Armageddon in Motion

October 16, 2016:

Apocalypse's plans move forward, Famine rejoins the forces of the Forever Walker. (emits by Gambit)

Apocalypse Lair


NPCs: Mikhail Rasputin, Apocalypse, Dark Riders


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Fade In…

Elsewhere, elsewhen… removed from time and space yet somehow still connected to the dimension of 626.

A networked maze of chambers carved of black granite and odd techno-stylized symbols along the walls, much of them look like Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs that at times will ignite in a glow that thrums and pulses with the caverns Nate Grey finds himself waking to. He has been here for several days now. What has changed about him? Absolute power nullification.
X-Man is as harmless as a baseline human, the only connection to this being when he walks near entryways, doors, anywhere within this stony prison he finds them lighting up briefly then dimming, his mutant gifts non-functional and the technoorganic virus accelerated, covering him yet it's likewise in stasis, just held. Perhaps this is the will of Apocalypse, perhaps this is something else.
Darkness to light, chamber after chamber, the occasional Sphinx statue or sarcophagus with more technological components inside. Nothing that could be harmed or bring harm to Apocalypse' Lair or anyone with in. It is almost as if Nate himself has been simply abandoned to wander this vacant never-ending tomb.

A portal, a green warpgate opens before 'Famine' once she reveals herself to be alive and out of the stasis bubble that Blaquemith and the X-Men had her captive inside of. It is known to her as one of War's doorways. He uses them rather freely in transportation of the Horsemen, Dark Riders, Apocalypse and his own Void Warriors.

//Remember Rogue, you must not let on to the fact that Apocalypse no longer has a hold upon your mind. Once you go through that portal we will lose contact but I have placed enough barriers in your mind coupled with your already complex gifts you should not have fear of telepathic intrusion our new friend says his modifications on the Celestial augmentations in your body are halted as well, you should be able to move among them without worry of giving yourself away. Just be careful. Find a way to save the rest of our X-Men, find Nathan Grey and if you can, try and learn what Apocalypse is after. Good Luck." The link severs for Rogue. The portal is all that remains before her.

The other side of the portal will lead to what appears to be space or some version of it yet far too murky, she is uplifted upon a granite dais with circular markings around it. A black Pyramid looks above her and they are suspended in nothingness, floating through an abyss of stars, blackness and fog. Another dimension perhaps. Near her will be Mikhail Rasputin, aka War arms folded across his chest, face impassive as he controls a dozen portals to and from this hidden fortress, an entire army of black clad warriors kneels at the base of the pyramid and leading up it's steps another balcony awaits and upon that balcony sits a throne, within it is the lord himself, En Sabah Nur.

Below, in his wandering Nate will finally see a change in his surroundings, an open chamber, wide on both ends and stairs that lead upwards and outside towards a starry sky.

Complete power nullification brings an off peace to Nate's usually chaotic mind. Only Leech had done it before, though, and only for a brief trip from New York to the school. Human technology has always failed to contain his psychic abilities. Apparently Apocalypse has much better tech. Or maybe it is a mutant who is neutralizing his powers.

Whatever. Nate spent a day or so looking for the cause of the power negation, trying to alter or sabotage whatever technological devices he found, and expecting the technovirus to kill him or turn him into a mindless cyborg at any moment. It didn't happen, and he had to switching to survival mode as the lack of water began to seriously impairing him. He is still alive, though, and it makes no sense. The virus or the lack of water should have killed him by now. Maybe he is trapped in an illusion of some kind, but he can't find the way out. Maybe next chamber…

Angel and Death and Mercy, come take me from this Cage…

Famine stands within the walls of Apocalypse, the pulsating, sapping aura that seems to vampitically drain surroundings even makes aural lighting flicker as if in a haunted house.

Who, what was known as Rogue remains, those eyes of a mossy green settle on Nate and cast an incandescent glow upon him all the while the mismatched strands of hair peel back from emaciated facade.

Moisture leaks from dew upon surroundings, and with her stance it is slowed….small beads of dew floating across the distance of life to the woman in tattered green.

…On purpose….

Despite how much the role of a thief she has taken.

