What A Strange Reunion

November 02, 2016:

Sofia finally finds Oblivion and therein finds a Doctor who bears the same surname she does thanks to the bartender. Realization and denial ensue.

Oblivion Bar - Finges

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar’s here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket dimension.

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this super secret clubhouse


NPCs: Eddie

Mentions: Clea


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Fade In…

Learning magic through second-handed books and the Internet is pretty much
impossible unless the apprentice has a lot of talent and intuition and can pick the
needles of truth among the haystacks of silly and crazy. Like the 'legend' of the
extra-dimensional club for sorcerers and mystical beings. A silly story? But there
was this mystical puzzle in an obscure webpage that only someone with real occult
knowledge could figure out. And the answer to the riddle was an address in Gotham,
and a door no one without magic can see.

Beyond the door, a magical place. Full of… magicians? Well, oddly dressed people.
And demons, faeries and living dreams.

"Welcome to the Oblivion bar, kid," says a seven foot tall blue-skinned demon. He
wears a white T-shirt with black letters stating his role: BOUNCER. "Go talk with
Eddie, he wants to meet all new folks," he gestures to the bar, where a
flipper-armed young man is serving drinks using telekinesis.

Sofia spent a fair bit of time studying what she could but it was difficult. Still,
she seemed to have a bit of a knack for finding the truth among the bullsh… And
then she stumbled across the rumor of a bar… It wasn't the first time she had
heard it but it was discarded out of hand originally. This time…

Door found, Sofia ducks into the bar and lets her eyes roam over the place. They
widen slightly despite herself. Then she's being spoken to. Her head snaps around
and she blinks /up/ at the demon. "Thanks." It's said with far more confidence than
she feels.

"Got it," is said as she looks over at Eddie and arches a brow. "Never a dull moment
here, I'm sure…" She weaves her way through the crowd, heading for the bar and
trying not to bump into people. She can't help but wonder if she's old enough to
drink here… Maybe?

The bartender, short blonde guy with a bored expression, glances up at Sofia and
snorts. "I am going to need your card if you want anything with alcohol." Which is
an odd thing to say in a place where half the 'people' are not human.

Although the place it is oddly peaceful given some of the races of the beings here
are mortal enemies and have been for centuries. Maybe there are Rules. With capital
R. Magical places often have them. Sometimes they even make sense.

"Is there a specific card for that? Do I go to magical DMV somewhere?" There's such
a huge amount of snark. "Just a soda." She bites back the urge to call him Flipper.

Turning in her seat, she takes in the crowd of the place and arches a brow. "So
what's the deal here anyhow?" She drops her head back to look at him. "You're like
the magical Switzerland or something?" And then she's turning around to get her
drink when it's ready.

"Yes. I.D. cards to show me you are 21 or older," replies the bartender. "Because
you came from the Gotham gate. And anyway, we follow American law here for those
things." He turns to get her drink, and when he turns back, he adds, "I am Eddie.
This is old, old neutral ground. A bar for a century, something else before, I
reckon. People that starts fights ends up bad, like 'cursed by the gods' bad. Even
if they escape the bouncer and the crowd. Your drink, first one is on the house. We
take American dollars, Canadian and English pounds. Also silver and gold. For the
rest of the stuff talk to the dwarves. They have good exchange rates, better than
most banks. Who are you?"

"Dwarves? Exchange.." She shakes her head, letting her mind process /that/ bit of
info for a moment. "Wait… How do you know where I came from?" Dude's starting to
creep her out just a little here…

"Sofia." She doesn't really give her last name unless prodded. The jokes get old.
"Thanks," is said as she lifts the drink in salute. "Nice to meet you Eddie." She's
somewhat polite at least.

A drink of the soda is taken. "How many doors into this place are there?" So much of
this is not in the books /anywhere/!

Eddie nods, "because I work here and after a while one just knows when the usual
gates open. No idea how many are there. About a dozen to Earth get some traffic.
Like one hundred more to other places do too. Some I have only seen opening once. I
bet there are hundreds I have never seen." He smirks. "Sofia. Just Sofia?"

She should have known she wouldn't get away with it. "Strange. Sofia Strange." Her
eyes rolls immediately and she makes a go ahead motion. "Go on… Get it out of your
system…" Because she just knows it's coming. "Ya know… It almost seems silly to
ask where else they go…" She looks around once more. "I've never seen some of
these before… The rest only in books for the most part… It's kinda…well…
Yeah." She hates using the word strange.

Eddie blinks and peers behind Sofia. "Strange, uh? That is… quite the name. You
serious? Are you related to the Doctor?" He squint his eyes. "Nah. If you did you
would know more about all this. The doors can only take you to places you have
already been. Unless you go with someone else, I guess. So near Gotham… we got New
York and Metropolis. But if you have been in London before, you can go there too."

"Doctor?" Sofia shakes her head while shrugging her shoulders. "I dunno. Maybe. Why
in the world would anyone make up a last name like 'Strange'. "I've been a little of
everywhere… We moved around a lot. Oddly, I don't think London was ever one of
them…" She shrugs.

