The Pale Horseman; Death

October 13, 2016:

Quicksilver reveals himself as Death and battles the Avengers. Witchdoctor intervenes.


NPCs: War (Mikhail Rasputin)


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"So, Dane, how come I have never heard of you? At least where I come from." Spider-Man 2099 never stated where he comes from or when. As far as anyone on the team is aware he is from New York of now but he speaks oddly at times as if that isn't the case. Which it is not. He hasn't even been born yet in this timeline.


"Knock it off, Lyla!" The wall-crawler shouts at nothing. Where are they? Avenger's Junkyard Base! or 'The Depot' as Kang calls it. They currently have no base of their own as the Avenger's are still a motley crew working from ground up. This Lyla Spidey is yelling at is the holographic image of Marilyn Monroe that projects itself from machinery around the Depot and at times O'Hara's wrist watch. A full Artificial Intelligence with a mind and attitude all her own.
This is all assuming at some point Iron Guard gave the Black Knight a tour of their extravagant base.

Elsewhere, New York the Watervilet Arsenal Army Base.
A spread of over 150 acres, littered with tanks,artillery weapons and parts of all kind. Also, a home to a lesser known inner facility that tests hi-tech weaponry for the U.S. Army. Most recently it's come under attention due to shipments from Metropolis' Hell's Gate sector of the DEO where Apokoliptian tech has disappeared inside.
War aka Mikhail Rasputin has requested 'Death' disable all security measures inside the base and prepare the location for mass transportation. He wants to arm his Warriors of the Void.
The resistance? Typical US Army soldiers outfitted with modern era tech until one gets inside of the vaults where the newer toys are housed. Then, the challenges may increase.

Back at the Depot…
"Don't just say alert Lyla, whats the deal?" O'Hara demands in irritation.
"I want to say I am just testing but there is a strange report near Watervilet. One of our 'to watch' locations. Maybe a metahuman presence." The A.I. chimes back. She is rather impressed with Iron Guards technological savvy, the systems she currently has access to despite their age are quite impressive now thanks to a lot of techno-tinkering.

The usual blur that runs through the streets has been replaced by a black one. A shadow, swiftly sliding and hiding, always ready to hunt. A trail of fire is left on the pavement, as it wildly crawls way beyond its usual supersonic speeds. Whatever it has become, Quicksilver is now tasting a new level of power.

"Do you mind if I crash your party?"

A vibrant, strong voice that seems to come from nowhere, and everywhere at the same time, is heard. There is an inherent cruel enjoyment, and every word carries an invisible sharp smile. But there are things that never change, and his Transian accent is always there, more evident than ever.

Fire erupts, as sudden explosions occur one after another. Fists are drawn on the metal, as a Speedster hits, tears down and destroys everything around. Guards fly as they are pushed by a force they cannot see.

And there is laughter, coming from everywhere. Mad, sadistic, laughter. The making of a madman, but its caster is no longer a man. It is something else.

Outside, for a moment, the artificer of this mayhem reveals itself. He shouldn't, maybe, but there is a statement to be made.

The speedster, a seemingly young man of black hair and fully silver, glowing eyes, stops holding a tank's canon down his foot. A black leather jacket and a Bowie shirt. If anyone knew him from before, and despite the change in his hair and eyes, his identity is more than evident. He doesn't hide it.

"I am Quicksilver. I am Death." He growls.

"I'm big in Europe," Dane Whitman — A.K.A. Black Knight — replies to O'Hara's question, although he is not really paying that much attention. At the moment of Lyla's alert (and explanation thereof), Whitman finds himself tinkering with another of his own inventions. Naturally, Valinor (the horse) is not exactly 'inside' at this point.

With the alarm's going off, Whitman grabs his helmet and sword, putting one on his head and the other over his back. He makes a bee-line for where Valinor is munching on feed, while bringing up a holographic GPS display in his helmet for directions…

"Meet you there, Web-Legs?" he calls back over his shoulder at O'Hara.

