The Carrier (part II)

November 06, 2016:

SHIELD, Iron Man and the Avengers chase after the stolen carrier Endymion and M.O.D.O.K.

High Orbit

Space is empty and cold…


NPCs: G.W. Bridge, M.O.D.O.K., AIM and SHIELD minions, agents and robots


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The carrier Odysseus was SHIELD’s first attempt at building an orbital carrier, and it shows. It was put together using experimental engineering and with pieces of crashed alien spaceships SHIELD had been collecting since the 60s. It needs so many technicians and engineers to work that it can carry only a few agents and vehicles.

Every time the axial-mounted plasma gun fires the whole ships shakes like a leaf. Everyone better grabs on something. Doubly so when they are in orbit, because the ship doesn’t have artificial gravity either.

Although injured commander G.W Bridge has taken the captain chair, and the first thing he did when the Odysseus left the upper atmosphere was to shot at the Endymion, currently about 800 miles ahead.

The massive plasma bolt, visible even from the Earth surface like a glowing comet, takes ten seconds to reach the larger carrier, which evaded left at the last second. It misses by about 30 feet.

Then the Endymion returns fire with its bow turret, and it is the turn of the smaller carrier to evade. “Keep trying to contact the Peak,” commands Bridge. “They are not responding, sir,” replies the officer at the com console. “Are we still being jammed?” “No, sir. They are just not responding.”

Bridges curses loudly. “On screen,” and right on, the main screen shows the Peak. Still incomplete and it is already trice the size of the Endymion. Big and shiny as a skyscraper. But it stands a thousand miles over the Earth. “It is turning, why is it turning?” Because the Peak is indeed turning, if slowly. “The particle cannon,” offers an engineer, “won’t be operative until January,” notes Bridge. “I never thought I would miss the 90s, when terrorists would just try to steal nukes,” he adds gloomily.

Meanwhile Nathaniel is in contact with Carol through the Avengers comchannel. 2099 tech coded, variable multi-wavelength is hard to jam even for AIM.

Truth is Captain Marvel found the Endymion pretty hostile. A large crew of AIM goons, some of whom have power armor, at least a score adoptoids, some of which powerful advanced models, and of course M.O.D.O.K. himself. Reaching the fusion reactors has been impossible, but damaging less important systems, such as the power feeds for the weapons and the internal sensors has been relatively easy. Iron Guard has been guiding the Captain using the Endymion schematics ‘generously’ made available by SHIELD.

Nearly 300 technicians and agents were onboard, and certainly not all of them were adoptoids, rescuing them before destroying the ship would be very preferable.

Tony's nowhere to be found on the Odysseus, or in the SHIELD medical bay back earth side where he'd been taken right after his collapse following the theft. Around this time that little medical warning would have gone out that he'd checked himself out of proper care with only the basic gauze holding him together for the sheer damage he'd taken in that first encounter.

He's wearing a medical gown as he runs through the halls of the medical facility back down on earth. Feet skid across the ground as he takes a corner hard trying to dodge out of the way of a nearby patrol. His whole body hurts head to toe, that perfectly shaven facade of his starting to show signs of five o'clock shadow his skin somewhat pale still from the recent work. "Come on JARVIS, come on." Tony mutters to himself into his glasses.

He'd been doing this run about for a little while now, ducking from one corner to the next just trying to get a signal. It was a wonder some trigger happy agent hadn't just shot him, but then again he still had a few things going for him from his paintball days. A quick patrol of the guards passes him by as he lays down in the shadows for a moment tucked away when he finally gets a signal. The early medical work is holding in place but his stitches have already begun to partially pull. "Sir, why are you out of bed? You're seriously injured, and I don't think that ru"

"Plenty of time to rest when I'm dead Jarvis" Tony cuts in as he peaks out round the corner. "That's what I'm afraid of sir, you can't be running around in your condition." Tony makes a bit of a dash for a far corner of course already being cought on camera as he skids down into a bit of a slide across the floor. "Jarvis, listen, I don't have time for this right now. I've got about five minutes before those ships make contact, and I'll be damned if I let the rest of them outshine me after MODOK shot me out of the sky like a baby bird." Another pause as he presses himself up against a nearby wall. "I owe that overgrown balloon animal a punch to the jaw."

