Takes a Myth

October 16, 2016:

On the eve of Darcy's departure on a world-wide Apocalyptic scavenger hunt, she prayed. And her prayer was answered.

Starbucks, Mexico City Airport, Mexico


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Since Thor's time on Midgard, Heimdell's kept an eye on the mortal with whom the Prince interacted. It was prudent. Some times they prayed. Some times the All-Father wanted to know. Some times… one of the mortals gets a wild hair and starts moving on things beyond their kenning. This was the information Thor was given. One of the mortals with whom he had recently spent time with was researching a being stronger than herself. Not something he would have really mentioned except, the mortal murmured one tiny prayer: "Thor? Big guy. If you're watching or whatever… I'm gonna do something stupid so… yeah. Send some luck my way? Mew-mew would be awesome, but.. yeah. I'll take a bit of luck right now."

Dreams are interesting places. In dreams time is maliable. What will be and what was often merge into what is. Someone is trying to find the way to take someone away from Apocalypse… Someone is trying to find a chink in armor in order to take back what doesn't belong. Someone with green eyes, red outlining those eyes, and a stylized eagle over their heart. Someone in Mexico City.

Mexico City. Darcy steps off the plane at 8am local time, having taken the red eye flight. She's tired, but moves with purpose… toward the airport Starbucks. Her SHIELD badge is clipped to the inside of her left breast pocket, visible for a moment as she settles into a seat after placing her order. She's grateful for the outlet at the table where she puts her phone to charge. Her green eyes scan out the window into the terminals as she pushes up her red-framed glasses back into place on the bridge of her nose.

Ah Ha! Finally an excuse to get away back to his beloved Midgard. When Heimdall delivered the message the Crown Prince of Asgard lept at the chance to return to the earth, despite the fact that he was in the middle of a large event with many nobles and noteraries from across the Nine Realms.

Arrving on earth dressed in battle armor is strange to mortals, this Thor remembers, so he has changed into more mundane clothing. A tight black t-shirt and blue jeans. Arriving on earth with a large warhammer strapped to ones belt is strange to mortals, this Thor doesn't remember, so Mjolnir dangles freely. Arriving on earth in a huge bolt of lightning that leaves a pattern in the cement of the tarmac….someone should probably say something to the God of Thunder.

Thor blinks a moment, have just appeared in said giant blast of energy right outside the windows of the Starbucks. He grins, straightens his shirt a little and then strides into the coffee shop, heedless of the stares and attention he attracts.

Darcy had just finished checking her messages and set her phone down when GIANT FLASH OF RAINBOW LIGHT smacked the airport in teh face. Her eyes widen at the sight, watching Thor walk in like …well, like Thor. Darcy scrambles to her feet, waving an arm over her head… because that's not going to draw attention.

"Hey! Are you crazy?!" she calls out. Because that doesn't draw attention either. She waves Thor over, eyes skimming across the gathered people. Weak winning grin. Donde esta la biblioteca? Yo tengo un gato con los pantalones. Help.

Spotting the waving woman, Thor lifts his chin slightly and smiles at Darcy with that child-like innocent way he has before striding over. He glances around, as if trying to spot something before turning back with a slightly confused look. "Greetings young Darcy. How do you fare?" he asks, taking a seat and grinning delightedly when he spots her coffee cup. "Is the coffee the stupid thing?" he asks, reaching for the cup.

Rose has connections, and as Ravager she has saved money and utilized those connections. A private jet lands on the tarmac now left to a bit of char, a spiderweb of cracks and a.., rainbow tail? Who invited the goddamn bulky Sailor Moon? Shit, who invited Rose? The mini bar of alcohl is drained and as she steps off the jet, heavy boots kick the emrty tiny bottles to the charred tarmac, at her side a Tomahawk motorcycle is pushed and lain across the seat a heavy duffel looks like it bears a body, and it likely could bear several in the bodies the weapons within have created.

In ashes.

The platinum blonde is hard to miss, but just abut as much as when her own entry comes after that of an Asgardian Thunder God and… Rainbows. Half her face is masked like a Phantom of the opera, and one eye is an unseeing white, but her precog kicked her awake and put her ona trip that required bottled water or a case of the shits…

So Ravager got drunk.

Black eagle, green eyes? Green eagle, black eyes? Relics.

There's just so much goddamn weight on my shouders…

Well. Maybe is she acts like this is normal, everyone else will too. So Darcy returns that smile, though hers is tense and tight and tired. It slips the way the elder sibling's would when the baby of the family walks in and takes their drink.

"No. Nevermind. What are you doing here? I mean, not that it's not great to see you or anything. Because it is. It totally is. I just… why?" Darcy is saying to the God of Thunder at her table, who just took her coffee. A double take at the door as platnum blonde Phantom walks in.


