The Carrier

October 30, 2016:

At the request of G.W. Bridge some Avengers are watching over the launching of the Carrier Endymion. As expected there is an attack, and the carrier is stolen by A.I.M.

Hangar at Cape Citadel, Florida

On scene


NPCs: G.W. Bridge, M.O.D.O.K., many AIM minions and SHIELD (and SWORD) agents


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Cape Citadel, SHIELD carrier drydocks.

The massive hangar where the SHIELD carrier was built is so large it dwarfs even Zeppelin hangars.

Inside, still attached to the walls through bridges and scaffolding, stands the orbital carrier Endymion. 40,000 tons of metal and high-tech ceramics, powered by a trio if giant cold fusion generators, and looking more like a battleship than the classic SHIELD aircraft carrier. Three turreted plasma canons powerful enough to be a credible threat even for the strongest super-human known; two score double barrel railguns, very able to destroy any human-built vehicle even at extreme ranges. Spider-Man was right; the Endymion is a weapon of mass destruction.

It is also a carrier, but since SHIELD has no real space worthy small ships yet, the bays inside the carrier only have a few helicopters for atmospheric operations and two unarmed shuttles.

Commander G.W. Bridge gives the visiting Avengers a brief tour, during which he seems to be double checking everything is as expected. In truth the old SHIELD agent doesn’t seem very happy, as the launch has been delayed six times already. And even now it seems to be about to happen due to some weird thing happening in the moon. “Delays, sabotage and unforeseen technical problems have delayed this project too long and made me cranky and extra suspicious,” he grumbles, “I have brought an extra contingent of agents from the Triskelion, and even so, well…” he invited the Avengers. The unexpected. Only Fury was informed, so he hopes this would throw a wrench in someone else’s plans.

Captain Marvel marches along with the Commander, taking it all in, all the while thinking about the improvements she would have made. First up? Fighters. Carriers or orbital stations are great, but first you need craft capable of ferrying back and forth, armed and able to defend themselves and deftly get out of the way of trouble. At high speeds, thank you very much!
But Carol might be biased.

It could happen.

"We will do the best we can, Commander. That's all we can do." Captain Marvel offers, as she surreptitiously - and yes, she CAN do that, she IS a former SPY too - places another of the tiny self-contained scanner units Iron Guard had hanging around against the carrier corridor wall. She's made a point of placing several around the outer hull already, just to keep an eye on things. Given the Avengers' lack of numbers, their best bet is going to be making sure they see what's coming before it becomes an issue. And by using IG's gear, they won't just be depending on SHIELD's tech, which could be compromised.

Paranoia: it can be constructive, given there really ARE folks out to get them.

Tony walks out from the shadow of the hanger rusty nail in one hand. Dressed in a very nice sports coat, and suitpants he looks ready for business as he ever is. "To be honest Commander if you'd given me higher clearance we might have gotten done sooner." A bit of a smile before he takes a sip of the mix. Of course he was supposed to be off with the other VIP's boozing it up smiling hand shaking and having a good time, and yet here he was interrupting the tour with a smile and an attitude of his own. The smell of alcohol hangs on his breath even as he speaks looking fresh and trim as he can.

Still he gives a bright smirk, seemingly not bothered in the slightest as his other hand holds onto a plain briefcase which matches his sports jacket. From behind the corner he'd just walked out of a rather good looking blonde SHIELD agent walks the other way taking time to adjust her uniform and set her hair back into place. That head of bright blonde hair so out of sorts she might have just walked out of a jet turbine. Tony falls back silent a bit into that cocky overconfident stance of his, a longer sip taken of his glass. "Should be glad she didn't explode the first time we turned the engines on."