A disturbance in the force? Not so much. But sometimes there's a little magical 'warning'. Especially when it comes to the sibling of her friend and Coven-mate. The not-so-scarlet Witch had been seemingly missing for a while, but none-the-less she emerges from seemingly thin air. A swirling swarm of golden 'butterfly lights' flutter together and form into the physical form of Alyse. Adjusting her white leather jacket the Witch steps into the scene of the chaos with a frown. Such a ruined army base? It reminds her of the 'Old days'. Now she has to find the source…

"Kinda like I am big in New York. Gotcha." The stand-in Spider-Man quips.
"I was not incorrect. There is an incident happening, you had best hurry."
"Yes, yes. Race you there, Knight!" Web-slinging vs Flying Horse? He puts bets on himself.
Off the arachnid goes.

Watervilet has seen better days. It is inland enough it hasn't considered itself an option of attack, it's men are lazy beyond rounds and it is showing.
A lieutenant stands near the front gates, yelling at the top of his lungs, "GET THE DEO ON THE LINE and if you can't reach them get goddamned SHIELD! I want that freak put down."
Death is assaulted with a cannonade of firepower, from grenades, shotguns and assault rifles they're trying to hit him, to stop him but it isn't exactly working in their favor. Many of the men here are Reservists, this was supposed to be just another day at work.
"Activate the Sentinel. We'll put it to use."
"Yes, sir!"

"Come here and taste the fate reserved for those who defy Death" Quicksilver roars coldly. His voice is malevolent and evilly amplified. His eyes now burning in silver fire. "No one will leave alive, but there is fun to be had." His smile turns sharper. "At least for me." The European accent is delightful, carefully phrased as he has usually done. But, this time, it sounds darker than ever.

"There is no shame in kneeling in front of Lord Apocalypse. It is an honor reserved for the strongest, for they are given a second chance to cleanse their sins."

The tank's cannon is smashed by the supersonic movement of his kick.

Guards gather, shooting bullets that will never hit their target. Bullets that, as it was a work of magic, are redirected to themselves. They fall in big numbers, and Pietro Maximoff is more than amused by this.

"Your weapons are a defiance to the power from above. You raise your fists against your Gods. Shoot me, bring your best warriors, and let them meet Death. If you entertain me enough, I promise their end will be swift. Otherwise, I will make sure I keep myself entertained with them."

Valinor is no ordinary flying horse (not that flying horses are ordinary at all… this one is part demon). It does not take long for horse and rider to get there. From the sky, things do not appear much better.

To the steady rhythm of Valinor's wings, Whitman approaches swiftly, his HUD narrowing in on the chaos below.

"Blast," says he with a sigh. "Speedsters. Rather, one speedster. And he's wreaking havoc." Whitman withdraws his energy sword (looking not unlike a lightsaber), and murmurs over the comms.

"I'll see if I can draw his attention." Wielding the lightsword a little bit like a blaster, Dane fires a focused beam of photonic energy (a stun ray) at Death.

Eyes fall on Quicksilver, but it's not the Quicksilver she knows, not the one whom she'd shared Pizza and good memories with along with his sibling. Something was very wrong since she'd been away. Stepping backwards, the Witch was out of sight for the time being, something that came in handy as the rider on his flying horse emerges. Had she stumbled onto the wild hunt among everything else? Exhaling a breath she closes her eyes and raises her hands either side of her, intricate rune-like patterns of light beginning to waver through the air as she speaks in soft tones. "Mercury and lead, your roles reversed, in this space and time others traverse."

"One speedster? We got this." Spidey declares clearly underestimating his opponent. Hubris is part and parcel with the futurist mindframe it would appear.
"Looks like winged pony beat me by just a little." A margin. Landing atop a parked green deuce in a half truck the arachnid hero crouches low.

