Almost Mutant

November 01, 2016:

After rescuing Nate from the Akkaba Cult, him and Rose recoup and talk.

Hotel in Mexico City

Crappy, run down, but it has an outdated TV and a TIVO!


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Fade In…

A few hours ago Rose and Luna managed to rescue Nate from Clan Akkaba rout the cultists without too much problem. Chances are they are going to be hunt down, but they don't need to go too far; Mexico City is a good place to vanish anytime.

And Nate is in no condition to go far. Covered in blood, starved and exhausted, he passed out the second they reached the motel room. Slept four hours and then took a shower. « I need food. Real food. Energy bars are okay. But I will murder for a pizza» he asks, much more coherent he was when they got to the place.

The spill of entrails on her was not beneficial to qualities of scent or look, in appeal. But Ravager did not truly care at that point, she had come to Mexico for a few things, and she got them all, including a chip of bone to turn into a relic if she desired as it was lodged in the back of a gloved fist. Some people collect shark teeth, A Rose of a Different Color…

Once they reach a hotel, obscure enough in the city to accept cash and trade for a room Nate is left to sleep while the tub already stained a dingy brownish beige has an added red from the blood. A stain that had even tainted her hair a pinkish in areas, as the water here was nothing decent enough, nor their bottles of "shampoo".

Sitting at the small table in the corner, Rose holds a cigarette billowing a string of smoke over her hand as it is held over the ashtray, that mismatched gaze staring directly forward as if mesmerized by the twisting cloud, even when Nate reaches out.

"Ordered and on its way, although I am sure it is as good as their water." Spoken through neutral words, tone, and finally the cigarette rises to be inhaled from - long and hard, adding the smell of marijuana to the mix. Yep, Rose ordered a lot!

Sure, the water of Mexico has a bad reputation, but Nate has a cast iron stomach. Otherwise he wouldn't have gone too far in his home world. He comes back from the shower more or less clean and with a towel around his waist. Apocalypse's goons took his outfit, those bastards.

It was the only thing left from him dead world.

Good thing he is not attached to possessions. And the X-Men can replace it. But for now he has no clothes, no wallet and looks like he lost 30 lbs. thanks to Rogue's powers and being starved for nearly two weeks. Still, "I feel almost human. Or mutant. Well, y'know. Where is Luna? Did you two come alone?"

Not attached? It took Rose years to get him to even remotely let her move any of his tk-attire. And even then it's hard to know if it wasn't by force. "Feel human? What exactly does that feel like?" Spoken from between lips that clutch the cigarillo of homegrown proportions, letting it bounce and cast a mask of smoke-haze while those eyes cast towards Nate. "Considering I -am- mostly human, I wasn't aware there's a distinct line."

Tugging the nub from lips she rolls the ash off the end into the tray and focuses on that task while diverting her gaze from the nearly emaciated form of Nate, though the stern set of her jaw can be seen with the way cheeks concaved and a firmer line is drawn. "There are others here, but I only heard speak of pasts, saw shows of godliness, and the others missing man. I got what I came for and called for any responsive backup. So yes." Pause. "Just us. No clue where she went, though I know she left alive. Maybe a margarita? Or a stomach ache?"
"Well, not like a guinea pig slash victim for sacrifice. More like a person," semi-explains Nate. Then concentrates a few seconds, "good, she is okay. I should try to reach Xavier, but I can't get too far yet. Maybe send them an email?" He suggests. He sits down on the bed, running a hand through his wet hair, trying to pull the water away telekinetically. There are new scars in his face, around the let temple and eye, looking more like circuitry than scar tissue.

Rose rocks forward in the chair, offering the cigarillo of mixed smoke to Nate as he takes his own seat. "You should keep your use to a minimum and recoup." A flick of wrist in reminder of offering. Beside a bare foot that drops, a bottle of home-brewn Tequila, no label on the bottle, the man downstairs promised potency with a toothless smile. Rose can dig that.

The bionic eye flares to life, a light glow cast and then a blink, a shudder of light.."Done. Email sent." Though her head tilts as the new span of scars in a digital effigy catch her attention.

