A Quiet Day at a Coffee Shop

October 22, 2016:

Rain in Gotham drives more patrons than usual into a local coffee shop. Sofia gets stuck covering the extra - including a certain damp Italian.

Coffee Shop, Gotham

A small coffee shop and bookstore near Gotham U.


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Desc: Sofia Strange
An hourglass figure and standing about five-foot-eight, this young
woman is petite. A peaches and cream complexion, her light colored skin
seems even more so due to the offset of hair so black it seems to have a
blue tint to it aside from a single, silvery-white streak about two inches
wide that runs the entire length of her hair, which ends just below her
shoulder blades, on the left side near the front. Her eyes a bright cerulean
A pair of black leather lowrise pants cling to her hips and show off
shapely legs before flaring just slightly around her ankles. A black tank
with a print of thin lined gold swirls is paired with it but doesn't quite
reach her waist and therefore shows a ban of skin between pants and shirt.
The last piece of the outfit is a pair of black leather boots that disappear
under pant legs and have two and a half inch heels.
When she speaks, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of the silver
tongue ring she wears. Four chains, of both gold and silver, hang around her
neck and gold various charms or pendants. Each ear is pierced once and she
wears a pair of dangle earrings that looks like three strips of interlocking

Desc: Nerina Rosso
Nerina is a slight, unassuming girl with light, sun-bleached features. Her
face is still young, just in the dawn of womanhood, with subtle cheekbones
and a tanned complexion that contrasts against a sharp pair of coral-blue
eyes. Au naturale is the theme of her appearance as fine blonde locks fall
down her back in an unkempt, untrimmed stream, and not a drop of cosmetics
hide the small imperfections of her natural beauty.

The young woman smells strongly of salt water and is dressed simply; a loose
gray sweater hangs by its over-sized neck around her collar, exposing the
gold chain of a necklace worn underneath and held in place by the black
strap of a sling bag as it billows down to mid-thigh where a pair of faded
jeans sneak out before disappearing into matching gray boots just below her
knees. On cold mornings, a blue scarf is added around her neck while in warm
Spring afternoons, the sweater is discarded in favor of a tank-top.

Thankfully, Sofia isn't one of those students who is stucks with Saturday classes. She almost feels bad dor people that are… Thwir own fault though so.. oh well!

Today she pulled a double at the small bookstore/cafe not far from the college. The day had been cool with clear skies but as the sunsets, a light rain begins and it has people making a mad dash to get inside.

"Sofia! Come on, we're gettin' slammed here!"

The girl snorts as her boss calls out thrpugh the open door. "Break. I'm on mine. I'll be in when it's over." And a quick glance at her watch proves she still has seven minutes.

Mixed in with the crowd of youths walking with umbrellas or running without one is a girl with *long* blonde hair setting an unhurried pace as she wanders down the sidewalk with a sling bag across her chest. Her clothes are a little frayed at the edges and slowly growing darker as their thick cotton weaves suck up the moisture falling from above. Judging by her soft face and the lack of the autopilot walk common of upperclassmen, she might be recently enrolled.

Reaching into a pocket hidden beneath her sweater, she fishes out a couple bills and counts through them before tucking them away again. The young woman stops and yawns heavily before resuming her walk and veering towards the door beside Sofia. Her sea blue eyes sweep dully over the waitress - a surprisingly similar color to her own - but don't stop to give her any special attention.

The door opens and a grey haired man pokes his head out. "Sofia. Now." He scowls at the girl who rollsnher eyes and sighs. "Fine. It's pathetic they can't handle a small rush for seven minutes, ya know."

Pushing off the wall, she twists and holds the door open for the blonde before stepping in behind her. "Have a seat and I'll be right with you," is said to the girl as Sofia moves over to the counter to pick up her ticketbook and drop in the little black apron she wears over her clothes.

While not packed to thw brim, the place is suddenly pretty packed thanks to the rain.

Slipping through the door, Nerina gives a small nod and takes a moment to wipe her shoes on a map before finding a small booth to sit in. Her bag slips smoothly off her shoulder - somehow without tangling her hair - and drops into the seat almost as heavily as the girl herself. She covers another yawn then wipes her hand down her face, smearing loose raindrops into a general moistness.

Ticketbook in hand, Sofia easily moves from table to table, taking orders and picking up the slack.

There's always a warm smile or a smirk and some sassy comment before she moves on. Finally, she makes her way over to Nerina's table. "Evening. What can I get for you this evening?"

By then the blonde's slipped into her thoughts, half-focused on the bench across from her. Sofia snaps her from her wanderings. "A cup of coffee," she asks with an Italian lilt, "please."

Sofia nods her head, offering a grin. "Straight coffee? Would you like cream with it?"

"Sure," Nerina nods back indifferently.

Sofia nods. "I'll be right back with your coffee and a menu."

Stepping away, Sofia takes a few moments to fill the orders that range from regular coffee to mochas and the more complex white chocolate, no foam yadda yafda things that people drink.

The tray is packed to the brim and, despite physics seeming to say that it should all come crashing down, she perfectly balances the tray in one hand as she delivers the drinks.

Returning to Nerina's table, the cup of hot coffee is sat down, a small container of cream sat with it and a menu is placed on the table. "Would you like a towel or something to dry off with or ya good with the wet look?"