"The Sentinel is now online, el tee! And we got some flying horse thing now too…." A corporal barks.
"Well get it up here then… " The man responds, a Glock in one hand and fired off towards Quicksilver. "A flying horse, Gods and Apocalypse, what in Sam Hill are you talking about son what the hell is even happening? You even understand the words coming out of your pickle kisser, freakshow?" Real talk right there. The Lieutenant is trying to hold himself together he has never in his life encountered a metahuman, alien or anything other than a convention where Captain America gave a speech.

A booming sound is heard from the bunker, one step THOOM, two steps THOOM, "Sentinel Nine-Seven activated. Scanners online. Identifying hostiles." The mega-sized robot is now present and visible.

He is surely another Quicksilver. There is so much different, and what remains is direly corrupted.

"If you want to shoot, then shoot faster." He says lazily to Black Knight, disappearing from his spot and reappearing just beside the beam that impacts the floor. "And you, shoot smarter." He says now to the man-in-chief, whose Glock just fired at Death.

In a heartbeat, or actually, much much faster than that, Death is standing just in front of the Lieutenant. "The freak show is just about to begin. It is a shame you won't be among the attendance." His hand takes his heart from his chest, at mutant-level speed, and smashes it in his fist.

"Anyone else feeling lucky and want to shoot?" He asks to everyone around, his voice still resounding from everywhere at the same time.

Witchdoctor catches his attention. His memories are still there, even if his feelings have darkened. "I will give you, and only you, a chance. Don't raise your powers at me, and you will walk unharmed." The speedster tells Alyse in a soft, warm tone. A big change, of course. "Everyone else," Now looking at the newcomer spider and listening to the steps of the giant machine, "Stay on your seats and enjoy the show."

"Well, I had his attention for about a millisecond," Dane comments to Spidey over comms. "Which, to be fair, must have felt like a lifetime to ol' Johnny Come-Quickly down there. New tactic."

He grimaces.

"I think he just ripped out — oh that's disgusting." Instead of firing at Death in order to hit (much less stun) him, Dane continues firing as Valinor drops out of the sky, in order to land where some of the other soldiers are. Whitman vaults off his horse — letting Valinor leave — and ignites his energy shield. With a quick change of the controls, he surrounds himself in the disruptor shield, and brandishes the sun-sword (the lightsaber).

"Mola Ram is it?" he calls out to Death. "Hell of a diet."

The bloody show of that crushed heart even makes the Witchdoctor wince, surgeon? Mage? It was still nasty to watch no matter how much power there is to be gained from the heart of another. It was magic better not messed with. "I'm not going to raise anything against you that I don't have to," Alyse says slowly, stepping forwards and keeping her hands extended either side of her. It's almost impossible to ignore those runes glowing on her hands and arms, but the Witch isn't attacking 'Death' just yet. "This is senseless, what are you trying to accomplish here that justifies this slaughter?"

"Multiple anomalous energy signatures detected. Mutant detected. TARGET ACQUIRED. SURRENDER OR DIE MUTANT." The Sentinel quick scanned Spider-Man 2099, Witchdoctor and Black Knight but fortunately it seems most interested in Death (Quicksilver).
The Dual Trask 873 Energy Blasters built in to it's hands begin to charge up with yellow-gold ionic energy.

The soldiers watch as their commanding officer gets the 'Kali Ma' treatment from Quicksilver. His body toppling face first. A sergeant yells, "WITHDRAW! Evacuate! Seal up and evacuate!"

"Good call, troopers." Spidey comments, he is fortunate to have the advanced eyesight and senses he does. It affords him the ability to at least watch some of Death's movements. They are fast. Terrifyingly so. He begins to wonder if even a Slinger can avoid them. Probably not for long.
"Got any plans, Black Knight?" O'Hara straightens up to stand as Quicksilver has detected him, the crouch wasn't exactly the most sneaky thing anyways. A slight attempt.
Clearing his throat, Spidey speaks louder, "We stand down so you can carry on? Not likely." A pause, Witchdoctor? He remembers her back when they were attacked by a time traveling Cyborg." Oh, hi."
Small wave and now refocusing on Death. "What I was saying, not likely, you're being a bad guy and we're the kind of people who they call in for disciplinary action. So, make this easy on all of us and just take your medicine. Also that robot looks like its getting ready to shoot you." Distraction worthy? Maybe.