Reinforcements. For this sort of thing, it's a mix of administrative and field agents. The best one for that job is one Darcy Lewis. Originally an administrative agent handling the logistics of office supplies, Lewis has been a Field Agent for a while now. She arrives at the front of the reinforcements in her tac-gear. It's SHIELD black, bullet-vest, and tight for movement. But on her elbows and knees and wrists are pads like what would be seen on a roller rink. Well, for that matter, the skates too. They are red and white with hearts and skulls and the words 'Heartbreaker' stitched on them. They look well maintained but well used. The foot wear may earn her second glances, but Darcy ignores them. It's easy when you're over half a foot taller than you're usual. Her hair is french braided back and her usual red-framed glasses are gone. She's wearing contacts, which turn her green eyes bright purple. Clipped to her belt is a black helmet, leaving her hands free for the tablet she's tapping at lightly as she rolls at walking pace.

"There's a reason you don't have higher clearance, Mr. Stark," says Lewis as she finishes tapping things and shows her pad to a primmly dressed agent at her side. The other agent nods, and steps away to confer with one of the stations not far away. She's going to save teh fact that the idea of SHIELD having effing space ships is mindblowing for later. Like when she's having a beer… with her boyfriend. Once she gets him back. Darcy glances at the blonde agent, and quirks a brow.

"Wow. And I thought I made bad work decisions," she quips before glancing at the Commander and the gathered Avengers.

Armored but helmetless, Nathaniel has the happy smile of a time-travelling tourist watching the launch of the Mayflower. Or maybe the Titanic. Hopefully the first one. All very… hmm, historical, yes. He is perfectly happy with letting Carol do the talking, she is the new team leader and all. At least until he spots Tony Stark. "Oh, cool. I need to talk with that guy," he mentions to Carol.

Bridge nods to Stark in acknowledgement. "It wasn't my decision, Mr Stark. A thing this big, too many departments involved." He looks at the ship, folding his arms, "too many people knows. It is a miracle it didn't leak to the press." He nods, "lets head to the hangar main control, the launching sequence starts in nine minutes."

That is the moment when everything goes south.

The Endymion shudders, and the engines all ignite at once. Scaffoldings crumble at the sides, sending a few engineers and agents running, or falling! Emergency lights flare up, then blink out. "What the hell!" Shouts Bridge. "lieutenant," he turns to another agent, "get me to with control. Agent Lewis!" He turns to Darcy, "get me a line with the Triskelion."

He shouldn't have turned his back to the lieutenant, as the man pulls out his gun and shots at Bridge's back, full auto.

Faster than fast. For a woman who can fly past mach 6 under her own power, it's not very hard to cross less than ten feet faster than someone can draw a weapon and pull the trigger. Even faster than a trained shooter. Which is why Captain Marvel is standing point-blank between the shooter and the Commander, bullets bouncing off of her body.

"No, asshole. Not in front of the Avengers."

That's the only warning he gets before Princess Sparklefists starts blasting. Said Lieutenant just lost all rank and privilege, as he is nothing but a filthy attempted-murdering traitor.

Standing next to Bridge, Darcy is starting to tap on her tablet to get a line to the Triskelion as ordered when she spots the lieutenant reaching for a weapons. To hell with the device. Darcy drops the tablet and moves to derby shoulder check the Commander to the floor, hopefully out of the way of the bullets while keeping herself lower than gun-level. In the same motion, she launches herself forward, at the lieutenent, to try to bull rush him down. She's low, in a derby crouch, she's on her toe-stops - bright red knobs of rubber - running full tilt. Lieutenent was a jerk anyway, and she's going to let him bring her to a full stop, by jamming her shoulder into his diaphram. Or at least. That was the plan. Now, there's a Captain Marvel in her way so the two steps Darcy got before Marvel was there ends in Darcy throwing herself to the floor in a baseball slide that would make players in the World Series jealous. Darcy slides about a foot before she's able to turn herself and get back to her feet in a crouch, and the field agent turns her gaze back to the commander (to see if he's okay) while triggering her tac-comm.