A glance to War is had, all the while it seems she is drawing out torment upon Nate, but what -could- happen, does not… Only to the keen eye…

"They will try and try. As seen… These X-Men wont stop, even when droplets cease to exist." A glance of lackluster gaze as the raspy voice of a Belle seems to echo in a chasm.

"How long do we tempt a War before we -finally- get it?!" Fingers in tattered gloves curl into fists, fists of restraint, but to War and Apocalypse… Possibly fists of fury…

That next chamber Nate has wandered in to is the great outside world, near Apocalypse throne where Famine, War and the followers of Apocalypse can openly stare upon him. The Forever Walker himself leans forth, a large pleased with himself smile spreads across those wide features, "Welcome to my realm, Chosen One. I see you have regained your senses." The booming voice of the High Lord causes those in the black armor below to kneel, to drop further in prostrate worship.

War strides forward, joining Famine's side as he moves towards Nate and Apocalypse, "They would not be worthy adversaries or Horseman if they were to stop. Much like yourself." A studying look is given Rogue while they draw nearer.
Apocalypse shifts in his throne pushing to a slow stand.
Nate stumbles on the open chamber and blinks in disbelief. Whoa, it is different. Open air and stars. He squint his eyes, trying to recognize constellations. His left eye is bloodshot and he is seeing weird things with it. The technovirus is eating up the retina, turning it into something else. Oh well… looks like soon he will have a matching eye with Rose. Mechanical. Maybe a pirate patch for him too. Haha.

Lack of water makes funny things to the mind. Oh, and the headache won't go away.

And then he hears voices. Ugh, Apocalypse and the Russian crazy. Nate won't deign to call him 'War'. Brief look around, maybe someone forgot a gun or knife around here. Nope. He climbs up nevertheless. Killkillkill. Oh, but he can't barely stumble forward, and even taunt them is a nono, his throat is to dry to speak.

Wisps of white and auburn streaked in black scar across a pale jaw, one now stained. But when War joins her side, Famine rises a tattered-gloved hand and streaks the back of fingertips along his jaw, that southern accent Gone With the Wind.

"Stop, what exactly? Tell me, War," A beat and the smile draws shadows darker along a near-glasgow smile f decaying white… But as the environment is sapped from it glows.

"How supplicant can we drive him before we repeat a history long betrothed to mah South?" A slow step towards Nate as Apocalypse rises and casts an eerie shadow behind her..

Macbeth be damned, her hands barren of full-cover cup Nate's cheeks and draw him up like an apple full of fruit in a desert, but when her kneel is deigned she is fully supplicant to an Apocalypse yet to be had.

Nate will feel it, life drawn from him, leaving him near barren, but that moisture sapped - every fingertip drives it deep, haunting him in turn. "He is necessary. Life and a death far advanced. I cannot even draw…" And in turn her barren fingertips seem to spark like his one eye and she casts Nate back, as if he is aberration, although from periphery it has a purpose.

War's head tips back and a hand rises as if to knock Rogue's own away, a look of either fear or disgust on his features, it is hard to read. "Touch me not, witch."
Apocalypse now fully upright towers over his commanders and the army below. Unmindful of Famine their interactions, it matters little to him they are in the end his subjects and lessers.
It isn't until Rogue is directly before him and speaking that his eyes blaze in new color, she can feel him fishing in to her mind, seeking but Apocalypse is not the telepath that Charles Xavier is. "Where have you been, my Horseman? Your mission was a failure and you have been held captive, yet now they release you?" A step forward and Nate is standing directly beside Nate, the X-Man looking small and pitiful beside him in his weakened state.

On the platform in which Rogue arrived another portal opens, a different one from Mikhail's and several Dark Riders show themselves, Psynapse, Barrage and Hardrive.
"We claim another victory in, Attilan, great lord." The grey faced Barrage proclaims.

"Silence you, curr. You will speak when spoken to." En Sabah Nur barks before gazing back down at Famine. The new arrivals all quiet, murmuring among-st themselves yet wait.

Nate glares at Rogue, angry and sad to see she is again free as Apocalypse's minion. What happened to Illyana if she is here again? Then he grabs him and his hands rise to her wrists, to try to break free. Impossible. She is too strong, and when she drains him, he quickly loses consciousness. There wasn't much left, and Famine stole what little strength his anger gave him to move forward. He is barely breathing.

