November 01, 2016:

Spoiler remembers to tell Batman about Terry after Batman talks about a booster rocket that would let him fly.



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"Spoiler." She'd had time to fight with Misfit and shower, then return to the Batcave. Batman materializes behind the woman, wearing the thin thermal gear most of the Batlings prefer in the cave— it can get chilly depending on underground weather currents. He tilts his head back towards the cave workshop, wordless command to accompany him, and heads that direction.

Once at the workbench, he holds up a length of dark fabric— quite close to the tone of Spoiler's cloak, in fact.

"Do you know what this material is?" he asks, handing it to her. It's weirdly textured; like a thousand pieces of glassy ceramic, smooth but distinct as scales, and shockingly lightweight.

Her mind was wandering. Not in a bad way. She was pondering over classwork and a file from the DA's office and Terry and then a wild ZuBatman appeared. Stephanie squeaks and jumps before turning to look at Batman. She's wearing her usual workout clothes, Target Clearance bin YAY!, and warm ups to ward off the chill of the cave. Motioned to follow, Stephanie falls in step, and reaches out to take the fabric.

"It's… scaley," she says. She streches the fabric out, whoosing it to see how it reacts to a slight bit of wind, and tugging it to see if it stretches. That fledgning engineer in her, curious and wide-eyed, is playing and observing and asking questions of herself.

"And light," she adds. Because that totally answers his question. No, she doesn't know what it is.

"Carbon nanofiber," Batman says, in his usual growling rasp that marks him as the Batman more than a mask could, despite his 'civvie' wear at the moment. "I use it in most of my cloaks and armor designs. It's not ballistic, but it will significantly slow or halt a lot of lightweight, high-speed projectiles. It's lightweight, has good thermal resistance, and a number of other useful properties." He hands it to Spoiler. "Some of the most advanced and useful material on Earth, at the moment."

Stephanie manages NOT to oooooooo. barely. Her eyes do widen, liek Luke's in the New Hope when he was handed his father's light saber. She brings it in for a closer look, then wraps up in it to test the thermal-ness (that's a word now!) of it. And then, as if she just can't resist, Stephanie puts her arms out like she's flaring it, and twirls a bit… like a girl in a dress looking to see how pretty the skirt flares.

"Carbon nanofiber. This is so cool."

"It is," Batman agrees, a grim humor in his voice. "There seems to be little it can't be made to do." He reaches for the collar of the material and compresses two buttons— abruptly it flares out in a dramatic sweep, unfurling to seeming double length with all the aelion bend of a bird's wing in flight.

"It has elastomer memory channels. Apply a specific charge at a certain point and it grows rigid. Enough to work as a glider, with training."

With Batman reaching for her collar, Stephanie holds still. She cants her chin upward, a child bearing the collar of a shirt for buttoning. And then the cape flares out, and Stephanie's face splits into a wide and brilliant smile. She turns to look at it, twisting a bit this way and that way.

"Ohmygod, this is so awesome. So… you can 'fly' with this? … well, fall with style?" Because Toy Story is still an amazing movie.

"You can glide," Batman corrects. "With a lot of practice. I wouldn't recommend jumping into that without a parachute handy," he admonishes Spoiler. "You'll get it wrong exactly one time."

"With a booster rocket it can be configured for short range flight though— yes. I find it mostly useful for mitigating long drops or coasting over distances too far for my grapnels to reach," he tells her. "And the ablative technology is extremely useful, too." He touches another point on the cloak and it gains a subtle rigidty, lifting it away from her shoulders— in effect, a heavy blanket that would deform under impact but vastly reduce the effectiveness of a blow or thrown object.

Normally, the correction would have Spoiler starting to get on herself more than Batman had, but this time, she just grins and reaches up to tuck a bit of blonde hair behind an ear. Wrong once. Oh yeah. That's for sure. Stephanie nearly giggles. Until Bruce says 'booster rocket'. And it's like a light bulb turns on behind her eyes.

"OhmygodItotallymeanttotellyoubutyouseemedbusysoIdidn'tand… Do you have a younger brother or cousin or…? No. Umm.. I'm asking cause there was this guy.. In Old Gotham. He sent out a flare.. bat signal thing? And he had a black suit with the symbol on it but it glowed red and he said his name was Terry and he looked exactly like you only younger and…" Without eye-lens things, Steph couldn't record, and she didn't take a picture. "…I figured this wasn't soemthing you wanted me to ask about over everyone's comm, so… Yeah."

Bruce's face is a better mask than his cowl— save for the narrowing of his eyes, there's no reaction visible to Stephanie's perception.

"No. Only child," he reminds her. "No cousins, either. Not for… several steps on either side of the family tree." The Waynes, it seems, are one of those rare families that typically just has one child per person— his mothers side must be much the same.

"Terry. Bat-flare. And… he looked like me?" Batman asks, one brow lifting a little. "I assume he wasn't wearing a cowl, then?"

"He pulled it off. Apparently, he follows my Twitter feed," Stephanie adds, not liking the narrowing of his eyes. "He said he's been trained, but didn't say by whom, and then mentioned he didn't have a lot of experience doing this on his own, but wanted to do it anyway.

"…and he flies." Which is what made Stephanie remember she needed to tell Batman about him.

"Huh." Batman turns and walks to the computer console, bringing it awake with a touch of the keyboard, and types quickly on it. Dozens of camera angles start coming up as he queues up the various surveillance, rooftop, and traffic cams that either he's planted or Barbara's hacked.

"Timeframe?" He brings up the date and time stamps that correspond with Spoiler's recollections, and in short order there are a few distant, blurry angles of this 'Terry', cruising around on a portable rocket kit.

Batman growls subvocally. "I don't like people using the Bat symbol without permission," he remarks, a bit needlessly— he'd had THAT talk with Spoiler a long time ago, after all.

Spoiler follows Batman to the computer, not taking off the cape. She helps him narrow down the timeframe, and watches him get some blurry footage of…

"He's calling himself Batman Beyond, and when I prompted him he didn't have a message for you," Spoiler remarks, watching Bruce out of the corner of her eyes. She remembers that conversation. It's the reason her homemade suit is purple and is devoid of bat motiffs. It's called Having Respect (TM).

"I /really/ disapprove of that," Batman growls. It sounds like something vibrates in symapthy with his basso voice on a nearby table.

"I want to meet him. Immediately, if not sooner," he tells Stephanie, turning to face her. "I want you to track him down in Gotham and set up a meeting. And emphasize to him that I do /not/ want to have to track him down the hard way," he adds, pointedly.

"Shouldn't be too hard. He follows my hashtag. I'll find him, and I'll set it up for you," Spoiler says, nodding. Her face has grown serious and focused, not at all worried about the growl. After all, he's growling at Terry not at her. "I have a com from Oracle. Do I call on that?" she asks, to clarify.

"Radio me directly," Batman confirms, nodding at Spoiler. "I want to meet with him as soon as possible." He walks away without a second word, heading towards the inner part of then den where his personal cloister is— usually a sign that he is done dealing with anyone for the rest of the day.

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