"This is Agent Lewis. Lock down the launch pad," she orders as Spraklefists starts blasting away. The helmet's chin strap is unclipped so Dracy can yank it on her head. Sure. It's not going to stop a stray pew-pew-Marvel-blast, but it makes Darcy feel safer about her life choices.

Which are still better than blondie SHIELD agent over there. Just saying.

Tony gives a smirk, and a wink towards Darcy. It's clear he's in a good mood ever the fun loving sort. "Trust me, I'm not so bad once you get to know me." Said in an upbeat voice, before he's quickly downing the rest of his drink. Instead of putting it away himself he places the glass down onto the stand beside him. "Don't worry about it Bridge, I got used to dealing with bureaucracy a long time ago." With a flick of his hand he's got a pair of sunglasses Then everything starts shuddering moving, and shaking.

Almost losing his balance Tony falls against the wall, his briefcase hits the ground hard, landing with a rough clanging as whatever is inside gets knocked about. He braces himself against the doorway nearby, as the glass slams to the ground shattering. "Note to self: Stop at four next time." The smirk falls from his face but he still sounds perfectly in control of the situation until the gunshots start ringing out and Danvers is doing what she does best. Stumbling slightly the billionaire playboy scrambles to collect that case so he can get into the action. "Let's skip the told you so part."

Bridge grunts as the first bullet hits his back and then he is tackled down by Darcy. Fortunately Carol stops the second bullet. The ‘lieutenant’ aims the third to her face, calmly taking a step back and firing as fast as he can. When Darcy tries to hit the lieutenant, well… like hitting a linebacker, she barely moves him an inch. And the guy looked kinda skinny!

Now gunfire and the sounds of energy discharges come from several points of the hangar as suddenly a considerable number of agents turn on their fellows. The blonde agent seeks cover and attempts call for aid, a couple agents are now shooting at her and to Tony. And power seems down everywhere except on the slowly rising Endymion.

Nathaniel puts on his helmet quickly, running to help Bridge, but the SHIELD agent is already standing up, pulling out his own handgun. “Armor took the brunt,” he explains. “Go… stop this.”

Tac-com only reveals static, and bzzkk sounds. “Wide spectrum interferences,” notes Iron Guard, checking armor sensors and looking at the lieutenant. “Captain! He is not human. He is a synthezoid!”

"No. He's scrap." Danvers answers. Yes, bullets to the face sting; she is not a Kryptonian. But Carol is also fiercely determined, and she's not backing down, which is why she keeps up the blasts at the Lieutenant - and she does not miss her targets, she's way too good a pilot and shot for that, so the unmoving jerk takes the brunt repeatedly - and then launches herself forward. It is also not getting away. "They're trying to steal it. Get the agents off, and set the self-destruct. NOW!" 'Cause if they don't, Carol will blow it up herself.

Tony slams his feet down into the case which seems to explode out around him. Diving towards the lovely lady he jumps into the way of the bullets as the suit forms around him despite the rapid assembly of the armor proper he manages to take a round to the chest falling back towards the woman he'd made a leap to protect. Blood splashes down onto the ground as he takes one round after another right to his front, except after the first round the rest don't do much. A pure white, gold, and black suit of armor forms around him, the helmet a solid gold dome. The only other color on the suit that light streak of red as Iron man leans forward. "Alright Tinman, let's see how you and the other Toy soldiers face off against a real Man of Iron" The shots bounce off his armor. "I'm sending you back to oz!" Shouted as he fires off a lone repulsor beam.

Inside the suit Tony's breathing is heavy and labored already as that pain in his chest rings out Jarvis coming on line. "Sir, I believe you've been shot." Echoing out inside of his head as the bullets ring and chaos chimes out. "I hadn't noticed buddy, but thanks for pointing it out." Quipped right back as the suits systems attempt to compensate for the damage with their life support systems, but blood still leaks into his suit.