"Are you so valiant without your shiny armor?" Death replies to Black Knight. "I thought you would send your best warriors. The fiercest among them all. Not some over-geared dudes from Stark's medieval faire." He fakes disgust, but it is evident there is only amusement. How else could it be? He is enjoying every single instant of this insanity. "Hey, hold this for a second." The Lieutenant's corpse is thrown in Dane's direction, as the Speedster dashes to reappear in a different location.

"And speaking about over-geared stuff." A shake of head is offered to the Sentinel. "Your false humans are an abomination in God's eyes. Your sin is an insult, but you can still repent. Fall to your knees and pledge your souls to Apocalypse, or fall to the dirt and join your machines."

The Horseman dashes, drawing seemingly random lines across the giant robot. In his trail, and just as before, the pavement burns in fire. The Sentinel receives swift and constant punishment, metal legs and arms being ripped off and thrown against the heroes in the place. The weapon's head falls, a few instants after, and its eyes flicker with a dim light that eventually fades out.

"It is easy to disarm you, when you waste your best weapons so futilely."

Alyse gains a few seconds from the burning silver gaze, which is a lot in his standards.

"I died for my sins, and Lord Apocalypse gave me a new chance. That is the offer I extend to you all. Help us clean this world and live to make the earth a better place. No more weapons, no more defiance, no more unnecessary death. Peace, is what I bring. Peace is what justifies this slaughter that you have brought to me. I am Death. I am Quicksilver reborn."

The mutant's voice is left behind, as he materializes himself before Spidey. A long glance is given, but he doesn't try to separate the spider's heart from his body. Not yet, anyway.

"I am the medicine, my friend. But I am not a medicine easy to take. Are you sure you want the same fate as the rest of them? There are always other options. And, trust me, there are fates worse than death."

Dane, for one, is very glad he activated his sun-shield when he did.

When the corpse is thrown his way, he attempts a dodge, only to have the dead soldier's head strike him in the side — rather, strike the shield.

The force-field cackles with energy, absorbing most of the blow, but it does send him flying across the ground, to collide with the side of one of the tanks.

Not dead, but not getting up for now.

The Sentinel wouldn't register her as a mutant…probably, but she's not human. Not entirely anyway. The Witch watches the night get felled and exhales a breath, looking towards the speedster once more and holding out her hand. "Come with me," she offers the silver-haired mutant. "I can help you, or I can stop you…"
Alyse's still-glowing hands fall to her side as she glances towards the large robot and then the carnage left as the soldiers retreat. "I promised you and your sister I would help look after you, even if you don't wish me to." Faint gold light begins to pulse between her fingertips, flowing out in 'rays' between those slender digits.
The Sentinel is quickly dismantled and falls apart. The US Army looks very much like it is not up to the task, hopefully the Avengers and Witchdoctor are.

"Shock!" Spider-Man is already in motion while Quicksilver is 'materializing'. A backwards flip kick is the answer at the quickest speeds a super-arachnid can manage and before the Slinger's feet touch ground he will be weblining up and over to land near the Black Knight. Hefting him up and shaking him in a rattle to test for consciousness. "That was a hard hit.. you okay, buddy? No? Need a snooze? Okay."
"Hey horsie, catch!"
Valinor the loyal steed that he is scoops his head low and does indeed catch the carefully Spider-lobbed Black Knight. A snort given to Spider-Man for the toss. How dare he chuck around his rider so carelessly!
"Up up and away? Hi-ho Silver? Whatever, just fly away. Go, shoo!" Spider-Man flails his hands wildly at the winged animal in an attempt to get it out of here before Death is back at their proverbial doorstep.
It does depart. It is not unintelligent after all.

