. Peeking out from under the slit is a large bruise. It's purple, darker in the center where Darcy had impacted the ground when she slipped as the pyramid tilted. There's only the slightest limp as she walks into the doorway, green eyes peering into the room with a nervous silent energy. Is he awake? Is he alright? Maybe she should go home until he's conscious enough to call her. Which would just be bitchy. Anxiety has Darcy biting at her lower lip.


"So I told him, 'Hey, that scared me to Death!'" Pietro laughs loudly, pausing for a moment of pain, but regaining it soon enough. "You got it? Scared to…" He shakes his head, still laughing as he shares the anecdote to the doctor in turn. An old man of grey hair, so seems somehow amused by the story he has just heard.

The mutant rests on a bed, with tubes connected to his body. His hair is now almost completely silver, except for some dark parts, here and there, that are fading with time.

As the doctor is notified someone is visiting, the speedster quickly (of course) comments on it,

"If it's Darcy, let her in. If it's an Inhuman, tell him I'm already dead! If it's the bank, use the Inhuman-plan, too. Actually, to everyone else is pretty much the same."


With everything that he can do being done, the doctor steps out to let Darcy in. She heard his joke. How could she not? It was loud. And so terrible that it brought a smile to her face.

"So you're going to saddle your poor sister with all your debts? You're a horrible person," Darcy quips as she makes her way in. her arms are still folded under her chest, and her face still looks worried.

Hell, her vouice sounds worried, the quip and the sass out of tune with her words. She pads toward the bed.

"….How are you?" She couldn't NOT ask. She also couldn't keep her voice from growing tiny, every bit as scared as she has been since….

.oO( His hair's silvering again. Thank God… the gods. The real ones. Whichever those are. )


"She is a magic user. She can just make cash appear and pay for that new pool I'm planning to get?" Pietro smiles very sweetly. One could tell this was the moment he was waiting for since he got there. His eyes are so crystalline, that it would be easy to assume he is using his supersede to clean the tears so they are not visible. He is.

"I'm very good. The attention is great, the doctor laughs at my jokes, most of the times, and I still get to enjoy the Pizza Tuesdays of the mansion." He smirks and extends a hand, offering it to Darcy. "I would pull you a chair, but I don't feel like moving?" A little, almost shy, laugh occurs, as he looks down to the tubes. His voice is natural, tired, but not the thunderous kind as some days before.

"… How are you?" He couldn't NOT ask. "Thank you for being here."


Darcy unfolds to take Pietro's hand while dragging a nearby chair over so she can sit bedside.

"Tired, dirty, and angry at you," Darcy says, before smiling something like a real smile.

"Right back at you," she adds, giving his hand a tiny squeeze and not noticing that he's cheating to keep his eyes dry. She has not such abilities, and so her eyes are misting over.


Pietro slowly shakes his head and manages to speak without having his voice breaking. On the other hand, he smile he casts comes easily. "But I am so pretty, you can't get angry at me." It's almost a whisper… and it could very well be. In the blink of an eye, or maybe faster, he is no longer laying on his back, but sitting and speaking by her ear. "I will never thank you enough for what you did… And, even if all the coffees, cakes and home-cooking in the world won't be enough to say thank you, please beware because I'll get them for you…"

The tubes are long, flexible and resistant enough to let him give Darcy a very strong and heartfelt embrace. If they were not, he would still do that. He has priorities, after all.

And there's no more need to cheat over his tears. There never was.

"I'm back." He murmurs, in a way that softly becomes a kiss.


All of which has Darcy laughing a watery, sob-like laugh. She leans into and returns the embrace.

"I thought you were a goner," she says, voice turning it into a bit of a sing-song to match that song: The cat came back the very next day….

Her littel song is sung intohis lips before she's tilting her head into the kiss, standing up from her chair to keep Pietro from pulling on those tubes and things. He's the one in the hospital. Not her. Even if she looks like she should have been admitted.


"They have comfy beds in here, and the doctor will laugh at your jokes, in case you want to stay." Pietro whispers, looking directly at her eyes. His own are bright and big, with that azure of before. No silver fire, and nothing that is not pure love in them. "And there's Pizza Tuesdays… Mutant Pizza is just like regular pizza, but sometimes manifests strange powers." He is just rambling senselessly because of the past days. Well, no, he has always been like that.

"Is the city safe? And you mentioned my sister… Which is strange, since…" He blinks and ponders. "Because, somehow, and don't ask me why because I have no clue, but… I…" A brow is risen, "I remember her…"

The spell that clouded his memory… is it gone? He has certainly not seen Wanda since the incident, and his phone was beyond broken due to the recent events. There is no other explanation, and for a moment he is lost in his own thoughts. A moment that not nearly lasts a second, of course, because… speedster.


