Primal Force: Fighting The Storm

March 20, 2015:

A magical disturbance that effects the weather. Fenris calls on Primal Force and few extras turn up.

Interstate 95 - Highway


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The highway between Gotham and New York is a fairly empty place. Farmland on either side mostly. This makes it a good place for hiding out. No one goes here. No one wants to be here. Pretty much anyone here is just passing through.

Which is why, of course, someone is here. Fenris isn't sure who but they're kicking up a fair fuss about twenty miles off the highway. It's not particularly subtle either. Big farm house. Flashing lights, odd sounds. Throwing off magic vibes like it's going out of style. He sends a call out to any Primal Force who happen to be in the area. Looks like he's got an old fashioned mystery here.

What Fenris doesn't know is that the place is also throwing off high energy EM radition. It's messing with radios, police and military band communications and it's also kind of playing hell with the local weather, which is why clouds are gathering above the place.

Zee appears out of nowhere. Travelling the ley line network is different to her normal mode of travel, she could teleport but saving the drain on her magic is a wise move, in her opinion. Striding over to where Fenris is standing, the Mistress of Magic frowns as whatever is going on there, tingles her own inate talent.

earing black leather pants that hug her figure, black denim jacket over a cherry red crop top that displays an amount of midriff and high heel knee high boots complete with buckles, the outfit is topped off with a diamond encrusted collar and an emerald pendulum at her hip.

"Well, this feels a little different, Fenris. What's up?"

A young, athletic african american woman dressed in dark leather shorts, a dark blue tank top and brown leather vest has noticed the odd weather and lights and decided to investigate. Her resting place is nearby and from the looks of this she may wish to abandon it. She's got a pair of knives tucked into each of her sturdy black boots and another, along with a thin metal rod about the size of a flashlight attached to her black leather belt. Blending into the shadows with ease, she moves gracefully and silently through the darkness.

Hurtling straight down and through those clouds, a man in black twists and rolls with the shift and flow of the wind. The eggheads of Project Rebirth wanted a test of the high altitude deployment procedure and without the chance of anything going wrong with their data like the test subject trying to save themselves before hitting the ground. The target site? Just so happens to be this location away from the city. The electronic interference was more an excuse than aught else, and to Flash Thompson the inability to talk to base was in some ways a blessing as opposed to a curse.
The clouds broke as he fell through the sky, arms spreading and eyes focusing now on the cleared areas around the focal point of the interference. The altitude ticked down lower and lower on the HUD of his goggles. Holding… holding. Now!
The suit stretched, slithered, bent as the fabric opened into wind-catching ribbons that allowed the suit to glide and for Contingency C to bring his nose up, then to hit the ground heavily with a /thubba-thubba-thud-thump./ Yet he recovered, quickly gaining his feet and bringing his carbine up. A quick sweep of the area was given as he took up his place on the outskirts of the farm house's treeline.

Melinda May arrives in the same manner as Zee, though a momentnor two later. And she appears to have just left a different altercation, her pendulum wrapped around one hand, her chain whip coiled around her forearm, and her butterfly swords in her hands. "What NOW?"

Ororo Munroe's Tokyo vacation ran a few weeks longer than expected.


A roaring cyclone tears through zombified genin and Tokyo architecture alike as it carries a deeply focused Ororo and a gleeful Yukio into the night air, safely nestled in its eye.


Things got complicated; she needed time to decompress before returning home. Thus, she was in Brooklyn when the skies between cities began to churn, dressed for a night out. The first time she felt the distress, narrowing eyes went white, wind ruffled her ensemble, and she fixed her gaze on the horizon.

It doesn't take long for her to descend to the edge of the phenomenon on a rush of wind, but the turbulent weather makes for an unpleasant ride. In place of her dress from earlier, she's in skintight black and white with a billowing cape stretched between her wrists.

Now that she's here, she shuts her eyes and lets the world flow through her, mad weather and all.