"Okay, where were we.. something about… something… I have to admit, I wasn't paying attention to a lot of what you're selling. You're just another jerkass villain with a bad country song that fits your life story." Yeah, Miguel O'Hara doesn't have a clue who Pietro Maximoff is.
Witchdoctor's attempt to talk Pietro down has Miguel plotting, quickly trying to assess a new plan of action since he is one teammate and an Army down. He really hopes she can charm the devil off this speed junkie.

Pietro chuckles as the corpse hits Black Knight. "Too slow." He mutters under his breath. As he is received with a kick, that impacts him, the speedster looks gladly surprised. "Whoa, nice." He offers sincerely. "How many villains with a bad country song have you fought so far? Surely not as many as you should." Pietro snorts but doesn't attack the spider just yet.

Witchdoctor's words have a big impact in him.

"Sister?" He echoes. His regular memories are intact, but he has not seen Wanda lately, and he can't remember anything particular about her. But still… The silver fire stops for a moment. His true blue eyes are there to be seen. "I… I have a mission, Alyse." He whispers, very softly. "Everything will be alrig—" The mutant violently shakes his head, stepping backwards. The fiery gaze returns.

"They are coming. You won't stand a chance. Surrender or flee, I will give you the chance. Just once. Run."

He is being honest, that can be seen. And it is a bigger chance than he has given anyone so far.

"We'll talk this out," Alyse says slowly, that change of his eyes was certainly noticed, but with her little speed-spell she'd put up for insurance maintained? She's not going to risk her grip slipping and getting them killed while she tried to break whatever enchantment holds the speedster in his grasp. "We'll work out what's wrong together…" those glowing hands extend towards the man. "Even if I have to drag you out of here kicking and screaming."

The air distorts from those extended palms, bringing with them a wave of concussive force.

"Honestly, I don't really know. It was just a lark." Spider-Man replies about the Country song jab."So, I was right! You are a fan… Thats mad adorbs. " Web, web here, web there. Surround the terrain in them? Thats the idea but he ISN'T doing it. The next plan of action only accounted for Quicksilver not these new green portals that are starting to pop up around them one-by-one. Warpgates? They are exactly that and Death said they are coming. Mikhail Rasputin is in teleporting his forces in now to start hauling out the armory of Watervilet Arsenal.
"Fleeing might be a good option BUT NOT because you took out my buddy and you're crazy fast, no, because I plan on wrecking your face later when I can savor it without interruption. When the odds are even."
The Void Warriors arrive in rank and file but they are not interrupting the battle between Death, the Avengers and the Witchdoctor. No, they are heading straight for the munitions. Some sense of honor perhaps? That and they have their mission. Many of them adhere to it fanatically and with a singular focus.

"Hey, I really don't think you can talk this guy down. We just watched him rip out someones still beating heart." Spider-Man weblines over to land in a hop next to Witchdoctor.

"You had your chance."

The frantic, maniac laughter that comes from everywhere at the same time starts again, as a malevolent chorus coming from the underworld. Pietro's image blurs, and it would seem as he was at many places at the same time. Many Quicksilvers, which is only a speed mirage, but still scary. Several trails of fire are drawn on the floor, dancing at the rhythm of the purest insanity. Alyse's hand was not fast enough. "I'm sorry… but don't touch me." He may not be a magic caster, but he knows enough to keep a safe distance.

And one of them, the real one, emerges to dash against Spidey in a supersonic punch.

"I don't take threats lightly." He whispers at Miguel's ear before it hits (or not).

Closing distance towards Alyse would be a startling shock. Even sparks and bullets getting within 10 meters of her would slow to a crawl. A stalemate perhaps, she can't hit him, but he's cautious enough not to get close. Another gesture of her hand and another shockwave blasts outwards, maybe she's trying to bait the man over. Spidey's comment? It just makes her frown deeper before she jerks her head towards the void warriors. "You deal with them, I'll deal with this."