Staying low, Darcy gets to Bridge, handing falling away from her ear. She yanks off the wrist guards so she regains mobility in her hands. "Tac-com's being jammed! Can someone clear it?" Darcy's shouting as she's checking the Commander over. And the moment she finds the bullet wound, Darcy presses her hand to it to try to stem the bleeding.

"Medic!" Like a derby bout. Girl goes down, the closest girl does what she can while shouting for the medic to come over and take over. But, there may not be anyone. Not with all hell breaking lose.

The lieutenant takes quite the beating, much more than a normal human could have taken, but finally crumbles under Carol’s energy blasts, synthetic blood flesh and blood boiling. His scream sounds very human, but his features melt into faceless white as he (it?) dies.

“Cloaked airships, incoming,” announces Iron Guard, calmly shooting up at another ‘SHIELD agent’ up on a railing. This one was armed with a massive sniper rifle. He joins the one Iron Man shot down as a broken doll on the concrete floor. “Who are they? The technology is decades ahead of what I have seen before.”

“Adoptoids,” replies Bridge. “Which means…” it means uncloaking yellow transports are entering the hangar. Some head for the Endymion, others land right away, releasing hordes of yellow-clad ‘beekeepers’. Heavily armed nerds from A.I.M. Not the best soldiers, but their weaponry makes up for it. “…A.I.M. terrorists. Get me to the control room, we need to restore power. And try to help my people, please.”

Glad that Bridge is talking Darcy moves to help him to his feet as he asks to get to the control room. "I'll take you," she says as she scoops up her wrist guards with one hand, keeping the other on his bullet wound. She'll keep an eye on out for first aid kit on the way.

"They're stealing the ship. Form up, we're headed to central command." Captain Marvel shouts, as she backs up to Darcy and Bridge, and motions with one glowing fist to Iron Guard and Iron Man. "Call in the others on our freq, Richards. It's time we move. And I wasn't kidding: they try to steal this thing, we blow it. I'd rather die than allow those terrorists control of this firepower and tech." Carol may be a costumed heroine, but she was first a soldier. She knows how to make the call, and the sacrifice.

"Really stirred the hornets nest this time." Iron man chimes out as he takes out another one of these adaptoids. However the entire time he moves without taking flight, the feet of the Gemini suit remaining perfectly stuck down to the floor. Using himself as a shield for the Agent from before he occasionally fires out shots of red repulsion beams, the Agent taking pot shots over his shoulder or from between the legs of the suit trying to still help fight the good fight. "I'm all for emulating our heroes but I don't think Gorman is really our best option." Said as that first shot from the much bigger weapon just about takes Tony's arm clean off only missing by less then an inch as he slides out of the way last second. "That was close…." A light pause as he fires right back with both hands trying to take out one of the droops ships. "Honestly I'd save killing ourselves in a massive explosion in space for at least plan D."

Ducking down behind the wall as another shot just about takes off his head Tony looks around his scans. "Sir, if one of those blasts were to connect I'm not certain the suit-" JARVIS starts in time for Tony to chime right back. "Listen Jarvis, I know, we just need to hold long enough that I can activate the failsafe." He switches back on the small broadcaster. "If you can get to the bridge, try imputing 'Nuke it from orbit' into the console, that should deactivate the ships weapons, without blowing us all to hell." Slight pause. "Capital N and M zero instead of o all one word on that."

The Command Center. It was supposed to be the most secure location in this entire insanely secure facility. But was it? No. When M.O.D.O.K. busted in and took over, SHIELD Agent Melinda May had been there in central command, overseeing the last few checks on the Endymion's systems to make sure everything got a green light.

When the bad guys made their messy entrance, a completely random stray shot clipped May on the temple, taking her down though only temporarily. But with the way head wounds bleed, she probably looked like a fatality to the bad guys and they left her where she fell.