Darcy turns her attention back to Thor, but keeps Rose in her peripherial. Reasons!

Thor takes a moment to pull the lid off the cup and inspect the dark liquid inside as if its going to leap out of the cup and attack at any moment. Darcy did after pray that she was about to do something stupid, and all though Starbucks coffee qualifies in that department, its hardly worthy of calling Thor down from Asgard.
"I am here because you prayed for me to come." Thor answers, as if Gods answering prayers were an everyday thing. "You prayed that you were about to do something stupid." The large man returns the lid to the coffee and sets the cup back down in front of Darcy, satisfied that it isn't about to attack.
When Darcy double takes at Rose's entrance, Thor shifts to look as well. He grins, before once more looking at Darcy. "Is that the stupid you wish to attempt?"

It's a crappy airport, but it is an airport none the less. VOICES CARRY!

Ravager saw the looks, heard Thor and then that narrowed gaze zeroes in on Darcy.

That precog, the dreams with Nate and without, her badge is seen with the stylized eagle that fades into a SHIELD emblem resting over heart and nearly hidden if not for the coffee-reach. The Tomahawk is propped up, a light flickering as a system is queued into play and the onlookers are spoken to in spanish, likely a broken relay from the light blue glow relay in that pale masked eye. "Touch it and it blows your hope for children to the moon." Espanol-ish.

"I'm a stupid a lot of people attempt." Spoken just as blatantly as Thor's own words, and when Ravager's jacket moves the rigging of the jointed and rivotal holster beneath shows the bracing that laces along her back and likely down sleeves.

Wait. What? Darcy watches Thor, as if he'd grown a third head. She watches him inspect her coffee then return it without drinking it. She follows his gaze to Rose then levels a look on him worthy of Facebook.

"What? No! I have a boyfriend now, thankyouverymuch!" The tone sounds as if she was insulted. But really she's not. If she wasn't so tired and focused on …

"Oh. Right. That. Yes. I guess. I didn't think you'd hear. Or.. that you'd care or show up. Dude! You Rainbow-Bridged into the airport. That was.. okay, that was cool but.. Yeah. No. I'm.. God, I'm a mess right now, Thor. I'm…" Darcy pulls off her red-framed glasses to rub at her face, the badge once again visible for a moment. She is not mentally rested enough to quip back at Rose. She wants to. She just can't. So she smirks and puts her glasses back on so she can see to talk. Have you ever tried talking to someone when you can't see? It's effing WEIRD, man!

"Do you know anything about Aten? Set? Sauru? Kali? Huit-ziloh-pock-tea-till-lee… Ugh! I've practiced that tongue twister of a name like since I left the office yesterday and I still can't- Huitzee-low-pocky-twill… Apocalypse. He's calling himself Apocalypse. He's been pretending to be other human gods all through out our history. The stupid is me tracking down intel on him and finding a way to put one in his brain-pan and two in his chest," Darcy says, taking her coffee, opening the lid, and taking a sip. Her attention is mostly on Thor but… if Rose is a friendly? Darcy's trying stupid, after all, and if Rose is the stupid that people try.. well, Darcy's not going to look gift-stupid in the mouth.

"Maybe taze him a few times, just for good measure…" she adds in a grumble.

How is this her life again?

Sif… Doesn't give a flip about inconveniencing the mortals or whether they're comfortable with the way she's dressed, the weapons she carries, et cetera. She really doesn't.

It's only moments after Thor arrives and gets settled with Darcy that that flash of energy happens again and seconds later Sif simply… appears behind Thor. In her armor. Not smiling.

There's a chance she was sent to make sure Thor remembered to go /back/ to Asgard when this was done.

Thor laughs heartily, and then takes renewed interest in the Tomahawk when Rose mentions that it can blow children to the moon with just a touch. He really wants to go over and touch it, just to see if it will really take him to the moon before the tired grumpiness in Darcy's voice finally registers in his brain. "Lady Darcy, you speak in riddles, and in words that are not words. A man is not Ragnarok, nor would a mortal like you take part in it." the large man says, his voice softning in worry over his little friend. "Perhaps" he starts, then shakes his head. "drink, little one. Rest. Tell me from the beginning what troubles thee."

Thor shakes his head a little at Sif's sudden appearance, perhaps guessing as to why she has come. He reaches forward and slides the other two chairs at the table outward for Rose and Sif. "Join us, ladies. Perhaps Darcy can fill us in on why we are here."

"I feel like I'm running against a clock I can't see right now," Darcy starts, shoulders slumping as she begins from the beginning. Well, not exactly the beginning. But close enough, though she doubts she can say why they are -all- here. She knows why She's here, and she's gathered why Thor is here, but the others.. NO idea!