"Having fun, I see?"

A thunderous voice, resonating as it came from everywhere at the same time, is heard. It is dark and evil sounding, carrying a hint of cruel entertainment as it joins them. Even if just a few words, an Eastern European accent is heavily marked, and the mutant who has cast it, who just crossed one of the opened portals, is already there.

A knee touching the ground in reverence.

"My lord."

Death, one of the Four Horsemen, and a master of the speed arts, is here. The speedster who hunts in the shadows. A man who is now seen with raven black hair and silver glowing eyes, which shine in furious dance, like two candles of wild fire. A sharp smile is defined in scarlet lips, direly contrasting with his pale skin.

Strangely enough, and unlike any of the Maximoff twins, he remains silent. And the reason is clear. It is respect. His gaze is lowered to Apocalypse.

Nate and Rogue are of course acknowledged, but he will wait for the appropriate order before ceasing his kneeling and greet them accordingly.

Nate may be barely breathing, but the hold upon his jawline is one that brings forth a vein of black veins upward from her touch towards his eyes. But it is a feint when it comes to the truth of the clutch.

… A grip dimples Nate's flesh, darkening shallowed cheeks upward to his eyes, but within, the truth untouched by a "tech" feels a nourishment that is damn near forced, like an I.V. of nourishment. Hidden in a vein.

Once a new breath is given that clutch of Famine is relinquished in a cast back and away, nearly casting Nate towards the feet of Apocalypse while she joins them in that kneel - her own bearing a veil of hole-laden cloak under extended arm that sweeps forward in reverence.

That does not cease the question cast in hollow eyes towards 'Death'.

The telepathic scan in to Famine's mind is short and the distraction of the Dark Riders has him reluctant to spend much more time upon it, "It matters not." Stepping away from the throne he begins to walk down the stairwell towards the teleportation platform where Death has just arrived shortly behind the Inhumans. The Horsemen expected to follow him.
War lingers but a moment then starts to walk as well, "Our ideas of fun differ muchly, Death." The Russian/Voidrealm accent sounding flat from Mikhail.

"The time is soon upon us, my Warriors. Attilan reels and the Inhuman Royal family will soon be upon their knees begging for mercy." A hand scoops down and hefts up Nate Grey, holding him like a boneless ragdoll at his side. Apocalypse proceeds to stride towards the Dark Riders, 'And soon, Psynapse you will rule in place of Black Bolt."
Psynapse, smiles, a bow expressed, a low one that almost reaches the floor. "Yes, High Lord and then, the Terrigen Crystals will all be yours."
"Indeed." En Sabah Nur responds.
"But this, this boy? What is the purpose?"
"Ascension. He is one of the most powerful mutants that will ever be and through him, my powers will only grow." Apocalypse halts and drops Nate again, this time on the platform with the rest. "Your armies, have then begin construction of the designated safezones. I have the list of world leaders who have agreed to surrender for sanctuary."
War does a quick tip of his head, "Very well and my domains?" Mikhail inquires.
"You may begin on Sakhalin and Ust-Ordynsky at your leisure." Apocalypse studies Rogue and Quicksilver, "Construction begins, terror upon the Earth must continue but your prowess is required elsewhere, Attilan is close to defeat and you will assist in the final push." Attilan is something they have only heard spoken of briefly, its location is of yet unknown to any of the Horsemen save War. It would appear Death and Famine will now know. "From here on, you will be battling our foes on the Blue Side of the Moon alongside the Dark Riders while I ready the Celestial Wheel."

Nate is tossed like a doll, and remains there. But he feels better, and he saw Rogue in Famine's eyes. Not even thinking about it, someone might be listening. Instead he does what they would expect doing, spying the soldiers and machines beyond them. Looking for a weapon or a 'big red button'. One of those machines might be the one affecting his powers, so he tries to call upon them and see if there is any reaction.

Then Apocalypse grabs him and… well, he listens. It is interesting! And manages to growl when shaken.

"Clearly. It seemed you were having fun last time we met, War." Death answers Mikhail coldly, showing a smile with too much teeth and /almost/ a wink. His now blind loyalty towards Apocalypse has made him bitter against the Horseman who refused to follow his lord's orders before Pietro was turned.