With that she steps forwards, that light shifting from gold to a silvery white that casts the odd puff of mist. The air temperature seems to be dropping pretty steadily, the only warning before she casts a bolt of icy magic towards Quicksilver. Does she truly think she can hit him?

"Threat? No it's a UNGHP-" Spider-Man was not fast enough. Even with his accelerated senses (much sharper than Parkers but O'Hara has no Spidey-Sense) he still isn't able to respond in time, half-way out of his jump he is clocked by the punch and sent tumbling, a tumble that is kicked free of and Spidey fires off a half a dozen webglobs towards Quicksilver, at his chest, at his feet, around them, near them, anticipating where he may go next or fall back to.
"- P-Promise. Now you're pissing me off."
A hop, a skip and he is about a dozen feet up on top of a shipping container. "Not likely, I am not your sidekick and you are by no means a match for that guy."
"AH-VEN-GER. It's on my card. This is my job… not that I've been paid for it yet… if any… You're seriously going to have a go at him. Stubborn."

"Avengers, this is Spider-Man, we have a situation on my location. A speedster is attacking the uh Watervilet Army Base and it looks like he has a LOT of friends incoming."
"Patching that through Spider-Man." Lyla chimes ever so helpfully.
"P.S. Get your asses here." Miguel adds, "Make sure that gets to them too." The side of his face is already swelling, the vision of that eye also blurred. It is going to be ugly, Deathro hits hard. That hit would probably have snapped the neck of a normal human being.

"Don't do it, Alyse. You know, in other circumstances, I would not hit you. You know it." Pietro's voice thunderous, "Don't make me do this. Don't." His various residual images moving in all directions, dodging rays as they are shot. Quicksilver was, well, quick before. But his speed has gained whole new levels. "Don't you remember our pizza party, Alyse? Wasn't it lovely?" He continues, while many Maximoffs smile at the same time. "You don't want to harm me. And I don't want to harm you. I really don't."

"Unless I have to."

The speedster's real self rounds around Spider-Man.

"When Death offers you life, it's not wise to refuse."

He moves so fast that electricity bursts from his body. All of them.

"Call them. Bring help. You will only doom your friends. Their blood will be on your hands."

Alyse's aim? Not great. In fact, those icy bolts seem to have hit and burst on the floor, covering everything -but- Pietro and leaving the floor a shining, icy surface that most wouldn't have an easy time running around on. An icy surface that almost certainly conducts electricity! "It was," the Witch nods, kneeling down and gently touching her finger to the shimmering surface. "And that's why I have to do this, for more of that."

With a touch of her fingers electricity crackles through the ice. She's hoping Quicksilver simply can't 'dodge' the floor if he's maintaining those speed mirages near her. She'd promised to help heal him, but she might have to hurt him first.

The leap to the shipping container was a move to get higher ground but the Speedster is there. He is almost everywhere fortunately the sound trail isn't, Spider-Man has been paying attention to it. He's got uncanny hearing, he can hear a stomach gurgle, a heartbeat, just the list of things you don't want to hear continues but hes learned to use it to his advantage like right now.
The electricity being conducted via friction is impressive also admittedly Mike has an intense hatred for being shocked by any range of voltage, maybe its a spider-thing.
Still on the defensive he finds himself incapable of attacking, a webline fires up and he pulls with it, snaring himself to one of the watchtowers.
"They're taking the weapons now… Shock… " Attention momentarily off of Quicksilver to watch the Void Warriors begin to carry massive crates of munitions out. They are like busy worker ants. Very dedicated ones.

Death growls fiercely and the mirages fade out. The real Quicksilver sprints to the nearest roof, throwing bolts of the electricity he is generating with his own kinetic charge to Spidey and dodging incoming attacks in the process.