Waking up from something like that it always a bitch, but May's practiced not reacting immediately. She listens to the goings on to get an idea of her surroundings as well as the comm chatter. Filtering past the rest is Stark's voice. She now has a goal. Opening her eyes again without moving, she takes stock: on the floor, half behind one of the control consoles. Could be better, but she'll make do.

… Are they starting the launch sequence already, or is her equilibrium still completely screwed? Don't have time to think about that too much. She pulls herself completely behind the console as silently as she can.

Bridge winces at Carol words, but she is right. Unfortunately SHIELD does not put a self-destruction mechanism in their carriers. Or if they do, it is over his level 8 clearance. And the carrier is breaking away of its walkways, slowly moving forward and trying to leave the hangar.

The control room is up there, and a few adaptoids try to block the way. But they have little to do against Captain Marvel and the armored pair. An airship attempts to land in front of them, but Iron Man shots it down.

Several dead or unconscious SHIELD agents stand at the door of the room, though. And half a dozen beekeepers armed with laser rifles stand watch. They pull back inside when they see the super-heroes coming, though.

But it is not a barrage of laser shots what receives them when the peer in, but the laughter of an insane monster. Seated in a high-tech hoverchair stands M.O.D.O.K. himself. The control room has power, at least. But it is full of A.I.M. technicians working on the systems. "You are too late," declares M.O.D.O.K. My adaptoids have taken over your ship, and you can't hope stop me now! It is mine, and so is the Peak."

But Mr Big Head and his minions have failed to noticed May is awake and behind them.

"Jarvis" Tony states calmly as he peaks out around the corner. "Yes Sir?" A light pause as he fires out a beam of repulsor energy sending one of the 'agents' flying. "Next time, remind me to pack both suits." As that oversized weapon slams grazing across the hand of the Gemini suit ripping that repulsor clean leaving a sparking mess of a hand at the end of it, and a cursing Tony. "Of course sir, I'll place it inside of your memo book."

Tony takes in a few deep breaths before diving back out across the semi open area. He's doing his best to play the part of heavily armed detraction taking out goons where he can. This is the best he can do with this particular suit in toe, even as he takes another shot right to the chest which thankfully bounds right off and into a nearby wall.

"Pick them up, check their pulses, move them clear." Carol snaps to Bridge and the other agents, as she and the armored pair keep watch and cover their actions. They'll leave none behind they don't have to leave.

"You bighead moron, don't you ever get tired of being proven wrong in your arrogance?" Captain Marvel calls out to MODOK, unimpressed. "Fly home as fast as your little baby legs can pump the pedals, and we'll let you leave. Otherwise, well, at least the world will be better without you." The frightening thing is that Carol means it. If SHIELD was incompetent enough not to put self-destruct in this thing? Carol will blow it herself, and die trying.

May stays hidden, pressing her sleeve against the still bleeding temple wound while waiting for a moment to get a better look at the command center situation. When M.O.D.O.K. starts cackling, she peeks out from behind hiding spot then snags the tablet sitting right there on the corner of the console. Perfect.

Keying in the emergency launch abort command is a matter of only a few moments, her Level 8 clearance giving her access to necessary systems. Not that lack of access would stop her, mind you. It would just take longer.

Keying the last password needed, May activates the shutdown sequence by pressing her right thumb onto the tablet's screen and leaving a bloody print on the glass.

GOD she hates how head wounds throb in time with her heartbeat. It's really, REALLY distracting.

"I don't think so, Ms Marvel," replies M.O.D.O.K. with an ugly smirk. "Kill her," he adds. Half a dozen beekeepers open fire, but it is a distraction for him to aim his brow-mounted force blast at the heroine. Much more powerful than mere lasers, M.O.D.O.K. is quite able to crush a tank with his cybernetically augmented psychokinesis.

Meanwhile May finds the access codes have been changed already, or maybe the Endymion is not accepting communications. Unfortunately the adoptoids infiltrated the project early on and they replaced key personnel. The ship is leaving the hangar.

