A Bridge to Beyond

October 11, 2016:

Immediately after meeting with Starfire G.W. Bridge attempts to enlist aid from the Avengers. (emits by Nathaniel Richards)


NPCs: G.W. Bridge, Lyla (S-Man's A.I.)

Mentions: Starfire

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Fade In…

Commander Bridge is not familiar with Tamaranean standards, but he is polite enough not to argue. Shuttle to the Triskelion and then an helicopter to the SHIELD junkyard currently serving as meeting place for the Avengers, which gets a frown from Bridge. A junkyard? At least until he sees the Avengers One. "I actually received the specs of this machine a week ago. The engineer team looked very happy," he comments. Now, where are the other heroes?

Helicopter incoming? Mike hears it before it sets off any alarms Nathaniel may have set up in the Yard.
Cowl drawn up and pulled snugly on. "Just as I was enjoying my burrito." Not true, it is already gone. "Lyla, pause that holovid."
"Not a holo." The A.I. chirps far too pleasantly.
''Kay, whatever, just pause it." Stepping out from underneath the makeshift canopy of steel Spider-Man walks ot to welcome the incoming SHIELD whirly bird looking rather dashing in his stolen Blues and Reds of Parker, at least until a Parker decides to start swinging the streets of New York again.

"Alright, already. I got it. Alert off, please." Carol Dangers complains to the smartphone currently bugging her because of the encrypted text message from whatever crazy communications hub Richards set up. "Scanner grid, identify incoming target at angels thirty-five, zero-seven-niner mark one-eight-zero as Captain Marvel. Clear for landing in ninety seconds, please." Cue the golden glowing streak across the sky.

The alarm was Lyla's idea, really. Nathaniel gave her free reign to control the communications servers, as he is still struggling to build the 'telepathic plugs' he wanted for the Avengers using the junkyard material. It is just not working.

Command G.W. Bridge, a heavyset man in his fifties, offers his hand to Spider-Man, unaware of which Spider-Man is he. There is a bunch, right? Or the man has a number of spare outfits. Not his job to keep track of the NY superhero population, he pities the sorry bastard trying to do that (probably Coulson).

"Good afternoon. Who else is around," he looks at the incoming blonde woman. "Captain Marvel. Good. I will try to contact agent Romanoff too, through SHIELD channels." Because the Widow actually has high-clearance. He has to be careful with what he says to the others. "I am Commander Bridge, currently at charge of the SHIELD space division," he starts.

Upon Captain Marvel's arrival Spider-Man of Nueva York is shaking hands with the old SHIELD soldier. "Why does everyone around me have a rank? I am starting to feel left out." With his hand retracting Spidey chuckles, "Who else is around? Who else do you know, Commander?" That sardonic tone unable to be contained. Like it's anyones business who is an Avenger and present or not! "Space division? Cool."
Sidelong glances are tossed out to his fellow Avengers around Bridge. He's a gawker. He is gawking.
"Marvel, love the entrance as always." As always being once or twice now.

Carol takes the general's hand, once she has landed safely. She nods to Spidey, and anyone else handy, and rolls her shoulders a bit. "OK. I thought SWORD was covering space, now?" Enh. Whatever. But Carol likes to be kept on the up of happenings like that.

"SWORD is the name proposed for the division take once is fully operational," admits Bridge, surprised Carol knows that. Once everyone is inside the hangar and it is obvious no more Avengers are coming, he explains the situation. "Even before the Apokolipsian invasion SHIELD had a few agents specialized in alien matters, but it, along with the revelation Superman and some other powerful individuals were actually aliens prompting the UN to give SHIELD a budget to deal with alien threats, and build a place to conduct diplomatic negotiations. This project involved a major space station, the Peak. Starfire has been involved in the project for a while, as an advisor. It also involved the construction of several space-worthy carriers. And that is why I am here. The first orbital carrier, the Endymion, is about to launch. But we have been plagued by… difficulties. Accidents. Maybe. But I suspect sabotage."

The sheer size of SWORD's ambitions can't make it easy to keep everything covert. Especially when something like this is straight up Captain Marvel's alley. Mike O'Mara is a different story, he has paid little mind to it and as a rule of thumb suspects anything SHIELD as 'no thanks'. For the sake of his timeline, the attachment to now and great responsibility yadda yadda Spider-Man of 2099 is playing along. Besides, it's not like someone as bad as Doctor Doom is director.
"So, what brings you here then? Lose some nifty space wrench in this junkpile we turned in to a clubhouse?"
"So. You want us to investigate? Or do you want us to escort the thing on it's maiden flight and keep it going?" Captain Marvel inquires, getting right to the point. The Avengers are not the key to investigations, to be frank.

Bridge shakes his head at Spider-Man. "No it is…" the Captain said it. "I am going to request SHIELD command the Black Widow assistance for the investigation, but I would like to have the Avengers for the launch. I have no proof… but my instincts tell me we have been set up. Starfire has been a valuable ally and I trust her, would you help us?"
"Uhm, no.' Spider-Man states bluntly, "I'll opt out of that one right here right now. Helping SHIELD launch killer space ships in to orbit is not in my bucket list. This is me speaking for me, I can't say much for the other Avengers. All got our own minds here." A nagging voice in his head is declaring him not very heroic for taking this stance. "I want to say, 'whats in it for us' but really, I don't care. Like we need more orbital weaponry."

Captain Marvel frowns. "First, they confiscate the WatchTower and try to shut down the League. Now you want our help to get space-borne heavy weapons platforms into the sky." She doesn't sound happy. "I get it. I get why we need it. I'm not blind, or stupid. But I hope you can see the irony, here. We were already prepared to do what we could to help defend the planet against those kinds of threats. We're not the ones who screwed that up." But she'll go. There are good men and women serving on those carriers, and she's going to do what she can to make sure they don't die pointless deaths to sabotage or worse.

"Please, the Watchtower was taken by the US Government," explains Bridge. "We are a UN operation and…" and he needs to bite his tongue. But Carol probably has heard the DEO has been pushing against SHIELD pretty hard, forcing them to reduce their operations in American territory. "SHIELD does not agree with what happened to the League, I swear. Director Fury had to cut ties against his better judgment. The carriers are armed of course," he glances at Spider-Man. "So are alien ships that visit Earth, and not all are friendly. We can't assume Superman or Captain Marvel will always be up there to help. Si vis pacem, para bellum, young man. Even the Romans knew that to have peace we need to be ready for war. The galaxy doesn't seem a peaceful place." He nods to Marvel. "Thank you, Captain. I will tell you the place and the time through the Widow. Is that agreeable?"

"Tomato, tomatoe." Spider-Man states while his arms fold across his chest. "Right? You tie our hands then ask for our help." Backing Captain Marvel on that one though he teeters on one foot when she says she'll go.
"This is why I try to avoid super teams they always end up embroiled in politics. I don't even have a thing for blondes, why am I following this one to space camp?" S-Man is talking to himself? Yes he is or he is bitching at his A.I. . He is also stalking away flailing his hands in the air. Yep, Spider-Man will be there with the rest of the Avengers. His conscience hes developed over the years won't let him do otherwise, another reason he avoids super teams!
Still in earshot Mike busies himself making adjustments on one of Kang's devices. This one he can actually improve and has been working on, at least in regards to dampening the biofeedback it outputs by properly attuning it. Math, pseudoscience, biology, hes got this.

Captain Marvel eyes the General for a bit, and then nods. "Alright. Fine. I hate what has happened. But I won't let those people die if we can avoid it. So, I'll sign up, no problem." Whether anyone else will come with her, she's not saying anything. It's not her call. She makes the call for herself and no one else.

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