Natasha was qualified for a great many things, operating a freakin' space ship wasn't one of them. Nevertheless, she never liked being aligned with a side that just got egg on its face, getting its top tech stolen. Particularly by a misshapen idiot like MODOK. So she naturally volunteered to be with the team setting after teh Endymion, if only to get a chance to zap the arrogance off MODOK's big ol' face. Sadly, there was first the catching up to the stolen vessel, and not being a space pilot, she spent this part of the trip sitting down and looking after her weaponary. Turns out her Black Widow outfit holds a surprising arsenal for such a tight fit.

"You really shouldn't sneak out of Medical," a voice says VERY close to Stark. May's leaning against the wall almost directly behind Tony with her arms crossed, her own mission gear replaced from the waist up by a medical scrub shirt and a white bandage at her temple already showing a few tiny dots of blood. "Especially when you have no concept of how to properly sneak. If you're planning on trying to catch up with the Odysseus, don't bother. you'll never get there in time. Not without help."

"Richards, just listen to me. I get you have to give chase. You do what you need to do. But I am getting into those reactors, and I'm scramming them, any way I can. You just be ready to catch the escape pods when they fire." Danvers commands sharply, in a mostly whispered voice through her commlink, as she hides out in the latest storage closet while some of the AIM goon squad goes on by in the hallway outside.

Another exchange of plasma bolts, and both ships managing to avoid a direct hit. The ships are still pretty far, once they are within a few miles it is going to be impossible for something the size of the carriers to dodge. Not to mention the railguns will also be in range.

“Commander Bridge, the Endymion has three times the firepower of the Odysseus, you can’t win,” points out Nathaniel. Bridge glares back, “My crew can pull it. AIM always outguns us, but SHIELD beats them 9 out of 10 times. We are just better.”

Nathaniel picks up his helmet and dons it. “Let me take the Avengers and maybe half a dozen your best agents. The Avenger One is space-worthy and should be invisible to the ship sensors, we can board it and take back the bridge, or disable it. Captain Marvel is trying already. I rather you don’t destroy that ship with her onboard.” Not that she is not very tough, but an exploding carrier might be too much even for her.

To Carol he responds, using the com-system so only the other Avengers hear. “Wait, Captain, we still have half an hour. We can be there in 15, and together we will have a better chance to disable or re-capture the ship.”

With her widow's bite perfectly armed and set on her wrists, Natasha looks up at Nathaniel and Bridge, and snorts, commenting to herself albeit audibly enough, "quality can only get you so much when range is involved. I'd go with Nathaniel's plan, stealthy boarding party…we'd get blown in direct confrontation."

"Destination, space?" Spider-Man obviously confused at or acting like he just woke up but he is here. He's been at one or two of the meetings with Bridge and their attempt to find help for their SWORD program, not one he himself can be much help in but as an Avenger he will go where he is needed. It is for the future of mankind right? A yawn and a stretch before he casually drops in to a crouch, re-caliberating his Avenger's com with Lyla so it works properly this time. His suit the typical reds and blues of the actual Peter Parker Spider-Man, not the Mig "Mike" O'Hara blacks and reds. He is still keeping up the image of the classical hero, at least in looks.
"What the hot lady spider said, stealth, always go for stealth." Spidey adds. Not just because she said it but it's a tactic that is a default good workable default in almost any scenario.

Tony jumps a very slight bit at the sudden voice behind him, before turning round on the ball of his heel. "You try sneaking without anything but a scr-" A pause as he notices she's wearing the same thing he is. "Well hello pot, my names kettle." His face cracks into a bit of a smile as he looks over in May's direction. "Either way I've got to get up there before Captain Marvel decides to pull a May-day." A short pause. "Not that there's landmines on that ship, at least we didn't install any on it."

As he stands up a bit more fully, looking up towards the sky as a small object comes streaking along from heaven. "We could go together if you want to share a suit." He offers after some silence in her direction with a smile and a wink.

Somehow, May manages to NOT roll her eyes at Stark. She does, though reveal that she not only snuck out of Medical way more proficiently than Stark did, she brought supplies as well. Hefting the small drawstring-top backpack in one hand, she straightens away from the wall even while still keeping one hand on it. "Tell your suit to aim for the roof. I have a faster way for us to get up there."

If the genius inventor has enough brain cells left to actually LISTEN, she'll lead him to the roof where she uses a comm unit from the pack to call someone named Starfire for a pick up… after a very quick explanation of what's happening in low Earth orbit.