"We need to get control back," states Bridge, staying behind Carol and shooting a beekeeper in the head. "Contact the Triskelion, but also the orbital carrier Odysseus. It is a prototype, but it is the only thing that could chase after the Endymion and survive more than ten seconds."

"Do you fear it will open fire on us? But M.O.D.O.K. is still here," points out Iron Guard.

"Chase…" Tony pauses for a moment that word ringing through his head. "Sir, I don't think that's exactly the best idea." There's a pause from Iron Man as he stands in place. "Sir, you're wounded already, and need I remind you over the legal limit? Perhaps it's best if we stay here, where you can shoot adaptoids to your hearts content." Tony fires off another beam towards a small group of beekeepers. "Override code Alpha Gama Delta Gypsy Phi." The legs of his suit begin to glow bright blue as a small rumbling rings out. It echo's out as Tony starts to take flight, managing to keep this suit from going super sonic proving incredibly difficult due to its design. "Gentlemen I'm not letting this ship leave with weapons active. I'm going to fly there and attempt to disable the systems myself. I'm not about to let that orbital cannon activate." As he flutters off course a shot slamming into his suit.

Captain Marvel isn't distracted; laser blasts are just a way to charge her up, not hurt her, and AIM should know that. "Commander, we're not getting command back. It's time to end this." Carol takes the telekinetic blast, bracing as best she can by flying into the blast, but it's just the best she can do. She's still going to get hurled back down the corridor, and she knows it. But to get that blast off, MODOK had to stick his giant head out and aim. And the moment he does that, he gets a pair Carol's overamped blasts right in the face. Specifically, right about in the eyes.

Then Carol will be wrenching her way out of her bebedded state in a bulkhead down the corridor. She'll be back barking orders shortly. Just give her a moment.

Damnit, not working! What was it Stark said? May grimaces for a brief second, pressing her hand against her temple again, then remembers.


As soon as she's typed that, May says in a whisper, her voice tight, "JARVIS, I know you're listening. Use my comm signal, shut everything down. The tablet already has my access codes." She then pulls her earpiece and plugs its microUSB connection into the tablet and leaves both face down on the floor as she scrambles away toward the small panel set into the wall just next to the cornermost console. If she can get there, she can get to the weapons she knows one of the more paranoid agents likely stashed there.

M.O.D.O.K.’s grin widens as the blasts hit a telekinetic forcefield, failing to reach him. “Fools, there is nothing you can… what?” A nervous technician interrupts the monologue. “Master. The weapon systems of the ship are offline. The system accepted a code from Iron Man.”

M.O.D.O.K. glares.
“It wasn’t in the original programs,” protest the technician. “We can fix it in five minutes!”
M.O.D.O.K. blasts the technician to a red mist anyway. “FIX IT!” Beat.” STARK!”
Iron Man is the target of the next blast, of course.

All the A.I.M. technicians are working like mad at the workstations. Can they go through the override in five minutes? Maybe. Disintegration is a strong motivator. Unfortunately it also means they are not looking around them while May gets the Big Gun.

"You two need to join me. The rest of you need to get off the ship any way you can. We are not allowing AIM to steal this vessel. I'm headed to the reactors. I strongly suggest you two blow the charge capacitors to the energy canons." That said, Captain Marvel takes off. She's not going to keep fighting a handfull of AIM troopers and MODOK. That's pointless, as by the time they're done, they'll be in space and AIM wins. Carol is a pilot, a command-trained warrior, and she knows what has to be done.

"What's wrong MODOK someone take the wind out of your little toy boats sales?" Tony speaks in a condescending manner as he flies in place one giant beacon for an attack, stalling for time as the parts come flying from his secret bunker to switch out suitparts. The shoulder pad of the Gemini suit is blown clean off opening up the air tight seal of Starks suit and cutting into the top of his shoulder. "My my, someone's mad I broke his new toy, don't worry I'm sure it's still under warranty." He's doing everything he can to distract so the others can do their thing. "Oh wait, you stole it." One of the pieces of this new suit slams down onto Tony's frame replacing the almost completely shredded arm as the old one launches off leaving Tony exposed for just a quick moment.