Dracy chuckles at the ramble, having missed it. When he settles back to ask about the city, she settles back to her chair.

"Last estimates were hopeful," she says, smilng her political smile for a moment before it brightens at the mention of his memory.

"That's really wonderful! I'm glad. Now, we can plan to have her over for dinner or soemthing," Darcy adds, making it all sound as normal as possible.


"Really?" Pietro can't stop a childish and very entertained smirk at Darcy. "That sounds lovely." No, he can't, he just laughs a bit, caressing her cheek and getting lost in her eyes.

Now, leaving the dinner topic aside, he nods solemnly.

There is so much guilt in his eyes that it's palpable. Every time he closes his eyes, he can see all the horror he unfolded.

The real curse was not becoming a monster.

The real curse was keeping the memories of it.

"We can have all our pizza tuesdays in our apartments," He murmurs almost faintly, smiling at her. "It would fit very well with the pizza weeks and pizza weekends."


"Pizza only until you're feeling well enough to cook. And then, pizza ONLY on the weekends, because Tuesday may be pizza day for you, but it's taco day for me. So… we'll compromise and switch out everyweek… the rest of the time you're cooking," Darcy states, reaching out for his hand as she sees the guilt. The wounds of his body seem to be healing well. It's the wounds of his heart that will take the longest.

"Well, to be fair, it's maybe Pizza Thursdays. I always confuse both words," Pietro says while intentionally sounding as Transian as he can. Which is very Transian. He shrugs. "I ask for pizza every day, so it's easy to get confused." He lifts her hand and kisses it. "As long as I'm with you, I will eat anything… anything… Just," He smirks, "Please don't put that to a test with some horrible stuff, because I still would, but you know what I mean." The heart wounds will take time to heal, but there is a way to make them stop bothering to a surpriseful good extent. Darcy.


Darcy regards Pietro with a flat look that May would be impressed with… and then she laughs.

"Okay okay okay. I promise not to cook, ever," she says, the saddness finally chased away. Maybe it was the kiss to her hand.

"That's one of the multiple benefits of a boyfriend who can also cook," Quicksilver tilts his head, memorizing every single detail of Darcy's face… he has done it so many times before, but still… "I know a Dutch place. It's wonderful. Pretty fancy, but their food is worth it. It is so Dutch that picking something from the menu depends mainly on luck, because most of it is not even English, but you have a good picking method, so we will be safe." His finger slides and caresses her hand.


Darcy's brows pull together in confusion, even as a smile drifts across her features.

"That's not what.. No. You know what? We'll go with it. Duthc place it is when you're feeling better AND are medically cleared. And no rushing it, period! You just sit there like a good little boy, do everything the doctors tell you, or I will… I'll think of something horrible!" What a treat! Dracy is so scary.


What is that noise? A whistle, but not just any whistle noise it is The Rooster's Whistle Stop from Robin Hood. Accompanied with footfalls, light ones but long, someone likely tall who walks easy. A peer of dark hair then red on black eyes pokes around the corner, "Bonjour Pietro, I had heard you had an attractive guest." More like seen a video camera and got nosy. "I was just about to go check on Rogue but figured I would stop by here first." A pause to make sure he is not interrupting and Remy in rather casual wear of a loose fitting Rick and Morty T-Shirt, plain pajama pants and flip flops.
"Ah hah, I recognize you, you're the one who chewed Apocalypse' ear an' pissed him off. The girlfriend." A handsome grin appears upon stubble laden features. - Yeah Quicksilver, hes totally eyeballing your lady. It's what the Cajun does.


Far from upset, or anything, Pietro is sort of amused and entertained. He grins back and nods affirmatively. "You heard right, Gambit. And you are always welcome here. If you come back after checking on Rogue, you might get a free pizza slice. Even now that it's not tuesday /nor/ thursday." If that made any sense.


Gambit's flirting has Darcy chuckling. She knows she's being oogled. It doesn't make her rush to tug her torn skirt down to cover her legs or that bruise on her thigh. Nope. Darcy is unashamed.

"But only if you ask nicely and Pietro hasn't eaten it all," she adds, grinning through the rapidly approaching fatigue. It's been a very long day.


"You had me at pizza and the company of pretty girls. May be a bit with Rogue for a while though, Blaquesmith and Moira in there looking her over to make sure she okay. Somethin' not right, they probably gonna be in to poke at you soon too to make sure you're not suffering anything adverse." Remy's smile fades a minute and then reappears, "But, should be okay, non. I'll swing around again, make sure they're not carting you off too."

A tip of his head to Darcy and another of those devil smiles then he is off in a spin, picking up the Whistle Stop again even if he isn't exactly thrilled he can still make like he is. It's a gift.

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