Times They Are A Changin'

October 11, 2016:

G.W. Bridge meets with Starfire and her crew. (emits by Nathaniel Richards)


NPCs: G.W. Bridge, Starfire Crew (Depalo, Orn, K'tten)

Mentions: The Avengers

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Fade In…

A couple times a month Starfire is asked to come up to low Earth orbit by the SHIELD engineers working in the massive space station known as the Peak in her volunteer role as 'special advisor'. Her job is basically telling them what is going to work and what is probably not going to work. It also means many time she has homework for Depalo and K'tten. After almost a year, they have learned to pay attention to what she says.

The Peak is shaping up very nicely. It is a truly ambitious project. Larger than most skyscrapers in human cities, partially designed by Tony Stark, and including some savaged alien technology in some key systems.

But today instead of the engineers, commander G.W. Bridge in person was there when she teleported in. He asked her to come to the cafeteria, which is one of the few areas of the station fully furnished. And pretty packed most times. It stands on one of the station rings and has simulated gravity thanks to the centripetal force. True artificial gravity will come, eventually.

"Thank you for all your help, Captain Koriand'r, I am told your advice has saved us months of work. The Peak is firmly on schedule, and I am sure the engineers can do it without you for once. I can't have them have it too easy. They might grow lazy. And I need to talk with you."

Special Advisor.

A title given when you only look at blueprints and nod. "It won't blow you our of *this* star system," Kind of nod.

Kori was still not okay with advising one group over another, although Fiso creeped her out, Bridge's perpetual smile despite circumstance does the same in a different way. Koriand'r is not a fool.

The 'port comes in a large and widened beam, Kori was not alone and those behind her bore the same colored accents of metallic opalescent white on purple highlights among the armor - an armor that folded away from the white to just leave a tawny skinned alien laden in mere straps of violet. A sign of no threat felt, despite those left within the 'portal' and surrounded in hue of pale blue unless they chose to break free.

…Times, they are a changin'…

"The help is only to get you s far as your own effort can push you, Bridge," A chair is gripped, flipped and the back straddled as she claims a seat so as not to stand over a man she has "worked with" for a few months now.

"Don't push to hard or make us regret it." Starfire's words come blunt, but edged in a light sorrow her eyes do not show with the times.

"Let's talk, we have a meeting if the Mighty in 5." A small smile then, although how true it is…?

"Well… that is fortunate. I did want to talk with you about the Avengers," admits Bridge. Truth is he doesn't smile much to others. It is easy to smile to Starfire, though, and he feels in debt. "I have a problem. The Peak is almost finished, but was to be SHIELD's first orbital carrier should have been operative since February, and it is not. In fact the carrier construction has been plagued with delays, accidents and, I suspect, sabotage. Now it is almost ready, but I am rather concerned. I'd like to speak with your friends."

MOst find it easy to smile at Starfire, but there are a few who do not concur… Like Godfrey…

No matter the form or figure she is still something that is deserving of being in a petri dish.

The chair Starfire straddles, rocks. Tilts, the backrest meets table in her lean that pushes her forward in a manner that has her leaning across the tables divide between them, pupil-less emerald eyes narrowing, but not in suspect, in a small smile to Bridge.

"You officials, you go by rank even when time is not of war… My team. Me," A pause and the screeching grind bumps that table against Bridge with her own body pressing it in so…

"We only enact position in time of war…Otherwise it is their decision to aid you. We aren't at war. Not yet."

The finality in thhose words shows where Kori stands, but where Orn, K'tten, Depalo… The rest of her crew… That is on them. A shift of eyes as her gaze peers towards Bridge over the ridge of crossed arms propped on the chair brings her crew forth. Not just a trio, but several who had remained unnamed and silent until now, parting the veil of digitized azure to thrall a hum of depowering weapons across their backs, one flicking his large tail to and fro as he stands on par with Orn in height.

"Speak with my friends, Bridge." The chair slams back to all four legs as Kori stands and closes the gap between them to lay a small kiss upon the human warriors' brow.

"Just be careful, all of us are at stake here." Spoken against the large man's forehead and uttered quietly before Kori turns.

Pausing by the 'crew' she looks back and blows a kiss, the shares unspoken words with them in a simple look.

"SHIELD has much in common with an army, I suppose," admits Bridge. And he was a soldier before being an agent, anyway, it shows. "I call you Captain as a sign of respect for your position in your starship. It is not really a military rank when it means the one in command in a ship," he explains. "Naturally if you prefer to be addressed in some other way, I will do so. As for war. SHIELD is perpetually in conflict with a number of criminal organizations, some of which can field larger forces than we do. So… bah, I won't bore you with my problems. Please, let me talk with the Avengers. I have a shuttle ready if needed."

"Confusion is evident in our Captain, clearly." Depalo chimes in, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Depalo and we are here to assist you in this… ' The Dominator looks around with a tipped up chin, "Attempt. I have to admit it is ambitious."

"Suck it, Depalo. They get the idea. We're here now to deal with the boring stuff so Kori can go play with the hot guys in tights." K'tten the communications officer and navigator of the HMSS Starfire is already shoving Kori towards the shuttle after G.W.

Orn, the massive Yeti resembling brute chuckles deeply, what appears to be a giant futuristic toolbox clutched in one mighty fist.

"I think you mean, stuff it. Not suck it… rude Tamaraneans, so backwater. Please, you there.. ' the First Mate shouts at one of the Peak crewmen, "Bring me to your engineer. I want to see the logistics of what you have completed so far."
This is why Kori has lasted with her crew, they know her, they know how to operate with her and where they are necessary. The Peak, its construction, it's work towards protecting the Earth, preparing it… these are things they can help with. Even if it's a one shot. They still intend to offer at least some advice while they're up here. Besides, Depalo was curious after the idea was pitched enough by Koriand'r.
Reluctantly and finally they have folded.

The way her crew shows intent and interest with theit disembarking brings Kori to a pause, one that shows theslight arch and straightening of exposed spine. The Citadelean, Dominator, and fellow Tamaranean get a look from beneath furrowed brows as her back remains to Bridge, the ends of flame huen hair licking across tawny spine driven ram-rod straight.

Their acquiescence is something Uncanny… Especially Depalo.
He simply clicks mandibles and lifts his chin higher towards Kori. Assurance and exposure to the alien feline.
But only slight.

"I suggest we move now, Bridge." And the way she says his surname even states enough to show just where this stands. Though as he steps in, if he chooses to has her uttering to him definitions. "Friends are those who would die for you, or basically have died for you. The Avengers are close, but not yet."

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