May is damned lucky, her less than typically coordinated scramble to reach that corner panel and subsequent clumsy removal of the panel cover goes unnoticed. Inside the panel is … ohthankgod. Not a bow and arrows. She carefully levers out a sniper quality rifle — the choice of weapon in here giving her an pretty good idea who stashed it there. She glances at the wiring and connections inside the panel as she does so, then mentally thanks Agent Paranoia and also retrieves two grenades. The quartermaster must have been peeved when these went unaccounted for.

Pocketing both grenades, she then turns and focuses the sights on where the back of MODOK's spine should be. She's not a sniper, and her aim is a bit compromised by the head wound, but if she can kill the annoying bastard here and now, it will be all for the best.

The sniper rifle's report is deafening in the command center, and May immediately drops the ungainly weapon to try and scramble to a different point of cover.

“No. Stop her! Kill her!” Orders M.O.D.O.K. when Captain Marvel goes after the Endymion. The railgun turrets of the carrier track the woman, but they can’t shoot yet. One of the A.I.M. transports tries to intercept her, but it is too slow, and lacks powerful enough weaponry.

Also. “DIE STARK. DIEEE!” The Big Head of Death is pretty good at multi-tasking. And keeps trying to blast Tony off the air. Designed Only for Killing. Or mostly for killing. Iron Guard returns fire, but his repulsor blasts can’t get through the forcefield. “Why is he so interested in the ship getting away while he remains here? It makes no sense,” he points out. “I do not want to switch to plasma with agents alive still inside the room, but it is the only weapon I have that could get through.”

That is when May’s shoots M.O.D.O.K. from behind. The chair is a pretty sturdy mechanism, but the sniper round gets through the armor, destroys a large amount of electronics, knocks down one of the turbines and still manages to reach the flesh beyond. M.O.D.O.K. screams, and the chair flips over, crashing against a wall. “KIIIIILL!” He is still conscious, just stunned.
Also a good number of the A.I.M. goons turn back and start shooting at May.

Captain Marvel launches herself down the corridor and out, streaking across the open air towards the departing ship, picking up speed to ridiculous and dangerous levels, streaking through the air - and doing a barrel-rolling loop around that AIM transport - as she dives for the deck and flies right down the throat of the departing carrier. She'll have to fight her way past adaptoids. She doesn't care. AIM cannot be allowed to keep that carrier. So off she goes, hoping that her allies and friends can survive her departure.

Responsibility sucks.

"You know MODOK, I'm starting to think you have anger management issues." Loudly inside of Tony's helmet to help ease his mood the song cats in the cradle begins to play. It's something that's always eased his mind quite a bit, and in the midst of dodging shot after shot in a suit made for space exploration more then combat it's no wonder that he needs a mental relaxant like music. Almost as if exactly on cue, as the old chest plate is blasted to pieces by MODOK, the new one slams down in its place. "Let me give you something to help take your mind off it." Tony has to hold still for just a moment floating there, as the new chest piece begins to charge.

There's a bright white light from his chest as he hovers there before a massive beam goes flying in the direction of MODOK. There's almost no chance it'll kill him but it's sure as hell going to hurt.

The blast causes the area around Stark to shine like a diamond sparkling out even in the light of day. As the shot fires out his thrusters give way, sending the armored avenger sputtering towards the ground as the meager fuel systems of his suit begin to give. This wasn't made for in atmosphere flight and it shows as Stark begins to plummet pieces of the new suit coming as fast as they can to try and replace the old but he's on a course right for the ground.