Famine, on the other hand, receives a teasing smile. "And you too, last time we met." There is even some challenge hinted, deep down.

The mutant stands up and follows Apocalypse, paying close attention to his orders. Quicksilver is now bloodthirsty, and promises of blood on the ground are being made. Humans, Inhumans or even mutants, every death is good in his perspective. A glance is directed to Nate, being someone he knew from his past life… a long glance. Maybe, too long. Tie fire in his eyes turns bluer, for a heartbeat.

Nate is left to slide from a broken gloved grip. One that is a threat, a very real one with the feeling of hopelessness and the sensation of insatiable…. everything.

And yet there is hope in flashes, something Rogue has never shown outwardly to those of the 'X' Factor, but it is very real. A reasoning to why she is -here- and -now-.

But t drops when Death gives her a cheshire grin, a challenge that has fingers looping around the cuff at bicep and tugging upward in a motion that rips decaying green fabric in a manner that has it falling from fingertips in ashes.

Bring IT!

A shadows casts between Quicksilver, Apocalypse, and the Dark Riders, one of its own decay and shrouded cape of Famine, the boots of metal sole and festering hide rimmed in rusted white meeting a similarly jagged smile of her own shadowed by shallow and sunken facade.

"I was of a Brotherhood, where he is a Brother…" Green eyes of the Scarlet O'hara flicker towards their leader, a yellow reflection upon mention of the Terragen only make her smile that much more venomous.

"I know my domain." A posturization fitting a Horese'man' and yet reaching and Quicksilver gets his challenge in respect and Nate is stood over as if Rabid Dogs fight for possession.

"Death, Famine, take your game to to the Inhumans." Apocalypse commands, "Show them your power. Should you encounter any of the Royalty, I want them in chains."
War opens up a hand a portal to the right opens, through the green energy swirl they can indeed see a city hidden within the moon encased inside of a sort of interference that keeps it locked down from the outside universe, Apocalypse has sealed the city of Attilan in a barrier that makes it incapable for communication to come or go, the Inhumans and their Royal family battle a war alone against the Dark Riders and now the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

"War, continue to prepare the world. The rulers who have agreed to my terms will soon prepare their countrymen for evacuation to the safe zones."
A look down towards Nate, "You, come with me." A tight clench of hand and Nate is hoisted high, a third portal being walked through… by now the Celestial Wheel and Clan Akkaba should be ready for his arrival as well.


It is a battle with Rogue, give who she is and her history. Those golden eyes of a predator that can *sap* life without even mere contact… But the furrow of brows in a heartbeat towards Nate gives a second of apology… And Hope. But how much? Perhaps as much as they can possibly cling to.

A scramble happens in her mind when she looks to X-Man, black and white of the 50's meet a digital scramble of techni-color blacks before the long steady and leveled beep of a flatline. But he saw it…. A paradise, even if ones like them could never reach it…. It's there with a fire!!

An exhale of release as the portal opens and before it she seen an old sand and funnel timer her gran used for cookies, the glistening only every second she had left to do what was right for once… So she believes.

Stepping behind Death, the cast of every blown and blurred-in-time strand of silver has a name of its own, a name recalled in Attilan as the Eaters. A hand in tattered gloves reaches to her face, curled fingers slowly peeling her "mask" free.

For once Rogue feels as if her touch is not going to cause an apocalypse of it's own. It's going to save from One.

Death smirks, his image blurs for a moment, but he stays on his spot. Electric bolts flow through his body, casting a light that only adds to the mutant's paleness.

"If Lord Apocalypse wants to lose one of his Horsemen, his only Horsewoman, so soon, then I will be happy to comply."

The silver eyes narrow, making his smile even bigger, and even sweet. It doesn't cease, even as Apocalypse speaks of the plans that will take precedence over Pietro and Rogue killing each other. Or that's how Quicksilver sees it, at least.

"Of course, my lord. The Royal Family will be brought in chains and the loyal Inhumans will meet Death." Maximoff stops staring at Famine and bows to En Sabah Nur. "Or something worse."

That said, the speed demon disappears, surely taking one of the exit portals. The fading echo of a maniac laughter can be still heard after its caster is gone.

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