"About a week ago, my boyfriend disappeared. I got one text from him then silence. You probably don't think it's strange, except that he can move really fast, and think really fast, and… just in general is fast. So, one text is weird. One text and then days of silence is not a good sign. Him showing up with …You remember that day? In Puerte Antigua? With the giant killer space robot was sent down to kill everything?"

Okay, so maybe not everything. Maybe just Thor, but from Darcy's view point….

"The reverb of …power and destruction it gave off? That you could just feel in your bones? Pietro was doing that. Pietro's my boyfriend, bytheway.

"Anyway, his voice was doing that. And his eyes looked like metal-ligthning and… it wasn't HIM. I mean, it sort of was, but it really wasn't. He told me Apocalypse did it. So, I Googled him." Pause, Darcy sips her coffee.

Silver-blue eyes drop to Thor as the chair is pushed out. Arms unfold and she makes it two steps before Darcy is talking and she pauses to listen. When the girl stops, Thor will be able to read it on Sif's face. The want to groan. To roll her eyes. To snark.

What she does instead is settle a mildly annoyed look on her friend and the very carefully sets her wait to the chair. Midgardian furniture is so blasted fragile.

And she remains silent. It's better for everyone that way. Honest.

"I remember." Thor confirms to Darcy, when she brings up his days on Midgard as a normal human, and the way the Destroyer felt. The Thunder God glances at Sif, and the slight edge of his lips curl in a thankful smile when she doesn't unsheath her rapier wit. "You…googled….him?" The confusion in that question is quite clear, and Thor's mind drifts to all different manner of melee attacks, trying to remember one called a google.
"Did he survive being googled?" Thor asks, his face completely straight and innocent.

Caught mid-sip, Darcy spits up some coffee, before forcing the mouthful down, wiping her face, and coughing.

"What? Umm.. yes? I guess. Anyway. I got a lot of information but like you a lot of it is myth and legend now. But, I guess… It reminded me of you… all of you guys… and, well. That's what I'm doing. I'm going to find a way to get him to undo whatever he did to Pietro and… get him back."

Wow. It sounds super lame when you say it out loud like that.

That grin from Thor earns him one in return. "Mmhmm. You'll get it later."

She turns her attention on Darcy and arches a brow at the mortal. She vaguely remembers her. "To destroy a myth, you need a myth. Still… Impressive." The Goddess leans back ans for a moment, simply assesses Darcy. "Do you love him?"

A super-powerful being as gone off the deep end, taken a loved one and transformed them into a hideous parady of themselves. A sideways glance towards Sif shows the flashbacks of Thor's brother that flash across his mind, and cause the storm to deepen in his eyes. Still, a soft grin is given back to Darcy. What courage to go up agaisnt such a creature, a self proclaimed god and google him in honorable combat. That she lives is testament enough to the courage of humanity. He stays quiet however, giving Darcy a chance to answer the swordmaiden's question.

"I was hoping you weren't going to say that," Darcy quips at Sif for the myth comment. She sips her coffee again, using it to fuel her for the day of artifact and legend hunting. That's when Sif's question about loving him comes by. Darcy puts her cup down, eyes on the liquid.

For a long moment, Darcy's quiet.

"He makes me laugh and forget the stress and worry of the day. He makes it okay to be a dork. He makes it ….hard to slow down but easy to think. I…" She looks up at Sif, green eyes as hard as they were when she was pulling puppies to safety those years ago.

"I think I'll give him that answer, and not you." My man.

The Goddess leans back in her seat at the answer. "I like this one more than the other one," is said idly to Thor even though she keeps her eyes on Darcy. Of course she likes Darcy better than Jane. "Mm. Answer enough. So be it." Finally she slides her eyes to Thor.

"We cannot tarry… We do this and then we need to return, Thor. You know this…" Whatever answer Darcy 'didn't' give, seems to have won the War Goddess over. "Who are we hunting?"

Thor's eyebrows shoot up at Darcy's answer to the love question. He's impressed. Saving puppies, googling gods, and showing backbone to Lady Sif. Yes, humanity is coming along nicely. Few thousand more years, and maybe they'll be ready to make a proper mead. Hrrrm, now there is a thought. If the god is going to spend much more time here, he should bring a few barrels along. Midgardian alcohol is like sex in a boat. (F'ing close to water.) Thor shakes his head and refocuses on the conversation at hand. Thor sighs softly as he hears what he was expecting to hear from Sif's lips. The insistance to return. Return, why? Humans have so much to teach us. He almost says this, the opening salvo of the very arguement he is having with the All-Father, and why the two aren't exactly speaking right now. "As you say, my Lady." he replies to Sif formally before once more focusing on Darcy. "Then thou hast our aid, Darcy. Point me in the direction of this would be god, and let us see if he can match the might of Thor."

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