"Damnit, Richards. Just let me blow the thing and evac the staffers to the pods. Stop putting people at risk on stupid rescue schemes." Captain Marvel grumbles. Truth is, she's not really pissed. Not at Iron Guard, anyway. She's pissed at herself. She knew the risks of something like this. She knew they'd be a target. And despite everything she told them, all the warnings she offered, AIM still got to the carrier. MODOK, misshapen freak that he is, still won. And it sticks in her craw. She's angry. Really angry. And she wants to take that anger out on someone.
Oh. Look. An adaptoid in the hallway. "Screw you, tinhorn." Carol shouts, as she punches one hand through a wall, seizing one of the main plasma lines with her bare hand, and aiming the other hand at the adaptoid.

What follows is very messy. That hallway's panels are warped and misshapen. The adaptoid? Slag fused with the hull.

Did we mention Captain Marvel is REALLY angry?

Starfire had overheard the exchanges through the Avenger's comm, but she was remaining with her crew back at the building where they had signed on to assist with a few modifications and input for Bridge. But nothing is ever simple it seems, and as things seemed to amp up in need a simple exchnage of looks as the current feed and exchange f words is split to the crews personal comm system, letting them hear as well.

K'tten sighs, drops the small part she had been comparing to an array of blueprints upon the table carelessly. "Was scrap from go, the alloy would melt with excessive speeds and heat of use. Just tell me I might get to shoot something to release the frustration?"

The other techs look towards the two Tamaranean women with curiousity, spines straightening as Orn, the massive Citadelean passes behind, his girth -scooching- them into the table as he slips past.

Depalo did not like the humans, so he did his thing from the ship and once queued in he was already readying things.

Beamed upon the HMSS, K'tten claims the command deck before the span of system that flares to life after a system scan to verify the body claiming the chair. Orn is already heading for the weapons deck, and Depalo traces the calls in, out and links the comm systems, pausing as May radios in, tilting his head as insectil mandibles spread and… No words.

"Link me to her, then load The Avengers coordinates in and get us there." Starfire states just before the teleportation beam is activated and she dissappears to enter with a flash just above the SHIELD building where May and Tony should be arriving to meet her, streaking across the sky in a comet's trail of burning light to hover just above.

"That does not look like attire for battle…" A small smirk to them upon their arrival, but then again, the Tamaranean woman is not one to talk - not right now in the purple suit bearing the red gems of her lost planet and former home at the peaks of thigh high boots, the middle of criss crossed straps over hips and at the hollow of throat upon the purple choker balanced and combined with the shoulder armor. A connection from the shoulders straps down her back to cross over her chest, but otherwise, nothing hides the tawny skin of the alien woman aside from the long fall of flame huen hair while pupilless emerald eyes stare down upon them.

"Let me know when."

With a grumpy assent from Commander Bridge, the trio of Avengers and half a dozen heavily armed senior SHIELD agents run to the hangar bay and launch the jet. The antigravity engine doesn’t work very well this high, but Nathaniel will tow it with his own systems. Maneuverability is not going to be good, but the idea is not being seen.

“Starfire?” Speaks Nathaniel through the coms. “Cloak the ship, please. The shields could take maybe one or two plasma bolts, at most. I think they are based in Kree designs and really powerful. Do not engage the carrier, it is too large. You can teleport into their bridge directly instead, it has no defense against boarding action.”

Meanwhile, onboard of the Endymion, Carol just reduced to melted metal and fried synthetic flesh one of the Adoptoids. It was messy, but mostly it was ‘loud’ for the other Adoptoids, who are linked through radio.

The AIM goons? They run when they see the angry woman. They are smart (and cowardly). All but one of them, this one shifts shapes, briefly becoming shinny steel, then taking Carol’s shape. A very good copy. Such a good copy it is able to produce an energy blast from ‘her’ hand that hits just as hard as the original Captain Marvel’s blasts.

The problem with throwing photonic blasts at Captain Marvel? She glows, and grits her teeth, and doesn't seem to give a tinker's damn. "Another one of you? Great. Otherwise, I was going to get bored. Just remember: I want that goddamned headcase to feel every spark as I tear you apart from the inside out. So you make sure his technopathic talents are all synched up, will you? I wouldn't want him getting bored." She grimaces, though it's a vile smile. "Hey, Moron. Yeah, I know you can hear me. I'm coming for you. And I'm going to make your baby legs kick vacuum. Shut it down, or the only killing is going to be me killing all of you and your little beekeepers."

