The Bat and the Misfit

October 30, 2016:

While chasing down a group of drug dealers, Terry McGinnis meets a masked heroine.

The Narrows - Gotham

The Narrows is a densly populated, enclosed poverty stricken island
neighborhood within Gotham that appeared during the earthquake of 09' that
tore the city apart. It is situated between Midtown's Robinson Park and the
Downtown's landmasses upon the Finger River.

The monorail runs around or through the Narrows but does not stop here.
There are no stations. The only way to reach the Narrows is by way of
Narrowsborough Bridge in Collgate Heights or Midtown Bridge of the Diamond

The citizens who live within the Narrows are view by the rest of the city as
a lost cause and their plight is quite simply ignored. In the past half a
decade the crime within the Narrows has surpassed that of the Hill and Park
Row in the East End making it the most dangerous place in Gotham. The level
of violence is so bad within the Narrows the GCPD refuses to enter without a
show of force.

Visually the Narrows has been compared to the famous Kowloon Walled City. It
is a crumbling, nest of dilapidated buildings that are have ruined still
from the earthquake. These buildings have fallen an landed in ruined slumps
against one another in which floor upon floor of makeshift housing has been
created by the over-dense population of impoverished. It is here that many
who wish to disappear go, in the Narrows you can vanish from society in one
way or another. Generally it is the less favored route.

Criminals armed with illegal weaponry have a stranglehold on the Narrows,
countless drug dens, gambling parlors, brothels and black market shacks are
set up throughout it's hive-like mazework city structure. It's a nightmare
for the sane.


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Fade In…

Gotham. Night.

Some would say it is always night in Gotham, and they are partially right. Even at day, there is a sense of darkness and fog, at least in the most dense of it's places. There are some parts of the city that are dark even for the shadows that watch and deliver justice. One of such shadows is just about to arrive.

Drug dealers, probably armed, moving in a red, vintage car.

Information flickers on the screen that Terry McGinnis, also known as Batman Beyond, has on his lenses. He works alone since the Project Beyond was cancelled, but he could hack the police's info system to get alarms when something is happening, and specially when that something is not being promptly attended. This is the case of tonight.

"Where are you? Come, come to me…"

He speaks to himself in a soft murmur. The man with a high-tech Batsuit is flying, using scarlet wings and thrusters on his feet. Still, he is silent and deadly. Mostly, deadly. Not that he would kill under any circumstance, but he has the ways to do so.

The red car parks in the middle of a lonely alley, barely touched by the moonlight and little more. Three people are waiting inside, and there is no signal they will move soon. They are well known, so it wouldn't be surprising that they are being chased by any other agent of law. Just, not the cops. Surely, not the cops.

The young bat stays in the shadows, landing over a close roof. His sensors are taking and retrieving information on the screens. He is just about to strike, but he is patient. He is very, very patient.


It … wasn't the drug dealers that got Misfit's attention. It was the bat shaped object in the night sky. "What the smuck…" she squints. Okay no it isn't Batwing. Way to small to be the Batplane. Also not the Batwing Wing vehicle. "you know.. Batman may have too many Bat themed things…" the muse isn't over the comm channel to any of the others though. She gauges the path the figure it flying and vanishes. /bounce/

One moment Terry's fancy suit would have him alone on the rooftop, then not alone. Misfit is perched out of easy arms reach back a ways on the roof just studying him. She looks like some off kilter Batgirl herself, things not quite spot on, floppy ear on the cowl, slightly different symbology. Colors a bit different. Still it is definitely a high tech suit, the goggles especially.


"So, are you here with them? Or want to give me a hand?" Terry says, his gaze still on the car below. Some more words appeared a while ago in his screen:

Another human, close.

This Batman is a shadow, except for a red, well, bat, shining a bright red on his chest. In times like this, he can make it be less brilliant, but given he is at a prudent distance from the criminals, he didn't bother.

If anyone has heard the real Bruce Wayne, this young man's voice is exactly the same. As a matter of fact, everything in his physiology is exactly the same. Still, he covers is voice a bit, making it sound harsher. But it wouldn't take an expert to notice, there is always a grin in his lips and his voice are more… lighthearted.