Just barely managing to duck behind a console, May promptly pulls the pin on one grenade and lobs it up and back at all of the AIM goons. She then pulls the second one and throws it straight into that still open panel before bracing for both explosions. Fury is going to be even MORE angry when he sees this damage. She just knows it.

And, since she sacrificed her earpiece to give JARVIS a chance at hacking the systems and stopping the Endymion, she doesn't know where the others are or what they're doing. So all she can do is wait and seehow things pan out after the grenades go off.

There might be some anger-management issue, but nothing a face full of energy blast can't fix, right? Also, MODOK's chair explodes.

Dead? Not quite dead, in fact A.I.M.'s monster is changing, losing facial features for plain white synthetic flesh, bleeding greenish synthetic blood as it recovers its original, neutral shape.

"Captain. It was an adoptoid," transmits Nathaniel through the Avenger com. He steps into the control room at last, shooting at the A.I.M. goons trying to kill May. The ones that didn't blew up due to the grenades. "Which means the real MODOK must be…"

The main screen of the room (cracked but still working) flickers to life, showing MODOK's misshapen face. "Fools! I am not so easy to defeat. This warship is mine, and soon so will your battle-station. You are doomed." He looks at a side. "Ah, but I need to get rid of a little blonde pest. We shall talk soon!" Communication is cut.

The Endymion is flying straight up, very fast, but fortunately the weapons don't become active while Cape Citadel is within range. Down in the hangar the surviving adoptoids and AIM troops are trying to retreat to the transports, while the SHIELD agents are counter-attacking furiously.

Bridge limps in, getting to a surviving communication console and opens a channel. "Commander Bridge to Odysseus. We have a problem. Come and pick us up."

"Roger, Richards. Life's a bitch. See ya in Hell." Captain Marvel responds. There's even the sounds of blasting and popping and wrenching and grinding as Carol has engaged the enemy. But she's not surrendering. She's not standing down. She's not even slowing down. And the real MODOK is no more an impediment to her doing that than the synthoid version. Or if he is, she is certainly not going to admit it. That's for after the Pearly Gates.

As Tony plumets towards the ground JARVIS helpfully provides a countdown of time to impact. He's getting closer and closer, the ground heading right for his face. His eyes go wide as he tries to kick on his thrusters. There's nothing the first time five seconds to impact. He moves his feet trying again but nothing, he tries one third time the ground feeling closer then it ever had been before finally just inches from the ground the thrusters of his cutting edge suit finally cut in. There's a loud BOOM as he cracks back into a full speed trying to keep up with the carrier, but as he gets up to speed Tony suddenly calls out in pain screaming inside of his suit for just a moment as the arm pinches the wound on his shoulder.

What JARVIS says next is lost to him as the suit forces itself into auto pilot, turning back around the Tony inside beaten to hell still trying to force himself to keep going. "Jarvis, stop." And again louder "Jarvis stop right now, I can't let it get away." As he's already moving back for a landing the suit working on its own, only a single shot managed off at the fleeing carrier. "Sir, if I allow you to continue your current course you will most likely kill yourself in the process. You are injured." The second he has control back, after the thrusters turn off Tony is blasting away full force at the remaining goons. Every part of him hurts, his arms his legs, but what hurts the most is his chest, that burning, searing pain in his chest. Swallowing it back down he starts to walk back towards the Avengers still on the ground.

After an extremely bright flash of light, May makes use of the others very likely being disoriented and pops up to shoot as many AIM goons as she can with her ICER before having to duck behind cover again. Finally, they're all down, and she stands a bit shakily, leaning against the console for support. She moves to the nearest undamaged one and keys in the comm systems to find out how close SHIELD backup is.

"…I repeat, multiple casualities on the ground and the Endymion is STILL under AIM control. Get reinforcements and Medteams here NOW."

And then she's hurrying out of the command center, kicking the remains of the MODOK impersonator as she goes, and looking for the others. The pounding headache she's sporting is pissing her off and she REALLY wants to punch someone right about now.

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