Fenris turns to see two of the Ley Guardians arrive and… something else. Well two somethings else. One he's fairly sure he knows by the scent. And that one, the woman, is interesting because he hasn't seen her about before. The other? Well the other smells wrong but isn't immediately hostile. Ororo's descent goes, for the moment, unnoticed. He's looking at other things at the moment.

Around them winds are starting to howl. One could be forgiven for thinking it sounds like voices. It kind of does. For those able to sense such things, there's a pulse and surge of energy that feels twisted, the way a vortex of water feels. It is this twisted magic that is upsetting… well… everything. And it's centered on the farmhouse ahead.

"Someone's tried to tap a Ley Line." Fenris has to raise his voice above the winds. "Badly. I'm not sure if that was purposeful or not but there must be a physical construct somewhere over there maintaining it. If we don't take it down the weather will worsen. Exponentially. And rather quickly." Storm may or may not hear that bit but she doesn't need Fenris to tell her that, likely enough.

A faintly glowing pair of red eyes watches the suited man decend from the sky, and land nearby. "'s raining men." She says in a dry tone, gazing up at the sky and worsening weather for more. "And women?" Her keen eye sight picks out another. She hasn't armed herself yet but all her senses are directed outwards. There is danger here and there has been in recent past as well.

"Agent May, nice to see you again" The Mistress of Magic smiles at the Agent as she appears near her. Eyeing the weather, Zee turns around with a frown on her face looking in Nighteyes general direction. There beside the guy in the suit, oh that's Flash, someone new and they feel different feeling.

Fenris assertion that there was a construct in place has Zee's attention immediately. "I can possibly find the construct, when I do … the others can take it apart. Will that work?" She's speaking loudly to be heard over the rising wind as well, maybe the others will hear her too.

After the first quick check of his surroundings, Flash regains his feet slowly. An afterimage hovers over Zatanna in his HUD, identifying her even as other heat signatures are noticed and cataloged. Could be something to do with the people, but then again… this whole mess could have something to do with the farm house.
His eyes stray over in the direction of the vampire and at first he might just dismiss her as an on-looker. But then there's a double-take. Hnh.
Slinging the carbine over his shoulder he straightens up and covers the distance towards Zee and her friend, he draws up short and looks between them. "I don't suppose this is your doing, Vegas?"

Melinda May just gives Zee a 'shyeah, right' look, but then studies the farmhouse as the discussion on how stop this event starts up. She takes a moment to resecure a thin chain with a different pendant on each end around her neck, but then hastily brandishes her small swords again when Eugene approaches them, and remains on her guard even after he addresses Zatanna. "You know this one, Zatarra?"

"Goddess," Storm exhales as the twisted energy at the heart of the world knots her stomach. Her eyes snap open to study the warped web of energy patterns underlying the growing tempest, and soon enough, they are fixed on a terrible snarl that only seems to be worsening.

At least the chattering wind isn't such a bother: a thought and a fleeting glance over her shoulder is all it takes to guide them around herself. There are times when hearing ephemeral voices on the breeze can be soothing, mystical, or anything in between; this is not one of them.

She can feel the wound in the world, but not the cause; luckily(?) she isn't alone tonight. She hasn't spotted Nighteyes in the shadows, but the group gathering a ways in front of the house is a different matter. She initially skulks closer through whatever shadows she can find, hoping to case them before making her presence known; once she catches snatches of concern for the worsening conditions, though, she decides to abandon that in favor of jogging the rest of the way.

"Something foul is at work here," she announces as she comes up at the edge of the group. "Tell me you know something about removing it." A beat, a brisk gesture of her hand. "One of you; I'm not picky."

She is regretting jogging instead of flying over, but she didn't want to wrangle the weather here for something she could so readily handle herself; still, though, not as good of an entrance.

"In plain terms…" Fenris turns to the newcomer. "Someone tapped the primal forcess of the world and mucked it up. How exactly I'm not yet sure but there are only so many basic ways to do such a thing."