"How many bats does it take to capture a couple of drug dealers?" His head tilts a bit, now trying to examine the other person around. His night vision is set on, automatically and controlled by the suit's AI. "So, are you here to join the party?"


Charlie's own goggles do much the same. The thing is he isnt quite built… like the Bruce of today so she just stares puzzled. Does Bruce have another bat fielded, related to him, besides all the Robins.. then again there is Damian… but this guy doesn't sound like Damian. "What the smuck…" she says again half to herself. "Um… well… drud dealers?" she glances towards the roof edge. "I can always catch drug dealers sure…" she wants to see more of this guy and what his deal is. Also eventually corner him for his name though it will probably involve bat something based on the suit.


"Ok." Batman offers, smiling sweetly. Somehow, and even when his cowl covers all his face, it's technology projects an exact depiction of his lips. And they are smiling warmly. Yes, this is a different kind of bat. "So, this is the plan. I will get them out of the car. And you get them once they're running in fear. Not a fancy plan, but it will work." Every word is spoken with an air of self-confidence. Yes, this is not a detectivesque plan like those of the Dark Knight, but, the job will still be done.

The retractile scarlet wings extend, and he silent and swiftly jumps, hovering for a moment in the air above. A little Batarang is shot, impacting on one of the car's wheels. Air starts escaping. They are trapped. Perhaps, they were from the beginning.

The bat flies up.

There is silence. Gotham's silence. The worst kind.

Heavily and extremely fast, as a bullet shot from the sky, Batman Beyond falls on the car's roof. The windows explode under its weight, crystals shattering and being ejected in all directions! From the roof and with his arm, Terry tears off the vehicle's door. Two frightened men, limping, disoriented and in fear, run outside.

A new Batarang hits one leg of one of them. He won't run anymore.

"All yours!" He exclaims to Misfit, now stepping down and taking some black bags from the crashed car.


With that plan given and his back turned, Charlie will reach up and tap her goggles putting them into action HUD and record mode. She walks to the side of the roof next and leans against it looking down at the alley and soon to be ensuing chaos. She … really has an unhealthy appetite for chaos after all. "Huh… suit or the guy in it are pretty ridiculously strong. Neat." with that notation to her logging of the fight, she is gone, vanished from the roof with this slash of Pink/Purple smoke >pinkurple>

A heartbeat later Misfit is in front of the still upright running guy and her fist, which was cocked back, swings forward and punches him right in the face. CRUNCH goes the drug dealers nose in a spray of blood. Those gloves are both weighted and the girl punching is at peak human fitness. "So what is in the bags… and is that all of them?"


"Impressive." Batman says under the red bright eyes of his cowl, while slowly clapping at Charlie. Now, on the alley, his features will be more clear and visible. He is no longer trying to hide anymore and, well, she could see him even when he tried. Slow steps are taken and, even if his gaze is focused on the heroine, his sensors scan the surrounding area. "It looks they were about to sell a good deal. This bag is full of their, well, products." He casts a knowing smile, now altering his voice even less than before. It's almost a natural Wayne's voice. "And there will be more, soon. At least the buyer must show up. But, first things first," The bat cowl is tilted to a side. "Who are you? I mean, you're evidently a strong, resourceful girl, capable of stopping crime in one of the most dangerous cities ever conceived by mankind. And that is impressive, of course." A little nod is offered. "And you have the gothic look of a bat, so… Batgirl, should I assume?"

What could be easily assumed is that his knowledge of the Batfamily is very slim. He has studied Batman for years, but never, ever, has he had real contact with him or any other bat. So, it's understandable he relates her to Batgirl.


Charlie crouches down and gives the guy a tap, a very firm tap, knocking him out and applying zipties like a seasoned professional. Straightening up she laughs "Man.. Batgirl.. either of them.. would be so sad about this…" she grins though not seeming to mind not being known. "Name is Misfit… I suppose I could have gone by BatMisfit or MisfitGirlBat… or something but Misfit is way easier and the branding is better.. or so the PR agent working with the Titans says." she rolls her shoulders in a loose shrug. "You remind me of Batwing when he showed up… very cool suit… but you don't seem to know much about us and the way we run things around here. I mean sure he was clued in pretty quickly by Batman mind you.. but still." she likes to ramble it seems. Finally she asks "Did you find one of our sites and swipe a prototype suit?" looking him over. "Probably best to come clean.. I get the drive to fight crime… dark vengeance.. right wrongs.. but stealing suits is a good way to get grounded and stern looks that could stop hearts.. trust me."