"Doctor Strange, huh?" She can't help but smirk. "Being their patient must be
interesting. What kind of Doctor?" Because now he has her curious… And wanting to
look into things? Why? She clearly wasn't wanted…

"Stories say he was a surgeon about fifty years ago," replies Eddie. "Then he became
a sorcerer, and now he is the Supreme Sorcerer. And… uh, he is in the table behind
you, a little to the left. The other left. Yeah, the guy in the black suit with the
goatee. He was talking with a redheaded demon lady just a few minutes ago. I doubt
he stays for long."

Sofia blinks. "Wait. What?" She turns to look over at the man. "Sorcerer? What is a
Sorcerer Supreme?" Even as it's asked… She's sitting the drink on the bar and
pushing to her feet. "Because… This isn't going to be awkward or anything…"

For a moment, a heartbeat, she considers not moving. Just letting the man leave
but… A huff and a roll of her eyes and then she's making her way through the crowd
to the table indicated. She comes to an abrupt stop beside it, arms crossed over her
chest and attitude oozing from her… And suddenly finds herself unable to muster
the courage to speak.

Sofia left before Eddie could explain. Now he is super-curious himself.
Unfortunately other patrons require drinks, so he will have to watch from afar.

Meanwhile Dr. Strange is finishing his tea after another of 'those' conversations
with Satana Hellstrom. He needs something stronger than tea. But when he turns to
the bar he instead finds himself facing a young woman in black. He sizes her up
quickly, arching an eyebrow. Of course she has to be a magic-user to be here, but
there is something weirdly familiar in her, too. "Good afternoon," he greets,

As he sizes her up, she does the same to him. That silvery streak is tucked behind
her ear when he speaks, the sound of his voice having shook her out of her stupor.
"Do you have a daughter?" Not… exactly as polite and cordial a greeting as he gave
her. In fact, it would almost be considered rude given how direct it was… If there
wasn't that hint of vulnerability in the question. A weakness she is steadfastly
refusing to acknowledge.

That is a weird question, yes. Even among magicians, but the man keeps cool. "Not
that I know," replies Strange in an even tone. "Why the question? Do you need help?
Please, sit down," he offers, gesturing to the chair in front of him politely.

"No, I don't need help." Cerulean blue eyes flit to the chair a moment, back to
Strange and then back to the chair before she sits. "My name… Is Sofia Strange.
The bartender thought there might be some relation. He asked… And I wouldn't know
so…" She shrugs. The explanation makes perfect sense to her after all. "I'm sorry
to have interrupted and wasted your time, Doctor."

Strange narrows his eyes, "the surname is not too uncommon, but it is an
interesting… coincidence." Or not. He still finds the young woman disturbingly
familiar. "We might well be related. I have a brother and a sister. Victor and
Donna." And Donna grandchildren might be Sofia's age, but they wouldn't carry the
Strange name.

Victor is a vampire. Better not to mention it.

"Are you looking for your father? I might be able to help," he offers.

"No. I was left with my Guardian to be raised… She's all I ever knew. If they
didn't want me, I don't have time to hunt for them. It was an opportunity, though,
and I've learned not to pass those up." She smiles faintly and starts to stand.
"It's a kind offer, Doctor, and I appreciate it but… I wouldn't even know where to
start, even if I had the time to devote to it. I've never met them. I don't know
their names… Vesper cursed a lot of names as she moved us around. Who knows. Sorry

"There are ways to find out, nevertheless," mentions Strange. He frowns when she
admits she never met her parents. Yes her 'guardian' knew enough to call her
'Strange'? "Very well. But in the world we live," he glances around, "not knowing
our roots and our family can be a dangerous flaw. As doctor advice: find out. For
your own good."

Sofia stops in her tracks, her jaw tensing as her fists curl. As much as she tries
to hide it, her parents are a sensitive subject. It becomes clear, as the table in
front of him starts to tremble slightly, how untrained she is. "Why? So they can
throw me away again? So they can shove me on someone else who doesn't want me?".

She glares at him, trying to ignore the tears wanting to spill over. "You want
names… Vesper invoked Cytorrak at some point, whoever that is… And more than
once she huffed about some woman named Cleo, or something, when she thought I wasn't
listen… Now you know as much about my family as I do."

"Cyttorak of the Crimson Cosmos is a demon lord, although not one of the worst,"
replies Strange. Not likely to be family, though. Cleo… doesn't mean. "Wait.
Clea?" He seems startled. "You… you do look like Clea." Nothing like be too close
to not to see. He pales, suddenly feeling like a fool. "I think… I think I'd like
to talk with this Vesper person. As soon as possible."

"Good luck finding her. I haven't heard from her since I left her in New Orleans two
years ago." It wasn't lost on her that he's saying she looks like someone he knows.
"I got tired of supporting her and being made to feel like trash…

Forcing a deep breath to calm herself, she straightens her back and sniffles softly,
wiping at the tears. "Have a good evening, Doctor. Please give the bartender his
answer. I get the feeling the curiosity is killing him."

She needs to leave… before she loses control of herself in ways that do more than
cause a table to shake a little.

Strange gives Sofia a long look, then he sighs and nods. "Find me at 177A Bleeker
Street, Greenwitch Village. I will tell you about Clea." He stands up to watch the
young woman leave. Oh, if she doesn't come to see him soon, he will seek her out. For sure.

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