The tall, lean, predatory feeling man turns to the rest. "Inside. We haven't much time to loose."

Whether or not anyone follows him Fenris starts striding toward the farmhouse. Which looks haunted the way lights are flickering off inside and out and the wind is (literally) screaming. As he moves he plucks a small chain necklace off his neck. In a moment it has grown into a 'gran espee de guerre'. One that he wields, apparently quite easily, in one hand.

"Have care as we approach. There may be de-" That's about as far as he gets. Shrieking, several wraith like figures coalesce from the air and dive at him. The man spins and his blade flashes. One, two, three of them meet their end at it's edge but more are already forming. "Watch out!" Clearly, now would be the time to get about fixing this.

The woman with the glowing eyes had watched from her where she stood after being dismissed as an onlooker. She can hear the conversation and is considering approaching when the attack begins. Without a sound she's suddenly there by Fenris's side, careful to dodge his weapon she strikes out at the remaining forms with blurring speed. "Begone Nightlings!" Her voice is a cold and commanding.

Zee smirks a little at May's look, she's getting used to the agents way "Yeah, I do." Eugenes nickname has her head rising and she looks at the young man, a little coldly "I did not. You may call me, Zee or Zatanna."

Turning on her heel and following Fenris, the Mistress of Magic, murmurs to herself

~~ gnikroW sehtolC ~~

Her outfit replaced by her stage costume, the collar and pendulum the only things remaining.

Ducking one of the swooping wraiths, Zee draws on her power and points in the air before she speaks

~~ shtiarW enogeB ~~

Off-handedly, Flash tells Storm, "First there was the Keymaster, and then there was the Gatekeeper. Then Gozer showed up…" The eerie alien-like voice trails off even as the man in the black combat harness turns to follow after Fenris…
And that's when the wraiths start to fade into being.
A quick growling murmur is heard about nothing being easy as he brings up his carbine and drops to a knee, the sound-suppressed weapon bucking several times even as a pair of wispy black tentacles slither their way from his shoulders? Those tentacles each grab a pistol and in turn add their firepower to the mayhem, the weapons bucking and barking louder than the weapon held in the gunman's hands.

Melinda May was just starting to stand down from Eugene's arrival when the white-haired woman jogs up and demands information. She narrows her eyes at Storm, but then Fenris resolves that by telling Ororo what he knows and leading the way toward the farmhouse. She falls in a few steps behind the god-wolf, so when the wraiths start to attack, she swings her paired butterfly swords at them as well. Hopefully they still have enough Israeli holy oil on them to be effective. And, yeah. Suddenly aopearing out of nowhere woman is startling. And it's never a good idea to startle May. But the red-eyed woman is in luck. Enough other people are around May that she doesn't feel she could take a swing at Nighteyes without putting some else at risk.

Before she knows it, Storm finds herself more or less where she started, information wise— the big difference being that her strong hunch to investigate the house with the eerie lights and sounds has been replaced by a confirmation that it's definitely worth investigating.

And, okay, four temporary allies. One earns a few firm nods as his apparent experience in these matters sets them on the path towards the house; another earns pursed lips and an impatient-but-trying-to-be-polite-about-it glance before they go.

Soon enough, they are beset by more wrinkles materializing around them, and while she calls, "I don't suppose you're carrying another of those, are you?" to Fenris as he commences cutting them to bits, she does so while hurtling into the air on a rush of wind, throwing her arms out, and tugging on the tortured strands of energy all around her.

Ribbons of lightning split the skies in short order, flashing through wraiths that aren't already being shot, cut, or dispelled.

One bolt hits the ground a few feet away from Nighteyes when she appears; where did she come from?

"My apologies!" Storm exclaims after turning wide eyes down towards the newcomer.