Terry takes mental note of /everything/ she is saying. He smiles as she does. "I like Batmisfit. Batgirlfit could still be good. Like, 9 out of 10, easily. But, Misfit is a name I like." He walks slowly, rounding her, more like a cat than like a bat. His red eyes are always on her. The sensors still show no activity around, so he can chat.

"I, uh, no. I didn't steal the suit." Terry grins a bit, clearly entertained by the idea. "It was made for me. And, in a way, I was made for it." A black glove extends, and he stares at it for a moment. "Let's just say I am the Batman of the future, and I'm still getting used to the job. I have no affiliation whatsoever to the other Bats, so to speak, but that is a," He smiles sweetly, "Work in progress."

Now, sweet smiles, no one would ever say this is a Bruce Wayne clone. And he won't reveal that info just yet.

Beyond turns quickly and a Batarang is shot against a just-emerging figure in the night, sticking his head out of a second floor. The figure falls, unconscious to the ground.

Vital signs, ok.

"He is fine." He clarifies, "But he will have a rude awakening. All of them will." He chuckles in amusement and then offers a little bow. "You can call me Batman Beyond. That's the name I've been given since I was born, after all. It is certainly a pleasure to meet you, Batgirlfit." A bit of a sweet tease can be felt, very friendly and even playful.


Okay the sweet smiles and the voice are definitely more than a touch jarring to Charlie. It has enough similiarity to the voice that often scolds. So strange. Still she watches him prowl and doesn't seem threatened. Then again the way she was moving she may have reason to not be too worried. "I'm… not entirely sure I follow how you managed the suit and no affiliation but also think you are future batman…" she pauses "Oh god… are you batman from the future?" that entire concept doesn't seem to freak her out as much as it should. Odd girl.

When the thug is downed she tenses and then .. honest to god looks disappointed when it is just the one. She ..vanishes and appears by the guy with slashes of pink/purple smoke. She crouches to ziptie that one. Then bounces over to the one you bataranged and zipties that one too. Chatting while she works. "Interesting though… I mean even if you are like not from the future… though if you were from the future I imagine you would have known my name with your fancy suit… " she straightens. "Also Misfit.. come on… and Batman Beyond.. no way in hell… maybe BB.. or BatGuy.. maybe Beyond. Batyond?"


How could he possibly explain, without diving into too much unwanted details? What would the Dark Knight do?

"I was bioengineered to be the Batman this city needs, when the Batman this city has can't fulfill his role. That's why, among other things, they crafted this Batsuit. Now," he turns to follow her as she works on the fallen criminals, "You may be asking… who made me. And that, I'm afraid, is something I can't reveal. All I can tell you, though, is they always had justice in mind. I'm with the good guys and this," He gestures towards the men on the floor, "Is a good sign of it, I hope."

The Bat continues his slow walk. It's clear his armor is impossibly light, and every step is impossibly silent. That's not just technology. It's training.

"I am not a public image. I am not Batman." Terry grins under his mask. "So you can call me as you wish, Misfit. Beyond sounds good, if you ask me. But, the real question here is," The red eyes narrow, even out of his helmet, "Why are we still alone here?"

Surely, more will come.


Charlie leans against the car there as she looks down the alley. "Bioegineered.. okay Batman is going to have batkittens.." she shakes her head. "Beyond works. Also I like the suit." when he points out no one has shown up for the drug deal. "That is odd actually. Maybe they needed to give an all clear. Text a secret code that they are ready to do the swap." she looks into the car curious "Maybe it is ninjas and they are all around us waiting for us to be vulnerable… it is a standard theme actually."


Bioengineered is a good explanation. He won't betray his clone nature to a stranger, even if she can reach the real Batman… Which is his plan. Otherwise, he would not be saying all that, of course. He already tried, when he met Spoiler, but now his chances have just doubled, and it was by pure chance.