"I don't mean to rush you, but I've got some other killing to do. They don't call me Death just because everyone eventually falls for me."

With supersonic kicks, the mutant starts hitting the roof, making it fall apart. He dodges, crushing walls with his fists and feet from above, as the invading horde breaks mayhem inside. It would look as he is both doing his job and venting the rage he cannot stop.

But there's something more. The big blocks that are falling, many of them directed to the battleground they made… They can be used as stepping stones.

"So," Many mirages appear once more, one on each new concrete block on the ground. The one who is speaking, at least apparently, is the closest to O'Hara. "I thought you were leaving?" His fist closes again, surrounded by lighting.

Someone is paying attention to the Avenger's channels, although Nathaniel was in Metropolis a few seconds ago. But a quick com call to the startship Starfire, and he is there in a flash of teleporting light, and fully armored.

Flying up a few yards, he takes a couple seconds to study the situation. Then his HUD display flares all kinds of colorful alarms and the armor shouts at him. CELESTIAL TECHNOLOGY DETECTED. APOCALYPSE ALERT. DANGER. DANGER. What the hell? Yes. No. Kang and Apocalypse never got along well, but for Iron Guard it is a first time. It takes him another couple seconds to shut all the fanfare down.

"Wait, is that man Quicksilver?" He asks, sounding strangely happy.

"Crap." Alyse mutters. It was a plan, an attempt for her to subdue the speedster 'peacefully' as she can. Now? They were losing out. She's left with a moment to hear the warnings of Spidey, the sounds of the void warriors starting to load up the munitions. "You're right…" Witchdoctor says after a moment, taking a soft breath as those hand cease their glowing. "I can't catch you today, not without hurting you. I promised your sister I would help." Giving a slow, grim smile, the Witch actually chuckles. "I can stop you though…"

With that, the Witch's eyes glow a deep, vibrant gold. At first, nothing seems to have happened…until the crates and weapons the void warriors begin to fade away into those very same glowing butterfly lights she'd appeared in. Ripping each and every one of them into another location while holding up that time-warping spell? It's a lot to handled. Too much…

As the last weapon disappears to 'wherever' she sent them, the Witch gives one last grim but triumphant smile at the silver-haired man. "We'll find a way to help you…" she murmurs, just as she had in their first meeting. Then her eyes fall closed and her knees give out, the witch falling with a thud her unconscious form lays un-moving while those runes slowly fade.

"I had that idea. Yeah." O'Hara responds to Maximoff. Tower he is latched to is sprung off of and swung around by means of his webline, keeping himself tethered to it to come around in a full double heeled kick at the speed demon. If it misses he intends on carrying past and landing by Witchdoctor.

The Army of the Void under War's command stand dumbfounded as their payload is stolen from their hands, yanked in to wherever. Rasputin elsewhere on the other side of the portals is incapable of seeing this or baring the area from outside teleportation in or out due to not being in close proximity. Without Mikhail around to command them the warriors begin to walk back through the warpgates, empty handed.

"Hey, you almost got late to the party." Quicksilver smiles broadly, which only intensifies the silver fire his gaze has become, partially hidden by his now-black hair. The Horseman's voice resounds from everywhere around, thunderous, and there are more than one Pietro… His speed has created multiple mirages, exact residual copies of himself, acting as holograms, all of them sharing that malevolent look.

"Quicksilver, indeed. But some have called me different as of late." A quick glance (from all his copies) is directed to the corpse of a particular military, who also happens to be missing a heart. "Death. It's nice to meet you, again." Nathaniel is coldly greeted. "Have you come to join Apocalypse, I hope? There are other options, of course. You can just… die."

As the battle progresses, Pietro seems to be discovering new interesting ways to use his new powered-up speed. The electricity around his body is a clear example.

And new reasons to be pissed off.

Witchdoctor makes the weapons disappear, and that adds an infuriated glow to his gaze.