Truth is, Captain Marvel is no murderer. She's a hero. But the best way to mess with the minds of villains is to play to their fears: that others are just like them. And as 'brilliant' as MODOK is? He's just as susceptible to that - or even moreso - than any other villain.

"Couldn't agree more" Tony offers in Starfires direction as she streaks into view. He holds his own arms out to either side as a sudden flash of light slamms into him snapping him up in a gust of wind. The armored avenger stands tall floating down towards the ground once again. His armor is a bright red and gold but looks rather bulky when compared to the more modern suits he tends to enjoy using. This one looks like he's taken in a few too many doughnuts with a large dome over the helmet that looks to be made from glass.

Setting back down onto the ground the jets mounted to the sides of the suit break off, before flying right back from whence they came. This suit was never meant for earths atmosphere as evident by the sudden whsssh of air as it pressurizes locking the poorly shaven man into place. "Get me into orbit, and I'll be able to catch up on my own." Said with that cocky and overconfident voice as the massive engine on his back quietly rumbles away.

Natasha shakes her head at Bridge's exchange with Nathaniel, thinking to herself there's a very good reason she only ever works with Fury. There just seems too be too much ego and too many tools as you drift away in the ranks. At least that's her quiet personally kept opinion. She knows better than to call out Bridge to his face, particularly before a mission. She moves silently with Nathaniel to get in position inside Avenger One. With any luck, there'll be something left to punish, because by her accounts Carol just might manage without backup.

May simply looks unimpressed by either Starfire's arrival or Stark's shiny (and bulky) new suit. She pulls a tac vest out of the backpack she's carrying and puts it on over the scrub shirt. "Starfire, get us to the Endymion." She shoulders the pack again, apparently considering the vest to be sufficient preparation. She's otherwise emptyhanded.

"Target the Endymion, then port us inside it by the coordinates." Spoken in her comm as Stark suits up and a perk comes to a single brow, making her lean in, in the hover just above him to tap upon his domed-helmet. "How do you even move in that thing?"
Straightening though she watches May and offers her a greeting nod with a small smile pressing on deep purple lips. "Already ordered. So, let's go commandeer the vessel!" Was that…. a piratey accent? Maybe.

"You'll have to settle for in orbit and aboard a ship." Said to Tony just before the beam from the HMSS pulls them upward and they disappear from the roof of the SHIELD quarters and onto a bridge of the Endymion. Where, exactly in the Endymion - the orders were just to get them there.

The Avengers One docks on the Endymion in one of the sections Carol blinded while doing a little sabotage, delivering Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Guard and half a dozen agents near the ships bridge. The agents split off in trios, to cut down possible reinforcement lines and seek the survivors of the crew. Meanwhile the Avengers head directly to the bridge, floating through the corridors in zero-g.

The false Captain Marvel glares to Carol with a… very familiar glare. “If you want to talk to the master, I will personally take you to his presence,” she states, in Carol’s voice. The charges. Flight and super-strength seem to have been copied pretty well, too. She hits like a speeding truck. “Just two decks above,” snarls the Adoptoid, trying to force Carol through half a foot of metal and super-hard ceramics, head first.

In the bridge of the Endymion M.O.D.O.K. is indeed watching the fight between the Adoptoid and Captain Marvel. On a big plasma screen. “Destroy her, unit D64-V. For science!”

“Master, the SHIELD Carrier is shooting again, they are catching up because our engines are still half-power.” Points out a technician. “Distract me not with trivialities! They can’t hit us before we reach the Peak, and then it won’t matter! Also, clear the floor in that area,” M.O.D.O.K. points down. “D64-V is bringing her here.”

Just then Starfire, Iron Man and May materialize in the deck. “Intruders! Eliminate them!” Shouts M.O.D.O.K. quickly raising a defensive forcefield. A dozen AIM beekeepers pull out energy guns and begin shooting. Yes, in the middle of the bridge of a carrier that is in high orbit. They can be amazingly smart and amazingly stupid at the same time. That is AIM for you.

"You know Jarvis, sometimes I wonder if people even hear me when I talk." Tony speaks calmly to his own AI as he's suddenly teleported right into the middle of what's about to be a firefight. "Hey helium for brains, you still owe me a suit" As his armor bulks out somewhat allowing him to take a hard stance against the incoming fire. "And I'm going to take it out of you one punch at a time." A single hand of this much heftier suit pointed right towards modok before he starts opening fire right back.