Fenris is really good with a sword. Really, really good. Then again, spend a couple thousand years practicing and that does tend to happen. He spins with May and Nighteyes, covering their backs as oddly corporeal wraith things appear around them only to be cut down. Zee's spell suddenly blasts a ten foot hole into the emerging wall of shrieking things and then Ororo summons a storm that cuts them down further. The cincher is Flash's fire. Far from ineffectual it has wriath things falling left right and center.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an end of them.

"Manawraiths." Fenris gruns. "Zatanna, there's an opening. The focus, whatever it is, must be near the center of the house. Or… possibly in the basement. Someone needs to disable it while before the wraiths are too numerous to hold off."

Ororo's request for a weapon is met with a slightly feral grin. "Sadly they're not easy to make. Or find. Fortunately, you seem to have other means available to you."

Nighteyes doesn't seem offended by the others mistaking her for an enemy. She's used to being attacked on sight and she's usually fast enough to get out of the way or strong enough to recover from a hit but May's swords..she gives the things an uneasy look and decides it's a good idea to be not so close to them. She moves back and into a cat stance by Eugene instead. She considers heading towards the basement but magical things aren't her forte. If one of the others goes she'll move to guard them if needed.

Fenris' words cuts through Zee's focus on her spellwork and she nods grimly to the Old Wolf, "Someone will need to cover me, I'll be defenseless as I do this." Without waiting, she pushes her way through the building wall of wraiths, even as she speaks

~~ wohS eM ehT sucoF ~~

Momentarily, she closes her eyes and connects to the spell as it fires, following the pull that noone but her can feel… to the focus and opening that she'll have to close.

A wraith flashes down on the exposed magician, but she's too focussed on holding the spell to notice or do anything about it.

As the fortunes of war would have it the tumult of conflict brings the combatants swirling together. Flash's firearms jump and buck as he tracks one target… another, then another. The wraiths continue to press, swirling close. Another burst of fire, then the short-sharp click of an empty chamber is heard. There's a whirl and a /crack/ as the man in black slams the butt of the weapon into the side of a wraith's head, shattering the firearm with a strength he's still not entirely used to.
And suddenly he finds himself back to back with Nighteyes as the pair of them hold off their own circle of attackers. The white eyelets of the operative shift towards Fenris and Zatanna as the man declares a target. For some reason this vampire isn't triggering that tell-tale clang and shrill of alarm in his mind, sure the wraiths are but her… not at the moment.
Over his shoulder he snaps, "Cover me if you can, lady." Then with that said he uses the momentary opening when a lightning blast slashes a small gap for him. With an agility that borders on the miraculous he leaps over the head of one of the defenders, rolls, and then comes up to slash his arms out to the sides. Wide blade-like tendrils emerge from his arms as he lashes around Zatanna trying to give her the cover she needs.

Melinda May is used to this kind of close quarters combat. Well, kind of. She's careful to not to get too close to Nighteyes, having caught her looking at the butterfly swords with something like trepidation. When Zatanna asks for someone to cover her and the strangely-clad man moves to do so, she calls out to Eugene past the general din, "Hey, how good are you with a knife?"

"Indeed!" Storm shouts into the tempest, "but taming this poisoned environment, turning its chaos to our advantage… it's like sculpting with barbed wire…"

Sweat pops across the goddess' furrowed brow as her fingers bend but don't quite close, grasping at something unseen and trembling with the effort of it. Howling wind intensifies in volume as it's gathered from the surrounding area and wielded to sweep wraiths away from Zatanna, and then Flash as they press forward. If she can push them into Melinda, Nighteyes, or Fenris' blades, great; her main focus is on keeping the mage safe, though, so 'away from the basement' is all that really counts.

"… swimming in an ocean of broken glass… I would have appreciated an alternative."

A taut smile touches her lips while the trembling spreads along her arms and beads of sweat become rivers; her body screams in protest, but her eyes remain fixed and determined on watching the flow of the battle to ensure she's putting her manipulations to good use.
R"It's alright; I'll manage."

Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat, as these mortals say. Which is an odd saying but they make up these little gems once every few decades or so. Entirely too quickly. Fenris spins, his blade describing a glittering arc before he tosses the (large) sword toward Storm and whips out a two foot oaken rod from his side. Manawraiths swarm down from his left, aiming at him and Eugene. He just points at them and a blast of hurricane force winds (generated out of nowhere) sends them scattering. "Zee, Soldier, hurry! The rest of us will hold them!"

They're coming from all sides now. Expressions of the broken Ley Ley line. Fortunately, Zee's spell has found the source of the problem. It's a crystal construct. Misaligned. And it's in the kitchen.

"May! On your left!" Something big is forming. Bigger than the wraiths…

Nighteyes had half expected Eugene to attack and seems pleasantly surprised when he doesn't. She's about to head after him but the others seem to be giving him enough cover that she expects she'd just be in the way. Still maybe she can get ahead of them and- The God-Wolf is shouting about something to left. Yes, she knows who he is at least. The left of the swordswoman. Nighteyes looks resigned. "Please don't stick with me those! I'll be right there!" She calls out before she turns to mist and reappears and then reforms on May's right.

Someone on Earth once told Kara it was better to show up late than never, apparently the young Kryptonian woman had taken that to heart. It's not that she had ignored the call put out by Fenris, it's that she had been tending to other hero type duties; such as helping to deal with Gorilla Grodd in downtown New York.

Focussing in on Zatanna's Ley Pendulum, Kara appears not far from the other woman right in the thick of the action. Hugs would have to wait until later.

"Hey Zee! Sorry I'm late. Looks like it was my turn this time!" Zatanna had been late earlier today, it was Kara's turn; a tab might have to be started.

The young woman's eyes glow red and searing beams of energy lance out towards the wraiths as she attempts to clear a path for her magical friend. Greetings to the others would have to wait.

Zee moves more quickly at Fenris' call, sparing a moment to acknowledge that Eugene has been covering her. There's a gash on her cheek where a wraith got too close, but she doesn't seem to notice it.

As Zee approaches the source it actually sets her teeth on edge and it hurts her to look at it. "There" she manages to grit out… whilst time is of the essence, getting the fix wrong could cause all sorts of issues for her friends, Zee takes a few moments to consider the options before striding forward and edging at least one of the crystals in the construct out of the pattern, disrupting the energy flow completely, with the edge of her boot.

Holding his position near to Zatanna, the twin bladed tentacles of his forearms sharply retract even as pieces of wraith fall to the ground around him and the magician. Flash has a brief moment of opening as the others are able to keep most of the creatures away from them when Melinda's words reach his ears.
Lifting his own eerie voice, Contingency C responds to her almost with an incredulous tone amongst the reverberation of his words. "Lady, I rock a knife like a vandal." There's a beat as he glances upwards, "Almost as good as Mohawk turns a metaphor."
He holds off long enough just in case Melinda should want to follow up her curious question with action. If she does or does not, either way he breaks off to continue covering Zatanna.

Large as it is, the sword arcs into Storm's grasp as if they've choreographed this maneuver a hundred times, thanks to a combination of his arm and an artfully modulated current that ensures it reaches her hands at a comfortable speed and angle.

"Well," she exhales as she drops into a group of wraiths with a broad sweep of the blade, then springs to her side to reposition herself near their flank, "I would have managed, but I appreciate your concern anyway; I suppose that the only polite thing to do is try to make the most of it."

'Make the most of it' being a polite way of saying 'dismember every manawraith she sees in a flurry of acrobatics and flashing steel'.

If it weren't for the wraiths between her and the spontaneously appearing Supergirl, she probably would have ended up with another awkward friendly fire near-incident just due to having found a good rhythm in darting through the battle; instead, she shoots the Kryptonian a brief look and nod of acknowledgement, then searches for Fenris while calling, "What is on her left?"

The weather's mostly dialed back to its pre-Ororo levels of chaos, but a few sparks flicker in the air around her as she she asks that question.