"So what exactly happened?"
Nate shakes his head at the cancerstick. Never got a taste for those, not even when mixed with more interesting things. The tequila bottle, though, gets a longing glance. Should be good with the pizza. "Exactly?" He hrms.

"Well, we got in a fight with Apocalypse. And we were winning until he somehow caused my technovirus to flare up," he taps his left temple. "It was bad. Far worse than other times. I was without power for a week and it… spread. A lot. Then receded as the power slowly returned. It had never done something like that. But I had no idea anyone could give it a push either."

He sighs. "Apocalypse was… well, a lot of crazy talk. But the gist was, I think, he didn't kill me or turn me into one of his minions because he wants to steal my powers. That was all the babbling about me being the vessel and what not. But cultists are crazy anyway."

There's a knock at the door of their room, and Rose returns the cigarillo to her lips, lifting the bottle after her own taste to hold to Nate as she passes by.

Lycra shorts, a sports bra with criss crossing laces at the back that tense across shoulder blades and cut shadows that mimic her own scars that are accented by the piercings at the small of her back, the mates at the front of hips along dimpled skin.

But as she approaches the door a heavy Glock is drawn, safety clicked, and chamber loaded with a slam back of the slider before she slings the door open only partly, holding it slightly closed with the cock of hip.

Delivery boy on one side, maybe 8 or 9 in age…. The change in ideas making the muzzle of the gun slide down on the other side of the door to adjust for height. It can be seen from Nate's vantage, the tension. Just delivery and the thought of possibly having to shoot put her in another place mentally.

The Latino language spoken, exchanged as well as money and food, likely well overpaid in american bills. "Ir hogar, ninos."

With the wrist of the gun hand she slams the door and exhales, a cock of head and she is non-chalant as ever. "Dinner is served."

"Vessel doesn't read to me like, steal your powers, reads to me like her wanted you for your body too." Up-down of eyes and a smirk. "eat."
The knock at the door gets a glance from Nate. A mental glance, too. He says nothing, it seems safe enough. Rose has to pay, Apocalypse stole his wallet. Now, that is a better excuse than most. "So," he says when the young woman gets back, "what has been going on? Did I miss anything important?" He reaches for the first slice and arches an eyebrow at Rose's suggestion. "If so he should have fed me better, the bastard."

"He already took your mind and made it his," A tap to temple but more where his new scars reside in emphasis of the point. "You break the body after and you have nothing else to fight."

Take it from the former CADMUS agent, a person from NOWHERE who watched horrors unfold - and ended up here from it but down a good friend in the process. The thought and reminder has her only staring at the pizza and taking that bottle back up.

"Sounds to me like he knows how to conquer the unconquerable. Dangerous."

Did he miss anything? "I saw a large man ride in on a rainbow and lightning with a female partner… Otherwise, nope."

"Sounds like Thor," comments Nate. Bad news, good news. Nothing prevents him from eating food. And he is more hungry he has been since he crossed worlds the first time, five years ago. Time flies.

"As soon as I am recovered. Tomorrow. I'll take you two back to New York." States the young man. "I am sure Apocalypse plans are more complex than just random destruction. He was doing something in the moon."

"Oh." Rose sets the bottle down and grabs the remote to an old tv with something akin to an old TIVO attached as a small box set atop the box and tube that may as well be stone-age now. But Rose paid for the 'amenities' and used them while Nate slept and freshened up.

Rewinding the news channel she had recorded she hits play at the beginning and lets it roll, even more staticy then that of the true recording he will likely see again when they get back home.

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Now she picks up a slice of pizza and scoffs. "I don't kneel, he lost me there." Sarcasm and she's hangry.

"It sounds like the usual crazy talk, impossible to make heads or tails of it," comments Nate, munching the second slice. "But we better stop him before it gets serious." Again, get back to New York and Xavier. Talk to Ripclaw, too. Because chance Apocalypse can ruin this world like he did to Nate's Earth is pretty real. But he still feels too weak for a long flight. It is going to be a long day. But at least Rose is here.

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