While this suit might lack in the regular repulsion technology it was made for traveling at FTL speed, and comes equip with a small precision laser. He's not aiming at the adaptiods but rather their weapons.

"The 'master'? Seriously? Keep your kinky cybernetic BDSM fantasies to yourself. My safeowrd is Hell No." the one TRUE Captain Marvel responds, twisting out of the way smoothly and seizing the adaptoid version of herself, twisting around and throwing her face-first into the white-hot plasma conduit she'd already exposed. And then PUSHING until the conduit's power and sheer heat finishes the job. Her powers may have been copied, but her skills are another thing entirely. One can only copy what one has seen, after all. Whoops.
Enh. Carol didn't need that rib, anyway. Damned robotic tinkertoy demons!

When the trio appear on the Endymion deck right in front of MODOK and his goons, May actually puts a hand on the arm of Stark's armor for a second. And then they're noticed and she's promptly ducking for cover, straight toward one of the beekeeper people. Aiming a punch for the suited AIM goon's throat, her other hand reaches to pull his weapon away, or at the very least turn it on the other beekeeper-suited people in the area.

Starfire doesn't hesitate more then the moment it takes to brace her stance and pivot, a quick shift of the reflective green gaze to take a sweeping count of their adversaries and the perse glow is already emitting around fingers that curl into a fist. She is not about to leave May standing there in a vest and a flimsy hospital gown-thingy unarmed, or so it seems. So in a sudden blast of flight forward she rockets into an AIM keeper with a crunch as they both slam into a wall, his hand bearing the gun omitting tiny pops as her energy glowing hand takes his and squeezes in a manner that pops all the tiny meta-carpals while the heat rising gives the man in his walking yellow tent gets another reason to just. let. go.

When the gun slips free Starfire is tossing it towards May and leaving the man to do whatever one does when your person has just been manhandled and broken a bit. Cry, maybe?

It is true the Adoptoid couldn’t copy Carol fighting skills. But it is programed with basic fighting skills, and it did copy her form, powers and brainwaves. That makes it too tough and stubborn to die quickly. Even as Carol pushes her face into a plasma conduit, the adoptoid tries to push back, elbow her, scream in rage and absorb energy from the plasma all at the same time.

The Beekeepers at the bridge do try, but they are not rivals for the Avengers. Starfire knocks one unconscious slamming him against the wall. May easily disables and disarms another. Iron Man removes the weapons of a couple more and another few end up all webbed against a bulwark or electrocuted by the Widows bites.

M.O.D.O.K., however, is another thing. His forcefield repels repulsor blasts, and he flies up and activates his chair weapon systems. Sending a dozen anti-personal missiles against the Avengers, and then blasting from his forehead with a massive telekinetic beam that sweeps the bridge, shattering control consoles, walls and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught on the way.

Dying quickly would have robbed Carol of the catharsis of pushing to finish the synthezoid, and she needs it. There's a bubble of rage inside her that she can't expunge, because she can't bring back those who are already dead. She blames herself, and she needs this done. It's a vicious fight, but there's really only one conclusion. Carol Susan Jane Danvers: There can be only one.

Finished with her Highlander moment, Captain Marvel launches herself up through the ceiling of the carrier corridor into the wide open bridge deck, trusting MODOK's preoccupation with the rest of the Avengers to give her the opening to pop up behind him, and then shove the framing member of the ceiling/floor into the back of his chair, severing the power lines to one of his chair's anti-grav generators. She'd rather have shoved it through something biologically vital, but she's restraining herself. A little. Cap is definitely looking messy, sweaty, smeared with all sorts of goo, and panting heavily, but as much of that is from sheer fury as it is from how tired she's feeling.

Starfire is being as cautious as possible, although the temparature around her is charging with a heat, building with every action and dodge of the energy blasts she rises, pushes a strand of red from her face, dropping another AIM agent to the ground only to have M.O.D.O.K hit her with a missile, the first one at least staggers her, pushing those strands of red back into vision, a couple notably blackened and singed just before that hair ignites of its own solar accord.

Flight takes over and she pushes towards the disgusting creature firing upon them, another missile taken, stopping her flight and making her waver mid air, spin to not cease the weapons path and cause discharge… At least not until she is done playing hot potato and pushing it in her spin right back at him, followed up by a blast of Starbolt.