Melinda May slices through a wraith and almost without pausing tosses one then the other of her butterfly swords toward Eugene. Regardless of whether or not he catches them, the chain whip that had been coiled around her arm is now whirring from the velocity of its spinning in repetetive patterns as she turns toward that something big on her left, and the chain whips out toward the new form still taking shape.

The wraiths fall to the renewed onslaught. As Zee nudges the focus completely offline the sudden appearance of them stops.

The thing to May's side does not. A huge creature made of blue-white mist (but quite solid) towers over May. Over Nighteyes. Over the house. Fenris mutters a curse in very, very old proto german. "An Arcanum! The manifestation of the concentration of magic in the area. Don't let it get away!" The weather is calming above but below as Fenris swirls the Gale Rod it's quite windy. A vortex forms around the beast, pinning it in place, but he'll be relying on those present to put it down for good!

Nighteyes is used to battle and battling in strange situations. This is definetly outside of any of her realms of experience though. "Don't let it get away?" She looks up. And up. "Ooookaaaaayyy." She mists her way to the top of the Arcanum and draws one of her boot knives. Clinging to it with one hand she starts stabbing at it with the other, Her hands a blur of motion as she hacks at the thing with considerable force.

The feel of the offkey magic dies, letting Zee relax for a moment and then she feels it…. the arcanum forming… and Zee looks to Eugene, blood seeping from the gash in her cheek "Outside, now."

The Mistress of Magic takes off at a run "This thing is dangerous." Arriving to see Fenris vortex holding the beast and Nighteyes on a wild ride, Zee skids to a stop and nearly looses her balance… not particularly graceful for our stage performer.

Raising her hands, pointing them palm out at the beast, Zee speaks carefully

~~ esrepsiD ehT cigaM gnimroF tahT tsaeB yltneG ~~

As her spell fires, Zee looks up, sees Kara and gives a tight little nod. She's focussing, when this is done, she'll give the other woman a hug.

Having caught the twin blades, Flash swirls them around in a smooth arc, their edges glittering with malice. He still holds his place behind Zatanna a bit, the weapons blurring as he strikes out and rather easily dismembers one… and then another. It's enough to keep them from pressuring her as she tends to her work, though the way he wields them is nowhere near as elegant as when the owner of the blades makes use of them.
Then when Zatanna dashes outside he's step for step with her. A low murmur comes from him, tinged with the eerie shift in his voice, "Everyone likes to order around the big guy."
He skids to a halt for a moment and looks up and up… "Oy." Yet he takes his cue from Nighteyes. With Zatanna 'secure' more or less he breaks into a run. Three strides are all he needs before he lifts an arm, a length of webbing firing out with a /thwip!/ to snare the shoulder of the creature and then it contracts, _yoinking_ the hero upwards and around smoothly to land on the opposite shoulder of the monster. His feet seem to stick to the creature as he draws back and then Slashes at its neck, trying to decapitate the thing as well.

Kara had never seen anything like the Arcanum and she wasn't exactly sure how to fight it properly.

Punching didn't seem like an option.

She did have a trick up her sleeve, she had used it once before to deal with a rather powerful vampire queen. Her control had been enough then that she hadn't vaporized the building and everything around it, so hopefully it would be good enough now.

Instead of attacking from afar, Kara races towards the Arcanum and holds the Sapphire Ley Pendulum in one hand. The moment she's beside the magical monstrosity she smiles.

"Night Night Arcanum thingie."

Kara's eyes glow red but she doesn't shoot laser beams. A wave of solar energy spreads out around her like an explosion, engulfing the immediate area around the beast in pure solar heat.

Then Eugene jumps up to attack it, great. That was unintended!

Kara may have also missed Nighteyes. DOUBLE GREAT.

A white brow arches as powerful winds once again come from nowhere— seemingly to stay, this time. Storm's attention is drawn inevitably to the captured Arcanum and the electricity dancing around her begins to coalesce around her hands and light her eyes.