Nerina slips back into her thoughts fast enough that Sofia gets to snap her back to reality twice, this time with the warm aroma of coffee. It takes an extra moment of staring before she fully processes the question. "I'm okay with wet. I'll be outside again soon."

"Did I interrupt your break?" the blonde asks in idle curiosity.

Orders filled, Sofia has little else to do but chat. "You? Nah. The boss who can't seem to hire decent waitresses or baristas? Definitely." She gives the girl a wink before the outlook draws a smirk. "Interesting outlook. Makes sense. I'm Sofia, by the way."

Nerina lifts the cup beneath her nose and takes a deep breath, sighing heavily with a visible slump of her shoulders before putting it back down and pouring in a little cream. "Sofia," she repeats, trying the name on her tongue. "An old name. I'm Nessuno."

The raven haired woman nods. "Nice to meet you, Nessuno." A quick glance around and she grins. "I'll be right back." Time to make the rounds and such! "Just holler if you need anything."

"Mmm," the blonde nods, not quite returning the cheer. The coffee might help that.

With the waitress gone, "Nessuno" turns her attention to the bag beside her and fishes out a small pill bottle. She pops and quietly drinks one with her coffee before tucking the bottle out of sight again. Despite her words, the youth is in no rush, and she stretches her arms high overhead with a soft groan while quietly sipping through her drink. The fabric bunches just a little on its way up and the Italian pauses to pull it back down. Judging by the other patrons at the shop, she might be the only one without a smartphone.

Coffees refilled or heated up, Sofi takes the time to clear off and wipe down those tables that have left. If the rain keeps up, they won't be empty for long.

Returning to Nessie's table, Sofi grins. "How are you doing? Did you want something to eat too?" Her eyes drops to the coffee and then lift back to the girl. "Or the cup reheated?"

"Oh, reheated please," Nessuno asks, looking a little more alert and aware of the waitress' presence half a cup later. The small blueish rings beneath her eyes are more noticeable now and betray just how much caffeine the girl might have been fueling herself with lately. She pulls a thermos out from beneath her sweater that has a carabiner attached to one side and sets it down on the table. "And another cup in here, to go?"

Sofia grins and nods. "Sure. Have you considered the possibility of sleep too?," is asked with a chuckle as she reaches out to gather cup and thermos. "I'll freshen the cup and fill the thermos. Have you eaten lately?"

"I sleep sometimes," Nessuno dismisses as she pats her bag. "And I hav-e food."

There's a faint chuckle. "I hear doing it on a regular basis is the best way to go about it,." is said with a wink as Sofia moves away to refill the cup and fill the thermos. It doesn't take long and she she returns, it's with a smirk and a small box with a pastry in it as well as the coffees. "I get exhaustion… Sleep isn't always an option. Caffeine and food are the next best thing."

Nessuno musters up a dry smile for Sofia as the dark-haired woman leaves. When she returns with extra, the blonde eyes the pastry box and grimaces regretfully. "Thank you, but I said no food."

"Actually, you said you had food. You never said yes or no one way or the other…" Such a smartass. "And the pastries here are pretty good." And this one's on the house. "My treat.." She grins before shrugging. "Completely up to you though."

"Oh," Nessuno vocalizes in realization and a small but more genuine smile spreads her lips. "Grazie, Sofia," she says before pulling the pastry box closer and popping it open.

Sofia grins. "No problem," is said with a wink. Coffee cup and thermos are set down next and then a fork. "Enjoy." Inside is a cannoli sprinkled with powdered sugar. "That's one of my favorites. Sweet without being too sweet."

Nessuno's eyes seem to glisten as she looks down at the sweet, almost like the powdered sugar is reflected in them, but she pulls herself away long enough to tuck the thermos back under her sweater before picking it up and taking a bite. The tingle that runs down her tongue from the first taste of sugar is palpable in her expression and the blonde gives a delayed hum.

"How much?"

"The coffee is $2.99." Something in her tone… Almost as if it's saying 'Stupid, overpriced college cafe'. The ticket is torn off and laid on the table as well. "Thanks for coming in and saving me from a very dull end of my shift."

"Am I that interesting?" Nessuno asks curiously.

Sofia grins. "You aren't my normal, stuck up, entitled brat clientele so the change was nice." She smirks and bends down, as if telling a secret. "It I had one more box-blonde with her nose so high in the air she'd drown in this weather inform me that she ordered her no foam-sugar free white chocolate-double shot espresso with /one/ shot instead of two, even though it only had one in it, I might have thrown someone through a window…"

Nessuno raises an eyebrow, pehraps not following every word but getting the message. Up close, Sofia might notice the dualing smells of smoked fish and, well, wet clothes that have been dueling for status as the blonde's dominant scent since the weather shifted. "So idiots," she infers, not seeming to have any qualms bad-mouthing the same room she's in. "Box-blonde?" The Italian repeats curiously as she lifts a bang of her hair to illustrate.

"It means her hair isn't naturally blonde. She used a bleaching kit from the store to get it." Sofi explains as she straightens and smirks. "I gotta go clock out. My boss'll have a fit if he has to pay more overtime than necessary. It was great meeting you though, Nessuno."

"Ohh," Nessuno vocalizes in realization and laughs a little in recognition of the joke. "It was nice meeting you too, Sofia," she offers back. "Thank you for the food."

Sofia grins as she ducks into the back. "Not a problem at all! Just make sure you come back and shake things up once in a while." Another wink and she disappears into the back. Shift over… time for home and homework.

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