Ducking behind a console really doesn't help May when it starts to spark and shatter and basically get destroyed by that lunatic MODOK. But it's better than getting destroyed herself. She waits for him to be (hopefully) distracted by someone else, studying the ceiling as she waits. She tries to remember what's embedded in the ceiling above the villain, then turns and aims for above MODOK's head. Please let that be the coolant line and not the electrical conduit she's remembering and aiming at.

M.O.D.O.K. happens to be a powerful mentat, but his peculiar brain structure requires of technological aid to fully use the awesome power his brain generates. The use of telekinesis also requires concentration.

So when Carol smashes against him from below, he blocks her charge with his forcefield, no problem. Although he needs to cease firing his main blast to reinforce the shield.

Then May hits coolant conduits over him, and sprays icy white goo everywhere (it floats weirdly in zero-g. Distracting, and the air gets chilly, but he can handle it. The chair comes with heating units.

And Iron Guard adds up repulsor beams from the front making him grunt with the effort of keeping the forcefield. He attempts to pivot the his flying chair, pulling back so at least all the Avengers are in front of him. "Kill you all…" he grumbles.

But Starfire's energy blasts hit his other side, and they come even harder than the other attacks. The forcefield cracks. Suddenly he is hit from all sides, and his chair is sent flying against the ceiling, where it crashes, bounces and ends up embedded on a wall, sparks flying as systems fail.

M.O.D.O.K. flails stubby limbs, weakly. "Ow…" and he faints.

Landing, Starfire dusts her shoulders off, looking from one to the next with a satified smile finally cracking upon stoic features. But when she eyes M.O.D.O.K's unconcious…..puddle, pile, glop of a form? Her uper lip recoils in a look of minor disgust.

"What hideous alien species forgot to drop him off a steeper crag?" A face not even a mother could love?

Depalo over the comm though chimes in. "I will find out for you.."

"Depalo is offering such services." Dominator offerings are not good ones. Starfire just - smiles!

"I think M.O.D.O.K. was a human before AIM performed some nasty experiments on him, Kory," replies Nathaniel, looking around. Such a mess.

The bridge of the Endymion is a broken ruin, and the great carrier is pretty much immobilized until a temporary control center can be setup. The Avenger's work is not yet over, though. A couple hundred beekeepers and a few adoptoids try to rescue their 'master'. But they are no match for the heroes. Many more attempt to escape in shuttles and pods, and most of them manage to reach atmosphere before the Odysseus catches up. No doubt they will cause trouble later.

Finally, there is the Peak. But the situation in the space station is not as bad as expected. Adoptoids had sabotaged some important systems and taken over the control areas, that caused the communication blackout. But the AIM agents were too few in number, and without the reinforcements expected from the Endymion, the security forces of the station finally eliminate them about an hour after M.O.D.O.K.'s defeat.

The battle is won a fierce fight for control over the ship. The entire time Tony quips wit and laughs along throwing out one insult after another towards the adaptoids. He's taking this whole thing very well until the very last beekeeper is taken out. Yet he starts to slow his movements becoming sluggish as they gather round for that last pow-wow and the sitrep the job well done the evening saved MODOK pushed back to whence he came. He can't even speak as he moves to give Bridge a bit of a pat on the back the speech just coming out slow and slurred beyond recognition.

Then he falls. Iron man falls down onto his knees, his head cocked to one side as he slumps there for a moment. Unresponsive he just lays there, before falling forward onto the ground of the bridge with a heavy metal thud against the ground.

Melinda May stays behind the cover of the console until everything seems under control again. Or maybe she's sitting back there for the same reason that Stark suddenly stopped tossing out the quips. Either way, when the armor hits the floor with a thud, she finally moves toward where the suit lies and prods at it with one hand. "Damnit. I am NOT going to be the one to explain this to Potts."

"So, is that a no?" Depalo inquires Starfire over the comm unit, whereas Starfire shrugs.

"Think so." Although she does pass one final glance to Nathaniel. Is it?

When Tony falls face-first Starfire blinks. "In that massive suit, he's going to turtle." Pause. "But considering where I picked him up from and the gown he was wearing that was open in the back… Maybe he needs to go back there I don't think the doctors were done." A questioning glance to May then. "Should I take him back?"

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