"Ok, this was entertaining, don't feel bad. You are most amusing. But the game must end now. You have proven yourselves to be worthy warriors, so I will let you live to fight me another day." The copies tilt their he'd simultaneously, grinning mischievously. "But, anyway, this will hurt. Trust me. This will hurt very, very much."

Alyse falls unconscious, so that's good right now. O'Hara and Nathaniel are a whole different story.

Death receives, willingly, Spidey's kick, but immediately tries to counter with a punch at full speed. His /new/ full speed! And, whether it hits or don't, a similar hit is now directed in Iron Guard's direction, full of hatred and despair.

"Well, I see…" Quicksilver enhanced by Celestial technology? There must be a way he can disrupt the… ah, he is not going to have time! The afterimages can't deceive his armor sensors, of course, but Nate can't react to someone moving so fast either.

However, electricity can't hurt him through his armor. And the punch, well, his armor can take anti-tank artillery - that punch is likely going to hurt Quicksilver more than him. "Hmmph… I am a fan of your future self, Quicksilver, honestly," he comments, stumbling back a couple steps after the punch. "But I suppose you are not feeling yourself right now. Electricity is not part of your natural abilities and it has some drawbacks," for instance, it makes him vulnerable to magnetism. So next time he comes close Pietro gets pulled up by a magnetic force field. Just up, and not very high. But maybe vulnerable for a second or two.
That double impact kick from Spider-Man is flinched off? That isn't good. That was 8+ tons of force. Momentum? Had to be Death is likely twisting and using it like Spidey does only much much faster Quicksilver is pure speed right now after all.
O'Hara is not like Kang and coated in several layers of armor, the hit strikes him with a loud crack and he continues his sail past, landing beside Witchdoctor the blow absorbed in to a now broken set of ribs.
Hissing he leans down and picks up Alyse slinging her carefully over a shoulder, "Time out…" Breathing is ragged, and now he has a downed hero to transpo.

Rapid Response from the D.E.O. is an initial shutdown of the local power grids and an area wide blackout. The next thing that is going to occurr are several APCs incoming and two helicopters armed to the Nine. A US military facility being attacked by metahumans? The Department is coming for blood. Knightwatch will be leading the charge too.

"I hear incoming, we're going to have company very soon." 2099 shouts as he adjusts the fallen woman, webs her in place and shoots a line out, a wide arc away from Quicksilver and Iron Guard, yep, he has had enough for now. For now.

"Tactical retreat time."

"I've felt so much pain, Nathaniel. A little more doesn't even bother me." Quicksilver says, smiling, after the punch is absorbed by the armor. "Electricity is not an ability, either. It's just an afterthought. It's just something that happens." The images inhale deeply. "Did you see the Knight in shiny armor ?" "Or the numerous corpses around you?" There are many soldiers who lost their life today. "That is something that happens, too."

Pietro glances at O'Hara, mentally deciding it was enough punishment for today.

"I've learned something, and I want to share it."

The mirages disappear, leaving a calmed Maximoff who slowly takes seat on a fallen concrete block.

"People think being a speedster is all about running fast. That it is just about being quick. They are wrong." He sighs a long sigh. "There are many moments that are just about taking your own time. There are memories that are crafted slowly. Your first kiss, your first love, there are moments in which time doesn't matter. You have all the time in the world."

Pietro smiles softly.

"Death is just the same. And I will take all the time in the world to bring it to you. When the time comes."

A wild breeze and a black blur, that's all that's left after Quicksilver, or what is left of him, disappears from the place, leaving blood and destruction behind.

"Wait, we could help…" gone. Nathaniel sighs. They left him with a broken Sentinel and a few dozen corpses to talk with the DEO cape-killers about. Niiice. "Lyla, you there? Your boss just left me with a situation. Can I have a report? And… can you track down the missing equipment? I doubt Witchdoctor had the energy to port it very far." This is going to be a long day for Nathaniel Richards.

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