What a good night to be alive.

"Or maybe this was a set up. I've been capturing their mates for days. Previously, their gang showed more resistance. Today it was… too easy." He doesn't seem as comfortable as before. He hovers again, flying a bit to get a better field for his night vision. "Worst case scenario, you can fight them while I record." He teases, making it clear he has hoped her for having done that. Yes, he wants to get to… "Batman. Are you friends with him, I suppose?"


Charlie roots through the bags now and then leans back out. "I'm not even mildly worried about drug dealing thugs. I'm a member of the Titans and I've punched people way bigger.." she grins up to you. "If you want me to show you how it is done while you record some tapes to review and practice with later I can handle that." okay she is teasing spitfire style right back now. "Also I don't know if Batman has friends but I am sanctioned and know him yes."

She hops up onto the car and looks around. "Okay so spring the trap… esh.. bored now." she pauses and calls out to the alley "Come on out… Bored now!"


Terry grins openly, with that sense of overconfidence that many have even seen as arrogance. "You have not seen anything about me either, Misfit." And he is right. There are many tricks and he has been trained for so long, that he could be more spectacular. But then, he won't underestimate an enemy he has made so much to annoy as of late.

As Charlie calls out, McGinnis flies up and disappears into the shadows. He is still there, somewhere. Probably everywhere. He is watching and waiting, just in case something happens.

Like gunshots, grenades or… A rocket launcher?! What is it, the 90s all over again?

No time to ask, as the car now explodes direly, bursting in flames! Now, that is a good way to erase evidence. But there are a couple more launchers around, loaded, and aiming to take out the bats as well.


Thank goodness for the Bat-HUD in her goggles. Charlie really wasn't expecting a rocket launcher of all the blood things. The last thing she wants to do right now is raid the Bat Bunker (batcave#2) and refabricate her armor again. It takes so long to run all the components out. Also she isn't sure what would happen if she lost an arm and then bounced. Would it heal like smaller things. .. oh right.. best not find out.

Hard to say for a minute there if she got out before the explosion. There is so much smoke that any pink and purple traces are gone in the fire and conventional smoke.

That said Misfit is popping out by the dick with the rocket launcher and yanking it out of his hands if she can, barring super mutant status or cyborg "That was mean!" she scolds.


Terry has been trained almost since his birth, and he was designed to have accelerated aging, but he is not enhanced, and his speed and reflexes have very human limits. That is why he could not make it in time to the car before it exploded.

"Where is she?!" He growls to the Batsuit itself. The readings start immediately, and diverse scanners try to make sense of the situation.

McGinnis, in rage, turns to see Misfit taking care of the man who just shot the rocket. "Now, the rest of you are mine." He says dry and coldly, as if that Bat-part of him had just awoken. Several Batarangs are shot, impacting many different objectives who fall unconscious just after. The area is now safe again, or so it seems.

Using his wings to get faster, Terry approaches Misfit. "Are you okay?"


It looks like Charlie clubbed the guy with his own rocket launcher. "Mhm" she notes helpfully to Terry and then she crouches down and cinches him up with the zipties before tossing the rocket launcher off the roof to clatter below.

She dusts off, it is one of those mock ones, her gloves not really needng it. "Oh right.. yeah…. I bounced out before the explosion… I mean I think I have a bit of a scorch on my boots." she glances down at them kicking one foot up cutely to peer at it. "Damnit."


The young Wayne clone sighs in relief as she finds out Misfit is fine and the criminals have been handled without problem. Now, he is most certain they won't be back. And, far away, police sirens can be heard, lost in the night of Gotham… but approaching.

"It looks like you saved the night, Misfit." He comments, probably winking behind the hood, but it's just for a brief moment and then he softly returns to a more serious tone. "It was fun, but it was mainly an honor. I'm glad I met you, which is something these guys won't share." He grins. "I hope we meet again, soon. And," The red eyes narrowing for a moment, "If you see your Batman friend, feel free to tell him what happened."

At some point, and after having heard all Charlie wants to say, Terry will disappear into the shadows. He is a different kind of bat, that's for sure, but there are certain things no bat can forget… and, melting in the shadows, is always the best way to end a hunt.

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