And then Nighteyes is, just, on top of it, stabbing wildly.

The charge fades from the air and she takes advantage of the calming conditions to lift off again; Flash mounts it while she's still ascending and reconsidering her plan of action, pursing her lips. Between the two of them, it's like she's home already; she can just about smell stale beer, cigar smoke, and sweat wafting from their close quarters frenzy.

"I'm going to lower the— " she begins to warn before a colorful blur becomes Supergirl, becomes— an— enormous explosion.

"Child, NO!" she exclaims while throwing her arms and blade high. Wind drawn from the vortex and the remnants of the tempest race to try and peel Flash and Nighteyes free before they're immolated, but she can only work so quickly. Nature can only work so quickly.

The Arcanum comes apart. Literally unravels in the face of repeated attacks and solar-like flares. The wind peels away at Ororo's command. It helps that Fenris lowers rod. The weakening of the construct lets Zee force the energy back into the ley line where it belongs and just like that it is a normal night again next to an abandoned farmhouse. One that has, if anyone bothers to look, a pair of dead vampires in it. Some forces are not to be trifled with. It's a little bit like trying to reroute a water main with a soda straw.

"Well, that's well. May, Zee, Kara thank you all for coming." He glances at the three newcomers. "And you for your aid as well."

Nighteyes had lost her grip and went flailing into Eugene's armored side before falling off. Normally she'd simply have misted away but she's running a little low on energy at the moment.

"Anytime Fenris" Zee wipes the back of her hand across her cheek, wincing slightly as she touches the gash. Smiling at Eugene, the Mistress of Magic is grateful "Thank you for the cover, I appreciate it." Checking on May, Zee makes her way to Kara and gives her friend a quick hug "Just in time to get in on the fun, I see."

Nighteyes and Storm get the young magi's attention next "Hey, I'm Zatanna, well Zee for short. That was really nice work you did there."

For Eugene first there's just the craziness of being on a magical creature's shoulder. There's the flash of steel, eldritch viscera, and then suddenly Kara comes in and… WHOOMPF! The world goes from night to day almost instantly as the energy explodes.
The two heroes fall off the upper portion of the dying creature, Nighteyes falling towards him and the soldier turning to catch her with one hand. The other shoots out to fire a set of tendrils to try and break their fall even as he shields the vampire from the radiation with his body.
There's searing pain, impact, rolling onto the ground as some other voice /ROARS/ in Eugene's mind its anger. Anger that bleeds over as he crouches there amongst what debris there may be.
Slowly he grimaces, getting to his feet, offering to help Nighteyes up. The back of his suit shifts and writhes, clearly in pain as it struggles to recover. "The hell was that?"

Clearly, Storm thinks as she watches Nighteyes and Eugene tumble while her buoying winds sweep away from the dying Arcanum, she wasn't quick enough; it's a good thing they aren't dead.

"Of course," she says while tossing Fenris' sword back to him. "I would be a poor daughter indeed if I ignored my Mother's cry for help." She heads towards the farmhouse, giving Zatanna a smile and a deep nod of appreciation along the way. "We all had a hand in turning that monstrosity back," she says before turning blue eyes towards Supergirl.

"Some of us more enthusiastically than others, of course; you may want to take care, in the future."

She does, in fact, mean to search the farmhouse for evidence, whether that means remnants of the construct or dead vampires; either way, she plans on leaving with a gift for Henry.

The solar flare around Kara fades and she looks a little embarrassed as the goddess of the Storm scolds her, "Sorry, I'll try to be more careful in the future." Kara then races over to give Zatanna a much deserved hug, "Awesome work as usual Zee!"

Nighteyes thanks Eugene and accepts his help up. She'll find a way to thank him later. She looks mildly surprised by his actions. Now seems like a good time to go though..before anyone takes offense to her presence. She quickly disappears into the night.

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